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Wage and Hour Division
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Wage and Hour Division (WHD)

Service Contract Act Directory of Occupations


This category includes occupations concerned with propagating, protecting, and managing forest tracts; felling trees and cutting them into logs; using hand tools or operating heavy powered equipment to perform such activities as preparing sites for planting, tending crop trees and reducing competing vegetation, moving logs and piling brush, yarding and trucking logs from the forest, planting seedlings and trees, growing crop trees in nurseries and gathering forest products; and preventing, controlling and extinguishing fires.

08010 Brush/Precommercial Thinner

08040 Choker Setter

08070 Faller/Bucker

08100 Fire Lookout

08130 Forestry Equipment Operator

08160 Forestry/Logging Heavy Equipment Operator

08190 Forestry Technician/Forestry Truckdriver

08250 General Forestry Laborer

08260 Livestock Caretaker

08280 Nursery Specialist

08310 Slash Piler/Burner

08340 Tree Climber

08370 Tree Planter

08400 Tree Planter, Mechanical

08501 Wrangler I

08502 Wrangler II