Effective Date: 07/19/2014

Last Update: 05/05/2015

00100291Anest for proced on integ sys - head/or saliv glands
00102291Anesthesia for plastic repair of cleft lip
00103291Anesthesia for bepharoplasty
00104291Anesthesia for electroconvulsive therapy
00120291Anest; proc-esternal/middle/inner ear, inc biopsy nos
00124291Anesthesia for otoscopy
00126291Anesthesia for tympanotomy
00140291Anesthesia for procedures on eye; nos
00142291Anesthesia for procedures on eye; lens surgery
00144291Anest; procedures on eye; corneal transplant
00145291Anesthesia for procedures on eye; vitrectomy
00147291Anesthesia for iridectomy
00148291Anesthesia for procedures on eye; opthalmoscopy
00160291Anest; proc-nose and accessory sinuses; nos
00162291Anest; proced-nose/accesory sinuses; rad surg
00164291Anesth-proced on nose & access sinuses; biop/soft tis
00170291Anesthesia for intraoral procedures, incl biopsy; nos
00172291Anesth-intraoral proced, w/biop; repair-cleft palate
00174291Anest; intraoral pro-w/biop-ex/retropharyngeal tumor
00176291Anesth-intraoral proced, w/biopsy; rad surg
00190291Anesthesia for procedures on facial bones; nos
00192291Anest - proced on facial bones; rad surg
00210291Anesthesia for intracranial proacedures nos
00211291Anesth, cran surg, hemotoma
00212291Anest; intracranial procedures; subdural taps
00214291Anesthesia for intracranial procedures; burr holes
00215291Anesthesia for skull fracture
00216291Anesthesia-intracranial proced; vascular
00218291Anesth-intracranial proced, in sitting position
00220291Anest - intracranial proced; spinal fluid shunting proc
00222291Anest - intracranial proc; electrocoag-cranial nerve
00300291Anest; proc-integ sys of neck, incl subcu tissue
00320291Anesth neck organ 1 yr/>
00322291Anest proced on neck: needle biopsy of thyroid
00350291Anesth; proc-on major vessels of neck; nos
00352291Anesth-proc on maj vessels of neck; simple ligation
00400291Anesth; proc on ant integ sys-chest a/subcu tise
00402291Anest; proc-ant integ sys of chest; reconstr on breast
00404291Anest; proc-ant integ sys of chest; radical/mod rad; breast
00406291Anest; ant integ sys chest; rad/mod rad proc; breast w/node disse
00410291Anest; proc ant integ chest; elec convers of arrhythmias
00450291Anest; proc-on clavicle and scapula; nos
00452291Anest; proc-clavicle & scapula; rad surgend-dated 12/31/2014
00454291Anesthesia for procedures on clavicle, biopsy
00470291Anesthesia for partial rib resection nos
00472291Anest; partial rib resection, thoracoplasty (any type)
00474291Anesth surgery of rib
00500291Anesthesia for all procedures on esophagus
00520291Anest for closed chest proc nos
00522291Anest - closed chest proced; needle biopsy-pleura
00524291Anest for closed chest procedure; pneumocentesis
00528291Anes mediascpy & dx thorscpy
00529291Anes medscpy&thorscpy 1 lung
00530291Anesthesia for permanent transvenous pacemaker insertion
00532291Anesthesia for accesss to central venous circula
00534291Anest-transven insert/replace-cardioverter/debfib
00537291Anest for cardiac electrophysiologic procedures
00539291Anest; tracheobronchial reconstruction
00540291Anest; thoracot proced-lungs/pleura/dia/media nos
00541291Anest; thoracot proced; one lung ventilation
00542291Anesth remvl pleura
00546291Anesth-thoracot; pul resection w/thoracoplasty
00548291Anesth-thoracotomy; repair-trauma to trachea/bronchi
00550291Anesthesia for sternal debridement
00560291Anest-heart/pericard/great ves-chest; w/o pump oxygenator, ped
00562291Anest-heart/pericard/great ves-chest; w/pump oxygenator
00563291Anest-heart/pericard/great ves-chest; w/pump oxyg w/hypotherm
00566291Anest for direct coronary artery bypass graft w/out pump oxyg
00567291Anesth, cabg w/pump
00580291Anesthesia for heart transplant-heart/lung
00600291Anesth for proced on cerv spine/cord; nos
00604291Anesth-post cerv laminect-sitting position
00620291Anesthesia-proced on thoracic spine/cord; nos
00622291Anesthesia for thoracolumbar sympathectomyend-dated 12/31/2014
00625291Anes spine tranthor w/o vent
00626291Anes, spine transthor w/vent
00630291Anesthesia for procedures in lumbar region (nos)
00632291Anesthesia for lumbar sympathectomy
00634291Anesth-procedures in lum region; chemonucleolysisend-dated 12/31/2014
00635291Anesth-procedures in lum region; diag/therapeutic lum puncture
00640291Anesth-manip of spine; closed proced on spine
00670291Anesth-ext spine/spinal cord proced
00700291Anesth-proced on upper ant abdom wall; (nos)
00702291Anesthesia for percutaneous liver biopsy
00730291Anesth-procedures on upper post abdominal wall
00740291Anesth-upper gastrointestinal endoscopic proced
00750291Anesthesia for hernia repairs in upper abdomen; (nos)
00752291Anesth-repair lum/ventral hernias/wound dehiscence
00754291Anesth-hernia repairs-up abdomen; omphalocele
00756291Anesth-transabdominal repair-diaphragmatic hernia
00770291Anesth-all procedures-major abdominal blood ves
00790291Anesth-intraperitoneal proced-up abdo, w/laparos nos
00792291Anesth-intraperitoneal proced up abdo-partial hepatectomy
00794291Anesth-intraperitoneal pro/up abdo; pancreatect/part/tot
00796291Anesth-intraperitoneal pro up abdo, shunts/liver transplant
00797291Anesth-intraperitoneal pro up abdo, gastric restrict procedure
00800291Anesth-pro low ant abdom wall nos
00802291Anesth-pro low ant abdom wall; panniculectomy
00810291Anesthesia for intestinal endoscopic procedures
00820291Anesth-pro on low post abdominal wall
00830291Anesthesia for hernia repairs in lower abdomen; (nos)
00832291Anesth-hernia repair, ventral & incisional hernias
00840291Anesth-intraperitoneal proced low abdo w/laparos; nos
00842291Anesthesia for amniocentesis
00844291Anesthesia for abdominoperitoneal resection
00846291Anesthesia for radical hysterectomy
00848291Anesthesia for pelvic exentration
00851291Anesthesia for tubal ligation
00860291Anesth-extraperitoneal low abdo, w/urinary tract-nos
00862291Anesth-renal proced w/upper 1/3 ureter/donor nephrect
00864291Aanesthesia for total cystectomy
00865291Anest - extraperitoneal proced-lower abd; rad prostatectomy
00866291Anesthesia for adrenalectomy
00868291Anesthesia for renal transplant (recipient)
00870291Anesthesia for cystolithiotomy
00872291Anesth-lithotripsy/extracorp shock wave-w/h20 bath
00873291Anesth-lithotripsy/extracorp shock wave-w/o h20 bath
00880291Anesth-proced on maj low abdom ves; nos
00882291Anesth-proced on maj low abdom ves; infer vena cava liga
00902291Anesthesia for anorectal procedures
00904291Anesthesia for radical perineal procedure
00906291Anesthesia for vulvectomy
00908291Anesthesia for perineal prostatectomy
00910291Anesthesia for transurethral procedures
00912291Anesthesia for transurethral resection of bladder
00914291Anesthesia for transurethral resection of prostate
00916291Anesthesia for post-transurethral resection bleeding
00918291Anesthesia for transurethral procedures,w/fragmenta
00920291Anesthesia-proced on male genital ext genitalia, nos
00921291Anesthesia-vasectomy, unilat/bilateral
00922291Anesthesia for procedures on seminal vesicles
00924291Anesth-proced on undescended testis, unilat/bilat
00926291Anesthesia for radical orchiectomy, inguinal
00928291Anesthesia for radical orchiectomy, abdominal
00930291Anesthesia for orchiopexy, unilateral or bilateral
00932291Anesthesia for complete amputation of penis
00934291Anesth-radical amputat-penis w/bilat ing lymphaden
00936291Anesth-rad amputa-penis w/bilat inguinal/iliac lymphaden
00938291Anesth-insertion of penile prosthesis-perineal ap
00940291Anesth-vaginal procedures, nos
00942291Anesth-for colpotomy, colpectomy, colporrhaphy
00944291Anesthesia for vaginal hysterectomy
00948291Anesthesia for cervical cerclage
00950291Anesthesia culdoscopy
00952291Anesthesia for hysteroscopy
01112291Anesthesia-bone marrow aspiration/biopsy, iliac crest
01120291Anesthesia for procedures on bony pelvis
01130291Anesthesia for body cast application or revision
01140291Anesth for interpelviabdom amputation (hindquarter)
01150291Anesth-rad proced tumor of pelvis, ex hindqtr amputation
01160291Anesth-closed pro, involv symphysis pubis/sacroiliac jnt
01170291Anesth-open pro involv symphysis pubis/sacroiliac jnt
01173291Anesth-open repair, FX disrupt
01180291Anesthesia for obturator neurectomy, extrapelvic
01190291Anesthesia for obturator neurectomy, intrapelvic
01200291Anesthesia for all closed procedures involving hip joint
01202291Anesthesia for arthroscopic procedures of hip joint
01210291Anesthesia for open procedures involving hip joint; (nos)
01212291Anesthesia for hip disarticulation
01214291Anesthesia for total hip replacement or revision
01215291Anesthesia for revision of total hip arthroplasty
01220291Anesth-all closed proced involv up 2/3 of femur-nos
01230291Anesth-all open proced involv up 2/3 of femur nos
01232291Anesth-open proced involv up 2/3 of femur; amputation
01234291Anesth-open proced involv up 2/3 of femur; rad resect
01250291Anesth-all proced nerves/mus/ten/fasc/bur-up leg
01260291Anesth-all proced involv veins of up leg incl exploration
01270291Anesth-all pro involv art-up leg, w/bypass graft; nos
01272291Anesthesia for femoral artery ligation
01274291Anesthesia for femoral artery embolectomy
01320291Anest-all proc-nerves/mus/ten/fasc/bur-knee/popliteal area
01340291Anesth-for all closed proced on lower 1/3 of femur
01360291Anesth-for all open proced on lower 1/3 of femur
01380291Anesth-for all closed proced on knee joint
01382291Anesth-for diag. arthroscopic proced of knee joint
01390291Anesth-all closed proced on up ends of tibia/fibula/patella
01392291Anesth-all open proced on up ends of tibia/fibula/patella
01400291Anesth-for open or surg arthro proced on knee joint nos
01402291Anesthesia for total knee replacement
01404291Anesthesia for disarticulation at knee
01420291Anesth-all cast applica, removal/repair involv knee jnt
01430291Anesth-proced on veins of knee/popliteal area nos
01432291Anesth-proced - veins-knee/popli area; arterioven fistula
01440291Anesth-for proced-arteries of knee/popli area nos
01442291Anesth-popliteal thromboendarterectomy, w/wo pinch graft
01444291Anesth-for popliteal excis/graft/repair for occlu/aneurysm
01462291Anesthe-all closed proced on low leg/ankle/ft
01464291Anesthesia for arthroscopic procedures on ankle/foot
01470291Anest open proc-nerves/mus/tens/fascia, low leg/ank/ft
01472291Anesth-repair of rupt achilles tendon, w/wo graft
01474291Anest-pro-nerves/mus/ten/fascia-low leg/ank/ft; gastro recess
01480291Anesth for open proced on bones-low leg/ank/ft nos
01482291Anesth for open proced on bones-low leg/ank/ft; rad resect
01484291Anesth-open proced; osteotomy/osteoplasty-tibia/fib
01486291Anesthesia for open procedures; total ankle replacement
01490291Anesthesia for lower leg cast application, removal or repair
01500291Anesth-proced on arteries-low leg incl bypass graft nos
01502291Anesth; proced-arteries-low leg; embolectomy-direct/cath
01520291Anesth for proced on veins of lower leg; nos
01522291Anesth; proc veins-low leg; venous thrombect, direct-w/cath
01610291Anest; proc-nerves/mus/tend, fascia/bursae-shoulder/axilla
01620291Anesth; closed proc-hum head/neck/sternoclavic jnt/shoulder
01622291Anesth; diag/arthroscopic procedures of shoulder joint
01630291Anest; open/surg proc-hum head-neck/sternoclav/acromi/should jnts
01634291Anesthesia for shoulder disarticulation
01636291Anesthesia for interthoracoscapular (forquarter) amputation
01638291Anesthesia for total shoulder replacment
01650291Anesth-proced on arteries-shoulder/axilla nos
01652291Anesth-proced on art-should-axilla; axil-brachial aneurysm
01654291Anesth-proced-arteries of shoulder/axilla; bypass graft
01656291Anesth-proced/art-shoulder/axilla; axillary-fem bypass graft
01670291Anesthesia for all procedures on veins of shoulder/axilla
01680291Anesthesia for shoulder cast application, repair or removal
01682291Anesthesia for shoulder spica
01710291Anest; proc-nerves/musc/tend/fascia/bursae-up arm/elbow nos
01712291Anesthesia for tenotomy, elbow to shoulder, open
01714291Anesthesia for tenoplasty, elbow to shoulder
01716291Anesthesia for tenodesis, rupture of long tendon of biceps
01730291Anesthesia for all closed procedures on humerus and elbow
01732291Anesthesia for diagnostic arth proced, elbow jt
01740291Anesthesia, open or surg arth proced on humerus/elbow (nos)
01742291Anesthesia for osteotomy of humerus
01744291Anesthesia for repair of nonunion or malunion of humerus
01756291Anest for radical procedures (closed) on humerus or elbow
01758291Anesthesia for excision of cyst or tumor of humerus
01760291Anesthesia for total elbow replacement
01770291Anesthesia-proced on arteries-upper arm/elbow; nos
01772291Anesth-proced on arteries-up arm/elbow; embolectomy
01780291Anesthesia for proced on veins of upper arm/elbow; nos
01782291Anesth-proced on veins of upper arm/elbow; phleborrhaphy
01810291Anest; proc-nerves/musc/tend/fascia/bursae/f-arm/wrist/hand
01820291Anesth-all closed proced-radius/ulna/wrist/hand bones
01829291Anesth, diag procedures on wrist
01830291Anesth-open,surg arth/endosc proced-radius/ulna/wrist/hand jt, nos
01832291Anesthesia for total wrist replacement
01840291Anesth-proced on arteries of forearm, wrist/hand; nos
01842291Anesthesia for embolectomy; forearm, wrist or hand
01844291Anesth-for vascular shunt/shunt revision, any type
01850291Anesth-proced-on veins of forearm, wrist/hand nos
01852291Anesthesia for phleborrhaphy; forearm, wrist or hand
01860291Anesth-forearm, wrist/hand cast applica, removal/repair
01916291Anesth for arteriograms, needle; carotid/vertebral
01920291Anest-cardiac cath w/coronary arterio/ventriculography
01922291Anesthesia for cat scanning/mri
01924291Anesthesia for ther interv radiol arterial procedure
01925291Anesthesia for ther interv radiol arterial procedure
01926291Anesthesia for ther interv radiol arterial procedure
01930291Anesthesia for ther interv radiol venous procedure
01931291Anesthesia for ther interv radiol venous procedure
01932291Anesthesia for ther interv radiol venous procedure
01933291Anes tx interv rad cran V
01935291Anesthesia for percutaneous img Dx Spinal proc
01936291Anesthesia for percutaneous img Tx Spinal proc
01951291Anesthesia for 2nd-3rd degree burn excis/debrid <1% body
01952291Anesthesia for 2nd-3rd degree burn excis/debrid 1-9% body
01953291Anesthesia for 2nd-3rd degree burn; each add'l 9% body
01958291Anesthesia, external cephalic vesio
01960291Anesthesia for vaginal delivery
01961291Anesthesia for cesarean delivery
01962291Anesthesia for urgent hysterectomy following delivery
01963291Anesthesia for cesarean hysterectomy
01965291Anesth incompl/missed abortion
01967291Neuroaxial labor analgesia/anesthesia
01968291Neuroaxial labor analgesia/anesthesia add-on code
01969291Neuroaxial labor analgesia/anesthesia add-on code
01990291Physio sup-harvesting-organ(s) brain-dead patient
01991291Anesth diag/therapeutic nerve block, inject, not prone
01992291Anesth diag/therapeutic nerve block, inject, prone
01996291Daily hospital mgmt of epidural/subarachoid drug adm
01999291Unlisted anesthesia procedure(s)
10021142Fine needle aspiration w/o image
10022142Fine needle aspiration with image
10030104Guide cathet fluid drainage
1004022Acne surgery
1006022Drainage of skin abscess
1006124Drainage of skin abscess
1008022Drainage of pilonidal cyst
1008124Drainage of pilonidal cyst
1012022Remove foreign body, simple
1012124Remove foreign body
1014022Drainage of hematoma/fluid
1016022Puncture drainage of lesion
1018024Complex drainage, wound
1100092Debride infected skin
11001244Debride infected skin add-on
11004113Debride genitalia & perineum
11005108Debride abdom wall
11006113Debride genit/per/abdom wall
11008246Remove mesh from abd wall add-on
1101023Debride skin, fx
11011103Debride skin/muscle, fx
11012103Debride skin/muscle/bone, fx
11042104Debride skin/tissue
1104324Debride tissue/muscle
1104424Debride tissue/muscle/bone
11045244Deb subq tissue add-on
11046244Deb musc fascia add-on
11047244Deb bone add-on
11055100Trim skin lesion
11056100Trim skin lesions, 2 to 4
11057100Trim skin lesions, over 4
11100100Biopsy of skin lesion
11101243Biopsy, skin add-on
1120053Removal of skin tags
11201243Remove skin tags add-on
11300254Shave skin lesion
11301254Shave skin lesion
11302254Shave skin lesion
11303254Shave skin lesion
11305254Shave skin lesion
11306254Shave skin lesion
11307254Shave skin lesion
11308254Shave skin lesion
11310254Shave skin lesion
11311254Shave skin lesion
11312254Shave skin lesion
11313254Shave skin lesion
1140022Removal of skin lesion, 0.5 cm or less
1140122Removal of skin lesion, 0.6 - 1.0 cm
1140222Removal of skin lesion, 1.1 - 2.0 cm
1140324Removal of skin lesion, 2.1 - 3.0 cm
1140424Removal of skin lesion, 3.1 - 4.0 cm
1140624Removal of skin lesion, over 4.0 cm
1142022Removal of skin lesion, 0.5 cm or less
1142122Removal of skin lesion, 0.6 - 1.0 cm
1142222Removal of skin lesion, 1.1 - 2.0 cm
1142324Removal of skin lesion, 2.1 - 3.0 cm
1142424Removal of skin lesion, 3.1 - 4.0 cm
1142624Removal of skin lesion, over 4.0 cm
1144022Removal of skin lesion, 0.5 cm or less
1144122Removal of skin lesion, 0.6 - 1.0 cm
1144222Removal of skin lesion, 1.1 - 2.0 cm
1144324Removal of skin lesion, 2.1 - 3.0 cm
1144424Removal of skin lesion, 3.1 - 4.0 cm
1144624Removal of skin lesion, over 4.0 cm
1145024Removal, sweat gland lesion
1145120Removal, sweat gland lesion
1146220Removal, sweat gland lesion
1146320Removal, sweat gland lesion
1147024Removal, sweat gland lesion
1147120Removal, sweat gland lesion
1160024Exc tr-ext mal+marg 0.5 < CM
1160124Exc tr-ext mal+marg 0.6-1 CM
1160224Exc tr-ext mal+marg 1.1-2 CM
1160324Exc tr-ext mal+marg 2.1-3 CM
1160424Exc tr-ext mal+marg 3.1-4 CM
1160624Exc tr-ext mal+marg > 4 CM
1162024Exc H-F-NK-SP mal+marg 0.5 <
1162124Exc S/N/H/F/G mal+mrg 0.6-1
1162224Exc S/N/H/F/G mal+mrg 1.1-2
1162324Exc S/N/H/F/G aml+mrg 2.1-3
1162424Exc S/N/H/F/G mal+mrg 3.1-4
1162624Exc S/N/H/F/G mal+mrg > 4 CM
1164024Exc F/E/E/N/L mal+mrg 0.5CM<
1164124Exc F/E/E/N/L mal+mrg 0.6-1
1164224Exc F/E/E/N/L mal+mrg 1.1-2
1164324Exc F/E/E/N/L mal+mrg 2.1-3
1164424Exc F/E/E/N/L mal+mrg 3.1-4
1164624Exc F/E/E/N/L mal+mrg > 4 CM
11719100Trim nail(s)
11720127Debride nail, 1-5
11721127Debride nail, 6 or more
11730100Removal of nail plate
11732243Remove nail plate, add-on
11740126Drain blood from under nail
1175022Removal of nail bed
1175222Remove nail bed/finger tip
1175593Biopsy, nail unit
1176022Repair of nail bed
1176222Reconstruction of nail bed
1176522Excision of nail fold, toe
1177053Removal of pilonidal lesion
1177155Removal of pilonidal lesion
1177255Removal of pilonidal lesion
11900104Injection into skin lesions
11901104Added skin lesions injection
1192096Correct skin color defects
1192196Correct skin color defects
11922241Correct skin color defects add-on
11950124Therapy for contour defects
11951124Therapy for contour defects
11952124Therapy for contour defects
11954124Therapy for contour defects
1196055Insert tissue expander(s)
1197055Replace tissue expander
1197150Remove tissue expander(s)
11981205Insert drug implant device
11982205Remove drug implant device
11983205Remove/reinsert drug implant
1200122Repair superficial wound(s)
1200222Repair superficial wound(s)
1200422Repair superficial wound(s)
1200524Repair superficial wound(s)
1200624Repair superficial wound(s)
1200710Repair superficial wound(s)
1201122Repair superficial wound(s)
1201322Repair superficial wound(s)
1201422Repair superficial wound(s)
1201522Repair superficial wound(s)
1201622Repair superficial wound(s)
1201718Repair superficial wound(s)
120186Repair superficial wound(s)
1202022Closure of split wound
1202122Closure of split wound
1203124Intmd wnd repair s/a/t/ext
1203224Intmd wnd repair s/a/t/ext
1203424Layer closure of wound(s)
1203524Intmd wnd repair s/a/t/ext
1203624Intmd wnd repair s/a/t/ext
120378Layer closure of wound(s)
1204124Layer closure of wound(s)
1204224Intmd wnd repair N-HF/GENIT
1204424Intmd wnd repair N-HF/GENIT
1204524Intmd wnd repair N-HF/GENIT
1204620Intmd wnd repair N-HF/GENIT
120478Intmd wnd repair N-HF/GENIT
1205124Layer closure of wound(s)
1205224Layer closure of wound(s)
1205324Layer closure of wound(s)
1205424Layer closure of wound(s)
1205524Layer closure of wound(s)
1205620Layer closure of wound(s)
120578Layer closure of wound(s)
1310024Repair of wound or lesion
1310124Repair of wound or lesion
13102228Repair wound/lesion add-on
1312024Repair of wound or lesion
1312124Repair of wound or lesion
13122228Repair wound/lesion add-on
1313124Repair of wound or lesion
1313224Repair of wound or lesion
13133228Repair wound/lesion add-on
1315024Cmplx rpr e/n/e/l 1.0 cm/<end-dated 12/31/2013
1315124Repair of wound or lesion
1315224Repair of wound or lesion
13153228Repair wound/lesion add-on
1316024Late closure of wound
1400024Skin tissue rearrangement
1400124Skin tissue rearrangement
1402024Skin tissue rearrangement
1402124Skin tissue rearrangement
1404024Skin tissue rearrangement
1404124Skin tissue rearrangement
1406024Skin tissue rearrangement
1406124Skin tissue rearrangement
1430120Skin tissue rearrangement, 30.1-60 sq cm
14302241Skin tissue rearrangement, add-on
1435020Skin tissue rearrangement
1500297Wnd prep, ch/inf, trk/arm/lg
15003241Wnd prep, ch/inf addl 100 cm add-on
1500497Wnd prep ch/inf, f/n/hf/g
15005241Wnd prep, f/n/hf/g, addl cm
15040105Harvest cultured skin graft
1505024Skin pinch graft
1510024Skin split graft
15101244Skin split graft add-on
1511024Epidrm autogrft trnk/arm/leg
15111244Epidrm autogrft t/a/l add-on
1511524Epidrm a-grft face/nck/hf/g
15116236Epidrm a-grft f/n/hf/g addl
1512024Skin split graft
15121236Skin split graft add-on
1513024Derm autograft, trnk/arm/leg
15131236Derm autograft t/a/l add-on
1513524Derm autograft face/nck/hf/g
15136236Derm autograft, f/n/hf/g add
1515024Cult epiderm grft t/arm/leg
15151244Cult skin grft t/a/l addl
15152244Cult skin graft t/a/l +%
1515524Cult skin graft f/n/hf/g
15156236Cult skin frft f/n/hfg add
15157236Cult epiderm grft f/n/hfg +%
1520024Skin full graft
15201241Skin full graft add-on
1522024Skin full graft
15221244Skin full graft add-on
1524024Skin full graft
15241244Skin full graft add-on
1526024Skin full graft
15261244Skin full graft add-on
1527124Skin sub graft trnk/arm/leg
15272244Skin sub graft t/a/l add-on
1527324Skin sub graft t/arm/lg child
15274244Skn sub grft t/a/l child add
1527524Skin sub graft face/nk/hf/g
15276244Skin sub graft f/n/hf/g addl
1527724Skn sub grft f/n/hf/g child
15278244Skn sub grft f/n/hf/g/ch add
1557024Form skin pedicle flap
1557224Form skin pedicle flap
1557424Form skin pedicle flap
1557624Form skin pedicle flap
1560020Skin graft
1561020Skin graft
1562024Skin graft
1563024Skin graft
1565020Transfer skin pedicle flap
1573150Forehead flap w/vasc pedicle
1573242Muscle-skin graft, head/neck
157348Muscle-skin graft, trunk
1573610Muscle-skin graft, arm
157388Muscle-skin graft, leg
1574024Island pedicle flap graft
1575020Neurovascular pedicle graft
1575612Free muscle/myocutaneous flap, microvasc
1575712Free skin flap, microvasc
1575812Free fascial flap, microvasc
1576024Composite skin graft
157708Derma-fat-fascia graft
1577596Hair transplant punch grafts
1577696Hair transplant punch grafts
1577763Acellular derm matrix implt
1578050Abrasion treatment of skin
1578155Abrasion treatment of skin
1578250Abrasion treatment of skin
1578350Abrasion treatment of skin
1578655Abrasion, lesion, single
15787244Abrasion, lesions, add-on
1578855Chemical peel, face, epiderm
1578955Chemical peel, face, dermal
1579250Chemical peel, nonfacial
1579350Chemical peel, nonfacial
1582357Revision of upper eyelid
158308Exc skin abd
1584055Graft for face nerve palsy
1584139Graft for face nerve palsy
1584239Graft for face nerve palsy
1584550Skin and muscle repair, face
15847234Exc skin abd add-on
15850267Removal of sutures, same surgeon
15851104Removal of sutures
15852104Dressing change,not for burn
1586096Test for blood flow in graft
1592050Removal of tail bone ulcer
1592239Removal of tail bone ulcer
1593155Remove sacrum pressure sore
1593350Remove sacrum pressure sore
1593455Remove sacrum pressure sore
1593539Remove sacrum pressure sore
1593642Remove sacrum pressure sore
1593742Remove sacrum pressure sore
1594055Remove hip pressure sore
1594150Remove hip pressure sore
1594450Remove hip pressure sore
1594550Remove hip pressure sore
1594610Remove hip pressure sore
1595055Remove thigh pressure sore
1595139Remove thigh pressure sore
1595239Remove thigh pressure sore
1595342Remove thigh pressure sore
1595642Remove thigh pressure sore
1595842Remove thigh pressure sore
15999198Removal of pressure sore, unlisted
16000104Initial treatment of burn(s)
16020104Treatment of burn(s)
16025104Treatment of burn(s)
16030104Treatment of burn(s)
16035129Incision of burn scab
16036249Incise burn scab, ea addl incis
1700055Destroy benign/premal lesion
17003244Destroy lesions, 2-14
1700456Destroy premal lesions 15/>
1710655Destruction of skin lesions
1710755Destruction of skin lesions
1710850Destruction of skin lesions
1711055Destruct lesion, 1-14
1711155Destruct lesion, 15 or more
17250129Chemical cautery, tissue
1726055Destruction of skin lesions
