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Previous Women's Bureau Initiatives FY: 2009

Today's Department of Labor (DOL) represents the workforce of the 21st Century. The Women's Bureau (WB), through its Initiatives – Better Jobs! Better Earnings! Better Living! and Value-Added Supporters, will continue to prepare women for tomorrow’s jobs. The Bureau promotes an environment that is responsive to the demands and challenges of the 21st Century workforce. More than ever, it is vital to ensure opportunities for American women to achieve their potential in the workplace.

Women in Apprenticeship and Nontraditional Occupations

The Women’s Bureau (WB) and the Employment and Training Administration’s (ETA) Office of Apprenticeship (OA) jointly administer the Women in Apprenticeship and Nontraditional Occupations (WANTO) grant program. The purpose of the WANTO program is to increase the number of women entering and remaining in apprenticeships associated with non-traditional occupations. This purpose is achieved by providing grant funds to eligible community-based organizations that, in turn, provide technical assistance to help employers and labor unions place and retain women in apprenticeships that are in non-traditional occupations. In the last two years, the Department has emphasized training women for jobs in the construction industry.

Grants Awarded June 2007 (Ending June 2009)

  • Apprenticeship and Non-Traditional Employment for Women (ANEW) and Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc. (OTI) (A Pacific Northwest Consortium), Renton, Washington
  • Hard-Hatted Women (HHW), Cleveland, Ohio
  • Playa Vista Job Opportunities and Business Services (PV Jobs), Los Angeles, California

Grants Awarded June 2008 (Ending June 2010)

  • Women in Non-Traditional Employment Roles (WINTER), Long Beach, California
  • Action for Boston Community Development, Inc. (ABCD), Boston, Massachusetts
  • Wider Opportunities for Women (WOW), Washington, District of Columbia

For general information on the WANTO program, contact Suzanne Burnette (Women’s Bureau, 202-693-6710) or Franchella Kendall (Office of Apprenticeship, 202-693-3798).


Wi$eUp is a financial education project targeted to Generation X and Y women. The centerpiece of the program is an eight-module curriculum offered online, as well as in a classroom setting, in educational institutions and other organizations in all ten Women’s Bureau regions. In the online program, the curriculum is complemented by an “Ask the Experts” feature, which permits participants to send questions by e-mail to volunteers with financial expertise. Another feature available to participants in both the online and classroom-based versions is a series of bi-monthly, free one-hour teleconference calls with featured speakers and a question and answer session. Participants and experts are recruited by local organizations who collaborate with the Women’s Bureau. Please visit the Wi$eUp Web site at:

Contact: Beverly Lyle, Region VI (Dallas, TX, 972-850-4700) and/or Jane Walstedt, National Office (Washington, DC, 202-693-6710).


The goal of the Flex-Options project is to help businesses create or expand workplace flexibility policies and programs for their workforces. The project brings together corporate executives and employers who volunteer to mentor business owners interested in developing flexible workplace policies and programs. When employers redesign work and implement flexible work options, employees are better able to manage work and life responsibilities. Business owners realize positive bottom line impacts as well. The Women’s Bureau also conducts free bi-monthly teleconferences featuring workplace flexibility experts and business owners who share their knowledge and experiences on important flexible work arrangement issues, such as workplace flexibility trends and best practices, challenges to implementing flexible work arrangements, and legal issues. All ten Women's Bureau regions participate in the project.

Contact: Frances E. Jefferson, Region VIII (Denver, CO, 303-844-1286) and/or Michael Williams, National Office (Washington, DC, 202-693-6710).


The Women’s Bureau aims to expand successful projects through replication. Project replication allows more women to benefit from Women’s Bureau project models. These models are effectively designed to prepare women for better job opportunities, generate better earnings potential, and promote better living. In 2008, about 25 supporters served more than 2,200 participants by replicating or expanding Women’s Bureau projects.

Contact: Karen Shapiro, National Office (Washington, DC, 202-693-6710).

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