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Green Jobs for Women

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The Women’s Bureau is taking the lead in ensuring that women of all ages and socioeconomic groups are aware of and prepared to succeed in the emerging “green” jobs sector, which according to Secretary Solis will be a key driver of America’s economic recovery and sustained economic stability. The Women's Bureau is collaborating with employers, unions, education and training providers, green industry organizations, and other government agencies to raise awareness, expand training options, and promote the recruitment and retention of women in green career pathways.

Why Green is Your Color:
A Woman’s Guide to
a Sustainable Career
Coming in Early 2011!

The Women’s Bureau has contracted with Public Policy Associates, Inc. and Wider Opportunities for Women for the development of a publication designed to aid in increasing women’s access to high-growth and emerging industry occupations in the green jobs sector nationwide.
“Why Green is Your Color: A Woman’s Guide to a Sustainable Career” will provide women workers and workforce professionals with information on hiring needs and challenges, training and entrepreneurship opportunities, and in-demand and emerging jobs in green industries. National, state and local resources, including women’s organizations and workforce practitioners, will be included in the curriculum.

The Women’s Bureau also hosted a series of seven teleconferences for workforce practitioners, designed to offer information and an exchange of ideas to better connect women with green jobs training and green employment. This area of workforce development is an important part of preparing our nation to be competitive in the new economy.

Topics included:

§         Why is green good for women?

§         Women’s Entrepreneurship in Green Industries

§         Recruiting and Retaining Women

§         Women Working in Green Construction and Energy Efficiency

§         Women Working in Alternative Energy

§         Women Working in Environmental Protection

§         Funding, Implementing, and Collaborating

Think Green Jobs for Women -
Women’s Bureau Projects

The Bureau’s green jobs training projects were developed in conjunction with experts in green industries and serve as models for engaging and preparing women for a variety of high-growth and emerging green jobs over the next decade. In addition to technical skills training, the projects teach basic skills such as resume writing, interview preparation, computer skills, and financial education. Nine green jobs training projects are taking place across the country.

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