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United States Department of Labor
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Green jobs.

Everybody is talking about it — the "green collar revolution" — with good jobs that reduce America’s dependency on oil and use renewable resources to power our nation. Good jobs that build and support a healthy environment. Good jobs that require new skills training and new focus. A new national commitment and substantial Federal funding make green jobs a top priority for the U.S. Department of Labor. We’re leading the way — helping prepare America’s workforce and workplaces for the unprecedented wave of opportunity that green jobs promise.

Good jobs for everyone.

A good job? It’s respect, a fair wage, and the ability to work and raise a family. The U.S. Department of Labor works with employers, workers, and unions to ensure that American jobs deliver on this promise. We work to safeguard standards like minimum wage, overtime, and child labor laws; ensure training opportunities for dislocated workers, at-risk youth, workers with disabilities, veterans, and many others; provide wage loss compensation and medical benefits to certain workers injured on the job; and enforce laws protecting unions and their members. We produce key economic statistics for the public, Congress, businesses, labor, and other government agencies. And we are playing a major role in improving the lives and livelihoods of workers around the world. No matter what the job, we’re working to make it the best job it can be.

Your job.

Opportunities are Open at the U.S. Department of Labor. We seek movers and shakers and thinkers and innovators and dreamers and visionaries and pragmatists and idealists — people determined to make their own unique contribution to the world and be part of something bigger than themselves. Want interesting and fulfilling work? How about challenges and rewards? Want to be a leader? Want to serve a noble cause? It’s all here. Opportunities are Open.


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