1726155Destruction of skin lesions
1726255Destruction of skin lesions
1726355Destruction of skin lesions
1726455Destruction of skin lesions
1726655Destruction of skin lesions
1727055Destruction of skin lesions
1727155Destruction of skin lesions
1727255Destruction of skin lesions
1727355Destruction of skin lesions
1727455Destruction of skin lesions
1727655Destruction of skin lesions
1728055Destruction of skin lesions
1728155Destruction of skin lesions
1728255Destruction of skin lesions
1728355Destruction of skin lesions
1728455Destruction of skin lesions
1728655Destruction of skin lesions
17311129Mohs, 1 stage, h/n/hf/g
17312244Mohs addl stage
17313129Mohs, 1 stage, t/a/l
17314244Mohs, addl stage, t/a/l
17315244Mohs surg, addl block
1734055Cryotherapy of skin
1736055Skin peel therapy
17999198Skin tissue procedure, unlisted
19000129Drainage of breast lesion
19001244Drain breast lesion add-on
1902057Incision of breast lesion
19030140Injection for breast x-ray
19081131Bx breast 1st lesion strtctc
19082229Bx breast add lesion strtctc
19083131Bx breast 1st lesion us imag
19084229Bx breast add lesion us imag
19085131Bx breast 1st lesion mr imag
19086229Bx breast add lesion mr imag
19100131Biopsy of breast
1910157Biopsy of breast
1910231Bx breast percut w/image end-dated 12/31/2013
1910331Bx breast percut w/device end-dated 12/31/2013
19105131Cryosurg ablate fa, each
1911057Nipple exploration
1911252Excise breast duct fistula
1912057Removal of breast lesion
1912543Excision, breast lesion
19126236Excision, addl breast lesion
1926014Removal of chest wall lesion
1927114Revision of chest wall
1927214Extensive chest wall surgery
19281241Perq device breast 1st imag
19282227Perq device breast ea imag
19283241Perq dev breast 1st strtctc
19284227Perq dev breast add strtctc
19285241Perq dev breast 1st us imag
19286227Perq dev breast add us imag
19287241Perq dev breast 1st mr guide
19288227Perq dev breast add mr guide
19290140Place needle wire breast end-dated 12/31/2013
19291246Place needle wire breast end-dated 12/31/2013
19295246Place breast clip percut end-dated 12/31/2013
19296125Place po breast cath for rad
19297241Place breast cath for rad add-on
19298125Place breast rad tube/caths
1930057Removal of breast tissue
1930152Partial mastectomy
1930240P-mastectomy w/ln removal
1930340Mast, simple, complete
1930440Mast, subq
1930546Mast, radical
1930646Mast, rad, urban type
1930746Mast, mod rad
1931640Suspension of breast
1931840Reduction of large breast
1932452Enlarge breast
1932552Enlarge breast with implant
1932857Removal of breast implant
1933057Removal of implant material
19340237Immediate breast prosthesis
1934240Delayed breast prosthesis
1935057Breast reconstruction
1935552Correct inverted nipple(s)
1935740Breast reconstruction
1936146Breast reconstruction
1936446Breast reconstruction
1936640Breast reconstruction
1936746Breast reconstruction
1936846Breast reconstruction
1936946Breast reconstruction
1937057Surgery of breast capsule
1937157Removal of breast capsule
1938057Revise breast reconstruction
19396125Design custom breast implant
19499199Breast surgery procedure, unlisted
2000524Incision of deep abscess
2010029Explore wound, neck
2010130Explore wound, chest
2010230Explore wound, abdomen
2010320Explore wound, extremity
2015040Excise epiphyseal bar
20200104Muscle biopsy
20205104Deep muscle biopsy
20206104Needle biopsy, muscle
20220104Bone biopsy, trocar/needle
20225104Bone biopsy, trocar/needle
2024024Bone biopsy, excisional
2024524Bone biopsy, excisional
2025024Open bone biopsy
2025120Open bone biopsy
2050024Injection of sinus tract
20501113Inject sinus tract for x-ray
2052024Removal of foreign body
2052524Removal of foreign body
20526106Ther injection carpal tunnel
20527106Inj dupuytren cord w/enzyme
20550104Injection(s), tendon sheath/ligament
20551104Inject tendon origin/insert
20552104Inject trigger points, 1 or 2 muscle groups
20553104Inject trigger points, 3 or more muscle groups
20555124Place needle musc/tiss for interstitial rad tx
20600106Drain/inject, joint/bursa
2060450Drain/inject, joint/bursa w/us
20605106Drain/inject, joint/bursa
2060650Drain/inject, joint/bursa w/us
20610106Drain/inject, joint/bursa
2061150Drain/inject, joint/bursa w/us
20612129Aspirate/inj. ganglion cyst
2061524Treatment of bone cyst
2065010Insert and remove bone pin
20660113Apply,remove fixation device
2066130Application of head brace
2066250Application of pelvis brace
2066350Application of thigh brace
2066520Removal of fixation device
2067024Removal of support implant
2068020Removal of support implant
2069024Apply bone fixation device
206928Apply bone fixation device
2069324Adjust bone fixation device
2069424Remove bone fixation device
206968Comp multiplane ext fixation
2069787Comp ext fixate strut change
2080246Replantation, arm, complete
2080546Replant, forearm, complete
2080846Replantation hand, complete
2081645Replantation digit, complete
2082239Replantation digit, complete
2082446Replantation thumb, complete
2082746Replantation thumb, complete
2083846Replantation foot, complete
2090087Removal of bone for graft
2090287Removal of bone for graft
2091020Remove cartilage for graft
2091220Remove cartilage for graft
2092010Removal of fascia for graft
209228Removal of fascia for graft
209248Removal of tendon for graft
2092624Removal of tissue for graft
20930226Sp bone algrft morsel add-on
20931226Spinal bone allograft
20936225Sp bone agrft local add-on
20937225Spinal bone autograft
20938225Spinal bone autograft
20950124Fluid pressure, muscle
2095545Fibula bone graft, microvasc
2095645Iliac bone graft, microvasc
2095745Mt bone graft, microvasc
2096214Other bone graft, microvasc
2096945Bone/skin graft, microvasc
2097045Bone/skin graft, iliac crest
2097250Bone/skin graft, metatarsal
2097339Bone/skin graft, great toe
20974114Electrical bone stimulation
20975121Electrical bone stimulation
20979130Us bone stimulation
20982131Ablation, bone tumor(s) (osteoid os)
2098350Drain/Inj Joint/Bursa W/US
20985230Cptr asst dir ms px
20999198Musculoskeletal surgery, unlisted
2101052Incision of jaw joint
2101120Excise facial lesion sc < 2 cm
2101220Exc face les sbq 2 CM/>
2101320Excise facial tumor deep < 2 cm
2101420Exc face tum deep 2 CM/>
2101524Resect face/scalp tum < 2 cm
2101650Resect face/scalp tum 2 cm/>
2102524Excision of bone, lower jaw
2102624Excision of facial bone(s)
2102950Contour of face bone lesion
2103055Excise max/zygoma benign tumor
2103155Remove exostosis, mandible
2103255Remove exostosis, maxilla
2103439Excise max/zygoma mal tumor
2104055Excise mandible lesion, simple
210448Removal of jaw bone lesion
2104545Extensive jaw surgery
2104639Remove mandible cyst, complex
2104739Excise lwr jaw cyst w/repair
2104839Remove maxilla cyst, complex
2104945Excise uppr jaw cyst w/repair
2105021Removal of jaw joint
210609Remove jaw joint cartilage
2107021Remove coronoid process
2107321Manipulation of TMJ, w/ anesth
2107650Prepare face/oral prosthesis
2107752Prepare face/oral prosthesis
2107955Prepare face/oral prosthesis
2108055Prepare face/oral prosthesis
2108150Prepare face/oral prosthesis
2108250Prepare face/oral prosthesis
2108350Prepare face/oral prosthesis
2108450Prepare face/oral prosthesis
2108550Prepare face/oral prosthesis
2108652Prepare face/oral prosthesis
2108750Prepare face/oral prosthesis
2108851Prepare face/oral prosthesis
21089219Prepare face/oral prosthesis, unlisted
2110050Maxillofacial fixation
2111055Interdental fixation
21116137Injection, jaw joint x-ray
2112042Reconstruction of chin
2112120Reconstruction of chin
2112250Reconstruction of chin
211238Reconstruction of chin
2112550Augmentation, lower jaw bone
2112739Augmentation, lower jaw bone
2113750Reduction of forehead
2113839Reduction of forehead
2113939Reduction of forehead
2114114Reconstruct midface, lefort
2114214Reconstruct midface, lefort
2114314Reconstruct midface, lefort
2114559Reconstruct midface, lefort
2114645Reconstruct midface, lefort
2114759Reconstruct midface, lefort
2115050Reconstruct midface, lefort
2115159Reconstruct midface, lefort
2115414Reconstruct midface, lefort
2115527Reconstruct midface, lefort
2115914Reconstruct midface, lefort
2116027Reconstruct midface, lefort
2117245Reconstruct orbit/forehead
2117559Reconstruct orbit/forehead
2117959Reconstruct entire forehead
2118045Reconstruct entire forehead
2118150Contour cranial bone lesion
2118245Reconstruct cranial bone
2118345Reconstruct cranial bone
2118459Reconstruct cranial bone
2118827Reconstruction of midface
2119313Reconst lwr jaw w/o graft
2119458Reconst lwr jaw w/graft
2119526Reconst lwr jaw w/o fixation
2119644Reconst lwr jaw w/fixation
211988Reconstr lwr jaw segment
211998Reconstr lwr jaw w/advance
212068Reconstruct upper jaw bone
2120820Augmentation of facial bones
2120950Reduction of facial bones
2121055Face bone graft
2121542Lower jaw bone graft
2123050Rib cartilage graft
2123555Ear cartilage graft
2124040Reconstruction of jaw joint
2124240Reconstruction of jaw joint
2124340Reconstruction of jaw joint
2124439Reconstruction of lower jaw
2124520Reconstruction of jaw
2124650Reconstruction of jaw
2124745Reconstruct lower jaw bone
2124824Reconstruction of jaw
2124950Reconstruction of jaw
2125545Reconstruct lower jaw bone
2125645Reconstruction of orbit
212608Revise eye sockets
2126145Revise eye sockets
2126345Revise eye sockets
212678Revise eye sockets
2126845Revise eye sockets
2127039Augmentation, cheek bone
2127539Revision, orbitofacial bones
2128021Revision of eyelid
2128225Revision of eyelid
2129550Revision of jaw muscle/bone
2129650Revision of jaw muscle/bone
21299198Cranio/maxillofacial surgery, unlisted
21310104Treatment of nose fracture
2131524Treatment of nose fracture
2132024Treatment of nose fracture
2132520Treatment of nose fracture
2133020Treatment of nose fracture
2133524Treatment of nose fracture
2133620Treat nasal septal fracture
2133720Treat nasal septal fracture
2133820Treat nasoethmoid fracture
213398Treat nasoethmoid fracture
2134050Treatment of nose fracture
2134314Treatment of sinus fracture
2134445Treatment of sinus fracture
2134520Treat nose/jaw fracture
2134647Treat nose/jaw fracture
2134745Treat nose/jaw fracture
2134845Treat nose/jaw fracture
2135520Treat cheek bone fracture
2135620Treat cheek bone fracture
2136020Treat cheek bone fracture
2136514Treat cheek bone fracture
2136645Treat cheek bone fracture
2138545Treat eye socket fracture
2138659Treat eye socket fracture
2138759Treat eye socket fracture
213908Treat eye socket fracture
2139514Treat eye socket fracture
2140020Treat eye socket fracture
2140120Treat eye socket fracture
214068Treat eye socket fracture
2140739Treat eye socket fracture
2140845Treat eye socket fracture
2142120Treat mouth roof fracture
2142214Treat mouth roof fracture
2142345Treat mouth roof fracture
2143127Treat craniofacial fracture
2143259Treat craniofacial fracture
2143345Treat craniofacial fracture
2143559Treat craniofacial fracture
2143645Treat craniofacial fracture
2144020Treat dental ridge fracture
2144520Treat dental ridge fracture
2145020Treat lower jaw fracture
2145120Treat lower jaw fracture
2145250Treat lower jaw fracture
2145320Treat lower jaw fracture
214548Treat lower jaw fracture
2146110Treat lower jaw fracture
214628Treat lower jaw fracture
214658Treat lower jaw fracture
2147045Treat lower jaw fracture
21480106Reset dislocated jaw
2148521Reset dislocated jaw
2149040Repair dislocated jaw
2149550Treat hyoid bone fracture
2149750Interdental wiring
21499198Head surgery procedure, unlisted
2150124Drain neck/chest lesion
2150250Drain chest lesion
2151059Drainage of bone lesion
2155024Biopsy of neck/chest
2155220Exc neck les sc 3 cm/>
2155420Exc neck tum deep 5 cm/>
2155524Remove lesion, neck/chest
2155624Remove lesion, neck/chest
215578Resect neck thorax tumor<5cm
2155839Resect neck tumor 5 cm/>
216008Partial removal of rib
2161020Partial removal of rib
2161515Removal of rib
2161660Removal of rib and nerves
2162014Partial removal of sternum
2162727Sternal debridement
2163014Extensive sternum surgery
2163245Extensive sternum surgery
2168539Hyoid myotemy & suspension
2170020Revision of neck muscle
2170559Revision of neck muscle/rib
2172020Revision of neck muscle
2172539Revision of neck muscle
2174045Reconstruction of sternum
2174214Repair stern/nuss w/o scope
2174314Repair sternum/nuss w/ scope
2175014Repair of sternum separation
2180024Treatment of rib fractureend-dated 12/31/2014
2180520Treatment of rib fracture
2181059Treatment of rib fracture(s)end-dated 12/31/2014
2181124Optx of rib fx w/fixj scope
2181224Treatment of rib fracture
2181324Treatment of rib fracture
2182055Treat sternum fracture
2182545Treat sternum fracture
21899198Neck/chest surgery procedure, unlisted
2192024Biopsy soft tissue of back
2192524Biopsy soft tissue of back
2193024Remove lesion, back or flank
2193120Exc back les sc 3 cm/>
2193220Ecise back tumor deep < 5 cm
2193320Exc back tum deep 5 cm/>
2193510Resect back tum < 5 cm
2193639Resect back tum 5 cm/>
2201027I&d, p-spine, c/t/cerv-thor
2201530I&d, p-spine, l/s/ls
2210014Remove part of neck vertebra
2210114Remove part, thorax vertebra
221028Remove part, lumbar vertebra
22103234Remove extra spine segment
2211014Remove part of neck vertebra
2211214Remove part, thorax vertebra
2211414Remove part, lumbar vertebra
22116238Remove extra spine segment
2220645Cut spine 3 col, thor
2220714Cut spine 3 col, lumb
22208238Revision of spine, 3 column, addl seg
2221014Revision of neck spine
2221227Revision of thorax spine
2221414Revision of lumbar spine
22216238Revise, extra spine segment
2222014Revision of neck spine
2222227Revision of thorax spine
2222414Revision of lumbar spine
22226238Revise, extra spine segment
2230524Treat spine process fracture
2231024Treat spine fracture
2231524Treat spine fracture
2231845Treat odontoid fx w/o graft
2231945Treat odontoid fx w/graft
2232514Treat spine fracture
2232645Treat neck spine fracture
2232714Treat thorax spine fracture
22328238Treat each add spine fx
2250524Manipulation of spine
22510225Perq cervico thoracic inject
22511225Perq lumbosacral inject
22512225Vertebroplasty addl inject
22513225Perq vertebral augmentation
22514225Perq vertebral augmentation
22515225Perq vertebral augmentation
2252055Percut vertebroplasty thorend-dated 12/31/2014
2252155Percut vertebroplasty lumbend-dated 12/31/2014
22522244Percut vertebroplasty, ea addlend-dated 12/31/2014
2252355Percut kyphoplasty, thorend-dated 12/31/2014
2252455Percut kyphoplasty, lumbarend-dated 12/31/2014
22525244Percut kyphoplasty, add-onend-dated 12/31/2014
2252661Idet, single level
22527249Idet, 1 or more levels
2253245Arthrodesis, lateral extracavitary, thoracic
2253345Arthrodesis, lateral extracavitary, lumbar
22534238Arthrodesis, lateral extracavitary, thoracic or lumbar
2254845Neck spine fusion
2255114Neck spine fuse&remove addl
22552225 Addl neck spine fusion
2255414Neck spine fusion
2255645Thorax spine fusion
2255814Lumbar spine fusion
22585238Additional spinal fusion
2258614Prescrl fuse w/ instr l5-s1
2259045Spine & skull spinal fusion
2259545Neck spinal fusion
2260014Neck spine fusion
2261014Thorax spine fusion
2261245Lumbar spine fusion
22614225Spine fusion, extra segment
2263014Lumbar spine fusion
22632238Spine fusion, extra segment
2263314Lumbar spine fusion combined
22634238Spine fusion extra segment
2280014Fusion of spine
2280214Fusion of spine
2280445Fusion of spine
2280814Fusion of spine
2281045Fusion of spine
2281245Fusion of spine
228183Kyphectomy, 1-2 segments
2281934Kyphectomy, 3 or more
2283014Exploration of spinal fusion
22840225Insert spine fixation device
22842225Insert spine fixation device
22843238Insert spine fixation device
22844238Insert spine fixation device
22845225Insert spine fixation device
22846225Insert spine fixation device
22847225Insert spine fixation device
22848225Insert pelv fixation device
2284945Reinsert spinal fixation
2285014Remove spine fixation device
22851225Apply spine prosth device
2285214Remove spine fixation device
2285514Remove spine fixation device
2285645Cerv artific diskectomy
2285745Lumbar artif diskectomy
2285845Second level cer diskectomy
2286145Revise cerv artific disc
2286234Revise lumbar artif disc
2286414Remove cerv artif disc
228653Remove lumb artif disc
22899198Spine surgery procedure, unlisted
229008Remove abdominal wall lesion
229018Exc abdl tum deep 5 cm/>
229028Excise abd lesion sc < 3 cm
229038Exc abd les sc 3 cm/>
229041Radical resect abd tumor<5cm
2290532Rad resect abd tumor 5 cm/>
22999198Abdomen surgery procedure, unlisted
230008Removal of calcium deposits
2302052Release shoulder joint
2303024Drain shoulder lesion
2303125Drain shoulder bursa
2303521Drain shoulder bone lesion
230409Exploratory shoulder surgery
2304411Exploratory shoulder surgery
2306525Biopsy shoulder tissues
2306625Biopsy shoulder tissues
2307121Exc shoulder les sc 3 cm/>
2307321Exc shoulder tum deep 5 cm/>
2307525Removal of shoulder lesion
2307625Removal of shoulder lesion
230779Resect shoulder tumor < 5 cm
230789Resect shoulder tumor 5 cm/>
231009Biopsy of shoulder joint
2310111Shoulder joint surgery
231059Remove shoulder joint lining
2310611Incision of collarbone joint
231079Explore treat shoulder joint
231208Partial removal, collar bone
231259Removal of collar bone
2313011Remove shoulder bone, part
2314025Removal of bone lesion
231459Removal of bone lesion
2314621Removal of bone lesion
231509Removal of humerus lesion
231559Removal of humerus lesion
2315621Removal of humerus lesion
2317025Remove collar bone lesion
2317221Remove shoulder blade lesion
231749Remove humerus lesion
2318011Remove collar bone lesion
2318221Remove shoulder blade lesion
231849Remove humerus lesion
231909Partial removal of scapula
231959Removal of head of humerus
2320046Removal of collar bone
2321046Removal of shoulder blade
2322046Partial removal of humerus
2333021Remove shoulder foreign body
2333121Remove shoulder foreign bodyend-dated 12/31/2013
2333246Remove shoulder foreign bodyend-dated 12/31/2013
23333021Remove shoulder fb deep
23334021Shoulder prosthesis removal
23335015Shoulder prosthesis removal
23350140Injection for shoulder x-ray
233958Muscle transfer,shoulder/arm
2339739Muscle transfers
2340040Fixation of shoulder blade
234058Incision of tendon & muscle
2340650Incise tendon(s) & muscle(s)
234109Repair of tendon(s)
234129Repair of tendon(s)
2341511Release of shoulder ligament
234209Repair of shoulder
234309Repair biceps tendon
234409Remove/transplant tendon
234509Repair shoulder capsule
2345540Repair shoulder capsule
2346040Repair shoulder capsule
2346240Repair shoulder capsule
2346540Repair shoulder capsule
2346640Repair shoulder capsule
2347015Reconstruct shoulder joint
2347246Reconstruct shoulder joint
2347346Revis reconst shoulder joint
2347446Revis reconst shoulder joint
2348011Revision of collar bone
234859Revision of collar bone
2349052Reinforce clavicle
2349140Reinforce shoulder bones
2350025Treat clavicle fracture
2350525Treat clavicle fracture
2351540Treat clavicle fracture
2352021Treat clavicle dislocation
2352521Treat clavicle dislocation
2353021Treat clavicle dislocation
2353252Treat clavicle dislocation
2354025Treat clavicle dislocation
2354521Treat clavicle dislocation
235509Treat clavicle dislocation
2355240Treat clavicle dislocation
2357025Treat shoulder blade fx
2357521Treat shoulder blade fx
2358540Treat scapula fracture
2360025Treat humerus fracture
2360525Treat humerus fracture
236159Treat humerus fracture
2361640Treat humerus fracture
2362025Treat humerus fracture
2362525Treat humerus fracture
236309Treat humerus fracture
2365025Treat shoulder dislocation
2365525Treat shoulder dislocation
236609Treat shoulder dislocation
2366525Treat dislocation/fracture
2367040Treat dislocation/fracture
2367525Treat dislocation/fracture
2368040Treat dislocation/fracture
2370024Fixation of shoulder
2380040Fusion of shoulder joint
2380239Fusion of shoulder joint
2390059Amputation of arm & girdle
2392014Amputation at shoulder joint
2392155Amputation follow-up surgery
23929198Shoulder surgery procedure
2393025Drainage of arm lesion
2393125Drainage of arm bursa
2393521Drain arm/elbow bone lesion
240009Exploratory elbow surgery
240069Release elbow joint
2406525Biopsy arm/elbow soft tissue
2406625Biopsy arm/elbow soft tissue
2407121Exc arm/elbow les sc 3 cm/>
2407321Ex arm/elbow tum deep 5 cm/>
2407525Remove arm/elbow lesion
2407625Remove arm/elbow lesion
2407711Resect arm/elbow tum < 5 cm
240799Resect arm/elbow tum 5 cm/>
241009Biopsy elbow joint lining
2410121Explore/treat elbow joint
241029Remove elbow joint lining
2410525Removal of elbow bursa
2411011Remove humerus lesion
241159Remove/graft bone lesion
2411621Remove/graft bone lesion
2412021Remove elbow lesion
241259Remove/graft bone lesion
2412621Remove/graft bone lesion
2413011Removal of head of radius
2413421Removal of arm bone lesion
2413625Remove radius bone lesion
2413821Remove elbow bone lesion
2414021Partial removal of arm bone
2414511Partial removal of radius
2414711Partial removal of elbow
241499Radical resection of elbow
2415046Extensive humerus surgery
241529Extensive radius surgery
241559Removal of elbow joint
2416043Remove elbow joint implant
2416443Remove radius head implant
2420021Removal of arm foreign body
2420125Removal of arm foreign body
24220135Injection for elbow x-ray
2430025Manipulate elbow w/anesth
243018Muscle/tendon transfer
2430520Arm tendon lengthening
2431020Revision of arm tendon
243208Repair of arm tendon
2433021Revision of arm muscles
2433152Revision of arm muscles
2433225Tenolysis, triceps
243409Repair of biceps tendon
243419Repair arm tendon/muscle
2434240Repair of ruptured tendon
243439Repr elbow lat ligmnt w/tiss
243449Reconstruct elbow lat ligmnt
243459Repr elbw med ligmnt w/tiss
243469Reconstruct elbow med ligmnt
2435721Repair elbow, perc
2435821Repair elbow w/deb. open
2435921Repair elbow deb/attch open
2436040Reconstruct elbow joint
2436140Reconstruct elbow joint
2436252Reconstruct elbow joint
2436352Replace elbow joint
243659Reconstruct head of radius
2436640Reconstruct head of radius
2437052Revise reconst elbow joint
2437152Revise reconst elbow joint
244009Revision of humerus
244109Revision of humerus
2442040Revision of humerus
244309Repair of humerus
2443540Repair humerus with graft
2447052Revision of elbow joint
2449521Decompression of forearm
2449840Reinforce humerus
2450025Treat humerus fracture
2450525Treat humerus fracture
245159Treat humerus fracture
2451640Treat humerus fracture
2453025Treat humerus fracture
2453525Treat humerus fracture
2453857Treat humerus fracture
245459Treat humerus fracture
2454640Treat humerus fracture
2456025Treat humerus fracture
2456525Treat humerus fracture
2456657Treat humerus fracture
2457540Treat humerus fracture
2457625Treat humerus fracture
2457725Treat humerus fracture
2457940Treat humerus fracture
2458257Treat humerus fracture
245869Treat elbow fracture
2458740Treat elbow fracture
2460025Treat elbow dislocation
2460525Treat elbow dislocation
2461540Treat elbow dislocation
2462021Treat elbow fracture
2463540Treat elbow fracture
2464021Treat elbow dislocation
2465025Treat radius fracture
2465525Treat radius fracture
246659Treat radius fracture
2466640Treat radius fracture
2467025Treat ulnar fracture
2467525Treat ulnar fracture
2468540Treat ulnar fracture
2480040Fusion of elbow joint
2480252Fusion/graft of elbow joint
2490046Amputation of upper arm
2492046Amputation of upper arm
2492552Amputation follow-up surgery
2493060Amputation follow-up surgery
2493160Amputate upper arm & implant
2493560Revision of amputation
2494060Revision of upper arm
24999199Upper arm/elbow surgery, unlisted
2500025Incision of tendon sheath
2500125Incise flexor carpi radialis
2502025Decompress forearm 1 space
2502321Decompress forearm 1 space
2502425Decompress forearm 2 spaces
2502521Decompress forarm 2 spaces
2502825Drainage of forearm lesion
2503121Drainage of forearm bursa
2503521Treat forearm bone lesion
2504021Explore/treat wrist joint
2506525Biopsy forearm soft tissues
2506625Biopsy forearm soft tissues
2507121Exc forearm les sc 3 cm/>
2507321Exc forearm tum deep 3 cm/>
2507525Remove forearm lesion subcut
2507625Remove forearm lesion deep
2507725Resect forearm/wrist tum<3cm
2507821Resect forarm/wrist tum 3cm>
2508521Incision of wrist capsule
2510021Biopsy of wrist joint
2510121Explore/treat wrist joint
251059Remove wrist joint lining
251079Remove wrist joint cartilage
2510925Excise tendon forearm/wrist
2511025Remove wrist tendon lesion
2511125Remove wrist tendon lesion
2511225Reremove wrist tendon lesion
2511525Remove wrist/forearm lesion
251169Remove wrist/forearm lesion
2511825Excise wrist tendon sheath
251199Partial removal of ulna
251209Removal of forearm lesion
2512521Remove/graft forearm lesion
2512621Remove/graft forearm lesion
2513021Removal of wrist lesion
251359Remove & graft wrist lesion
251369Remove & graft wrist lesion
2514521Remove forearm bone lesion
2515011Partial removal of ulna
251519Partial removal of radius
2517046Extensive forearm surgery
252108Removal of wrist bone
252158Removal of wrist bones
2523011Partial removal of radius
252409Partial removal of ulna
25246140Injection for wrist x-ray
2524825Remove forearm foreign body
