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Wage and Hour Division
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Wage and Hour Division (WHD)

Service Contract Act Directory of Occupations


Serves as a clerical expert in independently processing the most complicated types of personnel actions, e.g., temporary employment, rehires, and dismissals and in providing information when it is necessary to consolidate data from a number sources, often with short deadlines. Screens applications for obvious rejections. Resolves conflicts in computer listings or other sources of employee information. Locates lost documents or reconstructs information using a number of sources. May check references of applicants when information in addition to dates and places of past work is needed, and judgment is required to ask appropriate routine follow-up questions. May provide guidance to lower level clerks. Supervisory review is similar to level II. AND/OR Performs routine personnel assignments beyond the clerical level, such as: orienting new employees to programs, facilities, rules on time and attendance, and leave policies; computing basic statistical information for reports on manpower profiles, EEO progress and accomplishments, hiring activities, attendance and leave profiles, turnover, etc.; and screening applicants for well-defined positions, rejecting those who do not qualify for available openings for clear cut reasons, referring others to appropriate employment interviewer. Guidance is provided on possible sources of information, methods of work, and types of reports needed. Completed written work receives close technical review from higher level personnel office employees; other work may be checked occasionally.