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Wage and Hour Division
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Wage and Hour Division (WHD)

Service Contract Act Directory of Occupations


Provides housing information to an organization's employees moving to a new location. Contacts individuals or organizations such as landlords, real estate agents, mobile home dealers, trailer court managers and Chambers of Commerce by phone and correspondence to obtain listings of rental or sale properties, possible future prospects of housing, and to develop a working relationship with the housing referral service. Compiles listings of houses, apartments and mobile homes which may be rented and properties which may be purchased. Periodically, communicates with contacts to update listings. Ensures that property owners are in compliance with nondiscrimination policy. Counsels applicants with regard to special circumstances, e.g. medical or financial hardships, and availability of housing that will meet applicants' needs. Provides information regarding community services, i.e.,. schools, churches, transportation, hospitals, motels and job information centers. Searches files, places telephone calls and makes referrals. Furnishes information to inquirer interested in home purchase regarding locations, owners, agents, price ranges, loans and other related information. Maintains daily records of office activities, including number of applicants, number placed, and agents solicited or listed. Schedules appointments for housing inspectors. Prepares reports, as required, and replies to complaints, investigations and letters of inquiry.