2525021Removal of wrist prosthesis
2525150Removal of wrist prosthesis
2525925Manipulate wrist w/anesthes
2526024Repair forearm tendon/muscle
2526320Repair forearm tendon/muscle
2526520Repair forearm tendon/muscle
2527020Repair forearm tendon/muscle
2527220Repair forearm tendon/muscle
252748Repair forearm tendon/muscle
252759Repair forearm tendon sheath
252808Revise wrist/forearm tendon
2529024Incise wrist/forearm tendon
2529524Release wrist/forearm tendon
2530021Fusion of tendons at wrist
2530121Fusion of tendons at wrist
253108Transplant forearm tendon
253128Transplant forearm tendon
2531521Revise palsy hand tendon(s)
2531621Revise palsy hand tendon(s)
2532021Repair/revise wrist joint
2533252Revise wrist joint
2533552Realignment of hand
2533757Reconstruct ulna/radioulnar
2535021Revision of radius
2535521Revision of radius
253609Revision of ulna
2536521Revise radius & ulna
2537021Revise radius or ulna
253759Revise radius & ulna
253909Shorten radius or ulna
2539140Lengthen radius or ulna
2539252Shorten radius & ulna
2539352Lengthen radius & ulna
253949Repair carpal bone, shorten
254009Repair radius or ulna
2540540Repair/graft radius or ulna
254159Repair radius & ulna
2542040Repair/graft radius & ulna
254259Repair/graft radius or ulna
2542640Repair/graft radius & ulna
2543025Vasc graft into carpal bone
2543140Repair nonunion carpal bone
2544040Repair/graft wrist bone
2544140Reconstruct wrist joint
2544240Reconstruct wrist joint
2544340Reconstruct wrist joint
2544452Reconstruct wrist joint
2544543Reconstruct wrist joint
2544640Wrist replacement
2544740Repair wrist joints
2544940Remove wrist joint implant
2545057Revision of wrist joint
2545557Revision of wrist joint
2549052Reinforce radius
2549152Reinforce ulna
2549252Reinforce radius and ulna
2550025Treat fracture of radius
2550525Treat fracture of radius
2551540Treat fracture of radius
2552025Treat fracture of radius
2552540Treat fracture of radius
2552640Treat fracture of radius
2553025Treat fracture of ulna
2553525Treat fracture of ulna
2554540Treat fracture of ulna
2556025Treat fracture radius & ulna
2556525Treat fracture radius & ulna
255749Treat fracture radius & ulna
2557540Treat fracture radius/ulna
2560025Treat fracture radius/ulna
2560525Treat fracture radius/ulna
2560625Treat fx distal radial
2560721Treat fx rad extra-articul
2560821Treat fx rad intra-articul
2560921Treat fx radial 3+ frag
2562225Treat wrist bone fracture
2562421Treat wrist bone fracture
2562821Treat wrist bone fracture
2563025Treat wrist bone fracture
2563521Treat wrist bone fracture
2564521Treat wrist bone fracture
2565025Treat wrist bone fracture
2565121Pin ulnar styloid fracture
2565211Treat fracture ulnar styloid
2566021Treat wrist dislocation
256709Treat wrist dislocation
2567125Pin radioulnar dislocation
2567521Treat wrist dislocation
2567652Treat wrist dislocation
2568021Treat wrist fracture
2568521Treat wrist fracture
2569021Treat wrist dislocation
256959Treat wrist dislocation
258009Fusion of wrist joint
258059Fusion/graft of wrist joint
258109Fusion/graft of wrist joint
258209Fusion of hand bones
2582540Fuse hand bones with graft
2583040Fusion, radioulnar jnt/ulna
2590029Amputation of forearm
2590560Amputation of forearm
2590752Amputation follow-up surgery
2590960Amputation follow-up surgery
2591560Amputation of forearm
2592029Amputate hand at wrist
2592252Amputate hand at wrist
2592460Amputation follow-up surgery
2592729Amputation of hand
2592952Amputation follow-up surgery
2593157Amputation follow-up surgery
25999199Forearm or wrist surgery, unlisted
2601024Drainage of finger abscess
2601124Drainage of finger abscess
2602024Drain hand tendon sheath
2602520Drainage of palm bursa
2603020Drainage of palm bursas
2603424Treat hand bone lesion
2603550Decompress fingers/hand
2603750Decompress fingers/hand
2604025Release palm contracture
2604557Release palm contracture
2605524Incise finger tendon sheath
2606020Incision of finger tendon
2607025Explore/treat hand joint
2607525Explore/treat finger joint
2608024Explore/treat finger joint
2610021Biopsy hand joint lining
2610521Biopsy finger joint lining
2611024Biopsy finger joint lining
2611120Exc hand les sc 1.5 cm/>
2611320Exc hand tum deep 1.5 cm/>
2611524Remove hand lesion subcut
2611624Remove hand lesion, deep
2611724Rad resect hand tumor < 3 cm
2611820Rad resect hand tumor 3 cm/>
2612125Release palm contracture
2612357Release palm contracture
26125244Release palm contracture
2613025Remove wrist joint lining
2613520Revise finger joint, each
2614024Revise finger joint, each
2614524Tendon excision, palm/finger
2616024Remove tendon sheath lesion
2617020Removal of palm tendon, each
2618020Removal of finger tendon
261859Remove finger bone
2620020Remove hand bone lesion
2620524Remove/graft bone lesion
2621024Removal of finger lesion
2621524Remove/graft finger lesion
2623020Partial removal of hand bone
2623520Partial removal, finger bone
2623624Partial removal, finger bone
2625050Extensive hand surgery
2626020Extensive finger surgery
2626220Partial removal of finger
2632024Removal of implant from hand
2634025Manipulate finger w/anesth
2634125Manipulat palm cord post inj
2635024Repair finger/hand tendon
263528Repair/graft hand tendon
2635624Repair finger/hand tendon
2635720Repair finger/hand tendon
2635820Repair/graft hand tendon
2637020Repair finger/hand tendon
2637250Repair/graft hand tendon
2637320Repair finger/hand tendon
2639039Revise hand/finger tendon
2639239Repair/graft hand tendon
2641024Repair hand tendon
2641220Repair/graft hand tendon
2641550Excision, hand/finger tendon
2641655Graft hand or finger tendon
2641824Repair finger tendon
2642020Repair/graft finger tendon
2642624Repair finger/hand tendon
2642820Repair/graft finger tendon
2643224Repair finger tendon
2643324Repair finger tendon
2643420Repair/graft finger tendon
2643724Realignment of tendons
2644024Release palm/finger tendon
2644224Release palm & finger tendon
2644524Release hand/finger tendon
2644920Release forearm/hand tendon
2645020Incision of palm tendon
2645520Incision of finger tendon
2646024Incise hand/finger tendon
2647150Fusion of finger tendons
2647450Fusion of finger tendons
2647624Tendon lengthening
2647710Tendon shortening
2647820Lengthening of hand tendon
2647920Shortening of hand tendon
2648020Transplant hand tendon
2648339Transplant/graft hand tendon
264858Transplant palm tendon
2648950Transplant/graft palm tendon
2649050Revise thumb tendon
2649239Tendon transfer with graft
2649439Hand tendon/muscle transfer
2649650Revise thumb tendon
2649750Finger tendon transfer
264988Finger tendon transfer
2649939Revision of finger
2650020Hand tendon reconstruction
2650220Hand tendon reconstruction
2650850Release thumb contracture
2651050Thumb tendon transfer
2651620Fusion of knuckle joint
2651720Fusion of knuckle joints
265188Fusion of knuckle joints
2652024Release knuckle contracture
2652510Release finger contracture
2653020Revise knuckle joint
265318Revise knuckle with implant
2653524Revise finger joint
2653650Revise/implant finger joint
265408Repair hand joint
2654139Repair hand joint with graft
2654220Repair hand joint with graft
2654520Reconstruct finger joint
2654621Repair nonunion hand
2654820Reconstruct finger joint
2655050Construct thumb replacement
2655159Great toe-hand transfer
2655345Single transfer, toe-hand
2655445Double transfer, toe-hand
2655550Positional change of finger
2655645Toe joint transfer
2656020Repair of web finger
2656139Repair of web finger
2656250Repair of web finger
2656520Correct metacarpal flaw
2656720Correct finger deformity
2656850Lengthen metacarpal/finger
2658050Repair hand deformity
2658750Reconstruct poly digit, tissue, bone
2659050Repair finger deformity
2659150Repair muscles of hand
2659324Release muscles of hand
2659650Excision constricting tissue
2660024Treat metacarpal fracture
2660524Treat metacarpal fracture
2660720Treat metacarpal fracture
2660820Treat metacarpal fracture
2661524Treat metacarpal fracture
2664120Treat thumb dislocation
2664520Treat thumb fracture
2665024Treat thumb fracture
2666510Treat thumb fracture
2667020Treat hand dislocation
2667520Treat hand dislocation
2667624Pin hand dislocation
2668510Treat hand dislocation
2668620Treat hand dislocation
2670024Treat knuckle dislocation
2670520Treat knuckle dislocation
2670624Pin knuckle dislocation
2671520Treat knuckle dislocation
2672024Treat finger fracture, each
2672524Treat finger fracture, each
2672724Treat finger fracture, each
2673524Treat finger fracture, each
2674024Treat finger fracture, each
2674224Treat finger fracture, each
2674624Treat finger fracture, each
2675024Treat finger fracture, each
2675524Treat finger fracture, each
2675620Pin finger fracture, each
2676524Treat finger fracture, each
2677024Treat finger dislocation
2677524Treat finger dislocation
2677624Pin finger dislocation
2678524Treat finger dislocation
2682039Thumb fusion with graft
268418Fusion of thumb
2684239Thumb fusion with graft
268438Fusion of hand joint
2684439Fusion/graft of hand joint
2685020Fusion of knuckle
2685239Fusion of knuckle with graft
2686024Fusion of finger joint
26861244Fusion of finger jnt, add-on
2686239Fusion/graft of finger joint
26863241Fuse/graft added joint
2691024Amputate metacarpal bone
2695124Amputation of finger/thumb
2695224Amputation of finger/thumb
26989204Hand/finger surgery, unlisted
2699024Drainage of pelvis lesion
2699120Drainage of pelvis bursa
2699227Drainage of bone lesion
2700011Incision of hip tendon
270019Incision of hip tendon
2700340Incision of hip tendon
2700515Incision of hip tendon
2700615Incision of hip tendons
2702515Incision of hip/thigh fascia
2702729Buttock fasciotomy
2703015Drainage of hip joint
270339Exploration of hip joint
2703540Denervation of hip joint
2703615Excision of hip joint/muscle
2704025Biopsy of soft tissues
2704125Biopsy of soft tissues
2704325Exc hip pelvis les sc 3 cm/>
270459Exc hip/pelv tum deep 5 cm/>
2704725Remove hip/pelvis lesion
270489Remove hip/pelvis lesion
270499Resect hip/pelv tum < 5 cm
270509Biopsy of sacroiliac joint
270529Biopsy of hip joint
2705415Removal of hip joint lining
2705729Buttock fasciotomy w/dbrdmt
270599Resect hip/pelv tum 5 cm/>
2706025Removal of ischial bursa
2706211Remove femur lesion/bursa
270659Removal of hip bone lesion
270669Removal of hip bone lesion
2706721Remove/graft hip bone lesion
2707015Partial removal of hip bone
2707115Partial removal of hip bone
2707545Extensive hip surgery
2707645Extensive hip surgery
2707745Extensive hip surgery
2707814Extensive hip surgery
2708039Removal of tail bone
2708621Remove hip foreign body
270879Remove hip foreign body
2709015Removal of hip prosthesis
2709115Removal of hip prosthesis
27093140Injection for hip x-ray
27095140Injection for hip x-ray
27096140Inject sacroiliac joint
2709752Revision of hip tendon
2709852Transfer tendon to pelvis
2710040Transfer of abdominal muscle
2710552Transfer of spinal muscle
2711040Transfer of iliopsoas muscle
2711140Transfer of iliopsoas muscle
2712015Reconstruction of hip socket
2712215Reconstruction of hip socket
2712515Partial hip replacement
2713015Total hip arthroplasty
2713215Total hip arthroplasty
2713415Revise hip joint replacement
2713715Revise hip joint replacement
2713815Revise hip joint replacement
2714015Transplant femur ridge
2714615Incision of hip bone
2714715Revision of hip bone
2715115Incision of hip bones
2715615Revision of hip bones
2715826Revision of pelvis
2716115Incision of neck of femur
2716515Incision/fixation of femur
2717015Repair/graft femur head/neck
2717560Treat slipped epiphysis
2717646Treat slipped epiphysis
2717746Treat slipped epiphysis
2717846Treat slipped epiphysis
2717929Revise head/neck of femur
2718160Treat slipped epiphysis
2718548Revision of femur epiphysis
2718715Reinforce hip bones
2719324Treat pelvic ring fracture
271948Treat pelvic ring fracture
2720024Treat tail bone fracture
2720250Treat tail bone fracture
2721570Treat pelvic fracture(s)
2721670Treat pelvic ring fracture
2721770Treat pelvic ring fracture
2721870Treat pelvic ring fracture
2722025Treat hip socket fracture
2722231Treat hip socket fracture
2722615Treat hip wall fracture
2722715Treat hip fracture(s)
2722815Treat hip fracture(s)
2723025Treat thigh fracture
2723231Treat thigh fracture
2723517Treat thigh fracture
2723615Treat thigh fracture
2723825Treat thigh fracture
2724031Treat thigh fracture
2724415Treat thigh fracture
2724515Treat thigh fracture
2724625Treat thigh fracture
2724815Treat thigh fracture
27250106Treat hip dislocation
2725225Treat hip dislocation
2725315Treat hip dislocation
2725415Treat hip dislocation
2725621Treat hip dislocation
2725721Treat hip dislocation
2725815Treat hip dislocation
2725929Treat hip dislocation
2726525Treat hip dislocation
2726625Treat hip dislocation
272679Close tx, femor fx, prox end, head
2726815Close tx, femor fx, w/mnpg
2726946Open tx, femor fx, w/internal fixation
2727524Manipulation of hip joint
2727970Arthrodesis sacroiliac joing
2728046Fusion of sacroiliac joint
2728245Fusion of pubic bones
2728415Fusion of hip joint
2728646Fusion of hip joint
2729014Amputation of leg at hip
2729514Amputation of leg at hip
27299199Pelvis/hip joint surgery, unlisted
2730125Drain thigh/knee lesion
2730315Drainage of bone lesion
2730540Incise thigh tendon & fascia
2730621Incision of thigh tendon
273079Incision of thigh tendons
273109Exploration of knee joint
2732325Biopsy, thigh soft tissues
2732425Biopsy, thigh soft tissues
2732521Neurectomy, hamstring
273269Neurectomy, popliteal
2732725Removal of thigh lesion
2732825Removal of thigh lesion
273299Resect thigh/knee tum < 5 cm
2733011Biopsy, knee joint lining
273319Explore/treat knee joint
273329Removal of knee cartilage
273339Removal of knee cartilage
273349Remove knee joint lining
273359Remove knee joint lining
2733721Exc thigh/knee les sc 3 cm/>
2733921Exc thigh/knee tum dep 5cm/>
2734025Removal of kneecap bursa
273459Removal of knee cyst
273479Remove knee cyst
273509Removal of kneecap
273559Remove femur lesion
273569Remove femur lesion/graft
273579Remove femur lesion/graft
27358227Remove femur lesion/fixation
273609Partial removal, leg bone(s)
273649Resect thigh/knee tum 5 cm/>
2736515Extensive leg surgery
27370140Injection for knee x-ray
2737221Removal of foreign body
273809Repair of kneecap tendon
2738140Repair/graft kneecap tendon
273859Repair of thigh muscle
273869Repair/graft of thigh muscle
2739020Incision of thigh tendon
273918Incision of thigh tendons
2739238Incision of thigh tendons
273938Lengthening of thigh tendon
2739420Lengthening of thigh tendons
2739538Lengthening of thigh tendons
273968Transplant of thigh tendon
2739750Transplants of thigh tendons
2740040Revise thigh muscles/tendons
274039Repair of knee cartilage
274059Repair of knee ligament
274079Repair of knee ligament
274099Repair of knee ligaments
2741246Autochondrocyte implant knee
2741546Osteochondral knee allograft
2741621Osteochondral knee autograft
274189Repair degenerated kneecap
274209Revision of unstable kneecap
274229Revision of unstable kneecap
274249Revision/removal of kneecap
2742511Lateral retinacular release
274279Reconstruction, knee
274289Reconstruction, knee
274299Reconstruction, knee
274309Revision of thigh muscles
274359Incision of knee joint
2743711Revise kneecap
274389Revise kneecap with implant
274409Revision of knee joint
274419Revision of knee joint
274429Revision of knee joint
274439Revision of knee joint
2744515Revision of knee joint
274469Revision of knee joint
2744715Total knee arthroplasty
2744815Incision of thigh
2745015Incision of thigh
2745415Realignment of thigh bone
2745515Realignment of knee
2745715Realignment of knee
2746515Shortening of thigh bone
2746615Lengthening of thigh bone
2746815Shorten/lengthen thighs
2747015Repair of thigh
2747246Repair/graft of thigh
2747511Surgery to stop leg growth
2747717Surgery to stop leg growth
2747952Surgery to stop leg growth
2748562Surgery to stop leg growth
2748615Revise/replace knee joint
2748715Revise/replace knee joint
2748815Removal of knee prosthesis
2749515Reinforce thigh
2749625Decompression of thigh/knee
274979Decompression of thigh/knee
274989Decompression of thigh/knee
2749940Decompression of thigh/knee
2750025Treatment of thigh fracture
2750121Treatment of thigh fracture
2750225Treatment of thigh fracture
2750321Treatment of thigh fracture
2750615Treatment of thigh fracture
2750715Treatment of thigh fracture
2750825Treatment of thigh fracture
2750921Treatment of thigh fracture
2751025Treatment of thigh fracture
2751115Treatment of thigh fracture
2751315Treatment of thigh fracture
2751415Treatment of thigh fracture
2751625Treat thigh fx growth plate
2751721Treat thigh fx growth plate
2751946Treat thigh fx growth plate
2752025Treat kneecap fracture
2752415Treat kneecap fracture
2753025Treat knee fracture
2753225Treat knee fracture
2753515Treat knee fracture
2753615Treat knee fracture
2753821Treat knee fracture(s)
2754015Treat knee fracture
2755021Treat knee dislocation
2755221Treat knee dislocation
2755615Treat knee dislocation
2755715Treat knee dislocation
2755815Treat knee dislocation
2756025Treat kneecap dislocation
2756221Treat kneecap dislocation
275669Treat kneecap dislocation
2757024Fixation of knee joint
2758015Fusion of knee
2759015Amputate leg at thigh
2759146Amputate leg at thigh
2759246Amputate leg at thigh
2759457Amputation follow-up surgery
2759648Amputation follow-up surgery
2759846Amputate lower leg at knee
27599199Leg surgery procedure, unlisted
2760011Decompression of lower leg
2760125Decompression of lower leg
276029Decompression of lower leg
2760325Drain lower leg lesion
2760421Drain lower leg bursa
2760521Incision of achilles tendon
2760611Incision of achilles tendon
2760725Treat lower leg bone lesion
2761025Explore/treat ankle joint
276129Exploration of ankle joint
2761325Biopsy lower leg soft tissue
2761425Biopsy lower leg soft tissue
276159Resect leg/ankle tum < 5 cm
276169Resect leg/ankle tum 5 cm/>
2761825Remove lower leg lesion
2761925Remove lower leg lesion
276209Explore/treat ankle joint
276259Remove ankle joint lining
2762621Remove ankle joint lining
2763025Removal of tendon lesion
2763221Exc leg/ankle les sc 3 cm/>
2763421Exc leg/ankle tum dep 5 cm/>
2763511Remove lower leg bone lesion
276379Remove/graft leg bone lesion
276389Remove/graft leg bone lesion
2764011Partial removal of tibia
2764111Partial removal of fibula
2764515Extensive lower leg surgery
2764615Extensive lower leg surgery
2764721Extensive ankle/heel surgery
27648135Injection for ankle x-ray
276509Repair achilles tendon
2765211Repair/graft achilles tendon
276549Repair of achilles tendon
2765652Repair leg fascia defect
2765839Repair of leg tendon, each
2765939Repair of leg tendon, each
2766450Repair of leg tendon, each
2766539Repair of leg tendon, each
276759Repair lower leg tendons
2767621Repair lower leg tendons
2768010Release of lower leg tendon
2768110Release of lower leg tendons
276858Revision of lower leg tendon
2768610Revise lower leg tendons
276879Revision of calf tendon
276909Revise lower leg tendon
276919Revise lower leg tendon
27692234Revise additional leg tendon
2769511Repair of ankle ligament
2769611Repair of ankle ligaments
276989Repair of ankle ligament
277009Revision of ankle joint
2770215Reconstruct ankle joint
2770329Reconstruction, ankle joint
2770411Removal of ankle implant
277059Incision of tibia
2770711Incision of fibula
277099Incision of tibia & fibula
2771215Realignment of lower leg
2771515Revision of lower leg
277209Repair of tibia
2772215Repair/graft of tibia
2772415Repair/graft of tibia
2772515Repair of lower leg
2772611Repair fibula nonunion
2772715Repair of lower leg
2773011Repair of tibia epiphysis
2773225Repair of fibula epiphysis
2773425Repair lower leg epiphyses
2774021Repair of leg epiphyses
277429Repair of leg epiphyses
277459Reinforce tibia
2775025Treatment of tibia fracture
2775225Treatment of tibia fracture
277569Treatment of tibia fracture
277589Treatment of tibia fracture
277599Treatment of tibia fracture
2776025Treatment of ankle fracture
2776225Treatment of ankle fracture
2776611Treatment of ankle fracture
2776725Closed tx posterior ankle fx
2776825Closed tx posterior ankle vs w/ mnpj
2776925Open tx posterior ankle fx
2778025Treatment of fibula fracture
2778125Treatment of fibula fracture
2778411Treatment of fibula fracture
2778625Treatment of ankle fracture
2778825Treatment of ankle fracture
2779211Treatment of ankle fracture
2780825Treatment of ankle fracture
2781025Treatment of ankle fracture
278149Treatment of ankle fracture
2781625Treatment of ankle fracture
2781825Treatment of ankle fracture
278229Treatment of ankle fracture
278239Treatment of ankle fracture
2782425Treat lower leg fracture
2782521Treat lower leg fracture
278269Treat lower leg fracture
278279Treat lower leg fracture
278289Treat lower leg fracture
278299Treat lower leg joint
2783021Treat lower leg dislocation
2783121Treat lower leg dislocation
278329Treat lower leg dislocation
2784025Treat ankle dislocation
2784225Treat ankle dislocation
278469Treat ankle dislocation
278489Treat ankle dislocation
2786020Fixation of ankle joint
278709Fusion of ankle joint
278719Fusion of tibiofibular joint
2788015Amputation of lower leg
2788115Amputation of lower leg
2788215Amputation of lower leg
2788425Amputation follow-up surgery
2788617Amputation follow-up surgery
2788846Amputation of foot at ankle
2788943Amputation of foot at ankle
2789252Decompression of leg
2789352Decompression of leg
2789452Decompression of leg
27899199Leg/ankle surgery procedure, unlisted
2800124Drainage of bursa of foot
2800224Treatment of foot infection
2800324Treatment of foot infection
2800524Treat foot bone lesion
2800825Incision of foot fascia
2801024Incision of toe tendon
2801124Incision of toe tendons
2802010Exploration of foot joint
2802224Exploration of foot joint
2802424Exploration of toe joint
2803510Decompression of tibia nerve
2803921Exc foot/toe tum sc 1.5 cm/>
2804121Exc foot/toe tum dep 1.5cm/>
2804325Excision of foot lesion
2804521Excision of foot lesion
2804611Resect foot/toe tumor < 3 cm
280479Resect foot/toe tumor 3 cm/>
2805011Biopsy of foot joint lining
2805211Biopsy of foot joint lining
2805421Biopsy of toe joint lining
2805520Neurectomy, foot
2806025Partial removal, foot fascia
2806210Removal of foot fascia
2807024Removal of foot joint lining
2807224Removal of foot joint lining
2808020Removal of foot lesion
280869Excise foot tendon sheath
2808821Excise foot tendon sheath
2809025Removal of foot lesion
2809224Removal of toe lesions
281009Removal of ankle/heel lesion
2810221Remove/graft foot lesion
2810321Remove/graft foot lesion
281048Removal of foot lesion
281068Remove/graft foot lesion
2810720Remove/graft foot lesion
2810824Removal of toe lesions
2811011Part removal of metatarsal
2811111Part removal of metatarsal
2811211Part removal of metatarsal
2811321Part removal of metatarsal
281149Removal of metatarsal heads
2811625Revision of foot
281189Removal of heel bone
2811911Removal of heel spur
2812011Part removal of ankle/heel
281229Partial removal of foot bone
2812425Partial removal of toe
2812624Partial removal of toe
281309Removal of ankle bone
2814010Removal of metatarsal
2815024Removal of toe
2815324Partial removal of toe
2816024Partial removal of toe
2817120Extensive foot surgery
2817310Extensive foot surgery
2817510Extensive foot surgery
2819025Removal of foot foreign body
2819225Removal of foot foreign body
2819325Removal of foot foreign body
2820010Repair of foot tendon
2820239Repair/graft of foot tendon
2820810Repair of foot tendon
2821050Repair/graft of foot tendon
2822024Release of foot tendon
2822224Release of foot tendons
2822510Release of foot tendon
2822624Release of foot tendons
2823024Incision of foot tendon(s)
2823224Incision of toe tendon
2823424Incision of foot tendon
282389Revision of foot tendon
2824025Release of big toe
282509Revision of foot fascia
282609Release of midfoot joint
2826121Revision of foot tendon
282629Revision of foot and ankle
2826421Release of midfoot joint
2827025Release of foot contracture
2827225Release of toe joint, each
2828021Fusion of toes
2828511Repair of hammertoe
2828624Repair of hammertoe
2828824Partial removal of foot bone
2828940Repair hallux rigidus
2829025Correction of bunion
282929Correction of bunion
282939Correction of bunion
282949Correction of bunion
282969Correction of bunion
2829740Correction of bunion
282989Correction of bunion
282999Correction of bunion
283009Incision of heel bone
283029Incision of ankle bone
283049Incision of midfoot bones
283059Incise/graft midfoot bones
283069Incision of metatarsal
2830721Incision of metatarsal
283089Incision of metatarsal
2830921Incision of metatarsals
2831010Revision of big toe
2831210Revision of toe
2831324Repair deformity of toe
2831511Removal of sesamoid bone
283208Repair of foot bones
283228Repair of metatarsals
2834055Resect enlarged toe tissue
2834155Resect enlarged toe
2834442Repair extra toe(s)
2834550Repair webbed toe(s)
2836059Reconstruct cleft foot
2840025Treatment of heel fracture
2840521Treatment of heel fracture
2840621Treatment of heel fracture
284159Treat heel fracture
2842040Treat/graft heel fracture
2843025Treatment of ankle fracture
