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Wage and Hour Division
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Wage and Hour Division (WHD)

Service Contract Act Directory of Occupations


This category includes occupations concerned with preparing, transcribing, transferring, systematizing, and preserving written communications and records; gathering and distributing information; operating office machines; storing, distributing, and accounting for stores of materials; operating telephone switchboards; distrubuting mail and delivering messages; and performing other administrative support and clerical duties.

ACCOUNTING CLERK (Occupational Base)

Performs one or more accounting tasks such as posting to registers and ledgers; balancing and reconciling accounts; verifying the internal consistency, completeness, and mathematical accuracy of accounting documents; assigning prescribed accounting distribution codesa; examining and verfiying the clerical accuracy of various types of reports, lists, calculations, postings, etc.; preparing journal vouchers; or making entries or adjustments to accounts.

Level I and II require a basic knowledge of routine clerical methods and office practices and procedures as they relate to the clerical processing and recording of transactions and accounting information. Levels III and IV require a knowledge of and understanding of the established and standardized bookkeeping and accounting procedures and techniques used in an accounting system, or a segment of an accounting system, where ther are few variations in the types of transactions handled. In addition, some jobs at each level may require a basic knowledge and understanding of the termminology, codes, and processes used in an automated accounting system.

01011 Accounting Clerk I

01012 Accounting Clerk II

01013 Accounting Clerk III

01014 Accounting Clerk IV

01030 Court Reporter

01050 Dispatcher, Motor Vehicle

01060 Document Preparation Clerk

01070 Messenger (Courier)

01090 Duplicating Machine Operator

01110 Film/Tape Librarian

01115 General Clerk I

01116 General Clerk II

01117 General Clerk III

01118 General Clerk IV

01120 Housing Referral Assistant

01131 Key Entry Operator I

01132 Key Entry Operator II

01191 Order Clerk I

01192 Order Clerk II

01261 Personnel Assistant (Employment) I

01262 Personnel Assistant (Employment) II

01263 Personnel Assistant (Employment) III

01264 Personnel Assistant (Employment) IV

01270 Production Control Clerk

01290 Rental Clerk

01300 Scheduler, Maintenance

01311 thru 01315 Secretary I thru V

01320 Service Order Dispatcher

01341 Stenographer I

01342 Stenographer II

01400 Supply Technician

01420 Survey Worker (Interviewer)

01460 Switchboard Operator-Receptionist

01510 Test Examiner

01520 Test Proctor

01531 Travel Clerk I

01532 Travel Clerk II

01533 Travel Clerk III

01611 Word Processor I

01612 Word Processor II

01613 Word Processor III