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Veterans' Employment & Training Service
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Veterans' Program Letter No. 4-98

December 23, 1997

Veterans' Program Letter No. 4-98

To: All Regional Administrators and Directors for Veterans' Employment and Training nd All State Emoployment Security Agency Administrators (SESAS) All Regional Administrators, Employment and Training Administration (INFO)

From: Espirdion "Al" Borrego

Subject: Revised Quarterly Reporting for Vocational Rehabilitation & Counseling (VR&C) Activity in Fiscal Year (FY) 1998

I. Purpose: To inform State Employment Security Agencies (SESAS) and Veterans' Employment and Training Service (VETS) staff that the quarterly Local Veterans' Employment Representative (LVER) report of VR&C activity has been revised for use in FY 1998.

II Reference: Section 4104 (c) of Title 38, USC; VPL 8-95, dated September 1, 1995; DM 6-97, dated October 29, 1996. Also OMB Information Collection No. 1205-0240 (OMB Appr.1205-0240, expiration 8/31/99)

III. Background: VPL 8-95 stated that there were no immediate plans to amend the automated reporting requirements to capture data regarding services provided to disabled veteran VR&C clients. It remains necessary, however, to monitor the provision of services to these veterans, identify problem areas and successes, to share information with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) VR&C and to report achievements to Congress.

As this interagency initiative has progressed, it has become evident that there is a need for change in the type of data collected on the services provided to VA VR&C clients. VETS has solicited field staff input to develop a better system for capturing and reporting this important information. The field input has been instrumental in the formulation of the attached revised report.

IV. Revised LVER Reporting Requirements: Revised report data to be submitted by LVERs will be cumulative based on a FY reporting period, and will commence with the report due for the period ending December 31, 1997, and should include, at a minimum:

1. Referred/Registered: The number of job ready disabled veterans referred from VA VR&C and registered with a Local Employment Service Office (LESO) for placement purposes. (data source: SESA)

Note: Job ready status is attained if the veteran has been evaluated by the VA's VR&C staff and has been determined to be willing and able to start employment immediately, or the veteran is within 90 days of completing the training component of the VR&C program and willing and able to start employment at the conclusion of the training.

2. Entered Suitable Employment: The number of disabled veterans who entered suitable employment. Suitable Employment is defined as a job that the VR&C Counseling Psychologist has determined is consistent with the veterans' interests, aptitudes, and abilities and does not aggravate the veteran's disabilities. (data source: VA VR&C)

Note: This information is obtained from the VR&C counselor who is the case manager for the client identified as "entered suitable employment".

3. Rehabilitated: The number of VR&C referrals who have entered and maintained suitable employment for at least 60 days. (data source: VA VR&C)

4. Entered Employment: The unduplicated count of VR&C referrals who entered employment by job placement or obtained employment. (data source: SESA)

5. Terminated: The number of VR&C LESO registered referrals (see #1 above) terminated from the VR&C program by the VA VR&C officer. (data source: VA VR&C)

6. Average Entry Wage: of the total number of VR&C referrals who entered employment during the reporting period. (data source: SESA)

Note:Average entry wage information is being compiled as baseline data for VETS strategic planning purposes and the need to demonstrate program effectiveness in accordance with the Government Performance and Results Act.

V. Action:

A. DVETs should meet with appropriate SESA staff to ensure the purpose of this VPL is adequately addressed in a timely manner.

B. SESAs should instruct LVERs to amend the quarterly report format to begin with the reporting period ending December 31, 1997, to ensure the collection of data pertaining to the requirements of the revised report. The quarterly report data may be provided to the DVET in any form or format as long as it provides appropriate data to complete the DVET form attached.

C. DVETs and RAVETs will ensure that SESA/vets/VA VR&C referral and placement data submitted in the revised format is valid and has been reported cumulatively for the current FY.

D. RAVETs and DVETs will be provided the revised VR&C activity report workbook via e-mail to be downloaded to either a disc or a hard drive for continued FY 98 quarterly use. The report format has been formulated to total the line entries across the page for each of the report categories.

E. RAVETS, after compiling the DVETs' State reports into regional reports, will E-mail the regional reports to the National Office (N.O.), attention: Ron Benson, by the 20th of the second month of each quarter.

VI. Inquiries: Any questions should be directed to Ron Benson or Stan Seidel in the VETS N.0 at (202) 219 - 9105/91 10.

VII. Expiration Date: September 30, 1998