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Wage and Hour Division
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Wage and Hour Division (WHD)

Our Mission is Clear

“To promote and achieve compliance with labor standards to protect and enhance the welfare of the nation’s workforce”

We’re here to help workers and employers, and we’re making progress toward our goals every day. Some examples…

More than 1.3 Million workers helped by WHD in the last five years

More than 1.2 Billion dollars in back wages recovered by WHD in the last five years

Outreach and Education

WHD has long recognized that the vast majority of employers want to play by the rules. We proudly engage in a robust outreach and education program that continues to educate employers and workers alike to promote compliance.

WHD conducted nearly 14,000 outreach events in the last five years

WHD continues to provide around the clock service to both employers and employees via the internet. In FY 2017, our website was viewed more than 35 million times.

more than 270 million dollars in back wages collected

In fiscal year 2017, WHD found more than $270 million in back wages for more than 240,000 workers

In fiscal year 2017, WHD found $86.1 million in low wage industries for 97,000 workers.

$740,000 per day is collected for back wages

In fiscal year 2017, WHD collected an average of $740,000 in back wages for workers per day. That’s enough to feed more than 900 families for a month. Click here for more statistics with low wage industries to view back wages collected for workers in low wage industries.

Pay recovered

WHD investigations in fiscal year 2017 found, on average, $1,125 for each employee due back wages. For retail cashiers, that means nearly four times what they would earn in a typical workweek. Imagine how challenging it would be if you weren’t compensated for four weeks of work. That’s the reality for many workers who don't get paid what they have earned.

We are finding more back wages for low wage workers. Click here for more details.



$1,125 represents multiple paychecks to typical workers in many industries*

Maid / Housekeeper

3.6 Paychecks
3.6 paychecks

Security Guard

2.8 Paychecks
2.8 Paychecks


3.1 Paychecks
3.1 Paychecks


2.6 Paychecks
2.6 Paychecks

Retail Cashier

3.8 Paychecks
3.8 Paychecks

(*based upon BLS data for median wage rates and weekly hours per occupation)



5+ Weeks of Food

at $196/week
5+ Weeks of Food

1+ months of rent

at $885/month
1+ months of rent

3+ months of utilities

at $324/month
3+ months of utilities

6+ weeks of childcare

at $165/week
6+ weeks of childcare

(Estimated costs based on Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2016 Consumer Expenditures Survey – annual national level data.)

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