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E-News graphic, Latest Edition/Volume 3 - Number 2 April 2004 - Photos representing working women - Digital ImageryŠ copyright 2001 PhotoDisc, Inc.

"The Voice of Working Women"

Evelyn Tucker, owner of Sister Nina's Kitchen.  (Picture taken by: Tiffany Robers, Shooting Stars.Women with Disabilities Entrepreneurship Project

The Women's Bureau is proud of our stars - women with disabilities who have gone through our Women with Disabilities Program to start their own businesses.

The Women with Disabilities Entrepreneurship Project is currently working with contractors in four regions to recruit, screen, and refer women with disabilities to organizations that provide entrepreneurial training and supplemental life skills training. This training includes basic concepts about business and how to complete a business feasibility plan; concept development; marketing; price and profitability; and resource development. These women in the program also benefit from one-on-one consultations and assessments, networking activities, and industry-specific mentoring from regional partners.

Evelyn Tucker, pictured above, is owner of Sister Nina's Kitchen, where clients receive a personal chef service that provides meals on a weekly basis. She launched her catering business using the entrepreneurship skills she developed through the women with Disabilities Entrepreneurship project. Through determination and hard work, Evelyn completed the course, started her own catering business, and went on to receive the Georgia Microenterprise Network's first Microentrepreneur Award.

Sara Harris, owner of Heavenly Arrangements (Picture taken by: Tiffany Roberts, Shooting Stars.Sara Harris, owner of Heavenly Arrangements, launched her floral business using the small business development skills she obtained through the Women with Disabilities Entrepreneurship Project, classes. Legally blind since 1993, Sara's prior work history afforded her few long-term benefits. By opening her own small business, she hoped to turn her hobby into a gainful enterprise. Now her clients include a real estate agent giving floral arrangements to new homebuyers, local businesses, and her church. She meets weekly with a business consultant who provides assistance with the development of marketing materials.

The Women's Bureau is proud to support these women as they embark on the road to entrepreneurship, and economic independence.

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