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Wage and Hour Division
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Wage and Hour Division (WHD)

Service Contract Act Directory of Occupations


At this level, initial assignments are designed to develop competence in applying established programming procedures to routine problems. Performs routine programming assignments that do not require skilled background experience but do require knowledge of established programming procedures and data processing requirements. Works according to clear cut and complete specifications. The data are refined and the format of the final product is very similar to that of the input or is well defined when significantly different, i.e., there are few, if any, problems with interrelating varied records and outputs.

Maintains and modifies routine programs. Makes approved changes by amending program flow charts, developing detailed processing logic, and coding changes. Tests and documents modifications and writes operator instructions. May write routine new programs using prescribed specifications; may confer with EDP personnel to clarify procedures, processing logic, etc.

In addition, may evaluate simple interrelationships in the immediate programming area, e.g., whether a contemplated change in one part of a simple program would cause unwanted results in a related part; confers with user representatives to gain an understanding of the situation sufficient to formulate the needed change; and implements the change upon approval of the supervisor or higher level staff. The incumbent is provided with charts, narrative descriptions of the functions performed, an approved statement of the product desired (e.g., a change in a local establishment report), and the inputs, outputs, and record formats.

Reviews objectives and assignment details with higher level staff to insure thorough understanding; uses judgment in selecting among authorized procedures and seeks assistance when guidelines are inadequate, significant deviations are proposed, or when unanticipated problems arise. Work is usually monitored in progress; all work is reviewed upon completion for accuracy and compliance with standards.