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Wage and Hour Division
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Wage and Hour Division (WHD)

Existing Residential Wage Determination Column

The classifications listed under Existing Residential Wage Determination column are those classifications and rates currently published as prevailing on the residential general wage determinations. These wage determinations can be found at The classifications and rates listed under the Existing Residential Wage Determination may be used on weatherization projects only in those situations where the work is different than that described for the three classifications listed under the Weatherization Survey Column. For example, when an electrician is needed to perform electrical work not associated with the installation or overhaul of furnace or cooling equipment, then the existing electrician classification and rate listed under this column may be used for that work. The rate information under each classification is the basic hourly rate and a fringe benefit (if fringe benefits were found to be prevailing). If there is no wage rate or fringe benefit listed under the classification column, then there was no data or insufficient data from which to establish a rate and/or fringe benefit for that classification. If that unlisted classification is needed for the project, then a request for an additional classification (conformance) should be made. The procedure for requesting additional classifications and the form to request these classifications have been added to the Additional Information links.

The rates listed on this wage determination are the minimum rates that may be paid the listed classification for the work performed. Wage rates are based strictly on prevailing duties performed by the classification and are not based on the employee’s level of experience, seniority, ability, etc. The Wage and Hour Division does not publish various levels of Davis-Bacon wage rates based on skill. Workers are due no less than the wage rate and fringe benefit listed on the contract wage determination for the classification of work that they are performing.