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Veterans' Employment & Training Service
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VETS List of Common Acronyms

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ADVET – Assistant Director for Veterans' Employment and Training

ASVET – Assistant Secretary (of Labor) for Veterans' Employment and Training

BLS – Bureau of Labor Statistics

CAP – Corrective Action Plan

CFR – Code of Federal Regulations

CM – Case Management

CPP – Cost Per Position

CSCAP – Central Services Cost Allocation Plans

DASVET – Deputy Assistant Secretary of Veterans' Employment and Training

DOD – Department of Defense

DOL – Department of Labor

DV – Disabled Veteran

DVA – Department of Veterans Affairs

DVET – Director for Veterans' Employment and Training

DVOP – Disabled Veterans' Outreach Program

DTAP – Disabled Veterans' Transition Assistance Program

ETA – Employment and Training Administration

E-GOV – Electronic Government

FCAIS – Federal Contractor Awards Information System

FCCP – Federal Contract Compliance Programs

FCJL – Federal Contractor Job Listing

FCP – Federal Contractor Program

FTE – Full Time Equivalent

FY – Fiscal Year

GAO – General Accounting Office

GBM – Grant-Based Measures

GO – Grant Officer

GOTR – Grant Officer's Technical Representative

GP – General Provisions

GPRA – Government Performance and Results Act of 1994

HHS/PMS – Health and Human Services/Payment Management System

HVRP – Homeless Veterans' Reintegration Programs

JFVA – Jobs for Veterans Act (JFVA – P.L. 107-288)

L&C – Licensing & Certification

LESO – Local Employment Service Office

LVER – Local Veterans' Employment Representative

LWIA – Local Workforce Investment Area

LWIB – Local Workforce Investment Board

MIS – Management Information System

MOU – Memorandum of Understanding

NO – National Office

NOA – Notification of Obligation Authority

NPS – Non-Personal Services

NVTI – National Veterans' Training Institute

OASAM – Office of the Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management

OASVET – Office of the Assistant Secretary (of Labor) for Veterans' Employment and Training

OCD – Office of Cost Determination

OFCCP – Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs

OMB – Office of Management and Budget

OPM – Office of Personnel Management

OSCC – One-Stop Career Center

PAC – Post Award Conference

PB – Personnel Benefits

PL – Public Law

POC – Point of Contact

PS – Personal Services

PY – Program Year

RAVET – Regional Administrator for Veterans' Employment and Training

RIF – Reduction-In-Force

RWB – Regional Workforce Boards

SBP – State Budget Plan

SDA – Service Delivery Area

SDP – Service Delivery Point

SESA – State Employment Security Agency

SF – Standard Form

SDV – Special Disabled Veteran

SGA – Solicitation For Grant Applications

SP – Special Provisions

SPOC – (State) Single Point Of Contact

SVC – State Veterans Coordinator

SWA – State Workforce Agency

TA – Technical Assistance

TAG – Technical Assistance Guide

TAP – Transition Assistance Program

TPR – Technical Performance Report

UCX – Unemployment Compensation (Insurance) for ex-service members

UI – Unemployment Insurance

USC – United States Code

USDOL – United States Department of Labor

VERS – Veteran Job Seekers Entered Employment Rate following Receipt of Staff Assisted Services

VETS – Veterans' Employment and Training Service

VJEER – Veteran Job Seeker Entered Employment Rate

VJERR – Veteran Job Seeker Employment Retention Rate at 6 Months

VPBP – Veterans' Program and Budget Plan

VOE – Veterans and Other Eligible Persons

VPL – Veterans' Program Letter

PM – Veterans' Performance Measures

VPS – Veterans' Performance Standards

VR&E – Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment

VWIP – Veterans' Workforce Investment Program (WIA, Section 168)

WIA – Workforce Investment Act of 1998

YTD – Year to Date

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