2843521Treatment of ankle fracture
2843657Treatment of ankle fracture
2844540Treat ankle fracture
284469Osteochondral talus autograft
2845024Treat midfoot fracture, each
2845520Treat midfoot fracture, each
2845624Treat midfoot fracture
2846555Treat midfoot fracture, each
2847024Treat metatarsal fracture
2847524Treat metatarsal fracture
2847620Treat metatarsal fracture
2848510Treat metatarsal fracture
2849024Treat big toe fracture
2849524Treat big toe fracture
2849624Treat big toe fracture
2850555Treat big toe fracture
2851024Treatment of toe fracture
2851524Treatment of toe fracture
2852550Treat toe fracture
2853020Treat sesamoid bone fracture
2853142Treat sesamoid bone fracture
2854020Treat foot dislocation
2854520Treat foot dislocation
2854620Treat foot dislocation
2855539Repair foot dislocation
2857020Treat foot dislocation
2857520Treat foot dislocation
2857620Treat foot dislocation
2858539Repair foot dislocation
2860020Treat foot dislocation
2860520Treat foot dislocation
2860624Treat foot dislocation
2861539Repair foot dislocation
2863020Treat toe dislocation
2863520Treat toe dislocation
2863610Treat toe dislocation
2864510Repair toe dislocation
2866024Treat toe dislocation
2866520Treat toe dislocation
2866610Treat toe dislocation
2867555Repair of toe dislocation
2870539Fusion of foot bones
287158Fusion of foot bones
287258Fusion of foot bones
287308Fusion of foot bones
2873539Fusion of foot bones
2873739Revision of foot bones
287408Fusion of foot bones
2875052Fusion of big toe joint
2875511Fusion of big toe joint
2876040Fusion of big toe joint
2880015Amputation of midfoot
2880529Amputation thru metatarsal
2881020Amputation toe & metatarsal
2882024Amputation of toe
2882524Partial amputation of toe
2889043High energy eswt, plantar f
28899198Foot/toes surgery procedure, unlisted
2900081Application of body cast
2901081Application of body cast
2901581Application of body cast
2902081Application of body castend-dated 12/31/2014
2902581Application of body castend-dated 12/31/2014
2903581Application of body cast
2904081Application of body cast
2904481Application of body cast
2904681Application of body cast
2904980Application of figure eight
2905580Application of shoulder cast
2905880Application of shoulder cast
2906584Application of long arm cast
2907584Application of forearm cast
2908584Apply hand/wrist cast
2908684Apply finger cast
2910584Apply long arm splint
2912584Apply forearm splint
2912684Apply forearm splint
2913084Application of finger splint
2913184Application of finger splint
2920083Strapping of chest
2924083Strapping of shoulder
2926084Strapping of elbow or wrist
2928084Strapping of hand or finger
2930580Application of hip cast
2932580Application of hip casts
2934584Application of long leg cast
2935584Application of long leg cast
2935884Apply long leg cast brace
2936584Application of long leg cast
2940584Apply short leg cast
2942584Apply short leg cast
2943584Apply short leg cast
2944084Addition of walker to cast
2944584Apply rigid leg cast
2945084Application of leg cast
2950584Application, long leg splint
2951584Application lower leg splint
2952080Strapping of hip
2953083Strapping of knee
2954083Strapping of ankle
2955083Strapping of toes
2958084Application of paste boot
2958182Application of multlay comprs lwr leg
2958282Apply multlay comprs upr leg
2958382Apply multlay comprs upr arm
2958482Appl multlay comprs arm/hand
29700100Removal/revision of cast
29705102Removal/revision of cast
2971094Removal/revision of cast
2971593Removal/revision of castend-dated 12/31/2014
29720100Repair of body cast
29730100Windowing of cast
29740100Wedging of cast
2975094Wedging of clubfoot cast
29799198Casting/strapping procedure, unlisted
2980021Jaw arthroscopy/surgery
298049Jaw arthroscopy/surgery
2980511Shoulder arthroscopy, dx
2980611Shoulder arthroscopy/surgery
2980711Shoulder arthroscopy/surgery
2981911Shoulder arthroscopy/surgery
298209Shoulder arthroscopy/surgery
298219Shoulder arthroscopy/surgery
2982221Shoulder arthroscopy/surgery
298239Shoulder arthroscopy/surgery
298249Shoulder arthroscopy/surgery
298259Shoulder arthroscopy/surgery
298269Shoulder arthroscopy/surgery
298279Arthroscopy rotator cuff repair
298289Arthroscopy biceps tenodesis
2983025Elbow arthroscopy
298349Elbow arthroscopy/surgery
298359Elbow arthroscopy/surgery
298369Elbow arthroscopy/surgery
298379Elbow arthroscopy/surgery
2983821Elbow arthroscopy/surgery
2984021Wrist arthroscopy
298439Wrist arthroscopy/surgery
2984421Wrist arthroscopy/surgery
298459Wrist arthroscopy/surgery
2984621Wrist arthroscopy/surgery
2984721Wrist arthroscopy/surgery
2984825Wrist endoscopy/surgery
298509Knee arthroscopy/surgery
2985140Knee arthroscopy/surgery
298559Tibial arthroscopy/surgery
2985640Tibial arthroscopy/surgery
298609Hip arthroscopy, dx
2986140Hip arthroscopy/surgery
2986240Hip arthroscopy/surgery
298639Hip arthroscopy/surgery
2986621Autgrft implnt, knee w/scope
2986729Allgrft implnt, knee w/scope
2986860Meniscal trnspl, knee w/scpe
2987011Knee arthroscopy, dx
2987125Knee arthroscopy/drainage
2987311Knee arthroscopy/surgery
2987421Knee arthroscopy/surgery
2987521Knee arthroscopy/surgery
2987625Knee arthroscopy/surgery
2987721Knee arthroscopy/surgery
2987921Knee arthroscopy/surgery
298809Knee arthroscopy/surgery
2988121Knee arthroscopy/surgery
2988225Knee arthroscopy/surgery
2988321Knee arthroscopy/surgery
298849Knee arthroscopy/surgery
298859Knee arthroscopy/surgery
2988625Knee arthroscopy/surgery
298879Knee arthroscopy/surgery
298889Knee arthroscopy/surgery
298899Knee arthroscopy/surgery
2989152Ankle arthroscopy/surgery
2989252Ankle arthroscopy/surgery
2989311Scope, plantar fasciotomy
298949Ankle arthroscopy/surgery
298959Ankle arthroscopy/surgery
2989721Ankle arthroscopy/surgery
2989840Ankle arthroscopy/surgery
298999Ankle arthroscopy/surgery
2990021Mcp joint arthroscopy, dx
2990121Mcp joint arthroscopy, surg
2990221Mcp joint arthroscopy, surg
2990421Subtalar arthro w/ fb removal
2990521Subtalar arthro w/ exc
2990621Subtalar arthro w/ deb
2990721Subtalar arthro w/ fusion
2991440Hip arthro w/femoroplasty
2991540Hip arthro acetabuloplasty
2991640Hip arthro w/labral repair
29999202Arthroscopy of joint, unlisted
3000020Drainage of nose lesion
3002024Drainage of nose lesion
30100104Intranasal biopsy
3011025Removal of nose polyp(s)
3011525Removal of nose polyp(s)
3011724Removal of intranasal lesion
3011810Removal of intranasal lesion
3012024Revision of nose
3012424Removal of nose lesion
3012520Removal of nose lesion
3013025Removal of turbinate bones
3014025Removal of turbinate bones
3015010Partial removal of nose
3016039Removal of nose
30200104Injection treatment of nose
3021055Nasal sinus therapy
3022024Insert nasal septal button
3030022Remove nasal foreign body
3031020Remove nasal foreign body
3032050Remove nasal foreign body
3040050Reconstruction of nose
3041050Reconstruction of nose
3042055Reconstruction of nose
3043050Revision of nose
3043550Revision of nose
3045050Revision of nose
3046039Revision of nose
3046239Revision of nose
3046520Repair nasal stenosis
3052055Repair of nasal septum
3054050Repair nasal defect
3054550Repair nasal defect
3056024Release of nasal adhesions
3058055Repair upper jaw fistula
3060050Repair mouth/nose fistula
3062055Intranasal reconstruction
3063050Repair nasal septum defect
3080123Cauterization, inner nose
3080223Cauterization, inner nose
30901102Control of nosebleed
30903102Control of nosebleed
3090599Control of nosebleed
3090699Repeat control of nosebleed
3091555Ligation, nasal sinus artery
3092024Ligation, upper jaw artery
3093025Therapy, fracture of nose
30999198Nasal surgery procedure, unlisted
3100025Irrigation, maxillary sinus
3100221Irrigation, sphenoid sinus
3102025Exploration, maxillary sinus
3103025Exploration, maxillary sinus
3103225Explore sinus,remove polyps
3104042Exploration behind upper jaw
3105025Exploration, sphenoid sinus
3105157Sphenoid sinus surgery
3107025Exploration of frontal sinus
310759Exploration of frontal sinus
3108021Removal of frontal sinus
310819Removal of frontal sinus
310849Removal of frontal sinus
310859Removal of frontal sinus
3108621Removal of frontal sinus
310879Removal of frontal sinus
3109025Exploration of sinuses
3120025Removal of ethmoid sinus
3120125Removal of ethmoid sinus
312059Removal of ethmoid sinus
3122515Removal of upper jaw
3123015Removal of upper jaw
31231103Nasal endoscopy, dx
31233106Nasal/sinus endoscopy, dx
31235106Nasal/sinus endoscopy, dx
31237106Nasal/sinus endoscopy, surg
3123898Nasal/sinus endoscopy, surg
3123952Nasal/sinus endoscopy, surg
31240125Nasal/sinus endoscopy, surg
31254106Revision of ethmoid sinus
31255106Removal of ethmoid sinus
31256106Exploration maxillary sinus
31267106Endoscopy, maxillary sinus
31276131Sinus endoscopy, surgical
3128798Nasal/sinus endoscopy, surg
31288125Nasal/sinus endoscopy, surg
3129060Nasal/sinus endoscopy, surg
3129160Nasal/sinus endoscopy, surg
3129229Nasal/sinus endoscopy, surg
3129360Nasal/sinus endoscopy, surg
3129460Nasal/sinus endoscopy, surg
31295106Sinus endo w/balloon dil
31296106Sinus endo w/balloon dil
31297106Sinus endo w/balloon dil
31299198Sinus surgery procedure, unlisted
313008Removal of larynx lesion
3132020Diagnostic incision, larynx
3136014Removal of larynx
3136545Removal of larynx
3136714Partial removal of larynx
3136814Partial removal of larynx
3137014Partial removal of larynx
3137514Partial removal of larynx
3138014Partial removal of larynx
3138214Partial removal of larynx
3139014Removal of larynx & pharynx
3139545Reconstruct larynx & pharynx
3140020Revision of larynx
314208Removal of epiglottis
31500101Insert emergency airway
31502129Change of windpipe airway
31505104Diagnostic laryngoscopy
3151096Laryngoscopy with biopsy
31511104Remove foreign body, larynx
3151296Removal of larynx lesion
3151396Injection into vocal cord
31515104Laryngoscopy for aspiration
31520107Diagnostic laryngoscopy
31525104Diagnostic laryngoscopy
31526104Diagnostic laryngoscopy
3152796Laryngoscopy for treatment
3152896Laryngoscopy and dilation
3152996Laryngoscopy and dilation
31530104Operative laryngoscopy
3153196Operative laryngoscopy
31535104Operative laryngoscopy
31536104Operative laryngoscopy
31540104Operative laryngoscopy
31541104Operative laryngoscopy
31545131Remove vc lesion w/scope
31546131Remove vc lesion scope/graft
3156096Operative laryngoscopy
3156196Operative laryngoscopy
31570104Laryngoscopy with injection
31571104Laryngoscopy with injection
31575104Diagnostic laryngoscopy
31576104Laryngoscopy with biopsy
3157796Remove foreign body, larynx
3157896Removal of larynx lesion
31579104Diagnostic laryngoscopy
3158039Revision of larynx
3158210Revision of larynx
3158445Treat larynx fracture
3158745Revision of larynx
3158850Revision of larynx
3159039Reinnervate larynx
315958Larynx nerve surgery
31599198Larynx surgery procedure, unlisted
31600113Incision of windpipe
3160190Incision of windpipe
31603104Incision of windpipe
31605104Incision of windpipe
3161030Incision of windpipe
316118Surgery/speech prosthesis
3161296Puncture/clear windpipe
3161324Repair windpipe opening
3161455Repair windpipe opening
31615129Visualization of windpipe
31620249Endobronchial us add-on
31622104Dx bronchoscope/wash
31623104Dx bronchoscope/brush
31624104Dx bronchoscope/lavage
31625104Bronchoscopy with biopsy
3162696Bronchoscopy w/markers
31627246Navigational bronchoscopy
31628104Bronchoscopy with biopsy
31629104Bronchoscopy with biopsy
31630104Bronchoscopy w/ trach/bronch dilation
31631104Bronchoscopy w/ placement of trach stent
31632244Bronchoscopy/lung bx, add’l
31633244Bronchoscopy/needle bx add’l
31634104Bronch w/balloon occlusion
31635104Bronchoscopy w/fb removal
31636129Bronchoscopy, bronch stents
31637244Bronchoscopy, stent add-on
31638129Bronchoscopy, revise stent
31640104Bronchoscopy w/tumor excise
31641129Bronchoscopy, treat blockage
31643104Diag bronchoscope/catheter
31645104Bronchoscopy, clear airways
31646104Bronchoscopy, reclear airway
31647129Bronchial valve init insert
31648129Bronchial valve remov init
31649129Bronchial valve remov addl
31651129Bronchial valve addl insert
31660104Bronch thermoplsty 1 lobe
31661104Bronch thermoplsty 2/> lobes
31717104Bronchial brush biopsy
31720104Clearance of airways
31725113Clearance of airways
31730129Intro, windpipe wire/tube
3175039Repair of windpipe
3175539Repair of windpipe
3176045Repair of windpipe
3176645Reconstruction of windpipe
3177045Repair/graft of bronchus
3177559Reconstruct bronchus
3178045Reconstruct windpipe
3178145Reconstruct windpipe
3178545Remove windpipe lesion
3178645Remove windpipe lesion
3180027Repair of windpipe injury
3180514Repair of windpipe injury
3182020Closure of windpipe lesion
3182520Repair of windpipe defect
3183020Revise windpipe scar
31899198Airways surgical procedure, unlisted
3203514Thoracostomy w/rib resection
3203614Thoracostomy w/flap drainage
3209612Open wedge/bx lung infiltr
3209712Open wedge/bx lung nodule
3209812Open biopsy of lung pleura
3210014Exploration of chest
3211014Explore/repair chest
3212014Re-exploration of chest
3212414Explore chest free adhesions
3214014Removal of lung lesion(s)
3214145Remove/treat lung lesions
3215045Removal of lung lesion(s)
3215145Remove lung foreign body
3216045Open chest heart massage
3220014Drain open lung lesion
32201137Drain percut lung lesion
3221514Treat chest lining
3222014Release of lung
3222514Partial release of lung
3231014Removal of chest lining
3232014Free/remove chest lining
32400104Needle biopsy chest lining
32405129Percut bx lung/mediastinum
3244014Remove lung pneumonectomy
3244245Sleeve pneumonectomy
3244545Removal of lung extrapleural
3248014Partial removal of lung
3248645Sleeve lobectomy
3248845Completion pneumonectomy
3249115Lung volume reduction
32501238Repair bronchus add-on
3250345Resect apical lung tumor
3250445Resect apical lung tum/chest
3250512Wedge resect of lung initial
3250612Wedge resect of lung add-on
3250712Wedge resect of lung diag
3254045Removal of lung lesion
32550130Insert pleural catheter
32551116Insertion of chest tube
3255250Remove lung catheter
32553124Ins mark thor for rad tx perq, single/mult
32554130Aspirate pleura w/o imaging
32555130Aspirate pleura w/ imaging
32556130Insert cath pleura w/o image
32557130Insert cath pleura w/ image
32560113Treat lung lining chemically
32561107Lyse chest fibrin initial day
32562107Lyse chest fibrin subsequent day
32601107Thoracoscopy, diagnostic
32604107Thoracoscopy wbx sac
32606107Thoracoscopy w/bx med space
32607107Thoracoscopy w/bx infiltrate
32608107Thoracoscopy w/bx nodule
32609107Thoracoscopy w/bx pleura
3265014Thoracoscopy w/pleurodesis
3265114Thoracoscopy remove cortex
3265214Thoracoscopy rem totl cortex
3265314Thoracoscopy remov fb/fibrin
3265414Thoracoscopy contrl bleeding
3265514Thoracoscopy resect bullae
3265614Thoracoscopy w/pleurectomy
3265845Thoracoscopy w/sac fb remove
3265914Thoracoscopy w/sac drainage
3266145Thoracoscopy w/pericard exc
3266245Thoracoscopy w/mediast exc
3266345Thoracoscopy w/lobectomy
3266446Thoracoscopy w/ th nrv exc
3266545Thoracoscop w/esoph musc exc
3266645Thoracoscopy w/wedge resect
3266745Thoracoscopy w/w resect addl
3266845Thoracoscopy w/w resect diag
3266945Thoracoscopy remove segment
3267045Thoracoscopy bilobectomy
3267145Thoracoscopy pneumonectomy
3267245Thoracoscopy for LVRS
3267345Thoracoscopy w/thymus resect
3267445Thoracoscopy lumph node exc
3270114Thorax stereo rad targetw/tx
3280045Repair lung hernia
3281027Close chest after drainage
3281514Close bronchial fistula
3282014Reconstruct injured chest
32850270Donor pneumonectomy fr cadaver donor
328513Lung transplant, single
328523Lung transplant with bypass
328532Lung transplant, double
3285433Lung transplant with bypass
32855175Prepare donor lung, single
32856175Prepare donor lung, double
3290014Removal of rib(s)
3290514Revise & repair chest wall
3290645Revise & repair chest wall
3294014Revision of lung
32960104Therapeutic pneumothorax
32997113Total lung lavage
3299896Perq rf ablate tx, pul tumor
32999200Chest surgery procedure, unlisted
33010104Drainage of heart sac
3301196Repeat drainage of heart sac
3301530Incision of heart sac
3302014Incision of heart sac
3302514Incision of heart sac
3303014Partial removal of heart sac
3303145Partial removal of heart sac
3305045Resect heart sac lesion
3312045Removal of heart lesion
3313045Removal of heart lesion
3314027Heart revascularize (tmr)
33141225Heart tmr w/other procedure
3320261Insert epicard eltrd, open
3320361Insert epicard eltrd, endo
3320610Insert heart pm atrial
3320742Insert heart pm ventricular
3320842Insrt heart pm atrial & vent
33210104Insert electrd/pm cath sngl
33211104Insert card electrodes dual
3321224Insert pulse gen sngl lead
3321324Insert pulse gen dual leads
3321439Upgrade of pacemaker system
3321524Reposition pacing-defib lead
3321655Revise eltrd pacing-defib
3321724Revise eltrd pacing-defib
3321855Revise eltrd pacing-defib
3322055Revise eltrd pacing-defib
3322124Insert pulse gen mult leads
3322224Relocation pocket pacemaker
3322320Relocate pocket for defib
33224129Insert pacing lead & connect
33225228L ventric pacing lead add-on
33226129Reposition L ventric lead
33227129Remove&replace pm gen singl
33228129Remv&replc pm gen dual lead
33229129Remv&replc pm gen mult leads
3323024Insrt pulse gen w/dual leads
3323124Insrt pulse gen w/mult leads
3323324Removal of pm generator
3323455Removal of pacemaker system
3323555Removal pacemaker electrode
3323645Remove electrode/thoracotomy
3323745Remove electrode/thoracotomy
3323845Remove electrode/thoracotomy
3324024Insrt pulse gen w/singl lead
332418Remove pulse generator
3324345Remove eltrd/thoracotomy
3324447Remove eltrd, transven
3324942Insert pace-defib w/lead
3325014Ablate heart dysrhythm focus
3325145Ablate heart dysrhythm focus
3325414Ablate atria, lmtd
3325514Ablate atria w/o bypass, ext
3325614Ablate atria w/bypass, exten
33257230Ablate atria, lmtd, add-on
33258230Ablate atria, x10sv, add-on
33259230Ablate atria w/ bypass, add-on
3326145Ablate heart dysrhythm focus
3326224Remv&replc cvd gen sing lead
3326324Remv&replc cvd gen dual lead
3326424Remv&replc cvd gen mult lead
3326545Ablate atria w/bypass, endo
3326645Ablate atria w/o bypass endo
3327045Ins/rep subq defibrillator
3327145Insj subq impltbl dfb elctrd
3327245Rmvl of subq defibrillator
3327345Repose prev impltbl subq dfb
3328255Implant pat-active ht record
3328455Remove pat-active ht record
3330014Repair of heart wound
3330545Repair of heart wound
3331014Exploratory heart surgery
3331514Exploratory heart surgery
3332014Repair major blood vessel(s)
3332114Repair major vessel
3332214Repair major blood vessel(s)
3333014Insert major vessel graft
3333214Insert major vessel graftend-dated 12/31/2014
3333514Insert major vessel graft
3336114Replace aortic valve perq
3336214Replace aortic vlave open
3336314Replace aortic valve open
3336414Replace aortic valve open
3336514Replace aortic valve open
3336614Trcath replace aortic valve
3336714Replace aortic valve w/byp
3336814Replace aortic valve w/byp
3336914Replace aortic valve w/byp
3340014Repair of aortic valve
3340114Valvuloplasty, open
3340314Valvuloplasty, w/cp bypass
3340445Prepare heart-aorta conduit
3340545Replacement of aortic valve
3340614Replacement of aortic valve
3341014Replacement of aortic valve
3341159Replacement of aortic valve
3341214Replacement of aortic valve
3341314Replacement of aortic valve
3341445Repair of aortic valve
3341545Revision, subvalvular tissue
3341614Revise ventricle muscle
3341745Repair of aortic valve
3341845Repair Tcat mitral valve
3341945Repair Tcat mitral valve
3342047Revision of mitral valve
3342245Revision of mitral valve
3342514Repair of mitral valve
3342645Repair of mitral valve
3342745Repair of mitral valve
3343045Replacement of mitral valve
3346014Revision of tricuspid valve
3346314Valvuloplasty, tricuspid
3346445Valvuloplasty, tricuspid
3346545Replace tricuspid valve
3346845Revision of tricuspid valve
3347059Revision of pulmonary valve
3347114Valvotomy, pulmonary valve
3347227Revision of pulmonary valveend-dated 12/31/2014
3347414Revision of pulmonary valve
3347545Replacement, pulmonary valve
3347645Revision of heart chamber
3347845Revision of heart chamber
3349645Repair, prosth valve clot
3350045Repair heart vessel fistula
3350114Repair heart vessel fistula
3350245Coronary artery correction
3350314Coronary artery graft
3350445Coronary artery graft
3350545Repair artery w/tunnel
3350645Repair artery, translocation
3350745Repair art, intramural
33508238Endoscopic vein harvest
3351027CABG, vein, single
3351127CABG, vein, two
3351227CABG, vein, three
3351327CABG, vein, four
3351427CABG, vein, five
3351659Cabg, vein, six or more
33517230CABG, artery-vein, single
33518230CABG, artery-vein, two
33519230CABG, artery-vein, three
33521230CABG, artery-vein, four
33522230CABG, artery-vein, five
33523246Cabg, art-vein, six or more
33530230Coronary artery, bypass/reop
3353327CABG, arterial, single
3353427CABG, arterial, two
3353527CABG, arterial, three
3353659Cabg, arterial, four or more
3354214Removal of heart lesion
3354514Repair of heart damage
3354845Restore/remodel, ventricle
33572246Open coronary endarterectomy
3360045Closure of valve
3360245Closure of valve
3360814Repair anomaly w/conduit
3361045Repair by enlargement
3361114Repair double ventricle
3361245Repair double ventricle
3361545Repair, modified fontan
3361745Repair single ventricle
3361945Repair single ventricle
3364145Repair heart septum defect
3364514Revision of heart veins
3364745Repair heart septum defects
3366045Repair of heart defects
3366545Repair of heart defects
3367045Repair of heart chambers
3367514Close mult vsd
3367645Close mult vsd w/resection
3367745Cl mult vsd w/rem pul band
3368114Repair heart septum defect
3368414Repair heart septum defect
3368814Repair heart septum defect
3369045Reinforce pulmonary artery
3369214Repair of heart defects
3369445Repair of heart defects
3369745Repair of heart defects
3370214Repair of heart defects
3371059Repair of heart defects
3372045Repair of heart defect
3372245Repair of heart defect
3372414Repair venous anomaly
3372614Repair pul venous stenosis
3373045Repair heart-vein defect(s)
3373245Repair heart-vein defect
3373527Revision of heart chamber
3373614Revision of heart chamber
3373745Revision of heart chamber
3375045Major vessel shunt
3375545Major vessel shunt
3376245Major vessel shunt
3376445Major vessel shunt & graft
3376614Major vessel shunt
3376745Major vessel shunt
33768238Cavopulmonary shunting
3377014Repair great vessels defect
3377114Repair great vessels defect
3377414Repair great vessels defect
3377559Repair great vessels defect
3377645Repair great vessels defect
3377759Repair great vessels defect
3377814Repair great vessels defect
3377945Repair great vessels defect
3378014Repair great vessels defect
3378159Repair great vessels defect
3378245Nikaidoh proc, w/o ostia implt
3378345Nikaidoh proc, w/ ostia implt(s)
3378645Repair arterial trunk
3378845Revision of pulmonary artery
3380045Aortic suspension
3380214Repair vessel defect
3380345Repair vessel defect
3381314Repair septal defect
3381445Repair septal defect
3382059Revise major vessel
3382245Revise major vessel, <18yr
3382445Revise major vessel
3384045Remove aorta constriction
3384545Remove aorta constriction
3385145Remove aorta constriction
3385227Repair septal defect
3385345Repair septal defect
3386045Ascending aortic graft
3386345Ascending aortic graft
3386414Ascending aortic graft
3387045Transverse aortic arch graft
3387545Thoracic aortic graft
3387714Thoracoabdominal graft
3388044Endovasc taa repr incl subcl
3388144Endovasc taa repr w/o subcl
3388345Insert endovasc prosth, taa
33884238Endovasc prosth, taa, add-on
3388645Endovasc prosth, delayed
3388991Artery transpose/endovas taa
33891122Car-car bp grft/endovas taa
3391045Remove lung artery emboli
3391514Remove lung artery emboli
3391645Surgery of great vessel
3391745Repair pulmonary artery
3392014Repair pulmonary atresia
3392245Transect pulmonary artery
33924238Remove pulmonary shunt
3392514Rpr pul art unifocal w/o cpb
3392645Repr pul art, unifocal w/cpb
33930270Removal of donor heart/lung
33933201Prepare donor heart/lung
3393534Transplantation, heart/lung
33940270Removal of donor heart
33944201Prepare donor heart
3394534Transplantation of heart
33946201Ecmo/ecls initiation venous
33948201Ecmo/ecls daily mgmt-venous
33949201Ecmo/ecls daily mgmt artery
33952201Ecmo/ecls insj prph cannula
33954201Ecmo/ecls insj prph cannula
33956201Ecmo/ecls insj ctr cannula
33958201Ecmo/ecls repos perph cnula
33960121External circulation assistend-dated 12/31/2014
33961240External circulation assistend-dated 12/31/2014
33962201Ecmo/ecls repos perph cnula
33964201Ecmo/ecls repos perph cnula
33966201Ecmo/ecls rmvl prph cannula
33967107Insert ia percut device
33968138Remove aortic assist device
3397090Aortic circulation assist
3397161Aortic circulation assist
33973120Insert balloon device
3397461Remove intra-aortic balloon
33975183Implant ventricular device
33976182Implant ventricular device
3397727Remove ventricular device
3397826Remove ventricular device
33979211Insert intracorporeal device
3398059Remove intracorporeal device
33981211Replace VAD pump, single or bivent, ea.
