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Wage and Hour Division
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Wage and Hour Division (WHD)

Service Contract Act Directory of Occupations


At this level, all major modes of transportation are used, and most individual trips involve combinations of more than one mode. Travel is varied, often not recurrent and periodically requires planning for relatively inaccessible intermediate or destination points. Routings are diverse and there is a necessity for frequent rerouting, replanning, or rearranging, with many side trips, requiring changes in modes of travel and creating substantial difficulty in routing and scheduling connections.

A substantial amount of travel involves special allowances or requires authorization and planning for supplementary or special transportation facilities. It is frequently difficult to obtain the required information.

The incumbent is characterized by independence of action, with very little instruction, guidance and review, except for review of accomplishments of broad objectives and conformance to policy. The incumbent is viewed as the authority on travel matters, including the furnishing of advice and information to travelers, administrative officials and others; and responsible as the principal point of liaison with other elements and with carriers and other facilities.