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Veterans' Employment & Training Service
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Veterans' Program Letter No. 5-97

January 2, 1997

Veterans' Program Letter No.5-97

To: All Regional Administrators and Directors for Veterans' Employment and Training nd All State Emoployment Security Agency Administrators (SESAS) All Regional Administrators, Employment and Training Administration (INFO)

From: Preston M. Taylor, Jr.

Subject: Federal Contractor Award Information System

(FCAIS): Change in Distributor

I. Purpose: To inform State Employment Security Agencies (SESAS) and Veterans' Employment and Training Service (VETS) field staff of the upcoming changeover in the operation of the Federal Contractor Award Information System (FCAIS) from the Alabama Department of Industrial Relations (DIR), the present provider, to Lockheed Martin Corporation.

II. Background: Lockheed Martin Corporation is the new contractor for the FCAIS which provides information weekly to SESAs on new Federal contractors compiled from the Commerce Business Daily for veteran job development purposes. Dyncorp is a subcontractor to Lockheed Martin and will be responsible for the continued operation of the system. The Alabama DIR will continue to be responsible for the mailing and compilation of the VETS-100 reports for the 1997 cycle.

III. Continuity of FCAIS Operations: Lockheed Martin/Dyncorp will take over the distribution of Federal contractor information in early January, 1997, without any anticipated break in service. Arrangements have been made for a smooth transition. The award information will continue to be distributed in the format requested by each State user. A notice will be posted to the FCAIS Bulletin Board informing users of the change in vendor. There will be no change in telephone lines presently in use. The only change will be in the telephone number to call if there is any technical difficulty or inquiries pertaining to the system.

The Dycorp contract person and telephone number for SESAs and VETS' staff to use for questions and assistance on the FCAIS after January 6, 1997, are as follows:

Karen Koster

(703) 461-2093

This is not a toll free number. SESAs can expect to receive the contractor award information as they have in the past.

Please note that there is no charge in the telephone number for employers inquiring about the VETS-100 forms and filing responsibilities. The number is (334) 242-2028. This number is maintained by the Alabama DIR and is also not a tool free number.

IV. Action: Directors for Veterans' Employment and Training should meet with SESA staff to assure that all parties are aware of this transition and the contact information, and that issues, if any, are resolved.

V. Inquires: Inquires from SESAs should be directed to the appropriate Director for Veterans' Employment and Training. Inquiries from VETS staff should be directed to Eileen Connors at (202) 219-9110.

Expiration Date: September 30, 1997.