33982211Replace VAD intra W/O cardio bypass
33983211Replace VAD intra w/ cardio bypass
33984211Ecmo/ecls rmvl prph cannula
33986211Ecmo/ecls rmvl ctr cannula
33987211Artery expos rmvl ctr cannula
33988211insertion of left heart vent
33989211removal of left heart vent
33990211Insert vad artery access
33991211Insert vad art&vein access
33992211Remove vad different session
33993211Reposition vad diff session
33999198Cardiac surgery procedure, unlisted
3400115Removal of artery clot
3405115Removal of artery clot
3410115Removal of artery clot
3411115Removal of arm artery clot
3415115Removal of artery clot
3420115Removal of artery clot
3420315Removal of leg artery clot
3440115Removal of vein clot
3442115Removal of vein clot
3445115Removal of vein clot
3447148Removal of vein clot
3449025Removal of vein clot
3450146Repair valve, femoral vein
3450259Reconstruct vena cava
3451046Transposition of vein valve
3452046Cross-over vein graft
3453046Leg vein fusion
3480014Endovasc abdo repair w/tube
3480214Endovasc abdo repr w/device
3480313Endovas aaa repr w/3-p part
3480414Endovasc abdo repr w/device
3480514Endovasc abdo repair w/pros
34806238Aneurysm press sensor, add-on
34808238Endovasc abdo occlud device
3481291Xpose for endoprosth, aortic
34813225Xpose for endoprosth, femorl
3482091Xpose for endoprosth, iliac
3482545Endovasc extend prosth, init
34826238Endovasc exten prosth, addl
3483045Open aortic tube prosth repr
3483145Open aortoiliac prosth repr
3483245Open aortofemor prosth repr
3483391Xpose for endoprosth, iliac
3483491Xpose, endoposth, brachial
34839211Plnning pt spec fenest graft
34841185Endocasc visc aorta 1 graft
34842185Endovasc visc aorta 2 graft
34843185Endovasc visc aorta 3 graft
34844185Endovasc visc aorta 4 graft
34845185Visc & infraren abd 1 prosth
34846185Visc & infraren abd 2 prosth
34847185Visc & infraren abd 3 prosth
34848185Visc & infraren abd 4+ prost
3490046Endovasc iliac repr w/graft
3500146Repair defect of artery
3500246Repair artery rupture, neck
3500546Repair defect of artery
3501146Repair defect of artery
3501346Repair artery rupture, arm
3502146Repair defect of artery
3502246Repair artery rupture, chest
3504546Repair defect of arm artery
3508114Repair defect of artery
3508214Repair artery rupture, aorta
3509146Repair defect of artery
3509246Repair artery rupture, aorta
3510246Repair defect of artery
3510346Repair artery rupture aorta
3511146Repair defect of artery
3511246Repair artery rupture,spleen
3512160Repair defect of artery
3512246Repair artery rupture, belly
3513146Repair defect of artery
3513215Repair artery rupture, groin
3514146Repair defect of artery
3514246Repair artery rupture, thigh
3515146Repair defect of artery
3515246Repair artery rupture, knee
3518045Repair blood vessel lesion
3518245Repair blood vessel lesion
3518445Repair blood vessel lesion
3518839Repair blood vessel lesion
3518945Repair blood vessel lesion
3519045Repair blood vessel lesion
3520115Repair blood vessel lesion
3520615Repair blood vessel lesion
3520711Repair blood vessel lesion
3521115Repair blood vessel lesion
3521615Repair blood vessel lesion
3522115Repair blood vessel lesion
3522615Repair blood vessel lesion
3523115Repair blood vessel lesion
3523615Repair blood vessel lesion
3524115Repair blood vessel lesion
3524615Repair blood vessel lesion
3525115Repair blood vessel lesion
3525615Repair blood vessel lesion
3526115Repair blood vessel lesion
3526615Repair blood vessel lesion
3527115Repair blood vessel lesion
3527615Repair blood vessel lesion
3528115Repair blood vessel lesion
3528615Repair blood vessel lesion
3530115Rechanneling of artery
3530215Rechanneling of artery
3530315Rechanneling of artery
3530415Rechanneling of artery
3530515Rechanneling of artery
35306238Rechanneling of artery
3531115Rechanneling of artery
3532115Rechanneling of artery
3533115Rechanneling of artery
3534115Rechanneling of artery
3535115Rechanneling of artery
3535515Rechanneling of artery
3536115Rechanneling of artery
3536315Rechanneling of artery
3537115Rechanneling of artery
3537215Rechanneling of artery
35390238Reoperation, carotid add-on
3545091Repair arterial blockage
3545291Repair arterial blockage
3545891Repair arterial blockage
35460119Repair venous blockage
35471116Repair arterial blockage
3547291Repair arterial blockage
35475106Repair arterial blockage
35476131Repair venous blockage
35500225Harvest vein for bypass
3550146Artery bypass graft
3550615Artery bypass graft
3550815Artery bypass graft
3550915Artery bypass graft
3551015Artery bypass graft
3551115Artery bypass graft
3551215Artery bypass graft
3551515Artery bypass graft
3551615Artery bypass graft
3551815Artery bypass graft
3552115Artery bypass graft
3552215Artery bypass graft
3552346Artery bypass graft
3552515Artery bypass graft
3552615Artery bypass graft
3553115Artery bypass graft
3553346Artery bypass graft
3553546Artery bypass graft
3553615Artery bypass graft
3553714Artery bypass graft
3553814Artery bypass graft
3553915Artery bypass graft
3554017Artery bypass graft
3555615Artery bypass graft
3555815Artery bypass graft
3556015Artery bypass graft
3556315Artery bypass graft
3556515Artery bypass graft
3556646Artery bypass graft
3557046Artery bypass graft
3557146Artery bypass graft
35572246Harvest femoropopliteal vein
3558346Vein bypass graft
3558546Vein bypass graft
3558746Vein bypass graft
35600238Harvest artery for cabg
3560115Artery bypass graft
3560615Artery bypass graft
3561215Artery bypass graft
3561615Artery bypass graft
3562146Artery bypass graft
3562346Bypass graft, not vein
3562615Artery bypass graft
3563115Artery bypass graft
3563215Artery bypass graft
3563346Artery bypass graft
3563446Artery bypass graft
3563615Artery bypass graft
3563745Artery bypass graft
3563845Artery bypass graft
3564246Artery bypass graft
3564515Artery bypass graft
3564614Artery bypass graft
3564715Aortofemoral bypass graft
3565015Artery bypass graft
3565445Artery bypass graft
3565615Artery bypass graft
3566115Artery bypass graft
3566315Artery bypass graft
3566515Artery bypass graft
3566646Artery bypass graft
3567115Artery bypass graft
35681225Composite bypass graft
35682225Composite bypass graft
35683225Composite bypass graft
35685225Bypass graft patency/patch
35686238Bypass graft/av fist patency
3569146Arterial transposition
3569346Arterial transposition
3569415Arterial transposition
3569546Arterial transposition
35697238Reimplant artery each
35700225Reoperation, bypass graft
3570115Exploration, carotid artery
3572115Exploration, femoral artery
3574115Exploration popliteal artery
357619Exploration of artery/vein
3580014Explore neck vessels
3582014Explore chest vessels
3584014Explore abdominal vessels
3586014Explore limb vessels
3587045Repair vessel graft defect
3587510Removal of clot in graft
358768Removal of clot in graft
3587946Revise graft w/vein
3588146Revise graft w/vein
3588315Revise graft w/nonauto graft
3588446Revise graft w/vein
3590145Excision, graft, neck
3590345Excision, graft, extremity
3590545Excision, graft, thorax
3590745Excision, graft, abdomen
36000191Place needle in vein
36002106Pseudoaneurysm injection trt
36005110Injection ext venography
36010196Place catheter in vein
36011196Place catheter in vein
36012196Place catheter in vein
36013192Place catheter in artery
36014196Place catheter in artery
36015196Place catheter in artery
36100196Establish access to artery
36120192Establish access to artery
36140192Establish access to artery
36147176Access av dial grft for eval
36148246Access av dial grft for proc
36160192Establish access to aorta
36200196Place catheter in aorta
36215192Place catheter in artery
36216192Place catheter in artery
36217192Place catheter in artery
36218232Place catheter in artery
36221192Place cath thoracic aorta
36222192Place cath carotid/inom art
36223192Place cath carotid/inom art
36224192Place cath carotd art
36225192Place cath subclavian art
36226192Place cath vertebral art
36227192Place cath xtrnl carotid
36228192Place cath intracranial art
36245196Ins cath abd/l ext art 1ST
36246196Ins cath abd/l ext art 2ND
36247196Ins cath abd/l ext art 3RD
36248232Ins cath abd/l ext art addl
3625114Ins cath ren art 1st unilat
3625214Ins cath ren art 1st bilat
3625314Ins cath ren art 2nd+ unilat
3625414Ins cath ren art 2nd+ bilat
3626055Insertion of infusion pump
3626120Revision of infusion pump
3626255Removal of infusion pump
36299198Vessel injection procedure, unlisted
36410192Non-routine bl draw, > 3 yrs
36415266Routine venipuncture
36425179Establish access to vein
36430180Blood transfusion service
36455208Exchange transfusion service
36468124Injection(s), spider veins
36469124Injection(s), spider veins
3647025Injection therapy of vein
3647157Injection therapy of veins
36475131Endovenous rf, 1st vein
36476245Endovenous rf, vein add-on
36478131Endovenous laser, 1st vein
36479245Endovenous laser vein addon
36481113Insertion of catheter, vein
36500113Insertion of catheter, vein
36511129Apheresis wbc
36512129Apheresis rbc
36513129Apheresis platelets
36514129Apheresis plasma
36515129Apheresis, adsorp/reinfuse
36516129Apheresis, selective
36556105Insert non-tunnel cv cath
3655821Insert tunneled cv cath
3656121Insert tunneled cv cath
3656320Insert tunneled cv cath
3656521Insert tunneled cv cath
3656621Insert tunneled cv cath
36569105Insert tunneled cv cath
3657121Insert tunneled cv cath
3657596Repair tunneled cv cath
3657620Repair tunneled cv cath
3657820Replace tunneled cv cath
36580130Replace tunneled cv cath
3658150Replace tunneled cv cath
3658250Replace tunneled cv cath
3658350Replace tunneled cv cath
36584130Replace tunneled cv cath
3658550Replace tunneled cv cath
3658952Removal tunneled cv cath
3659050Removal tunneled cv cath
36591213Draw blood off venous device
36592213Collect blood from PICC
36593177Declot vascular device
36595129Mech remov tunneled cv cath
36596104Mech remov tunneled cv cath
36597104Reposition venous catheter
36598125Inj w/fluor, eval cv device
36600192Withdrawal of arterial blood
36620114Insertion catheter, artery
36625114Insertion catheter, artery
36640104Insertion catheter, artery
36680124Insert needle, bone cavity
36800104Insertion of cannula
36810104Insertion of cannula
36815104Insertion of cannula
368188Av fuse, uppr arm, cephalic
368198Av fusion/uppr arm vein
3682040Av fusion/forearm vein
368218Av fusion direct any site
3682230Insertion of cannula(s)end-dated 12/31/2014
3682361Insertion of cannula(s)
368258Artery-vein graft
368308Artery-vein graft
368318Open thrombect av fistula
368328Av fistula revision, open
368338Av fistula revision
3683524Artery to vein shunt
3683815Dist revas ligation, hemo
36860104External cannula declotting
36861104Cannula declotting
3687043Percut thrombect av fistula
3714047Revision of circulation
3714559Revision of circulation
3716045Revision of circulation
3718045Revision of circulation
3718145Splice spleen/kidney veins
37182133Insert hepatic shunt (tips)
37183133Remove hepatic shunt (tips)
3718489Prim art mech thrombectomy
37185235Prim art m-thrombect add-on
37186235Sec art m-thrombect add-on
37187119Venous mech thrombectomy
37188119Venous m-thrombectomy add-on
3719174Ins endovas vena cava filtr
3719274Redo endovas vena cava filtr
3719374Rem endovas vena cava filter
37195213Thrombolytic therapy, stroke
37197251Remove intrvas froeign body
37200104Transcatheter biopsy
37202113Transcatheter therapy infuse
37204113Transcatheter occlusion end-dated 12/31/2013
37205107Transcath iv stent percut end-dated 12/31/2013
37206246Transcath iv stent/perc addlend-dated 12/31/2013
3720791Transcath iv stent open end-dated 12/31/2013
37208238Transcath iv stent/open addlend-dated 12/31/2013
37210137Embolization uterine fibroidend-dated 12/31/2013
37211104Thrombolytic art therapy
37212104Thrombolytic venous therapy
37213104Thromblytic art/ven therapy
37214104Cessj therapy cath removal
3721527Transcath stent, cca w/eps
3721670Transcath stent, cca w/o eps
37217230Stent placemt retro carotid
37218119Stene placemt ante carotid
37220119Iliac revasc
37221119Iliac revasc w/stent
37222119Iliac revasc add-on
37223119Iliac revasc w/stent add-on
3722490Fem/popl revas w/tla
3722590Fem/popl revas w/ather
3722690Fem/popl revasc w/stent
3722790Fem/popl revasc stnt & ather
3722890Tib/per revasc w/tla
3722990Tib/per revasc w/ather
3723090Tib/per revasc w/stent
3723190Tib/per revasc stent & ather
37232133Tib/per revasc add-on
37233133Tib/per revasc w/ather add-on
37234133Revsc opn/prq tib/pero stent
37235133Tib/per revasc stnt & ather
3723689Open perq place stent 1st
37237241Open/perq place stent ea add
3723889Open/perq place stent same
37239241Open/perq place stent ea add
37241113Vasc embolize/occlude venous
37242113Vasc embolize/occlude artery
37243113Vasc embolize/occlude organ
37244113Vasc embolize/occlude bleed
37250238Iv us first vessel add-on
37251238Iv us each add vessel add-on
3750011Endoscopy ligate perf veins
37501203Vascular endoscopy procedure
3756545Ligation of neck vein
3760045Ligation of neck artery
3760545Ligation of neck artery
3760659Ligation of neck artery
3760710Ligation of a-v fistula
3760957Temporal artery procedure
3761514Ligation of neck artery
3761614Ligation of chest artery
3761714Ligation of abdomen artery
3761814Ligation of extremity artery
3761947Ligation of inf vena cava
3765043Revision of major vein
3766045Revision of major vein
3770025Revise leg vein
3771811Ligate/strip short leg vein
3772211Ligate/strip long leg vein
3773511Removal of leg veins/lesion
3776042Revision of leg veins
3776140Ligation leg vein(s), open w/ ultrasound, 1 leg
3776511Phleb veins - extrem - to 20
3776611Phleb veins - extrem 20+
3778011Revision of leg vein
3778525Revise secondary varicosity
3778845Revascularization, penis
3779050Penile venous occlusion
37799198Vascular surgery procedure, unlisted
3810014Removal of spleen, total
3810114Removal of spleen, partial
38102225Removal of spleen, total
3811545Repair of ruptured spleen
3812014Laparoscopy, splenectomy
38129211Laparoscope proc, spleen
38200133Injection for spleen x-ray
38204270Bl donor search management
38205133Harvest allogeneic stem cell
38206124Harvest auto stem cells
38207270Cryopreserve stem cells
38208270Thaw preserved stem cells
38209270Wash harvest stem cells
38210270T-cell depletion of harvest
38211270Tumor cell deplete of harvst
38212270Rbc depletion of harvest
38213270Platelet deplete of harvest
38214270Volume deplete of harvest
38215270Harvest stem cell concentrte
38220178Bone marrow aspiration
38221178Biopsy, needle/trocar
3823050Bone marrow harvest allogen
3823250Bone marrow harvest autolog
38240211Bn marrow/stm transplt allo
38241205Bn marrow/stm transplt auto
38242133Lymphocyte infuse transplant
38243131Transplj hematopoietic boost
3830024Drainage, lymph node lesion
3830555Drainage, lymph node lesion
383088Incision of lymph channels
3838045Thoracic duct procedure
3838145Thoracic duct procedure
3838245Thoracic duct procedure
3850025Biopsy/removal, lymph nodes
38505106Needle biopsy, lymph nodes
3851025Biopsy/removal, lymph nodes
3852025Biopsy/removal, lymph nodes
3852525Biopsy/removal, lymph nodes
385309Biopsy/removal, lymph nodes
385429Explore deep node(s), neck
3855020Removal, neck/armpit lesion
3855539Removal, neck/armpit lesion
3856213Removal, pelvic lymph nodes
3856414Removal, abdomen lymph nodes
385708Laparoscopy, lymph node biop
385717Laparoscopy, lymphadenectomy
385727Laparoscopy, lymphadenectomy
38589214Laparoscope proc, lymphatic, unlisted
387009Removal of lymph nodes, neck
3872015Removal of lymph nodes, neck
3872415Removal of lymph nodes, neck
387409Remove armpit lymph nodes
3874540Remove armpit lymph nodes
38746238Remove thoracic lymph nodes
38747225Remove abdominal lymph nodes
387609Remove groin lymph nodes
3876515Remove groin lymph nodes
3877015Remove pelvis lymph nodes
3878014Remove abdomen lymph nodes
38790140Inject for lymphatic x-ray
38792140Ra tracer id of sentinl node
3879459Access thoracic lymph duct
38900140Io map of sent lymph node
38999200Blood/lymph system procedure, unlisted
3900014Exploration of chest
3901014Exploration of chest
3920045Resect mediastinal cyst
3922014Resect mediastinal tumor
3940061Mediastinoscopy incl biospy
39499198Chest procedure, unlisted
3950114Repair diaphragm laceration
3950345Repair of diaphragm hernia
3954014Repair of diaphragm hernia
3954114Repair of diaphragm hernia
3954514Revision of diaphragm
3956014Resect diaphragm, simple
3956114Resect diaphragm, complex
39599198Diaphragm surgery procedure, unlisted
40490129Biopsy of lip
4050024Partial excision of lip
4051024Partial excision of lip
4052024Partial excision of lip
4052555Reconstruct lip with flap
4052750Reconstruct lip with flap
4053055Partial removal of lip
4065050Repair lip
4065250Repair lip
4065455Repair lip
4070020Repair cleft lip/nasal
4070149Repair cleft lip/nasal
4070249Repair cleft lip/nasal
4072052Repair cleft lip/nasal
4076155Repair cleft lip/nasal
40799198Lip surgery procedure, unlisted
4080024Drainage of mouth lesion
4080155Drainage of mouth lesion
4080420Removal, foreign body, mouth
4080550Removal, foreign body, mouth
4080696Incision of lip fold
4080824Biopsy of mouth lesion
4081024Excision of mouth lesion
4081224Excise/repair mouth lesion
4081455Excise/repair mouth lesion
4081655Excision of mouth lesion
4081850Excise oral mucosa for graft
4081950Excise lip or cheek fold
4082055Treatment of mouth lesion
4083050Repair mouth laceration
4083150Repair mouth laceration
4084020Reconstruction of mouth
4084220Reconstruction of mouth
4084319Reconstruction of mouth
4084420Reconstruction of mouth
4084550Reconstruction of mouth
40899198Mouth surgery procedure, unlisted
4100024Drainage of mouth lesion
4100520Drainage of mouth lesion
4100650Drainage of mouth lesion
4100750Drainage of mouth lesion
4100850Drainage of mouth lesion
4100950Drainage of mouth lesion
4101020Incision of tongue fold
4101550Drainage of mouth lesion
4101650Drainage of mouth lesion
4101750Drainage of mouth lesion
4101850Drainage of mouth lesion
41019117Place needles, head/neck for rt
4110024Biopsy of tongue
4110524Biopsy of tongue
4110824Biopsy of floor of mouth
4111024Excision of tongue lesion
4111224Excision of tongue lesion
4111324Excision of tongue lesion
4111420Excision of tongue lesion
4111520Excision of tongue fold
4111624Excision of mouth lesion
411208Partial removal of tongue
4113014Partial removal of tongue
4113514Tongue and neck surgery
4114014Removal of tongue
4114514Tongue removal, neck surgery
4115014Tongue, mouth, jaw surgery
4115314Tongue, mouth, neck surgery
4115545Tongue, jaw, & neck surgery
4125020Repair tongue laceration
4125120Repair tongue laceration
4125250Repair tongue laceration
4150020Fixation of tongue
4151020Tongue to lip surgery
4151250Tongue suspension
4152020Reconstruction, tongue fold
4153050Tongue base vol reduction
41599198Tongue and mouth surgery, unlisted
4180024Drainage of gum lesion
4180520Removal foreign body, gum
4180650Removal foreign body,jawbone
41820124Excision, gum, each quadrant
41821124Excision of gum flap
4182250Excision of gum lesion
4182350Excision of gum lesion
4182524Excision of gum lesion
4182624Excision of gum lesion
4182755Excision of gum lesion
4182850Excision of gum lesion
4183050Removal of gum tissue
41850124Treatment of gum lesion
41870124Gum graft
4187250Repair gum
4187450Repair tooth socket
41899198Dental surgery procedure, unlisted
4200020Drainage mouth roof lesion
4210024Biopsy roof of mouth
4210424Excision lesion, mouth roof
4210624Excision lesion, mouth roof
4210755Excision lesion, mouth roof
4212039Remove palate/lesion
4214024Excision of uvula
4214555Repair palate, pharynx/uvula
4216020Treatment mouth roof lesion
4218050Repair palate
4218250Repair palate
4220050Reconstruct cleft palate
4220520Reconstruct cleft palate
4221050Reconstruct cleft palate
4221520Reconstruct cleft palate
4222020Reconstruct cleft palate
4222520Reconstruct cleft palate
4222650Lengthening of palate
4222750Lengthening of palate
4223550Repair palate
4226050Repair nose to lip fistula
4228050Preparation, palate mold
4228150Insertion, palate prosthesis
42299198Palate/uvula surgery, unlisted
4230024Drainage of salivary gland
4230520Drainage of salivary gland
4231020Drainage of salivary gland
4232020Drainage of salivary gland
4233024Removal of salivary stone
4233524Removal of salivary stone
4234050Removal of salivary stone
42400104Biopsy of salivary gland
4240555Biopsy of salivary gland
4240850Excision of salivary cyst
4240950Drainage of salivary cyst
424108Excise parotid gland/lesion
424158Excise parotid gland/lesion
424208Excise parotid gland/lesion
424258Excise parotid gland/lesion
4242645Excise parotid gland/lesion
424408Excise submaxillary gland
4245050Excise sublingual gland
4250050Repair salivary duct
4250555Repair salivary duct
4250719Parotid duct diversion
4250819Parotid duct diversionend-dated 12/31/2014
4250949Parotid duct diversion
4251038Parotid duct diversion
42550137Injection for salivary x-ray
4260050Closure of salivary fistula
42650104Dilation of salivary duct
42660124Dilation of salivary duct
4266520Ligation of salivary duct
42699198Salivary surgery procedure, unlisted
4270055Drainage of tonsil abscess
4272050Drainage of throat abscess
4272539Drainage of throat abscess
4280024Biopsy of throat
4280224Biopsy of throatend-dated 12/31/2013
4280424Biopsy of upper nose/throat
4280624Biopsy of upper nose/throat
4280824Excise pharynx lesion
4280955Remove pharynx foreign body
4281020Excision of neck cyst
4281539Excision of neck cyst
4282120Remove tonsils and adenoids
4282624Removal of tonsils
4283120Removal of adenoids
4283620Removal of adenoids
4284227Extensive surgery of throat
4284445Extensive surgery of throat
4284545Extensive surgery of throat
4286020Excision of tonsil tags
4287050Excision of lingual tonsil
4289039Partial removal of pharynx
4289239Revision of pharyngeal walls
4289445Revision of pharyngeal walls
4290020Repair throat wound
4295039Reconstruction of throat
4295359Repair throat, esophagus
4295550Surgical opening of throat
4296020Control throat bleeding
4296127Control throat bleeding
4296224Control throat bleeding
4297024Control nose/throat bleeding
4297127Control nose/throat bleeding
4297220Control nose/throat bleeding
42999198Throat surgery procedure, unlisted
4302045Incision of esophagus
430308Throat muscle surgery
4304545Incision of esophagus
4310014Excision of esophagus lesion
4310114Excision of esophagus lesion
4310714Removal of esophagus
4310845Removal of esophagus
4311214Removal of esophagus
4311345Removal of esophagus
4311614Partial removal of esophagus
4311714Partial removal of esophagus
4311814Partial removal of esophagus
4312114Partial removal of esophagus
4312214Partial removal of esophagus
4312314Partial removal of esophagus
4312445Removal of esophagus
431308Removal of esophagus pouch
4313514Removal of esophagus pouch
43180104Esophagoscopy rigid trnso
43191104Esophagoscopy rigid trnso dx
43192104Esophagoscp rig trnso inject
43193104Esophagoscp rig trnso biopsy
43194104Esophagoscp rig trnso rem fb
43195104Esophagoscopy rigid balloon
43196104Esophagoscp guide wire dilat
43197104Esophagoscopy flex dx brush
43198104Esophagosc flex trnsn biopsy
43200104Esophagoscopy flexible brush
43201104Esoph scope w/submusous inj
43202104Esophagoscopy flex biopsy
43204104Esoph scope w/sclerosis inj
4320596Esophagus endoscopy/ligation
43206104Esoph optical endomicroscopy
43211104Esophagoscop mucosal resect
43212104Esophagoscop stent placement
43213104Esophagoscopy retro balloon
43214104Esophagosc dilate balloon 30
43215104Esophagoscopy flex remove fb
4321696Esophagoscopy lesion removal
43217104Esophagoscopy snare les remv
43219104Esophagus endoscopy end-dated 12/31/2013
43220104Esophagoscopy balloon <30mm
43226104Esoph endoscopy dilation
43227104Esophagoscopy control bleed
43228104Esoph endoscopy ablation end-dated 12/31/2013
43229104Esophagoscopy lesion ablate
4323187Esophagoscop ultrasound exam
4323287Esophagoscopy w/us needle bx
43233104Egd balloon dil esoph30 mm/>
43235104Egd diagnostic brush wash
43236104Uppr gi scope w/submuc inj
4323796Endoscopic us exam esoph
4323896Egd us fine needle bx/aspir
43239104Egd biopsy single/multiple
43240104Egd w/transmural drain cyst
43241104Egd tube/cath insertion
4324296Egd us fine needle bx/aspir
43243104Egd injection varices
4324496Egd varices ligation
43245104Egd dilate stricture
4324687Egd place gastrostomy tube
