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Women's Bureau
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"The Voice of Working Women"
Outreach to women business owners

Director Shinae Chun and Patty L. DeDominic meeting with women business owners.
Women's Bureau Director Meets with Women Business Owners around the Country

The Women's Bureau has been working closely with women business owners and informing them about its "Strengthening the Family" initiative. Recently, the Women's Bureau invited women business owners in Denver, Colorado and Los Angeles, California to meet with Director Shinae Chun to discuss current issues facing women business owners and their employees. Director Chun used these interactive sessions to gather important information that helped shape the workshop content and program topics for "Women Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century."

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Women business owners in Denver and Los Angeles got down to business with Director Chun as they outlined their current business challenges in today's uncertain economic climate. The meetings provided women business owners with the opportunity to exchange ideas, as well as share their thoughts about how the government can help encourage women business owners.

"It is important that we meet with women business owners face-to-face. These meetings provided the Bureau with direct insight into what challenges and hurdles women business owners are facing," emphasized Director Chun.

"Women are a vital part of our nation's economy and their input is critical."

"We were pleased with their participation and willingness to share their comments and opinions. Women are a vital part of our nation's economy and their input is critical," said Director Chun in summing up these meetings.

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