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E-News graphic, Latest Edition/Volume 3 - Number 3 September 2004 - Photos representing working women - Digital ImageryŠ copyright 2001 PhotoDisc, Inc.

"The Voice of Working Women"

Director Shinae Chun speaks at the launch of Wi$e Up in Dallas, Texas.Project Advancement

Wi$e Up and GEM-SET continue to be great examples of the accomplishment of the Women's Bureau combining technology and the human spirit of cooperation.

Recently there were two significant events that built on the ongoing progress and success of our demonstration projects.

The Women's Bureau had a very successful launch of the Wi$e Up project, a financial education program to help women "Wi$e Up" about their finances. The meeting was convened by Director Shinae Chun and Secretary of Labor Elaine L. Chao delivered remarks via video tape.

"One of the most important goals in life is planning for our financial independence and retirement security. Through the Wi$e Up program, you can put yourself on the path to future security and independence," said Chao in a taped message to a news conference held to announce the initiative at the University of Texas at Dallas School of Management.

"Financial freedom, like anything else in life worth attaining, needs cultivating," said Shinae Chun, director of the Women's Bureau. "Your retirement freedom depends directly on how well you prepare and the Women's Bureau is strongly committed to providing working women with the tools needed to succeed in America's workplace."

The Wi$e Up program provides important information about how to prepare a realistic budget that reflects financial goals; manage the use of credit; make wise investments; and save to achieve financial security.

To learn how to identify your needs and construct a workable plan to meet your financial goals, visit the Women's Bureau Web site at

Gem-Set logoSecond, the Women's Bureau created a "How-To Manual" for GEM-SET (Girls' E-Mentoring in Science, Engineering, and Technology. The manual contains a full guide for professionals and educators on creating a program to mentor young girls and women about careers in science, engineering, and technology. It provides guidance, assistance, and tips to those who wish to replicate the GEM-SET program or design similar programs. It also includes information on funding and staffing, technology needs, recruiting and community outreach. To find out more about GEM-SET, or to see the "How-To Manual", please visit the website:

The Women's Bureau also created the GEM-SET Archives, which contains questions from GEM-SET students and answers from GEM-SET mentors. It can also be found on the website:

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