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Wage and Hour Division
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Wage and Hour Division (WHD)

Service Contract Act Directory of Occupations

09100 Furniture Refinisher Helper

Assists in refinishing furniture by performing one or a combination of the following tasks: Supplies furniture refinishers with materials and tools, and holds materials and tools as requested. Cleans work areas, machines and equipment. Immerses small articles in vat filled with solvent preparatory to rubbing. Blows excess solvent from surface with air hose or wipes surface with dry cloth. Scrapes articles, using knife, scraper, or wood chisel to remove burs, splinters, and excess glue, and marks defects such as knotholes, cracks, and splits to facilitate repair of articles. Cuts plastic laminated covering materials and plywood to specified size and shape, using hand tools and power tools. Cements pre-cut laminated materials to plywood to form furniture parts such as cabinet tops, countertops, desktops and tabletops, using clamps or vise. Wipes acetone on edges of parts with rags and solvent to remove excess adhesive. Examines edges of laminated parts to detect ridges, and removes excess materials with file or electric hand trimmers. Attaches metal molding trim to edges, using glue and hand tools.