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Hispanic Federal Executives Summit Luncheon

Frederico Juarbe
Hispanic Federal Executives Summit Luncheon
January 24, 2002

Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for joining us today.

Before we serve lunch, I would like us to stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

After the Pledge, please remain standing for the invocation by Ivelisse Reyes.

Ivelisse is the National Employment Program Manager from the Department of the Treasury.

Please stand. "I pledge allegiance..."

[Pledge and Invocation]

Thank you.

We at the Department of Labor are honored to sponsor this luncheon for the Summit participants.

Just as we work for and value diversity in America's workforce, the Department of Labor knows that increasing the participation of Hispanics among its own management staff will improve services to the public we serve.

Much of that diversity is represented at the head table this morning.

I would like to introduce them to you.

[To the head table] Please stand as I call your name so that the audience can recognize you.

The Honorable Alberto Gonzales - is the counsel to the President and he will be our keynote speaker.

The Honorable Manuel Oliverez - President of the National Association of Hispanic Federal Executives; the driving force behind these Summits.

Next we have The Honorable Cameron Findlay - the Deputy Secretary of Labor.

The Honorable Patrick Pizzella - the Assistant Secretary of Labor for Administration and Management.

The Honorable Lou Gallegos - the Assistant Secretary of Agriculture for Administration.

Mrs. Tali Stepp - the Labor Department's Director of Human Resources. Tali's office coordinated the Summit's activities for the Labor Department and I want to thank her for the excellent work she and her staff have done.

Next is Mrs. Suzan Aramaki - the Commerce Department's Director of Civil Rights. Suzan's office coordinated for the Commerce Department.

I think all these hard working people deserve our heartiest thanks.

Lunch will now be served. We will continue after we have eaten.

[Lunch served]

May I have your attention please.

Our luncheon program will now continue.

I'd like to call on Manuel Oliverez to introduce our keynote speaker.

[Keynote speech]

Thank you Mr. Gonzales for those inspiring words.

On behalf of the Secretary Chao and all the employees of the Department of Labor, I want to thank all of you for participating in this important Summit.

Your workshop sessions will resume on the 5th floor at 1:10 sharp.

Summit staff will help you find your workshop room.

Again, thank you for coming.