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Veterans' Employment & Training Service
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Women Veterans' Employment

Women Veterans Today

womenvetThe Tradition, Service, and Pride of Women Veterans began as early as the American Revolution. Women currently make up 10% of the veteran population and veterans comprise only 2% of the female population in the U.S. The population of women veterans grows steadily each year due, in part, to the increasing number and proportion of women entering and leaving an all-volunteer military, which began in 1973. In fact, women comprise 20% of Gulf War II veterans – those who served after 9/11. Today, there are over 2.2 million women veterans in the U.S.

While women comprise 10% of veterans, they comprise 13% of veterans in today's civilian workforce. In fact, women veterans are more likely to be in the civilian labor force than male veterans or women nonveterans.

The Business Case for Hiring a Veteran has been supported by both academic research and corporate leadership analysis.  As the proportion of women among the veteran community continues to grow, employers benefit from a rich candidate pool. Women Veterans Have the Skills Employers Need.

Employers connect with qualified women veterans at over 2,500 American Job Centers nationwide.

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Free Local Employment Assistance

womenvetVeterans’ Employment  and Training Service (VETS) provides critical resources, expertise, and training to assist women veterans in locating and obtaining meaningful careers at over 2,500 American Job Centers nationwide.  At the American Job Centers, every woman with military experience can meet individually with a workforce development professional.

Together, they’ll assess her skills, abilities, aptitudes, employment readiness, and needs.  She’ll receive personalized job search and placement assistance and may be connected to a broader array of benefits and social services depending on her individual needs. Visit the Service Locator and enter your zip code or call 1-877-US2-JOBS to find the American Job Center closest to you. Be sure to identify yourself as a veteran to receive priority of service!
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Further Resources

Reintegration Services for Veterans Experiencing Homelessness

Through VETS grants, including the Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program (HVRP), the Homeless Female Veterans and Veterans with Families Program (HFVVWF), and Stand Down Grants, grantees provide additional supportive services to meet the special needs of women veterans experiencing homelessness. HVRP and HFVVWF grantees provide job training, counseling, and placement services to expedite the reintegration of homeless veterans into the labor force.  Stand Down organizers partner with local businesses and service providers to provide numerous free services like health and dental checkups, benefits counseling, employment services, and housing referrals to homeless veterans all in one place at one time. To find services offered through these grants in your local area, visit and use the Find a VETS Office drop down menu.