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Wage and Hour Division
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Wage and Hour Division (WHD)

Service Contract Act Directory of Occupations


Operates peripheral equipment which directly supports digital computer operations. Such equipment is uniquely and specifically designed for computer applications, but need not be physically or electronically connected to a computer. Printers, plotters, card readers/punchers, tape readers, tape units or drives, disk units or drives, and data display units are examples of such equipment.

The following duties characterize the work of a Peripheral Equipment Operator:

  • Loading printers and plotters with correct paper; adjusting controls for forms, thickness, tension, printing density, and location; and unloading hard copy;
  • Labeling tape reels, disks or card decks;
  • Checking labels and mounting and dismounting designated tape reels or disks on specified units or drives;
  • Setting controls which regulate operation of the equipment;
  • Observing panel lights for warnings and error indications and taking appropriate action;
  • Examining tapes, cards, or other material for creases, tears, or other defects which could cause processing problems.

Excludes workers

  1. who monitor and operate a control console or a remote terminal, or
  2. whose duties are limited to operating decollators, busters, separators, or similar equipment.