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Wage and Hour Division
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Wage and Hour Division (WHD)

Davis-Bacon and Related Acts Frequently Asked Questions

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IV. Davis-Bacon Wage Surveys

Who does the Department of Labor contact during the survey?

Letters announcing a survey are sent to Congressional representatives, contractor trade associations, and building trade unions at both the local and headquarters levels to advise them of the survey and solicit their cooperation in furnishing payment data.  Federal, state, and local agencies also are notified.  These letters inform them of the type of construction being surveyed, area being surveyed, survey time frame, and cut-off data for data submission; and asks them to encourage contractors to respond to the survey when contacted.  If you are not typically notified of surveys, but often have relevant wage data, contact the regional wage specialist listed under the Regions Quick Line for your geographical area of interest and request that you be informed of surveys in your geographic area.

Contractors, identified by any source are contacted for wage information and asked to furnish lists of subcontractors.