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"The Voice of Working Women"
WANTO Grantees at work

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Nontraditional Employment for Women (NEW)

Nontraditional Employment for Women (NEW) is a nonprofit organization in the New York City area that helps unemployed and low-income women achieve economic self-sufficiency through work in the skilled blue-collar trades. Since 1997, NEW has participated as a Women's Bureau WANTO grantee, assisting women to find employment in nontraditional jobs and helping to change the climate for women in nontraditional work through advocacy and technical assistance services to employers, labor unions, nonprofit organizations and government.

Ace dreamed of becoming a tradeswoman because she wanted a challenging work environment and marketable skills. "NEW was an opportunity of a lifetime for something I wanted so badly to finally come true," she said.

NEW provides an integrated program of skills training, reading and math, fitness training, job readiness, counseling and case management, and job placement services in occupations considered nontraditional to women. Each year, NEW places its graduates in union apprenticeships including operating engineers, electricians, carpenters, laborers, plumbers, concrete workers, elevator mechanics, and tile setters. Entry level wages for these positions ranges from $10.00 to $27.50 per hour, including medical benefits and often retirement plans.

NEW has used its WANTO grant:

  • to train women for the skilled trades

  • to provide technical assistance to employers and unions seeking improvement in the hiring and retention of women

  • to create and distribute a childcare resource guide, which contains information about how to locate a provider willing to accommodate nontraditional job hours.

The Access Agency

In September 2001, the Women's Bureau awarded a WANTO grant to the ACCESS Agency of Willimantic, Connecticut. ACCESS is working in cooperation with Action for Bridgeport Community Development to place women in apprenticeships or nontraditional employment.

Through supportive services to women already employed in nontraditional occupations, the project also plans to serve additional women. These supportive services include bilingual services, individual case management, life skills and job readiness training, job fairs, job coaching, a revolving loan fund, support groups, family counseling, mediation, mentoring program and an individual development account program.

ACCESS is dedicated to assisting individuals and families in Eastern Connecticut gain economic independence and self-sufficiency. The program approach is comprehensive -- offering an array of important services such as housing assistance, jobs and life-skills training, transportation, small business counseling and more. The organization has a long history of helping women enter and succeed in nontraditional occupations.

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