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Wage and Hour Division
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Wage and Hour Division (WHD)

Service Contract Act Directory of Occupations


Travel usually involves the use of two or more modes of transportation. Information on carriers, modes and facilities is readily available since most carriers servicing the area maintain local facilities or publish information regularly. Single carriers or connecting carriers have schedules that are easily coordinated through the use of readily obtainable timetables or guides.

Travel is frequently recurrent. A substantial number of problems arise as a result of rerouting, and there are often side trips requiring changes of transportation. Travel is usually to areas accessible by direct line or established connecting points and normal modes of transportation. Travel is not always planned well in advance, so there may be major problems of scheduling or accommodations.

Travel involves special transportation privileges or special allowances and requires authorization or planning for supplemental or special transportation facilities, and when such services are required, they usually do not occur in such variety or with such frequency as to create major problems of timing or coordination.

Within general guidelines, employees select and apply appropriate travel guides, methods, techniques and work sequences to effectively accomplish the work. The majority of assignments are performed without technical assistance, but unusually difficult travel situations or problem cases encountered during the course of the work are referred to the supervisor before decision or commitment. Review of work is for compliance with regulatory guides and program policies and for soundness of decisions and conclusions.