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The Newark Fire — Orange and High Streets, Newark, NJ

I'm Deborah Greenfield, Deputy Solicitor of Labor and I'm in Newark, New Jersey. A devastating and deadly fire occurred in Newark, New Jersey exactly four months to the day before the Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire. On November 25, 1910, the factory, which was at the corner of Orange and High Street, now Martin Luther King Boulevard, burst into flames. The inferno resulted in 19 people jumping to their death from four stories up and six burned to death. The factory contained a hodge-podge of various industries. Some made explosives, others made clothing. New York City’s Fire Chief warned that Manhattan could find itself with a similar tragedy on its hands unless something was done to combat unsafe conditions. The memory of the Newark fire was very fresh when the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire struck, taking 146 lives.