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Wage and Hour Division
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Wage and Hour Division (WHD)

Service Contract Act Directory of Occupations


Applies systems analysis and design techniques to complex computer systems in a broad area such as manufacturing; finance management; engineering, accounting, or statistics; logistics planning; material management, etc. Usually, there are multiple users of the system, however, there may be complex one-user systems, e.g., for engineering or research projects. Requires competence in all phases of systems analysis techniques, concepts, and methods and knowledge of available system software, computer equipment, and the regulations, structure, techniques, and management practices of one or more subject-matter areas. Since input data usually come from diverse sources is responsible for recognizing probable conflicts and integrating diverse data elements and sources. Produces innovative solutions for a variety of complex problems.

Maintains and modifies complex systems or develops new subsystems such as an integrated production scheduling, inventory control, cost analysis, or sales analysis record in which every item of each type is automatically processed through the full system of records. Guides users in formulating requirements; advises on alternatives and on the implications of new or revised data processing systems; analyzes resulting user project proposals, identifies omissions and errors in requirements and conducts feasibility studies; recommends optimum approach and develops system design for approved projects. Interprets information and informally arbitrates between system users when conflicts exist. May serve as lead analyst in a design subgroup, directing and integrating the work of one or two lower level analysts, each responsible for several programs.

Supervision and nature of review are similar to level II; existing systems provide precedents for the operation of new subsystems.