43247104Egd remove foreign body
43248104Egd guide wire insertion
43249104Esoph egd dilation <30 mm
43250104Egd cautery tumor polyp
43251104Egd remove lesion snare
43252104Egd optical endomicroscopy
43253104Egd us transmural injxn/mark
43254104Egd endo mucosal resection
43255104Egd control bleeding any
43256104Uppr gi endoscopy w/stent end-dated 12/31/2013
43257104Egd w/thrml txmnt gerd
43258104Operative upper gi endoscopyend-dated 12/31/2013
4325996Egd us exam duodenum/jejunum
43260104Ercp w/specimen collection
43261129Endo cholangiopancreatograph
43262129Endo cholangiopancreatograph
43263129Ercp sphincter pressure meas
43264104Ercp remove duct calculi
43265104Ercp lithotripsy calculi
43266104Egd endoscopic stent place
43267129Endo cholangiopancreatographend-dated 12/31/2013
43268129Endo cholangiopancreatographend-dated 12/31/2013
43269129Endo cholangiopancreatographend-dated 12/31/2013
43270104Egd lesion ablation
43271129Endo cholangiopancreatographend-dated 12/31/2013
43272124Endo cholangiopancreatographend-dated 12/31/2013
43273241Endoscopic pancreatoscopy
43274129ERCP duct stent placement
43275129ERCP remove forgn body duct
43276129ERCP stent exchange w/dilate
43277129ERCP ea duct/ampulla dilate
43278124ERCP lesion ablate w/dilate
4327945Lap myotomy, heller
4328014Laparoscopy, fundoplasty
4328114Lap paraesophag hern repair
4328245Lap paraesoph hern repair w/mesh
43283120Lap esoph lengthening
43289214Laparoscope proc, esoph
4330014Repair of esophagus
4330545Repair esophagus and fistula
4331014Repair of esophagus
4331245Repair esophagus and fistula
4331314Esophagoplasty congential
4331445Tracheo-esophagoplasty cong
4332045Fuse esophagus & stomach
4332445Revise esophagus & stomach
4332545Revise esophagus & stomach
4332645Revise esophagus & stomach
4333045Repair of esophagus
4333145Repair of esophagus
4333245Transab esoph hiat hern rpr
4333345Transab esoph hiat hern rpr
4333445Transthor diaphrag hern rpr
4333545Transthor diaphrag hern rpr
4333645Thorabd diaphr hern repair
4333745Thorabd diaphr hern repair
43338120Esoph lengthening
4334045Fuse esophagus & intestine
4334145Fuse esophagus & intestine
4335045Surgical opening, esophagusend-dated 12/31/2014
4335145Surgical opening, esophagus
4335245Surgical opening, esophagus
4336045Gastrointestinal repair
4336145Gastrointestinal repair
4340014Ligate esophagus veins
4340145Esophagus surgery for veins
4340545Ligate/staple esophagus
4341045Repair esophagus wound
4341514Repair esophagus wound
4342045Repair esophagus opening
4342545Repair esophagus opening
43450104Dilate esophagus 1/mult pass
43453104Dilate esophagus
43456104Dilate esophagusend-dated 12/31/2013
43458104Dilate esophagusend-dated 12/31/2013
43460137Pressure treatment esophagus
4349614Free jejunum flap, microvasc
43499200Esophagus surgery procedure, unlisted
4350014Surgical opening of stomach
4350114Surgical repair of stomach
4350214Surgical repair of stomach
4351045Surgical opening of stomach
4352014Incision of pyloric muscle
4360514Biopsy of stomach
4361014Excision of stomach lesion
4361114Excision of stomach lesion
4362045Removal of stomach
4362145Removal of stomach
4362245Removal of stomach
4363145Removal of stomach, partial
4363245Removal of stomach, partial
4363314Removal of stomach, partial
4363445Removal of stomach, partial
43635238Removal of stomach, partial
4364014Vagotomy & pylorus repair
4364145Vagotomy & pylorus repair
4364414Lap gastric bypass/roux-en-y
4364514Lap gastr bypass incl smll i
43647175Lap impl electrode, antrum
43648175Lap revise/remv eltrd antrum
4365145Laparoscopy, vagus nerve
4365245Laparoscopy, vagus nerve
436538Laparoscopy, gastrostomy
43659214Laparoscope proc, stom
43752105Nasal/orogastric w/stent
43753105Tx gastro intub w/asp
43754105Dx gastr intub w/asp spec
43755105Dx gastr intub w/asp specs
43756105Dx duod intub w/asp spec
43757105Dx duod intub w/asp specs
43760104Change gastrostomy tube
43761104Reposition gastrostomy tube
437708Lap, place gastr adjust band
4377114Lap, revise adjust gast band
4377214Lap, remove adjust gast band
4377314Lap, change adjust gast band
4377414Lap remov adj gast band/port
4377545Lap sleeve gastrectomy
4380014Reconstruction of pylorus
4381014Fusion of stomach and bowel
4382014Fusion of stomach and bowel
4382514Fusion of stomach and bowel
4383014Place gastrostomy tube
4383114Place gastrostomy tube
4383214Place gastrostomy tube
4384014Repair of stomach lesion
4384270Gastroplasty for obesity
4384345Gastroplasty for obesity
4384514Gastroplasty duodenal switch
4384614Gastric bypass for obesity
4384745Gastric bypass for obesity
4384814Revision gastroplasty
4385014Revise stomach-bowel fusion
4385545Revise stomach-bowel fusion
4386014Revise stomach-bowel fusion
4386514Revise stomach-bowel fusion
4387045Repair stomach opening
4388045Repair stomach-bowel fistula
43881201Impl/redo electrd, antrum
43882175Revise/remove electrd antrum
438868Revise gastric port, open
438878Remove gastric port, open
438888Change gastric port, open
43999198Stomach surgery procedure, unlisted
4400514Freeing of bowel adhesion
4401014Incision of small bowel
44015225Insert needle cath bowel
4402014Explore small intestine
4402114Decompress small bowel
4402514Incision of large bowel
4405014Reduce bowel obstruction
4405545Correct malrotation of bowel
44100104Biopsy of bowel
4411014Excise intestine lesion(s)
4411145Excision of bowel lesion(s)
4412014Removal of small intestine
44121238Removal of small intestine
4412545Removal of small intestine
4412614Enterectomy w/taper, cong
4412714Enterectomy w/o taper, cong
44128238Enterectomy cong, add-on
4413014Bowel to bowel fusion
44132185Enterectomy, cadaver donor
44133185Enterectomy, live donor
44135185Intestine transplnt, cadaver
44136185Intestine transplant, live
44137201Remove intestinal allograft
44139238Mobilization of colon
4414014Partial removal of colon
4414114Partial removal of colon
4414314Partial removal of colon
4414414Partial removal of colon
4414514Partial removal of colon
4414614Partial removal of colon
4414714Partial removal of colon
4415014Removal of colon
4415114Removal of colon/ileostomy
4415514Removal of colon/ileostomy
4415614Removal of colon/ileostomy
4415714Colectomy w/ileoanal anast
4415814Colectomy w/neo-rectum pouch
4416014Removal of colon
4418014Lap, enterolysis
4418614Lap, jejunostomy
4418714Lap, ileo/jejuno-stomy
4418814Lap, colostomy
4420214Lap resect s/intestine singl
44203238Lap resect s/intestine, addl
4420414Laparo partial colectomy
4420514Lap colectomy part w/ileum
4420614Lap part colectomy w/stoma
4420714L colectomy/coloproctostomy
4420814L colectomy/coloproctostomy
4421014Laparo total proctocolectomy
4421114Laparo total proctocolectomy
4421214Laparo total proctocolectomy
44213238Lap, mobil splenic fl add-on
4422714Lap, close enterostomy
44238214Laparoscope proc, intestine
4430014Open bowel to skin
4431220Revision of ileostomy
4431414Revision of ileostomy
4431614Devise bowel pouch
4432214Colostomy with biopsies
4434010Revision of colostomy
4434514Revision of colostomy
4434614Revision of colostomy
44360104Small bowel endoscopy
44361104Small bowel endoscopy/biopsy
44363124Small bowel endoscopy
4436496Small bowel endoscopy
4436596Small bowel endoscopy
44366104Small bowel endoscopy
4436996Small bowel endoscopy
4437096Small bowel endoscopy/stent
44372129Small bowel endoscopy
44373129Small bowel endoscopy
4437696Small bowel endoscopy
44377124Small bowel endoscopy/biopsy
4437896Small bowel endoscopy
44379124S bowel endoscope w/stent
44380104Small bowel endoscopy
44381129Small bowel endoscopy br/wa
44382129Small bowel endoscopy
44383129Ileoscopy w/stent
44384129Small bowel endoscopy
44385129Endoscopy of bowel pouch
44386124Endoscopy, bowel pouch/biop
44388104Colon endoscopy
44389104Colonoscopy with biopsy
44390124Colonoscopy for foreign body
4439196Colonoscopy for bleeding
44392129Colonoscopy & polypectomy
44393129Colonoscopy, lesion removal
44394129Colonoscopy w/snare
44397129Colonoscopy w/stentend-dated 12/31/2014
4440197Colonoscopy w/ablation
4440297Colonoscopy w/stent plcmt
4440397Colonoscopy w/resection
4440497Colonoscopy w/injection
4440697Colonoscopy w/dilation
4440797Colonoscopy w/ultrasound
4440897Colonoscopy w/aspir/bx
4450097Intro, gastrointestinal tube
4460214Suture, small intestine
4460314Suture, small intestine
4460414Suture, large intestine
4460545Repair of bowel lesion
4461545Intestinal stricturoplasty
4462014Repair bowel opening
4462514Repair bowel opening
4462614Repair bowel opening
4464045Repair bowel-skin fistula
4465045Repair bowel fistula
4466045Repair bowel-bladder fistula
4466114Repair bowel-bladder fistula
4468045Surgical revision, intestine
4470045Suspend bowel w/prosthesis
44701225Intraop colon lavage add-on
44705201Prepare fecal microbiota
44715201Prepare donor intestine
44720201Prep donor intestine/venous
44721201Prep donor intestine/artery
44799200Intestine surgery procedure, unlisted
4480045Excision of bowel pouch
4482014Excision of mesentery lesion
4485014Repair of mesentery
44899198Bowel surgery procedure, unlisted
4490014Drain appendix abscess open
44901137Drain app abscess percut end-dated 12/31/2013
44955238Appendectomy add-on
4497014Laparoscopy, appendectomy
44979214Laparoscope proc, app
4500055Drainage of pelvic abscess
4500524Drainage of rectal abscess
4502055Drainage of rectal abscess
4510024Biopsy of rectum
4510810Removal of anorectal lesion
4511014Removal of rectum
4511114Partial removal of rectum
4511214Removal of rectum
4511314Partial proctectomy
4511414Partial removal of rectum
4511614Partial removal of rectum
4511914Remove rectum w/reservoir
4512014Removal of rectum
4512114Removal of rectum and colon
4512314Partial proctectomy
4512645Pelvic exenteration
4513014Excision of rectal prolapse
4513514Excision of rectal prolapse
4513645Excise ileoanal reservoir
4515020Excision of rectal stricture
451608Excision of rectal lesion
451718Excise rect tumor, transanal, part
451728Excise rect tumor, transanal, full
4519010Destruction, rectal tumor
45300104Proctosigmoidoscopy dx
45303104Proctosigmoidoscopy dilate
45305104Protosigmoidoscopy w/bx
4530796Protosigmoidoscopy fb
45308104Protosigmoidoscopy removal
45309104Protosigmoidoscopy removal
45315104Protosigmoidoscopy removal
45317104Protosigmoidoscopy bleed
45320104Protosigmoidoscopy ablate
45321104Protosigmoidoscopy volvul
45327104Proctosigmoidoscopy w/stent
45330104Diagnostic sigmoidoscopy
45331104Sigmoidoscopy and biopsy
45332104Sigmoidoscopy w/fb removal
45333104Sigmoidoscopy & polypectomy
45334104Sigmoidoscopy for bleeding
45335104Sigmoidoscope w/submuc inj
45337104Sigmoidoscopy & decompress
45338104Sigmoidoscpy w/tumr remove
45339104Sigmoidoscopy w/ablate tumr
45340104Sig w/balloon dilation
45341104Sigmoidoscopy w/ultrasound
45342104Sigmoidoscopy w/us guide bx
45345104Sigmodoscopy w/stent
45346104Colonoscopy w/decompression
45347104Sigmoidoscopy w/ablation
45349104Sigmoidoscopy w/plcmt stent
45350104Sigmoidoscopy w/resection
45355104Surgical colonoscopy
45378104Diagnostic colonoscopy
4537853113Diagnostic colonoscopy
45379129Colonoscopy w/fb removal
45380104Colonoscopy and biopsy
45381104Colonoscope, submucous inj
45382104Colonoscopy/control bleeding
45383129Lesion removal colonoscopy
45384129Lesion remove colonoscopy
45385104Lesion removal colonoscopy
45386129Colonoscope dilate stricture
45387129Colonoscopy w/stentend-dated 12/31/2014
45388129Sgmdsc w/band ligation
45389129Colonoscopy w/ablation
45390129Colonoscopy w/stent plcmt
45391129Colonoscopy w/endoscope us
45392129Colonoscopy w/endoscopic fnb
45393129Colonosscopy w/resection
4539545Lap, removal of rectum
4539714Lap, remove rectum w/pouch
45398129Colonoscopy w/decompression
45399129Colonoscopy w/band ligation
4540014Laparoscopic proctopexy
4540214Lap proctopexy w/sig resect
45499211Laparoscope proc, rectum
4550020Repair of rectum
4550524Repair of rectum
45520104Treatment of rectal prolapse
4554014Correct rectal prolapse
455418Correct rectal prolapse
4555014Repair rectum/remove sigmoid
455608Repair of rectocele
4556214Exploration/repair of rectum
4556345Exploration/repair of rectum
4580014Repair rect/bladder fistula
4580514Repair fistula w/colostomy
4582014Repair rectourethral fistula
4582514Repair fistula w/colostomy
4590020Reduction of rectal prolapse
4590524Dilation of anal sphincter
4591024Dilation of rectal narrowing
4591524Remove rectal obstruction
4599085Surg dx exam, anorectal
45999198Rectum surgery procedure, unlisted
46601104Unlisted procedure colon
46607104Diagnostic anoscopy
4602024Placement of seton
4603050Removal of rectal marker
4604055Incision of rectal abscess
4604524Incision of rectal abscess
4605024Incision of anal abscess
4606024Incision of rectal abscess
4607050Incision of anal septum
4608024Incision of anal sphincter
4608324Incise external hemorrhoid
4620024Removal of anal fissure
4622024Removal of anal tab
4622124Ligation of hemorrhoid(s)
4623024Removal of anal tabs
4625724Remove hemorrhoids & fissure
4625820Remove hemorrhoids & fistula
4626124Remove hemorrhoids & fissure
4626224Remove hemorrhoids & fistula
4627024Removal of anal fistula
4627524Removal of anal fistula
4628024Removal of anal fistula
4628524Removal of anal fistula
4628824Repair anal fistula
4632055Removal of hemorrhoid clot
4650024Injection into hemorrhoid(s)
4650557Chemodenervation anal musc
46600104Diagnostic anoscopy
46604104Anoscopy and dilation
46606104Anoscopy and biopsy
46608124Anoscopy/ remove for body
46610129Anoscopy/remove lesion
46612124Anoscopy/ remove lesions
46614104Anoscopy/control bleeding
4670024Repair of anal stricture
4670545Repair of anal stricture
4670624Repr of anal fistula w/glue
4670720Repair anorectal fist w/plug
4671045Repr per/vag pouch sngl proc
4671245Repr per/vag pouch dbl proc
4671559Repair of anovaginal fistula
4671645Repair of anovaginal fistula
4673045Construction of absent anus
4673545Construction of absent anus
4674045Construction of absent anus
4674245Repair of imperforated anus
4674445Repair of cloacal anomaly
4674614Repair of cloacal anomaly
4674845Repair of cloacal anomaly
4675039Repair of anal sphincter
4675145Repair of anal sphincter
4675355Reconstruction of anus
4675450Removal of suture from anus
4676039Repair of anal sphincter
467618Repair of anal sphincter
4676239Implant artificial sphincter
4690055Destruction, anal lesion(s)
4691055Destruction, anal lesion(s)
4691655Cryosurgery, anal lesion(s)
4691755Laser surgery, anal lesions
4692255Excision of anal lesion(s)
4692455Destruction, anal lesion(s)
4693020Destroy internal hemorrhoids
4694024Treatment of anal fissure
4694220Treatment of anal fissure
4694524Ligation of hemorrhoids
4694655Ligation of hemorrhoids
4694724Hemorrhoidopexy by stapling
46999198Anus surgery procedure, unlisted
47000104Needle biopsy of liver
47001226Needle biopsy, liver add-on
4701014Open drainage liver lesion
47011113Percut drain liver lesion end-dated 12/31/2013
4701514Inject/aspirate liver cyst
4710014Wedge biopsy of liver
4712014Partial removal of liver
4712214Extensive removal of liver
4712514Partial removal of liver
4713045Partial removal of liver
47133270Removal of donor liver
4713534Transplantation of liver
4713634Transplantation of liver
4714034Partial removal, donor liver
4714134Partial removal, donor liver
4714245Partial removal, donor liver
47143175Prep donor liver, whole
4714445Prep donor liver, 3-segment
47145201Prep donor liver, lobe split
47146201Prep donor liver/venous
47147201Prep donor liver/arterial
4730014Surgery for liver lesion
4735014Repair liver wound
4736014Repair liver wound
4736114Repair liver wound
4736214Repair liver wound
4737014Laparo ablate liver tumor rf
4737114Laparo ablate liver cryosug
47379211Laparoscope procedure, liver
4738014Open ablate liver tumor rf
4738114Open ablate liver tumor cryo
4738224Percut ablate liver rf
47383104Diagnostic anoscopy & biopsy
47399200Liver surgery procedure, unlisted
4740045Incision of liver duct
4742014Incision of bile duct
4742545Incision of bile duct
4746014Incise bile duct sphincter
4748014Incision of gallbladder
4749030Incision of gallbladder
47500113Injection for liver x-rays
47505107Injection for liver x-rays
4751024Insert catheter, bile duct
4751125Insert bile duct drain
4752525Change bile duct catheter
4753024Revise/reinsert bile tube
47550225Bile duct endoscopy add-on
4755288Biliary endo perq dx w/speci
47553104Biliary endoscopy thru skin
4755488Biliary endoscopy thru skin
47555104Biliary endoscopy thru skin
47556104Biliary endoscopy thru skin
4756096Laparoscopy w/cholangio
4756196Laparo w/cholangio/biopsy
4756239Laparoscopic cholecystectomy
4756339Laparo cholecystectomy/graph
4756439Laparo cholecystectomy/explr
4757045Laparo cholecystoenterostomy
47579214Laparoscope proc, biliary
4760014Removal of gallbladder
4760514Removal of gallbladder
4761014Removal of gallbladder
4761214Removal of gallbladder
4762014Removal of gallbladder
4763010Remove bile duct stone
4770045Exploration of bile ducts
4770159Bile duct revision
4771145Excision of bile duct tumor
4771214Excision of bile duct tumor
4771514Excision of bile duct cyst
4772014Fuse gallbladder & bowel
4772114Fuse upper gi structures
4774014Fuse gallbladder & bowel
4774145Fuse gallbladder & bowel
4776014Fuse bile ducts and bowel
4776514Fuse liver ducts & bowel
4778014Fuse bile ducts and bowel
4778545Fuse bile ducts and bowel
4780045Reconstruction of bile ducts
4780114Placement, bile duct support
4780239Fuse liver duct & intestine
4790014Suture bile duct injury
47999200Bile tract surgery procedure, unlisted
4800014Drainage of abdomen
4800145Placement of drain, pancreas
4802014Removal of pancreatic stone
4810014Biopsy of pancreas, open
4810230Needle biopsy, pancreas
4810545Resect/debride pancreas
4812014Removal of pancreas lesion
4814045Partial removal of pancreas
4814545Partial removal of pancreas
4814814Removal of pancreatic duct
4815045Partial removal of pancreas
4815545Removal of pancreas
48160270Pancreas removal/transplant
48400246Injection, intraop add-on
4850045Surgery of pancreatic cyst
4851045Drain pancreatic pseudocyst
48511137Drain pancreatic pseudocyst end-dated 12/31/2013
4852045Fuse pancreas cyst and bowel
4854045Fuse pancreas cyst and bowel
4854745Duodenal exclusion
4854814Fuse pancreas and bowel
48550270Donor pancreatectomy
48551201Prep donor pancreas
48552201Prep donor pancreas/venous
4855434Transpl allograft pancreas
4855634Removal, allograft pancreas
48999198Pancreas surgery procedure, unlisted
4900014Exploration of abdomen
4900214Reopening of abdomen
4901014Exploration behind abdomen
4902027Drainage abdom abscess open
49021113Drain abdominal abscess end-dated 12/31/2013
4904014Drain open abdom abscess
49041137Drain percut abdom abscessend-dated 12/31/2013
4906016Drain open retroperi abscess
49061137Drain percut retroper abscend-dated 12/31/2013
4906245Drain to peritoneal cavity
4908268Abd paracentesis
4908368Abd paracentesis w/imaging
4908468Peritoneal lavage
49180104Biopsy, abdominal mass
4920314Exc abd tumor 5 cm or less
4920414Exc abd tumor over 5 cm
4920514Exc abd tumor over 10 cm
4921514Excise sacral spine tumor
4922045Multiple surgery, abdomen
4925042Excision of umbilicus
4925514Removal of omentum
4932020Diag laparo separate proc
4932139Laparoscopy, biopsy
493228Laparoscopy, aspiration
4932314Laparo drain lymphocele
4932439Lap insertion perm ip cath
4932539Lap revision perm ip cath
49326234Lap w/omentopexy add-on
4932739Lap ins device for rt
49329214Laparo proc, abdm/per/oment, unlisted
49400113Air injection into abdomen
4940210Remove foreign body, adbomen
49405113Image cath fluid colxn visc
49406113Image cath fluid peri/retro
4940727Image cath fluid trns/vgnl
49411124Ins mark abd/pel for rt perq, ea or mult
49412236Ins device for rt guide open
4941824Insert tun ip cath perc
4941955Insrt abdom cath for chemotx
4942124Insert abdominal drain
4942255Remove perm cannula/catheter
4942396Exchange drainage catheter
49424107Assess cyst, contrast inject
4942545Insert abdomen-venous drain
4942655Revise abdomen-venous shunt
49427133Injection, abdominal shunt
4942861Ligation of shunt
4942924Removal of shunt
49435234Insert subq exten to ip cath
494368Embedded ip cath exit-site
4944050Place gastrostomy tube perc
4944150Place duod/jej tube perc
4944250Place cecostomy tube perc
4944696Change g-tube to g-j perc
4945096Replace g/c tube perc
4945196Replace duod/jej tube perc
4945296Replace g-j tube perc
4946096Fix g/colon tube w/ device
49465107Fluoro exam of g/colon tube
4950540Rpr i/hern init reduc>5 yr
495079Rpr i/hern init block>5 yr
4952040Rerepair ing hernia, reduce
4952140Rerepair ing hernia, blocked
4952540Repair ing hernia, sliding
4954040Repair lumbar hernia
495509Rpr fem hernia, init, reduce
4955340Rpr fem hernia, init blocked
4955540Rerepair fem hernia, reduce
4955740Rerepair fem hernia, blocked
495609Rpr ventral hern init, reduc
495619Rpr ventral hern init, block
495659Rerepair ventrl hern, reduce
495669Rerepair ventrl hern, block
49568222Hernia repair w/mesh
495709Rpr epigastric hern, reduce
495729Rpr epigastric hern, blocked
495858Rpr umbil hern, reduc > 5 yr
495878Rpr umbil hern, block > 5 yr
4959040Repair spigelian hernia
4960039Repair umbilical lesion
4960545Repair umbilical lesion
4960645Repair umbilical lesion
4961045Repair umbilical lesion
4961145Repair umbilical lesion
496509Laparo hernia repair initial
496519Laparo hernia repair recur
4965240Lap vent/abd hernia repair
4965340Lap vent/abd hern proc comp
4965440Lap inc hernia repair
4965540Lap inc hern repair comp
4965640Lap inc hernia repair recur
4965740Lap inc hern recur comp
49659214Laparo proc, hernia repair
4990045Repair of abdominal wall
4990436Omental flap, extra-abdom
49905225Omental flap, intra-abdom
4990647Free omental flap, microvasc
49999200Abdomen surgery procedure, unlisted
5001014Exploration of kidney
5002016Renal abscess open drain
50021113Renal abscess percut drainend-dated 12/31/2013
5004016Drainage of kidney
5004514Exploration of kidney
5006014Removal of kidney stone
5006527Incision of kidney
5007014Incision of kidney
5007514Removal of kidney stone
5008025Removal of kidney stone
500819Removal of kidney stone
5010014Revise kidney blood vessels
5012015Exploration of kidney
5012515Explore and drain kidney
5013015Removal of kidney stone
5013546Exploration of kidney
50200106Biopsy of kidney
5020515Biopsy of kidney
5022015Remove kidney, open
5022515Removal kidney open, complex
5023015Removal kidney open, radical
5023414Removal of kidney & ureter
5023614Removal of kidney & ureter
5024014Partial removal of kidney
5025014Cryoablate renal mass open
5028014Removal of kidney lesion
5029014Removal of kidney lesion
50300270Removal of donor kidney
5032046Removal of donor kidney
50323201Prep cadaver renal allograft
50325201Prep donor renal graft
50327201Prep renal graft/venous
50328201Prep renal graft/arterial
50329201Prep renal graft/ureteral
5034015Removal of kidney
5036034Transplantation of kidney
5036535Transplantation of kidney
5037045Remove transplanted kidney
5038045Reimplantation of kidney
50382106Change ureter stent, percut
50384106Remove ureter stent, percut
50385125Change stent via transureth
5038698Remove stent via transureth
5038798Change ext/int ureter stent
50389131Remove renal tube w/fluoro
50390106Drainage of kidney lesion
50391104Instll rx agnt into rnal tub
50392106Insert kidney drain
50393106Insert ureteral tube
50394116Injection for kidney x-ray
50395106Create passage to kidney
50396125Measure kidney pressure
50398106Change kidney tube
5040014Revision of kidney/ureter
5040514Revision of kidney/ureter
5050014Repair of kidney wound
5052014Close kidney-skin fistula
5052545Repair renal-abdomen fistula
5052627Repair renal-abdomen fistula
5054044Revision of horseshoe kidney
5054114Laparo ablate renal cyst
5054214Laparo ablate renal mass
5054314Laparo partial nephrectomy
5054414Laparoscopy, pyeloplasty
5054515Laparo radical nephrectomy
5054615Laparoscopic nephrectomy
5054715Laparo removal donor kidney
5054814Laparo remove k/ureter
50549214Laparoscope proc, renal
5055198Kidney endoscopy
50553131Kidney endoscopy
5055598Kidney endoscopy & biopsy
5055798Kidney endoscopy & treatment
50561125Kidney endoscopy & treatment
5056239Renal scope w/tumor resect
5057098Kidney endoscopy
50572125Kidney endoscopy
5057498Kidney endoscopy & biopsy
50575131Kidney endoscopy
50576125Kidney endoscopy & treatment
50580125Kidney endoscopy & treatment
