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Veterans' Employment & Training Service


Filing Your VETS-100 and VETS-100A Annual Reports

Please Click Here to File Your VETS-100
and VETS-100A Annual Reports

Here is some important information regarding your annual reports:

The VETS-100 and the new VETS-100A can be filed between August 1, 2009 – September 30, 2009.

All reports must be filed by September 30, 2009. If your company cannot meet that deadline, you may request an extension between August 1, 2009, and September 30, 2009, by contacting the VETS-100 Help Desk at (866) 237-0275 or via E-Mail

Federal Contracting Program Reporting

In accordance with Title 38, United States Code, Section 4212(d), the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), Veterans' Employment and Training Service (VETS) collects and compiles data on the employment of veterans with Federal contractors and subcontractors.

For the first time, Federal contractors are required to submit one of two reports and, in some cases, an employer will have to submit two reports.

As in past years, The Vietnam Era Veterans' Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974, (VEVRAA) and its implementing regulations at 41 CFR part 61-250 required contractors and subcontractors with Federal contracts who entered into a Federal contract prior to December 1, 2003, and in excess of $25,000, to submit the VETS-100 Report that identifies four specified categories: veterans of the Vietnam era; special disabled veterans; other protected veterans; and recently separated veterans.

With the implementation of the Final Regulation at 20 Code of Federal Regulations part 61-300, amended VEVRAA reporting requirements for contracts entered on or after December 1, 2003; and those contract of $100,000 or greater that were modified on or after December 1, 2003.

These changes (1) raise the reporting threshold from $25,000 to $100,000, and (2) modify the veterans' categories in the report. The JVA modified the report categories of veterans to: disabled veterans, other protected veterans, Armed Forces service medal veterans, and recently separated veterans (41 CFR 61.300).

The deadline for the VETS-100 Report and the VETS-100A Report are September 30, 2009.

For Assistance: Call the VETS-100 Help Desk at (866) 237-0275 or email