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Women's Bureau
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Women's Bureau Region Ten -- Seattle

Serving Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington State

Region X Staff

Betty Lock, Regional Administrator,
Manuelita Ybarra, Program Analyst,
Pamela Felton, Program Analyst,

Welcome to the Women's Bureau, Region X Web page. The headquarters for the Regional Office is in Seattle, Washington. The Regional office provides services to women living in the four States of Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington State.

Some of the industries in the Northwest region include high technology, international trade, fisheries, lumber and wood products, agriculture, and mining. Women are employed in diverse areas of these industries.

Please take the opportunity to explore the Web page. As you click on each State, you will find more specific statistical data on women.

We hope you will find this information helpful and visit often. For further information, please telephone the office.

Oregon Women in Trade Careers

Manuelita Ybarra, Program Analyst, WB, Region 10, OR State Commissioner, Labor and Industries, Brad Avakian, and Oregon Women in the Trades Director, Connie Ashbrook.Manuelita Ybarra, Program Analyst, WB, Region 10, OR State Commissioner, Labor and Industries, Brad Avakian, and Oregon Women in the Trades Director, Connie Ashbrook.

Women’s Bureau, Region 10, participated in the 2009 Women in Trades Career Fair in Portland, OR, on May 14 - 16. This year’s theme - GOING GREEN! The Fair showcased how industries are contributing to the fight against global warming with efforts to save the environment through green building, clean energy, energy efficiency and alternative energy.

It was organized so that 1,200 middle and high schools students and their teachers could get hands on experience with the tools of the various trades and ask questions of union members and employers about each of the trades demonstrated at the event. There were waiting lines to climb poles and to ride up to the top of poles in an electrical-type buckets where they could have a good view as electrical workers have when they work on constructing or repairing electrical wires. On Saturday, Careers for Women Day was attended by 500 women and their families.

On Saturday, there was a Father and Daughter Breakfast program where fathers and daughters shared stories of both being in the trades’ careers. Brad Avakian, Oregon State Commissioner for the Bureau of Labor and Industries, spoke about his father’s and grandfather’s work experience in construction. It was a touching experience for all in attendance.

Commissioner Avakian commended Connie Ashbrook, Director of Oregon Women in Trades, Inc., for her years of hard work in organizing, introducing, and training women in the building and skilled trades in Oregon. She has garnered the respect of the unions and employers alike in the Portland area. The Women’s Bureau is proud of being a supporter of Oregon Women in the Trades from its inception; they are a recipient of a joint Women’s Bureau and the Employment and Training Administration’s Women in Apprenticeship and Non-Traditional Occupations’ grant.

Picture of graduates from the pre-apprenticeship program. Women are learning about and preparing for green jobs through Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc’s (OTI) pre-apprenticeship program for women, funded in part by Women’s Bureau WANTO (Women in Apprenticeship and NonTraditional Occupations) grant and Women’s Bureau Green Jobs funding. Says OTI Executive Director Connie Ashbrook, “Our partnership with the Women’s Bureau over the years has been instrumental in our ability to provide the necessary training and support services for women making the transition to the green economy.”

Portland’s green economy got a boost when the Portland City Council recently approved the establishment of Clean Energy Works Portland, a pilot to retrofit 500 Portland homes, while preparing to build on the model to retrofit over 100,000 homes, which will create the need for thousands of energy retrofit workers.

Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc. provided input into the creation of Clean Energy Works Portland, and is serving on the implementation committee. OTI is working closely with the Laborers/AGC and Carpenters Apprenticeships to prepare for the demand for energy retrofit workers; graduates from our pre-apprenticeship program have gone thru the Laborers and Carpenters Weatherization Technician trainings in preparation for the upcoming jobs.

Region X Address and Phone Numbers

1111 Third Avenue
Suite 925
Seattle, WA 98101-3211

Phone: (206)553-1534
Fax: (206) 553-5085