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Veterans' Employment & Training Service
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Veterans' Program Letter No. 3-97

December 12, 1996

Veterans' Program Letter No. 3-97

To: All Regional Administrators and Directors for Veterans' Employment and Training nd All State Emoployment Security Agency Administrators (SESAS) All Regional Administrators, Employment and Training Administration (INFO)

From: Preston M. Taylor, Jr.

Subject: Veterans' Preference Expert System Software Program

I. Purpose: To announce the availability of the Veterans' Preference Expert System software program produced by the Department of Labor's (DOL's) Veterans' Employment and Training Service (VETS) and the Assistant Secretary for Policy (ASP). This software program will help VETS in our outreach efforts to veterans and our capability to provide employment information to our Nation's veterans through the Internet.

II. Background: Veterans' Preference Expert System software program is an employment assistance tool for veterans. It is accessible through the Internet at the VETS' website. This program provides veterans' preference eligibility information and assistance to veterans. It is designed to query veterans on specific information, which will assess their eligibility for preference in Federal hiring, provide information on veterans preference benefits, and provide information on how to file a complaint with the Department of Labor. The program utilizes a question decision tree to ultimately yield preference status.

There are two versions of the Veterans' Preference Expert System software program, both accessible through the Internet. One is an on-line version and the second is a downloadable PC (DOS) version. The Internet version has direct hyperlinks to OPM resources. The downloadable PC (DOS) version, which is a 326kb self-extractable file, will allow veterans or service providers to execute the DOS version on standard home or office PCS, which could then be run on any MS DOS PC with at least 640kb of Random Access Memory (RAM). The system has been designed to run on a high density floppy (either 1.2 MB or 1.44 MB). The system can be executed from either the DOS prompt or Windows. The main advantage of this version is that it can be copied and distributed to users who are still using "low end" 286 PCS.

This will be an excellent employment assistance tool which will greatly enhance our ability to provide direct assistance to veterans with specific problems involving veterans' preference. The software program also will allow service providers to directly work with the veteran or share the program with the veterans or other interested parties.

III. Policy and Guidance: VETS has set up access to this program through the DOL homepage and the VETS homepage on the Internet. A "Veterans' Preference" hot button provides easy access to the site. The site address is as follows:

The PC soft ware version can be download for off-site or non-Internet activation. Job Service local offices and VETS staff are encouraged to use this expert system to make veterans' preference eligibility determinations for working cases.

IV. Action Required: VETS has made appropriate news release information publicizing the new web address; however, DVETs should also work directly with their SESA to determine any desire for local publicity needs or requirements. If you note any significant content errors in the system please notify Jenel Turner (202-219-9110) for content issues, or Todd Dehart (202) 219- 8418 for website difficulties.

Expiration Date: June 30, 1997