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Office of the Solicitor
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SOL Immediate Office

The Solicitor of Labor, a Presidential appointee confirmed by the Senate, serves as legal advisor to the Secretary and other Department officials and its legislative program. The Solicitor, with offices headquartered in Washington, D.C., is assisted by three Deputy Solicitors. The Deputy Solicitor of Labor, a Secretarial appointee, serves as the principal Deputy and first in line of succession to the Solicitor and is the Solicitor's alter ego and principal advisor.

The Deputy Solicitor for National Operations oversees the legal activities performed in the national office by attorneys in eight program divisions, each headed by an Associate Solicitor. The divisions provide full legal services within designated legislative and program areas. The Deputy Solicitor for Regional Enforcement oversees the legal activities performed in seven regional and seven branch offices, which serve as lower court trial litigation and administrative hearing centers and are headed by a Regional Solicitor or an Associate Regional Solicitor. The Deputy Solicitor for National Operations and the Deputy Solicitor for Regional Enforcement share responsibility for oversight of the Management and Administrative Legal Services Division.

The Immediate Office coordinates with the Solicitor General's Office and provides centralized services within the Department, including drafting briefs provided to the Solicitor General, for all Supreme Court cases in which DOL is a party or amicus curiae or has an interest. The Immediate Office litigates cases in the courts of appeals and files briefs in other judicial forums after another division has transferred a case or briefing assignment to it. It also acts as a resource on appellate matters and other legal issues for the Solicitor's Office, performs special assignments and legal analyses for the Solicitor, and comments on appeal and amicus recommendations generated by other divisions.

The Office of Legal Counsel reports to the Deputy Solicitor and is responsible for support of legislative and litigation matters concerning the Department. This office prepares comments, impact statements and testimony in response to legislative proposals concerning Department programs and acts as the Department's liaison for clearance of legislative items through the executive branch. The office also manages the Department's ethics program, including providing legal advice and training and administering the financial disclosure system. Additionally, the office provides legal counsel on cross-cutting issues in such areas as Departmental organization and executive personnel.

The Immediate Office also administers SOL's Honors Program for attorneys with exemplary records who are completing law school or judicial clerkships. Participants spend their first two years in the program while working on assignments in both the National Office and the Regional Offices.

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