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Elham Shirazi, CEO
Telework Advocacy
Co-Chair, Association for Commuter Transportation Telework Council


Elham Shirazi, CEO, Telework Advocacy, Co-Chair, Association for Commuter Transportation Telework Council.

Elham Shirazi is a sole proprietor woman based enterprise (WBE) with expertise in expertise in transportation planning, Transportation Demand Management (TDM) program design, marketing, implementation, and evaluation. Elham has 25 years of experience in developing TDM programs and resource materials, in conducting training workshops on TDM strategies, and in evaluating the impacts of TDM strategies on employers, employees, and trip reduction. Elham is well-versed in Federal, State, and Local regulations and requirements. She has worked with both public and private sector agencies and employers nation-wide. Elham is nationally renowned for her expertise in teleworking and in telecommunications alternatives to travel. She has also helped develop regional TDM and telework resources and assistance programs throughout California, Florida, Atlanta, Oakland, Washington DC, Denver, Houston, and Phoenix. She has also worked with the White House, Congressional leaders and many public entities in policy development for furthering interest in telework and TDM.

Some of her clients includes employers such as Home Depot, Delta Airlines, County of Los Angeles, Kaiser Permanente, MetLife, State of Georgia, GE Energy, Corenet Global, ImageRight, Georgia Power, 6th Judicial CT Circuit, Latham Time, AutoDesk, and many others.

Prior to being a consultant, Ms. Shirazi worked at Commuter Transportation Services, Inc. (CTS), for six and a half years, where she was responsible for the design and implementation of several telecommuting programs and training sessions, and the development of a detailed guidebook for employers on implementing telecommuting programs. At CTS Ms. Shirazi managed a full time staff of 15 employees and the three departments of planning, training, and product development.

Ms. Shirazi has Masters degrees in Urban Planning and in Political Science from UCLA, and a Bachelor's degree in Political Science from Wellesley College. She chaired (first elected chair and one of founding members) the Telecommuting Advisory Council from June 1991-February 1993, she was director at large from 1993-1995 and from 2002-2004 (ITAC), and is a member of Transportation Research Board's Telecommunications and Travel Behavior Committee. She is co-chair of the Association for Commuter Transportationís Telework Council and serves as Secretary for the National Board. In 2005, Elham was awarded the Association for Commuter Transportationís Cathy Cole Telework Memorial Award for her achievements in the field of teleworking.