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Wage and Hour Division
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Wage and Hour Division (WHD)

Service Contract Act Directory of Occupations

08190 Forestry Technician/Forestry Truckdriver

Using technical knowledge acquired through formal training or equivalent experience, examines forest area and reports findings. Duties include one or more of the following: inspects reforestation work such as planting, thinning, or site preparation to determine compliance with contract; examines and measures stands of trees to collect and record data on ground vegetation, soil condition, and size, growth, and condition of trees; takes measurements and makes calculations to estimate timber yield from sample plots (cruising); at tree progeny sites, performs layout, staking, and mapping; identifies planting spots and seedlings by pinning and tagging and records position numbers and growth data; and identifies superior specimens of trees for cone and scion (sprouts or shoots for grafting) collection. Excludes workers required to have a degree in forestry.

Forestry Truckdriver

Drives a truck to transport logs, dirt, gravel, trash, brush, equipment, supplies, or personnel. May direct the work of laborers loading or unloading truck. May also load or unload truck without helpers, perform routine maintenance, or make minor mechanical repairs. Excludes owner operators, over-the-road drivers, and general freight haulers. Classifications are made according to type and rated capacity of truck (see Truckdriver).