5059057Fragmenting of kidney stone
5059225Perc rf ablate renal tumor
5059327Perc cryo ablate renal tumor
5060015Exploration of ureter
5060515Insert ureteral support
5061046Removal of ureter stone
5062046Removal of ureter stone
5063046Removal of ureter stone
5065014Removal of ureter
5066014Removal of ureter
50684116Injection for ureter x-ray
50686124Measure ureter pressure
5068824Change of ureter tube
50690137Injection for ureter x-ray
5070045Revision of ureter
5071515Release of ureter
5072214Release of ureter
5072545Release/revise ureter
507278Revise ureter
5072845Revise ureter
5074045Fusion of ureter & kidney
5075059Fusion of ureter & kidney
5076045Fusion of ureters
5077045Splicing of ureters
5078046Reimplant ureter in bladder
5078246Reimplant ureter in bladder
5078346Reimplant ureter in bladder
5078546Reimplant ureter in bladder
5080015Implant ureter in bowel
5081014Fusion of ureter & bowel
5081515Urine shunt to intestine
5082046Construct bowel bladder
5082514Construct bowel bladder
5083045Revise urine flow
5084046Replace ureter by bowel
5086046Transplant ureter to skin
5090014Repair of ureter
5092045Closure ureter/skin fistula
5093045Closure ureter/bowel fistula
5094046Release of ureter
5094515Laparoscopy ureterolithotomy
509479Laparo new ureter/bladder
509489Laparo new ureter/bladder
50949202Laparoscope proc, ureter
5095198Endoscopy of ureter
50953125Endoscopy of ureter
5095598Ureter endoscopy & biopsy
50957125Ureter endoscopy & treatment
50961125Ureter endoscopy & treatment
5097098Ureter endoscopy
50972125Ureter endoscopy & catheter
5097498Ureter endoscopy & biopsy
50976125Ureter endoscopy & treatment
50980125Ureter endoscopy & treatment
5102039Incise & treat bladder
5103050Incise & treat bladder
510408Incise & drain bladder
5104520Incise bladder/drain ureter
510508Removal of bladder stone
5106045Removal of ureter stone
5106550Remove ureter calculus
5108039Drainage of bladder abscess
51100104Drain bladder by needle
51101104Drain bladder by trocar/cath
51102104Drain bladder w/ cath insertion
5150039Removal of bladder cyst
515208Removal of bladder lesion
515258Removal of bladder lesion
5153045Removal of bladder lesion
5153546Repair of ureter lesion
5155014Partial removal of bladder
5155514Partial removal of bladder
5156514Revise bladder & ureter(s)
5157014Removal of bladder
5157513Removal of bladder & nodes
5158014Remove bladder/revise tract
5158513Removal of bladder & nodes
5159014Remove bladder/revise tract
5159513Remove bladder/revise tract
5159614Remove bladder/create pouch
5159745Removal of pelvic structures
51600113Injection for bladder x-ray
51605113Preparation for bladder xray
51610113Injection for bladder x-ray
51700104Irrigation of bladder
51701104Insert bladder catheter
51702104Insert temp bladder cath
51703104Insert bladder cath, complex
5170524Change of bladder tube
5171055Change of bladder tube
5171596Endoscopic injection/implant
51720104Treatment of bladder lesion
51725124Simple cystometrogram
51725TC134Simple cystometrogram
5172526133Simple cystometrogram
51726129Complex cystometrogram
51726TC139Complex cystometrogram
5172626137Complex cystometrogram
51727133Cystometrogram w/up
51727TC134Cystometrogram w/up
5172726133Cystometrogram w/up
51728107Cystometrogram w/vp
51728TC109Cystometrogram w/vp
5172826107Cystometrogram w/vp
51729107Cystometrogram w/vp&up
51729TC109Cystometrogram w/vp&up
5172926107Cystometrogram w/vp&up
51736124Urine flow measurement
51736TC134Urine flow measurement
5173626133Urine flow measurement
51741129Electro-uroflowmetry, first
51741TC139Electro-uroflowmetry, first
5174126137Electro-uroflowmetry, first
51784104Anal/urinary muscle study
51784TC115Anal/urinary muscle study
5178426113Anal/urinary muscle study
5178596Anal/urinary muscle study
51785TC109Anal/urinary muscle study
5178526107Anal/urinary muscle study
51792124Urinary reflex study
51792TC134Urinary reflex study
5179226133Urinary reflex study
51797241Intraabdominal pressure test
51797TC246Intraabdominal pressure test
5179726246Intraabdominal pressure test
51798177Us urine capacity measure
5180014Revision of bladder/urethra
5182044Revision of urinary tract
5184014Attach bladder/urethra
5184114Attach bladder/urethra
5184514Repair bladder neck
5186014Repair of bladder wound
5186514Repair of bladder wound
5188039Repair of bladder opening
5190045Repair bladder/vagina lesion
5192014Close bladder-uterus fistula
5192545Hysterectomy/bladder repair
5194014Correction of bladder defect
5196045Revision of bladder & bowel
5198045Construct bladder opening
5199014Laparo urethral suspension
519928Laparo sling operation
51999213Laparoscope proc, bladder
52001104Cystourethroscopy, removal of clots
52005104Cystourethroscopy & ureter catheter
52007106Cystourethroscopy and biopsy
52010104Cystourethroscopy & duct catheter
52214104Cystourethroscopy and treatment
52224104Cystourethroscopy and treatment
52234104Cystourethroscopy and treatment
52235104Cystourethroscopy and treatment
52240104Cystourethroscopy and treatment
52250129Cystourethroscopy and radiotracer
52260104Cystourethroscopy and treatment
52265104Cystourethroscopy and treatment
52270104Cystourethroscopy & revise urethra
52275104Cystourethroscopy & revise urethra
52276104Cystourethroscopy and treatment
52277124Cystourethroscopy and treatment
52281104Cystourethroscopy and treatment
52282129Cystourethroscopy, implant stent
52283104Cystourethroscopy and treatment
52285104Cystourethroscopy and treatment
52287104Cystoscopy chemodenervation
52290103Cystourethroscopy and treatment
5230095Cystourethroscopy and treatment
5230195Cystourethroscopy and treatment
52305104Cystourethroscopy and treatment
52310104Cystourethroscopy and treatment
52315104Cystourethroscopy and treatment
52317104Remove bladder stone
52318104Remove bladder stone
52320106Cystourethroscopy and treatment
52325106Cystourethroscopy, stone removal
52327131Cystourethroscopy, inject material
52330106Cystourethroscopy and treatment
52332106Cystourethroscopy and treatment
52334131Create passage to kidney
52341106Cysto w/ureter stricture tx
52342106Cysto w/up stricture tx
52343106Cysto w/renal stricture tx
52344106Cysto/uretero, stone remove
5234596Cysto/uretero w/up stricture
52346124Cystouretero w/renal strict
52351104Cystouretro & or pyeloscope
52352106Cystouretro w/stone remove
52353131Cystouretero w/lithotripsy
52354106Cystouretero w/biopsy
52355131Cystouretero w/excise tumor
52356127Cysto/uretero w/lithotripsy
5240055Cystouretero w/congen repr
52402124Cystourethro cut ejacul duct
5244124Perq abltj lvr cryoablation
5244224Cystourethro w/implant
5245024Incision of prostate
5250024Revision of bladder neck
5260155Prostatectomy (TURP)
5263055Remove prostate regrowth
5264024Relieve bladder contracture
5264755Laser surgery of prostate
5264855Laser surgery of prostate
5264959Prostate laser enucleation
5270020Drainage of prostate abscess
5300024Incision of urethra
5301024Incision of urethra
53020104Incision of urethra
5302596Incision of urethra
5304020Drainage of urethra abscess
5306024Drainage of urethra abscess
5308024Drainage of urinary leakage
5308539Drainage of urinary leakage
53200104Biopsy of urethra
532108Removal of urethra
5321539Removal of urethra
5322020Treatment of urethra lesion
5323039Removal of urethra lesion
532358Removal of urethra lesion
5324055Surgery for urethra pouch
5325024Removal of urethra gland
5326024Treatment of urethra lesion
5326524Treatment of urethra lesion
5327024Removal of urethra gland
5327524Repair of urethra defect
5340039Revise urethra, stage 1
5340539Revise urethra, stage 2
5341039Reconstruction of urethra
5341545Reconstruction of urethra
5342042Reconstruct urethra, stage 1
5342539Reconstruct urethra, stage 2
5343039Reconstruction of urethra
5343139Reconstruct urethra/bladder
5344039Correct bladder function
5344250Remove perineal prosthesis
5344439Insert tandem cuff
5344539Insert uro/ves nck sphincter
5344639Remove uro sphincter
5344739Remove/replace ur sphincter
5344845Remov/replc ur sphinctr comp
5344939Repair uro sphincter
5345024Revision of urethra
5346020Revision of urethra
5350045Urethrlys, transvag w/ scope
5350224Repair of urethra injury
5350520Repair of urethra injury
535108Repair of urethra injury
535158Repair of urethra injury
5352024Repair of urethra defect
53600104Dilate urethra stricture
53601104Dilate urethra stricture
53605104Dilate urethra stricture
53620104Dilate urethra stricture
53621104Dilate urethra stricture
53660104Dilation of urethra
53661104Dilation of urethra
53665104Dilation of urethra
5385055Prostatic microwave thermotx
5385255Prostatic rf thermotx
5385596Insert prost urethral stent
5386055Transurethral rf treatment
53899198Urology surgery procedure, unlisted
5400124Slitting of prepuce
5401550Drain penis lesion
5405024Destruction, penis lesion(s)
5405524Destruction, penis lesion(s)
5405624Cryosurgery, penis lesion(s)
5405724Laser surg, penis lesion(s)
5406024Excision of penis lesion(s)
5406555Destruction, penis lesion(s)
54100104Biopsy of penis
5410524Biopsy of penis
5411020Treatment of penis lesion
541118Treat penis lesion, graft
541128Treat penis lesion, graft
5411520Treatment of penis lesion
541208Partial removal of penis
5412545Removal of penis
5413044Remove penis & nodes
5413558Remove penis & nodes
5416424Frenulotomy of penis
5420024Treatment of penis lesion
5420520Treatment of penis lesion
54220129Treatment of penis lesion
54230137Prepare penis study
54231129Dynamic cavernosometry
54235104Penile injection
5424096Penis study
54240TC109Penis study
5424026107Penis study
5425096Penis study
54250TC109Penis study
5425026107Penis study
543008Revision of penis
5430450Revision of penis
5430839Reconstruction of urethra
5431239Reconstruction of urethra
5431639Reconstruction of urethra
5431839Reconstruction of urethra
5432250Reconstruction of urethra
543248Reconstruction of urethra
5432639Reconstruction of urethra
5432839Revise penis/urethra
5433245Revise penis/urethra
5433645Revise penis/urethra
5434039Secondary urethral surgery
5434439Secondary urethral surgery
5434839Secondary urethral surgery
5435239Reconstruct urethra/penis
5436039Penis plastic surgery
543808Repair penis
5438539Repair penis
5439045Repair penis and bladder
5440042Insert semi-rigid prosthesis
5440142Insert self-contd prosthesis
5440539Insert multi-comp penis pros
5440639Remove multi-comp penis pros
5440839Repair multi-comp penis pros
5441039Remove/replace penis prosth
5441145Remv/replc penis pros, comp
5441539Remove self-contd penis pros
5441639Remv/repl penis contain pros
5441745Remv/replc penis pros, compl
5442050Revision of penis
5443058Revision of penis
5443555Revision of penis
5444039Repair of penis
54450104Preputial stretching
5450098Biopsy of testis
5450521Biopsy of testis
5451211Excise lesion testis
5452025Removal of testis
545229Orchiectomy, partial
5453040Removal of testis
5453560Extensive testis surgery
5455021Exploration for testis
545609Exploration for testis
5460057Reduce testis torsion
5462025Suspension of testis
5464052Suspension of testis
5465060Orchiopexy (Fowler-Stephens)
5466021Revision of testis
5467021Repair testis injury
5468040Relocation of testis(es)
546909Laparoscopy, orchiectomy
5469225Laparoscopy, orchiopexy
54699214Laparoscope proc, testis, unlisted
5470024Drainage of scrotum
54800124Biopsy of epididymis
5483050Remove epididymis lesion
5484024Remove epididymis lesion
5486024Removal of epididymis
5486150Removal of epididymis
5486550Explore epididymis
5490020Fusion of spermatic ducts
5490149Fusion of spermatic ducts
55000104Drainage of hydrocele
5504024Removal of hydrocele
5504123Removal of hydroceles
5506052Repair of hydrocele
5510024Drainage of scrotum abscess
5511024Explore scrotum
5512050Removal of scrotum lesion
5515039Removal of scrotum
5517520Revision of scrotum
5518050Revision of scrotum
5520019Incision of sperm duct
5525023Removal of sperm duct(s)
55300132Prepare, sperm duct x-ray
5540040Repair of sperm duct
5545049Ligation of sperm duct
5550020Removal of hydrocele
555208Removal of sperm cord lesion
5553011Revise spermatic cord veins
5553540Revise spermatic cord veins
5554043Revise hernia & sperm veins
555509Laparo ligate spermatic vein
55559214Laparo proc, spermatic cord
5560021Incise sperm duct pouch
5560529Incise sperm duct pouch
5565015Remove sperm duct pouch
5568050Remove sperm pouch lesion
55700104Biopsy of prostate
5570510Biopsy of prostate
5570639Prostate saturation sampling
5572039Drainage of prostate abscess
5572539Drainage of prostate abscess
5580145Removal of prostate
5581045Extensive prostate surgery
5581245Extensive prostate surgery
5581544Extensive prostate surgery
5582145Removal of prostate
5583145Removal of prostate
5584045Extensive prostate surgery
5584245Extensive prostate surgery
5584544Extensive prostate surgery
5586010Surgical exposure, prostate
5586214Extensive prostate surgery
5586544Extensive prostate surgery
5586645Laparo radical prostatectomy
5587324Cryoablate prostate
5587520Transperi needle place, pros
5587686Place rt device/marker, pros
55899200Genital surgery procedure, unlisted
55920124Place needles pelvic for rt
5640510I & D of vulva/perineum
5642024Drainage of gland abscess
5644024Surgery for vulva lesion
5644120Lysis of labial lesion(s)
5650124Destroy, vulva lesions, simp
5651555Destroy vulva lesion/s compl
5660588Biopsy of vulva/perineum
56606223Biopsy of vulva/perineum
566208Partial removal of vulva
5662539Complete removal of vulva
5663014Extensive vulva surgery
5663145Extensive vulva surgery
5663244Extensive vulva surgery
5663314Extensive vulva surgery
5663445Extensive vulva surgery
5663745Extensive vulva surgery
5664046Extensive vulva surgery
5674024Remove vagina gland lesion
568008Repair of vagina
5681039Repair of perineum
56820104Exam of vulva w/scope
56821104Exam/biopsy of vulva w/scope
5700020Exploration of vagina
5701050Drainage of pelvic abscess
5702096Drainage of pelvic fluid
5702220I & d vaginal hematoma, pp
5702350I & d vag hematoma, non-ob
5706124Destroy vag lesions, simple
5706524Destroy vag lesions, complex
57100104Biopsy of vagina
5710524Biopsy of vagina
5710614Remove vagina wall, partial
5710714Remove vagina tissue, part
5710913Vaginectomy partial w/nodes
5711014Remove vagina wall, complete
5711113Remove vagina tissue, compl
5711213Vaginectomy w/nodes, compl
5712014Closure of vagina
571308Remove vagina lesion
5713524Remove vagina lesion
57150100Treat vagina infection
5715524Insert uteri tandem/ovoids
57156126Ins vag brachytx device
57160126Insert pessary/other device
57170123Fitting of diaphragm/cap
5718024Treat vaginal bleeding
572008Repair of vagina
572108Repair vagina/perineum
572208Revision of urethra
572308Repair of urethral lesion
572408Repair bladder & vagina
572508Repair rectum & vagina
572608Repair of vagina
572658Extensive repair of vagina
57267234Insert mesh/pelvic flr addon
572688Repair of bowel bulge
5727014Repair of bowel pouch
5728045Suspension of vagina
5728245Repair of vaginal prolapse
5728314Colpopexy, intraperitoneal
5728445Repair paravaginal defect
5728514Repair paravag defect, vag
5728739Revise/remove sling repair
5728839Repair bladder defect
572898Repair bladder & vagina
5729120Construction of vagina
5729245Construct vagina with graft
572958Change vaginal graft
5729645Revise vag graft, open abd
5730039Repair rectum-vagina fistula
5730514Repair rectum-vagina fistula
5730745Fistula repair & colostomy
5730845Fistula repair, transperine
5731014Repair urethrovaginal lesion
5731145Repair urethrovaginal lesion
573208Repair bladder-vagina lesion
5733014Repair bladder-vagina lesion
5740096Dilation of vagina
57410104Pelvic examination
5741520Remove vaginal foreign body
57420104Exam of vagina w/scope
57421104Exam/biopsy of vag w/scope
5742314Repair paravag defect, laparoscopic
5742545Laparoscopy, surg, colpopexy
574268Revise prosth vag graft, lap
57452104Examination of vagina
57454104Vagina examination & biopsy
57455104Biopsy of cervix w/scope
57456104Endocerv curettage w/scope
57460104Cervix excision
57461104Conz of cervix w/scope, leep
57500104Biopsy of cervix
5750555Endocervical curettage
5751024Cauterization of cervix
5751124Cryocautery of cervix
5751324Laser surgery of cervix
5752055Conization of cervix
5752224Conization of cervix
575308Removal of cervix
5753113Removal of cervix, radical
5754014Removal of residual cervix
5754514Remove cervix/repair pelvis
575508Removal of residual cervix
5755514Remove cervix/repair vagina
575568Remove cervix, repair bowel
5755824D&c of cervical stump
5770050Revision of cervix
5772020Revision of cervix
57800104Dilation of cervical canal
58100104Biopsy of uterus lining
58110246Bx done w/colposcopy add-on
5812024Dilation and curettage
5814014Removal of uterus lesion
581458Removal of uterus lesion
5814614Myomectomy abdom complex
5815014Total hysterectomy
5815214Total hysterectomy
5818014Partial hysterectomy
5820014Extensive hysterectomy
5821013Extensive hysterectomy
5824045Removal of pelvis contents
5826014Vaginal hysterectomy
5826214Vaginal hysterectomy
5826314Vaginal hysterectomy
5826714Hysterectomy & vagina repair
5827014Hysterectomy & vagina repair
5827514Hysterectomy/revise vagina
5828014Hysterectomy/revise vagina
5828514Extensive hysterectomy
5829014Vag hyst complex
5829114Vag hyst incl t/o, complex
5829214Vag hyst t/o & repair, compl
5829314Vag hyst w/uro repair, compl
5829414Vag hyst w/enterocele, compl
58340113Catheter for hysterography
5834624Insert heyman uteri capsule
5835310Endometr ablate, thermal
5835639Endometrial cryoablation
5840045Suspension of uterus
5841045Suspension of uterus
5852014Repair of ruptured uterus
5854059Revision of uterus
5854114Lsh, uterus 250 g or less
5854214Lsh w/t/o ut 250 g or less
5854314Lsh uterus above 250 g
5854414Lsh w/t/o uterus above 250 g
585458Laparoscopic myomectomy
585468Laparo-myomectomy, complex
5854813Lap radical hyst
585508Laparo-asst vag hysterectomy
585528Laparo-vag hyst incl t/o
5855314Laparo-vag hyst, complex
5855414Laparo-vag hyst w/t/o, compl
5855587Hysteroscopy, dx, sep proc
5855888Hysteroscopy, biopsy
5855988Hysteroscopy, lysis
5856087Hysteroscopy, resect septum
5856187Hysteroscopy, remove myoma
5856288Hysteroscopy, remove fb
5856387Hysteroscopy, ablation
5856541Hysteroscopy, sterilization
5857014TLH, Uterus 250 g or less
5857114TLH w/t/o 250 g or less
5857214TLH, uterus over 250 g
5857314TLH w/t/o uterus over 250 g
58578214Laparo proc, uterus
58579214Hysteroscope procedure
5860038Division of fallopian tube
5860526Division of fallopian tube
58611246Ligate oviduct(s) add-on
5861550Occlude fallopian tube(s)
586608Laparoscopy, lysis
586618Laparoscopy, remove adnexa
586628Laparoscopy, excise lesions
5867010Laparoscopy, tubal cautery
5867110Laparoscopy, tubal block
5867221Laparoscopy, fimbrioplasty
5867321Laparoscopy, salpingostomy
58679214Laparo proc, oviduct-ovary
5870013Removal of fallopian tube
5872013Removal of ovary/tube(s)
5874014Revise fallopian tube(s)
5875045Repair oviduct
5875259Revise ovarian tube(s)
5876046Remove tubal obstruction
5877060Create new tubal opening
5880023Drainage of ovarian cyst(s)
588057Drainage of ovarian cyst(s)
5882020Drain ovary abscess, open
5882214Drain ovary abscess, percut
58823137Drain pelvic abscess percut end-dated 12/31/2013
5882545Transposition, ovary(s)
589007Biopsy of ovary(s)
5892013Partial removal of ovary(s)
5892513Removal of ovarian cyst(s)
5894013Removal of ovary(s)
5894314Removal of ovary(s)
5895013Resect ovarian malignancy
5895113Resect ovarian malignancy
5895213Resect ovarian malignancy
5895313Tah, rad dissect for debulk
5895413Tah rad debulk/lymph remove
5895613Bso, omentectomy w/tah
5895713Resect recurrent gyn mal
5895813Resect recur gyn mal w/lym
5896014Exploration of abdomen
58999200Genital surgery procedure, unlisted
59000104Amniocentesis, diagnostic
59001129Amniocentesis, therapeutic
59012124Fetal cord puncture,prenatal
59015124Chorion biopsy
5902096Fetal contract stress test
59020TC109Fetal contract stress test
5902026107Fetal contract stress test
5902596Fetal non-stress test
59025TC109Fetal non-stress test
5902526107Fetal non-stress test
59030133Fetal scalp blood sample
59050213Fetal monitor w/report
59051185Fetal monitor/interpret only
59070124Transabdom amnioinfus w/ us
59072129Umbilical cord occlud w/ us
59074133Fetal fluid drainage w/ us
59076124Fetal shunt placement, w/ us
5910065Remove uterus lesion
5912066Treat ectopic pregnancy
5912166Treat ectopic pregnancy
5913069Treat ectopic pregnancy
5913569Treat ectopic pregnancy
5913669Treat ectopic pregnancy
5914069Treat ectopic pregnancy
5915063Treat ectopic pregnancy
5915167Treat ectopic pregnancy
5916050D & c after delivery
59200129Insert cervical dilator
5930093Episiotomy or vaginal repair
59320124Revision of cervix
59325133Revision of cervix
59350133Repair of uterus
59400192Obstetrical care
59409183Obstetrical care
59410192Obstetrical care
59412210Antepartum manipulation
59414209Deliver placenta
59425185Antepartum care only
59426185Antepartum care only
59430192Care after delivery
59510192Cesarean delivery
59514175Cesarean delivery only
59515192Cesarean delivery
59525225Remove uterus after cesarean
59610211Vbac delivery
59612183Vbac delivery only
59614183Vbac care after delivery
59618211Attempted vbac delivery
59620183Attempted vbac delivery only
59622183Attempted vbac after care
5981268Treatment of miscarriage
5982068Care of miscarriage
5982167Treatment of miscarriage
5983069Treat uterus infection
5987067Evacuate mole of uterus
59871124Remove cerclage suture
59897217Fetal invas px w/ us
6000020Drain thyroid/tongue cyst
60100104Biopsy of thyroid
602008Remove thyroid lesion
602108Partial thyroid excision
602128Parital thyroid excision
602208Partial removal of thyroid
602258Partial removal of thyroid
6024014Removal of thyroid
6025214Removal of thyroid
6025445Extensive thyroid surgery
6026015Repeat thyroid surgery
6027045Removal of thyroid
6027145Removal of thyroid
602808Remove thyroid duct lesion
602818Remove thyroid duct lesion
60300104Aspir/inj thyroid cyst
6050014Explore parathyroid glands
6050214Re-explore parathyroids
6050514Explore parathyroid glands
60512238Autotransplant parathyroid
6052045Removal of thymus gland
6052114Removal of thymus gland
6052214Removal of thymus gland
6054015Explore adrenal gland
6054514Explore adrenal gland
6060014Remove carotid body lesion
6060545Remove carotid body lesion
6065015Laparoscopy adrenalectomy
60659214Laparo proc, endocrine
60699198Endocrine surgery procedure, unlisted
61020104Remove brain cavity fluid
61026104Injection into brain canal
6105096Remove brain canal fluid
61055105Injection into brain canal
61070104Brain canal shunt procedure
6110527Twist drill hole
61107114Drill skull for implantation
6110830Drill skull for drainage
6112027Burr hole for puncture
6114027Pierce skull for biopsy
6115016Pierce skull for drainage
6115130Pierce skull for drainage
6115415Pierce skull & remove clot
6115614Pierce skull for drainage
61210113Pierce skull, implant device
6121510Insert brain-fluid device
6125015Pierce skull & explore
6125326Pierce skull & explore
6130414Open skull for exploration
6130514Open skull for exploration
6131214Open skull for drainage
6131314Open skull for drainage
6131414Open skull for drainage
6131514Open skull for drainage
61316249Implant cran bone flap to abdo
6132014Open skull for drainage
6132114Open skull for drainage
6132214Decompressive craniotomy
6132347Decompressive lobectomy
613309Decompress eye socket
6133214Explore/biopsy eye socket
6133345Explore orbit/remove lesion
6133439Explore orbit/remove objectend-dated 12/31/2014
6134015Relieve cranial pressure
6134345Incise skull (press relief)
6134514Relieve cranial pressure
6144045Incise skull for surgeryend-dated 12/31/2014
6145045Incise skull for surgery
6145814Incise skull for brain wound
6146045Incise skull for surgery
6147045Incise skull for surgeryend-dated 12/31/2014
6148045Incise skull for surgery
6149015Incise skull for surgeryend-dated 12/31/2014
6150045Removal of skull lesion
6150145Remove infected skull bone
6151045Removal of brain lesion
6151245Remove brain lining lesion
6151445Removal of brain abscess
6151645Removal of brain lesion
61517249Implant brain chemotx add-on
6151845Removal of brain lesion
6151945Remove brain lining lesion
6152045Removal of brain lesion
6152145Removal of brain lesion
6152214Removal of brain abscess
6152445Removal of brain lesion
