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Women's Bureau
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E-News graphic, Latest Edition/Volume 3 - Number 2 April 2004 - Photos representing working women - Digital ImageryŠ copyright 2001 PhotoDisc, Inc.

"The Voice of Working Women"
Women Leaders

Secretary Elaine L. Chao at the WBENC Salute to Women's Business Enterprises DinnerReaching Out to Women Leaders

Secretary Elaine L. Chao receives an Applause Award from the Women's Business Enterprise National Council in recognition of her work to break down barriers that impede the progress and growth of women-owned businesses.

Secretary Elaine L. Chao has been working tirelessly and compassionately to reach out to women business owners and leaders. The Women's Bureau is also continuing to reach out to women leaders across the country.

From now through August, the Women's Bureau will conduct roundtable meetings with businesswomen, women legislators, local elected officials, representatives from colleges and universities, women's organizations, foundations, and non-profit women's organizations. The purpose of these meetings is to both enhance understanding of Women's Bureau initiatives, and to increase the opportunities for partnerships so that our initiatives can be expanded and replicated.

Director Shinae Chun and regional administrator Delores Crocket meet with women leaders at Burger King.The first forum, as pictured to the left, took place at Burger King Corporation, and it included 25 women who are movers and shakers in Miami. These women leaders were particularly interested in our financial security and workplace flexibility initiatives.

"I believe everyone left with a new level of inspiration and dedication to helping advance the mission of the Department of Labor's Women's Bureau. By bringing so many talented and civic-minded individuals to the table, … the Director is truly facilitating community-wide collaboration and we applaud you." --- Kim Miller, Burger King Corporation

Pictured from left to right: Women's Bureau Regional Administrator Jenny Erwin, Region IX Secretary's Representative Judy Lloyd, Diablo Valley Women President Hallie Hart, Women's Bureau Director Shinae Chun, and Women's Bureau Special Assistant Beth Gable (Courtesy of East Bay Business Times)The second forum was with the Diablo Valley Women in Walnut Creek, California. Again, we gained valuable feedback from the 25 women who attended. One woman was already a regional partner for Flex-Options, our workplace flexibility program. Some have signed up to be mentors of the Girl's E-Mentoring Program Science, Engineering, and Technology (GEM-SET). Most importantly, we are seeing how our business model is serving as an incubator for good ideas.

"It was truly exciting…to hear about the approaches that are being used to foster and further the position of women in the business world." --- Liz Kearney, Kearney & Associates

"Financial Security is my life work and helping women find opportunities is my passion. I encourage each person to look at the initiatives the Women's Bureau provides on a national scale and determine how best to implement opportunity with their community." --- Hallie Hart, Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner and Smith

Our next forum was sponsored by the MetroHartford Alliance in Hartford, Connecticut. A diverse group of women attended, and among their suggestions was that we send 20 to 25 successful businesswomen to local junior high schools to tell the students about the importance of saving money. In this case the Women's Bureau served as a valuable catalyst, because these women who didn't know each other before now want to continue to meet together! And we will support them every step of the way.

Those attending indicated a strong interest to stay connected, and to assist the U.S. Department of Labor {Women's Bureau} in making these initiatives a reality." --- Nancy Scirocco, The MetroHartford Alliance

The Women's Bureau believes that these efforts to explore potential partnerships will result in better jobs, better earnings and better lives for working women. Women, families and employers will all benefit.

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