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Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez
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Summer Jobs+ 2012

Employers Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add job opportunities to the Summer Jobs+ Bank?

As long as your opportunities are posted online, they can be added to the Summer Jobs+ Bank.  Simply follow the detailed instructions to add  opportunities posted on your own website.

Could our opportunities already be in the Summer Jobs+ Bank?

It’s possible. The Summer Jobs+ Bank includes opportunities listed with our partners:, and  If your organization already works with one of these partners, check with them to make sure they have added your listings to the Summer Jobs+ Bank.

Why do I need to "tag" the summer opportunities I want to have posted?

Rather than forcing you to submit opportunities into yet another database, the Summer Jobs+ Bank runs off of Google Custom Search Engine. This allows you to post your opportunities anywhere on the web (including your website where similar opportunities may already be listed), but makes them more broadly available to young people through a simple Summer Jobs+ Bank search tool. In order to find your opportunities, we need to tell it where to look and what to look for, which is where the tags and schema come in.

My organization isn’t offering any jobs, what should I do?

The Summer Jobs+ initiative highlights three different pathways to employment for low-income and disconnected youth… and so does the Summer Jobs+ Bank. In fact that’s what the “+” is all about. Just because you don’t have a traditional summer job to offer, doesn’t mean you don’t have an important opportunity to offer a young person. Many of our partners have pledged to provide soft skills training, mentoring, and other educational options. These are fantastic opportunities for young people across America to know about and should be added to the Summer Jobs+ Bank as well.

Why do you keep talking about all of this IT stuff, I thought we were here to talk about job opportunities, work skills, and life skills programs for young people?

We are, but for the Bank to work properly, and to really connect young people with these opportunities we need a little IT help. The person who manages your website or the office that deals with third-party online job boards are probably the best people to help you follow the instructions and add the right HTML code so your opportunities are included in the Summer Jobs+ Bank.