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Wage and Hour Division
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Wage and Hour Division (WHD)

Weatherization Survey Column

The three classifications listed under the Weatherization Survey column are the classifications and rates determined to be prevailing for weatherization work and are based on wage date submitted in response to the weatherization survey. Weatherization work, as well as the specific duties that may be performed by these three classifications, is defined on the project decision. The rate information under each classification column is the basic hourly rate and a fringe benefit (if fringe benefits were found to be prevailing). If there is no wage rate or fringe benefit listed under the classification column, usually the HVAC Mechanic, then there was no data or insufficient data from which to establish a rate and/or fringe benefit for that classification. If the work performed by that classification is needed for the project, then an additional classification request (conformance) must be made. NOTE: Classifications and rates listed under the Existing Residential Wage Determination Column may not be used for unlisted classifications in the Weatherization Survey Column. The procedure for requesting additional classifications and the form to request these classifications have been added to the Additional Information links.