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Women's Bureau
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Women in the 21st Century Workplace: "Skill Development Through On-Line Learning" Demonstration Project

The On-Line Learning Demonstration project was a collaborative effort between the Women's Bureau, DOL's Employment and Training Administration, and the New Jersey Department of Labor (NJDOL). The New Jersey Department of Labor was awarded a two-year grant to develop a distance-learning project for under-employed single mothers with children under 18 years of age in five New Jersey counties. The NJDOL, in partnership with selected local Workforce Investment Boards, implemented this innovative project.

Through this demonstration project, the Women's Bureau tested the feasibility of participants earning computer certification or an Associates degree through online courses compared with traditional educational settings and methods.

The offered courses were designed to prepare the participants for high skilled jobs in their local communities. Upon completion of the program, the women who participated were placed into occupations that require higher skills, and consequently will be commanding higher wages.

Participants included single working mothers in New Jersey. There was an emphasis on serving those individuals whose incomes were lower than 250% of the poverty level. To supplement the grant, additional financial resources were used from state and local funds from other programs, including, but not limited to the Workforce Investment Act, Temporary Assistance to Needy Families and Welfare-to-Work. As the women who participated in this project were already employed, other resources, such as tuition reimbursement available through an employer, was made available to supplement the grant funding.

For more information please contact Karen Furia, Women's Bureau, National Office, 202-693-6753.