6152616Removal of brain lesion
6153047Removal of brain lesion
6153114Implant brain electrodes
6153314Implant brain electrodes
6153414Removal of brain lesion
6153514Remove brain electrodes
6153614Removal of brain lesion
6153714Removal of brain tissue
6153814Removal of brain tissue
6153914Removal of brain tissue
6154014Removal of brain tissue
6154114Incision of brain tissueend-dated 12/31/2014
6154214Removal of brain tissue
6154314Removal of brain tissue
6154427Remove & treat brain lesion
6154514Excision of brain tumor
6154645Removal of pituitary gland
6154845Removal of pituitary gland
6155014Release of skull seams
6155245Release of skull seams
6155627Incise skull/sutures
6155759Incise skull/sutures
6155827Excision of skull/sutures
6155945Excision of skull/sutures
6156314Excision of skull tumor
6156445Excision of skull tumor
6156614Removal of brain tissue
6156714Incision of brain tissue
6157014Remove foreign body, brain
6157145Incise skull for brain wound
6157514Skull base/brainstem surgery
6157645Skull base/brainstem surgery
615805Craniofacial approach, skull
6158137Craniofacial approach, skull
6158234Craniofacial approach, skull
6158334Craniofacial approach, skull
615844Orbitocranial approach/skull
6158535Orbitocranial approach/skull
6158634Resect nasopharynx, skull
6159035Infratemporal approach/skull
6159135Infratemporal approach/skull
6159235Orbitocranial approach/skull
6159537Transtemporal approach/skull
6159635Transcochlear approach/skull
6159735Transcondylar approach/skull
6159834Transpetrosal approach/skull
6160034Resect/excise cranial lesion
6160134Resect/excise cranial lesion
6160534Resect/excise cranial lesion
6160634Resect/excise cranial lesion
616073Resect/excise cranial lesion
616083Resect/excise cranial lesion
61609233Transect artery, sinusend-dated 12/31/2014
61610233Transect artery, sinus
61611233Transect artery, sinus
61612233Transect artery, sinus
6161335Remove aneurysm, sinus
6161534Resect/excise lesion, skull
6161634Resect/excise lesion, skull
6161834Repair dura
6161934Repair dura
61623137Endovasc tempory vessel occl
61624137Occlusion/embolization cath
61626137Occlusion/embolization cath
61630201Intracranial angioplasty
61635201Intracran angioplsty w/stent
61640257Dilate ic vasospasm, init
61641290Dilate ic vasospasm add-on
61642290Dilate ic vasospasm add-on
6168014Intracranial vessel surgery
6168245Intracranial vessel surgery
6168414Intracranial vessel surgery
6168645Intracranial vessel surgery
6169014Intracranial vessel surgery
6169245Intracranial vessel surgery
6169745Brain aneurysm repr, complx
6169845Brain aneurysm repr, complx
6170045Brain aneurysm repr , simple
6170245Inner skull vessel surgery
6170345Clamp neck artery
6170545Revise circulation to head
6170859Revise circulation to head
6171059Revise circulation to head
6171145Fusion of skull arteries
6172061Incise skull/brain surgery
6173547Incise skull/brain surgery
6175016Incise skull/brain biopsy
6175116Brain biopsy w/ ct/mr guide
6176016Implant brain electrodes
6177042Incise skull for treatment
61781232Scan proc cranial intra
61782232Scan proc cranial extra
61783232Scan proc spinal
6179055Treat trigeminal nerve
6179150Treat trigeminal tract
6179628Srs, cranial lesion simple
61797246Srs, cran les simple, addl
6179828Srs, cranial lesion complex
61799246Srs, cran les complex, addl
61800246Apply srs headframe add-on
6185059Implant neuroelectrodes
6186059Implant neuroelectrodes
6186346Implant neuroelectrode
61864238Implant neuroelectrde, add’l
6186746Implant neuroelectrode
61868238Implant neuroelectrde, add’l
6187045Implant neuroelectrodes
6187559Implant neuroelectrodesend-dated 12/31/2014
6188040Revise/remove neuroelectrode
6188552Implant neurostim one array
6188620Implant neurostim arrays
6188825Revise/remove neuroreceiver
6200030Treat skull fracture
6200514Treat skull fracture
6201045Treatment of head injury
6210014Repair brain fluid leakage
6211514Reduction of skull defect
6211627Reduction of skull defectend-dated 12/31/2014
6211714Reduction of skull defect
6212045Repair skull cavity lesion
6212114Incise skull repair
6214014Repair of skull defect
6214114Repair of skull defect
6214259Remove skull plate/flap
6214345Replace skull plate/flap
6214545Repair of skull & brain
6214614Repair of skull with graft
6214745Repair of skull with graft
62148249Retr bone flap to fix skull
62160232Neuroendoscopy add-on
6216145Dissect brain w/scope
6216245Remove colloid cyst w/scope
6216345Zneuroendoscopy w/fb removal
6216445Remove brain tumor w/scope
6216545Remove pituit tumor w/scope
6218059Establish brain cavity shunt
6219047Establish brain cavity shunt
6219245Establish brain cavity shunt
6219450Replace/irrigate catheter
6220014Establish brain cavity shunt
6220130Establish brain cavity shunt
6222014Establish brain cavity shunt
6222314Establish brain cavity shunt
6222524Replace/irrigate catheter
622308Replace/revise brain shunt
62252177Csf shunt reprogram
62252TC185Csf shunt reprogram
6225226185Csf shunt reprogram
6225627Remove brain cavity shunt
6225814Replace brain cavity shunt
6226355Lysis epidural adhesions
6226455Epidural lysis on single day
6226796Interdiscal perq aspir, dx
62268104Drain spinal cord cyst
62269124Needle biopsy, spinal cord
62270104Spinal fluid tap, diagnostic
62272104Drain cerebro spinal fluid
62273104Treat epidural spine lesion
6228024Treat spinal cord lesion
6228124Treat spinal cord lesion
6228224Treat spinal canal lesion
62284113Injection for myelogram
6228724Percutaneous diskectomy
62290113Inject for spine disk x-ray
62291113Inject for spine disk x-ray
6229220Injection into disk lesion
6229455Injection into spinal artery
62304104Cystourethro w/addl implant
62305104Myelography lumbar injection
62310104Inject spine c/t
62311104Inject spine l/s (cd)
62318104Inject spine w/cath, c/t
62319104Inject spine w/cath l/s (cd)
6235010Implant spinal canal cath
6235145Implant spinal canal cath
6235550Remove spinal canal catheter
6236039Insert spine infusion device
623618Implant spine infusion pump
6236239Implant spine infusion pump
6236550Remove spine infusion device
62367177Analyze spine infus pump
62368177Analyze sp inf pump w/reprog
62369177Anal sp inf pmp w/reprg&fill
62370177Anl sp inf pmp w/mdreprg&fil
6300114Removal of spinal lamina
6300314Removal of spinal lamina
6300514Removal of spinal lamina
6301114Removal of spinal lamina
6301214Removal of spinal lamina
6301514Removal of spinal lamina
6301614Removal of spinal lamina
6301714Removal of spinal lamina
6302015Neck spine disk surgery
6303015Low back disk surgery
63035239Spinal disk surgery add-on
6304015Laminotomy, single cervical
6304215Laminotomy, single lumbar
63043239Laminotomy, addl cervical
63044239Laminotomy, addl lumbar
6304513Removal of spinal lamina
6304613Removal of spinal lamina
6304713Removal of spinal lamina
63048225Remove spinal lamina add-on
6305014Cervical laminoplasty
6305145C-laminoplasty w/graft/plate
6305514Decompress spinal cord
6305614Decompress spinal cord
63057238Decompress spine cord add-on
6306414Decompress spinal cord
63066238Decompress spine cord add-on
6307514Neck spine disk surgery
63076238Neck spine disk surgery
6307714Spine disk surgery, thorax
63078238Spine disk surgery, thorax
630813Removal of vertebral body
63082233Remove vertebral body add-on
630853Removal of vertebral body
63086233Remove vertebral body add-on
630873Removal of vertebral body
63088233Remove vertebral body add-on
630903Removal of vertebral body
63091233Remove vertebral body add-on
6310114Removal of vertebral body
6310214Removal of vertebral body
63103238Remove vertebral body add-on
6317014Incise spinal cord tract(s)
6317245Drainage of spinal cyst
6317345Drainage of spinal cyst
6318045Revise spinal cord ligaments
6318245Revise spinal cord ligaments
6318514Incise spinal column/nerves
6319014Incise spinal column/nerves
6319115Incise spinal column/nerves
6319414Incise spinal column & cord
6319514Incise spinal column & cord
6319614Incise spinal column & cord
6319714Incise spinal column & cord
6319845Incise spinal column & cord, cerv.
6319945Incise spinal column & cord, thor.
6320027Release of spinal cord, lumbar
6325045Revise spinal cord vessels
6325145Revise spinal cord vessels
6325245Revise spinal cord vessels
6326514Excise intraspinal lesion
6326614Excise intraspinal lesion
6326714Excise intraspinal lesion
6326814Excise intraspinal lesion
6327045Excise intraspinal lesion
6327145Excise intraspinal lesion
6327245Excise intraspinal lesion
6327359Excise intraspinal lesion
6327514Biopsy/excise spinal tumor
6327614Biopsy/excise spinal tumor
6327714Biopsy/excise spinal tumor
6327814Biopsy/excise spinal tumor
6328014Biopsy/excise spinal tumor
6328114Biopsy/excise spinal tumor
6328214Biopsy/excise spinal tumor
6328314Biopsy/excise spinal tumor
6328514Biopsy/excise spinal tumor
6328614Biopsy/excise spinal tumor
6328714Biopsy/excise spinal tumor
6329045Biopsy/excise spinal tumor
63295224Repair of laminectomy defect
6330014Removal of vertebral body
6330114Removal of vertebral body
6330214Removal of vertebral body
6330314Removal of vertebral body
6330445Removal of vertebral body
6330545Removal of vertebral body
6330645Removal of vertebral body
6330745Removal of vertebral body
63308238Remove vertebral body add-on
6360050Remove spinal cord lesion
63610124Stimulation of spinal cord
6361542Remove lesion of spinal cord
6362028Srs, spinal lesion
63621246Srs, spinal lesion, addl
6365024Implant neuroelectrodes
6365539Implant neuroelectrodes
636618Remove spine eltrd perq array, inc flourscpy
636628Remove spine eltrd plate, inc flourscpy
636638Revisespine eltrd perq array,inc flourscpy
636648Revise spine eltrd plate, inc flourscpy
6368539Implant neuroreceiver
6368824Revise/remove neuroreceiver
6370014Repair of spinal herniation
6370214Repair of spinal herniation
6370414Repair of spinal herniation
6370614Repair of spinal herniation
6370714Repair spinal fluid leakage
6370914Repair spinal fluid leakage
6371014Graft repair of spine defect
6374045Install spinal shunt
6374114Install spinal shunt
6374439Revision of spinal shunt
6374650Removal of spinal shunt
64400106Injection for nerve block
64402106Injection for nerve block
64405106Injection for nerve block
6440898Injection for nerve block
6441098Injection for nerve block
64412106Injection for nerve block
64413106Injection for nerve block
64415106Injection for nerve block
64416106N block cont infuse, b plex
64417106Injection for nerve block
64418106Injection for nerve block
64420104Injection for nerve block
64421106Injection for nerve block
64425106Injection for nerve block
64430106Injection for nerve block
64435106Injection for nerve block
64445106Injection for nerve block
64446106N blk inj, sciatic, cont inf
64447106N block inj fem, single
64448106N block inj fem, cont inf
64449106N block inj, lumbar plexus
64450106N block, other peripheral
6445598N block inj, plantar digit
64479106Inj foramen epidural c/t
64480229Inj foramen epidural add-on
64483106Inj foramen epidural l/s
64484229Inj foramen epidural add-on
64486106Myelography lumbar injection
64487106Tap block unil by injection
64488106Tap block uni by infusion
64489106Tap block bl injection
6449098Inj paravert f jnt c/t 1 lev, w/image guid
64491242Inj paravert f jnt c/t 2nd lev, w/image guid
64492242Inj paravert f jnt c/t 3rd+ lev, w/image guid
6449398Inj paravert f fnt l/s 1 lev
64494242Inj paravert f jnt l/s 2nd lev
64495242Inj paravert f jnt l/s 3rd+ lev
64505104Injection for nerve block
6450896Injection for nerve block
64510104Injection for nerve block
64517104N block inj, hypogas plxs
64520104Injection for nerve block
64530104Injection for nerve block
64550114Apply neurostimulator
6455320Implant neuroelectrodes
6455524Implant neuroelectrodes
6456155Implant neuroelectrodes
6456524Implant neuroelectrodes
6456624Neuroeltrd stim post tibial
6456820Inc for vagus n elect impl
6456920Revise/repl vagus n eltrd
6457020Remove vagus n eltrd
6457524Implant neuroelectrodes
6458020Implant neuroelectrodes
6458155Implant neuroelectrodes
6458524Revise/remove neuroelectrode
6459010Implant neuroreceiver
6459524Revise/remove neuroreceiver
6460054Injection treatment of nerve
6460520Injection treatment of nerve
6461055Injection treatment of nerve
6461156Chemodenerv saliv glands
6461257Destroy nerve, face muscle
6461357Destroy nerve neck muscle end-dated 12/31/2013
6461457Destroy nerve extrem musc end-dated 12/31/2013
6461557Chemodenerv musc migraine
6461657Chemodenerv musc neck dyston
64617267Chemodener muscle larynx emg
6462024Injection treatment of nerve
6463050Injection treatment of nerve
6463252N block inj, common digit
6463325Destroy cerv/thor facet jnt
6463425Destroy c/th facet jnt addl
6463525Destroy lumb/sac facet jnt
6463625Destroy l/s facet jnt addl
6464057Injection treatment of nerve
6464263Chemodenerv 1 extremity 1-4
6464357Chemodenerv 1 extrem 1-4 ea
6464463Chemodenerv 1 extrem 5/> mus
6464557Chemodenerv 1 extrem 5/> ea
6464657Chemodenerv trunk musc 1-5
6464757Chemodenerv trunk musc 6/>
64650124Chemodenerv eccrine glands
64653124Chemodenerv eccrine glands
6468055Injection treatment of nerve
6468155Injection treatment of nerve
6470224Revise finger/toe nerve
647048Revise hand/foot nerve
647088Revise arm/leg nerve
647128Revision of sciatic nerve
647138Revision of arm nerve(s)
647148Revise low back nerve(s)
647168Revision of cranial nerve
6471820Revise ulnar nerve at elbow
6471924Revise ulnar nerve at wrist
6472125Carpal tunnel surgery
647228Relieve pressure on nerve(s)
6472624Release foot/toe nerve
64727244Internal nerve revision
6473250Incision of brow nerve
6473450Incision of cheek nerve
6473650Incision of chin nerve
6473850Incision of jaw nerve
6474050Incision of tongue nerve
6474250Incision of facial nerve
6474452Incise nerve, back of head
6474639Incise diaphragm nerve
6475245Incision of vagus nerveend-dated 12/31/2014
6475545Incision of stomach nerves
6476045Incision of vagus nerve
6476152Incision of pelvis nerveend-dated 12/31/2014
6476340Incise hip/thigh nerve
6476652Incise hip/thigh nerve
6477150Sever cranial nerve
6477239Incision of spinal nerve
6477424Remove skin nerve lesion
6477620Remove digit nerve lesion
64778244Digit nerve surgery add-on
6478210Remove limb nerve lesion
64783244Limb nerve surgery add-on
6478420Remove nerve lesion
6478620Remove sciatic nerve lesion
64787241Implant nerve end
6478855Remove skin nerve lesion
6479039Removal of nerve lesion
6479239Removal of nerve lesion
64795104Biopsy of nerve
6480240Remove sympathetic nerves
6480446Remove sympathetic nerves
6480946Remove sympathetic nerves
6481846Remove sympathetic nerves
6482055Remove sympathetic nerves
6482157Remove sympathetic nerves
6482257Remove sympathetic nerves
6482357Remove sympathetic nerves
6483124Repair of digit nerve
64832241Repair nerve add-on
6483420Repair of hand or foot nerve
6483520Repair of hand or foot nerve
6483620Repair of hand or foot nerve
64837241Repair nerve add-on
6484020Repair of leg nerve
6485610Repair/transpose nerve
648578Repair arm/leg nerve
648588Repair sciatic nerve
64859234Nerve surgery
648618Repair of arm nerves
6486220Repair of low back nerves
648648Repair of facial nerve
648658Repair of facial nerve
6486614Fusion of facial/other nerve
6486814Fusion of facial/other nerve
648708Fusion of facial/other nerveend-dated 12/31/2014
64872234Subsequent repair of nerve
64874222Repair & revise nerve add-on
64876222Repair nerve/shorten bone
648858Nerve graft, head or neck
648868Nerve graft, head or neck
6489020Nerve graft, hand or foot
6489120Nerve graft, hand or foot
648928Nerve graft, arm or leg
6489320Nerve graft, arm or leg
648958Nerve graft, hand or foot
648968Nerve graft, hand or foot
6489720Nerve graft, arm or leg
648988Nerve graft, arm or leg
64901234Nerve graft add-on
64902241Nerve graft add-on
649058Nerve pedicle transfer
649078Nerve pedicle transfer
6491039Nerve repair w/allograft
6491145Neurorraphy w/vein autograft
64999198Nervous system surgery, unlisted
650919Revise eye
6509311Revise eye with implant
6510125Removal of eye
6510311Remove eye/insert implant
651059Remove eye/attach implant
651109Removal of eye
651129Remove eye/revise socket
651149Remove eye/revise socket
6512511Revise ocular implant
6513011Insert ocular implant
6513525Insert ocular implant
6514025Attach ocular implant
6515052Revise ocular implant
6515557Reinsert ocular implant
6517511Removal of ocular implant
65205102Remove foreign body from eye
65210128Remove foreign body from eye
65220106Remove foreign body from eye
65222131Remove foreign body from eye
6523521Remove foreign body from eye
6526021Remove foreign body from eye
652659Remove foreign body from eye
6527021Repair of eye wound
6527225Repair of eye wound
6527317Repair of eye wound
6527521Repair of eye wound
6528021Repair of eye wound
6528557Repair of eye wound
6528657Repair of eye wound
6529043Repair of eye socket wound
6540025Removal of eye lesion
6541098Biopsy of cornea
6542025Removal of eye lesion
6542625Removal of eye lesion
65430106Corneal smear
65435106Curette/treat cornea
6543657Curette/treat cornea
6545057Treatment of corneal lesion
6560057Revision of cornea
6571040Corneal transplant
6573040Corneal transplant
657509Corneal transplant
657559Corneal transplant
6575640Corneal trnspl, endothelial
65757246Prep corneal endo allograft
65760270Revision of cornea
65765270Revision of cornea
65767270Corneal tissue transplant
6577052Revise cornea with implant
65771270Radial keratotomy
6577225Correction of astigmatism
6577525Correction of astigmatism
6577811Cover eye w/membrane
657799Cover eye w/membrane suture
6578011Ocular reconst, transplant
657819Ocular reconst, transplant
6578211Ocular reconst, transplant
65800106Drainage of eye
6581025Drainage of eye
6581525Drainage of eye
6582021Relieve inner eye pressure
6585011Incision of eye
6585525Laser surgery of eye
6586021Incise inner eye adhesions
6586511Incise inner eye adhesions
6587011Incise inner eye adhesions
6587511Incise inner eye adhesions
6588025Incise inner eye adhesions
6590052Remove eye lesion
6592011Remove implant of eye
6593011Remove blood clot from eye
6602025Injection treatment of eye
6603025Injection treatment of eye
6613021Remove eye lesion
6615043Glaucoma surgery
6615557Glaucoma surgery
6616043Glaucoma surgery
6616552Glaucoma surgeryend-dated 12/31/2014
6617040Glaucoma surgery
6617240Incision of eye
6617440Translum dil eye canal
6617540Trnslum dil eye canal w/stnt
6617940Tap block bl by infusion
6618040Implant eye shunt
6618340Insert ant drainage device
6618440Tap block bl by infusion
6618552Revise eye shunt
662209Repair eye lesion
6622543Repair/graft eye lesion
6625025Follow-up surgery of eye
6650011Incision of iris
6650525Incision of iris
6660025Remove iris and lesion
6660525Removal of iris
6662525Removal of iris
6663025Removal of iris
6663525Removal of iris
6668011Repair iris & ciliary body
6668225Repair iris & ciliary body
6670021Destruction, ciliary body
6671057Destruction, ciliary body
6671157Ciliary endoscopic ablation
6672025Destruction, ciliary body
6674025Destruction, ciliary body
6676125Revision of iris
6676225Revision of iris
6677025Removal of inner eye lesion
6682025Incision, secondary cataract
6682125After cataract laser surgery
6682521Reposition intraocular lens
6683025Removal of lens lesion
6684025Removal of lens material
6685025Removal of lens material
668529Removal of lens material
669209Extraction of lens
6693021Extraction of lens
669409Extraction of lens
6698225Cataract surgery, complex
6698325Cataract surg w/iol, 1 stage
6698425Cataract surg w/iol, i stage
6698511Insert lens prosthesis
6698611Exchange lens prosthesis
66990232Ophthalmic endoscope add-on
66999199Eye surgery procedure, unlisted
6700511Partial removal of eye fluid
6701011Partial removal of eye fluid
6701511Release of eye fluid
6702511Replace eye fluid
670279Implant eye drug system
67028106Injection eye drug
6703011Incise inner eye strands
6703125Laser surgery, eye strands
670369Removal of inner eye fluid
670399Laser treatment of retina
670409Laser treatment of retina
670419Vit for macular pucker
670429Vit for macular hole
670439Vit for membrane dissect
6710125Repair detached retina
6710525Repair detached retina
671079Repair detached retina
671089Repair detached retina
6711025Repair detached retina
671129Rerepair detached retina
6711340Repair retinal detach, clpx
6711557Release encircling material
6712011Remove eye implant material
671219Remove eye implant material
6714125Treatment of retina
6714525Treatment of retina
6720825Treatment of retinal lesion
6721025Treatment of retinal lesion
6721825Treatment of retinal lesion
6722025Treatment of choroid lesion
67221104Ocular photodynamic ther
67225228Eye photodynamic ther add-on
6722725Treatment of retinal lesion
6722825Treatment of retinal lesion
6725011Reinforce eye wall
672559Reinforce/graft eye wall
67299199Eye surgery procedure, unlisted
6731125Revise eye muscle
6731211Revise two eye muscles
6731425Revise eye muscle
6731652Revise two eye muscles
6731843Revise eye muscle(s)
67320244Revise eye muscle(s) add-on
67331236Eye surgery follow-up add-on
67332236Rerevise eye muscles add-on
67334236Revise eye muscle w/suture
67335236Eye suture during surgery
67340241Revise eye muscle add-on
6734311Release eye tissue
6734557Destroy nerve of eye muscle
67346125Biopsy, eye muscle
67399199Eye muscle surgery procedure, unlisted
6740011Explore/biopsy eye socket
6740525Explore/drain eye socket
6741211Explore/treat eye socket
6741321Explore/treat eye socket
674149Explr/decompress eye socket
6741598Aspiration, orbital contents
6742040Explore/treat eye socket
6743021Explore/treat eye socket
674409Explore/drain eye socket
674459Explr/decompress eye socket
674509Explore/biopsy eye socket
67500106Inject/treat eye socket
67505106Inject/treat eye socket
67515106Inject/treat eye socket
6755043Insert eye socket implant
6756052Revise eye socket implant
6757040Decompress optic nerve
67599199Orbit surgery procedure, unlisted
6770025Drainage of eyelid abscess
6771025Incision of eyelid
6771525Incision of eyelid fold
6780024Remove eyelid lesion
6780124Remove eyelid lesions
6780524Remove eyelid lesions
6780855Remove eyelid lesion(s)
67810106Biopsy of eyelid
67820106Revise eyelashes
6782525Revise eyelashes
6783025Revise eyelashes
6783552Revise eyelashes
6784025Remove eyelid lesion
6785025Treat eyelid lesion
67875106Closure of eyelid by suture
6788025Revision of eyelid
6788225Revision of eyelid
6790057Repair brow defect
6790157Repair eyelid defect
6790243Repair eyelid defect
6790343Repair eyelid defect
6790411Repair eyelid defect
6790657Repair eyelid defect
6790825Repair eyelid defect
6790957Revise eyelid defect
6791125Revise eyelid defect
6791257Correction eyelid w/ implant
6791425Repair eyelid defect
6791525Repair eyelid defect
6791625Repair eyelid defect
6791757Repair eyelid defect
6792125Repair eyelid defect
6792225Repair eyelid defect
6792325Repair eyelid defect
6792457Repair eyelid defect
6793025Repair eyelid wound
6793525Repair eyelid wound
6793825Remove eyelid foreign body
6795011Revision of eyelid
6796152Revision of eyelid
6796657Revision of eyelid
6797111Reconstruction of eyelid
6797340Reconstruction of eyelid
6797440Reconstruction of eyelid
6797557Reconstruction of eyelid
67999199Revision of eyelid, unlisted
6802025Incise/drain eyelid lining
68040106Treatment of eyelid lesions
68100106Biopsy of eyelid lining
6811025Remove eyelid lining lesion
6811525Remove eyelid lining lesion
6813025Remove eyelid lining lesion
6813525Remove eyelid lining lesion
68200106Treat eyelid by injection
6832011Revise/graft eyelid lining
6832543Revise/graft eyelid lining
6832625Revise/graft eyelid lining
6832852Revise/graft eyelid lining
6833021Revise eyelid lining
6833543Revise/graft eyelid lining
6834052Separate eyelid adhesions
6836025Revise eyelid lining
6836211Revise eyelid lining
6837125Harvest eye tissue, alograft
68399199Eyelid lining surgery, unlisted
6840025Incise/drain tear gland
6842025Incise/drain tear sac
6844025Incise tear duct opening
6850057Removal of tear gland
6850525Partial removal, tear gland
6851098Biopsy of tear gland
6852052Removal of tear sac
6852589Biopsy of tear sac
6853025Clearance of tear duct
6854043Remove tear gland lesion
6855057Remove tear gland lesion
6870057Repair tear ducts
6870525Revise tear duct opening
6872040Create tear sac drain
6874540Create tear duct drain
6875040Create tear duct drain
6876057Close tear duct opening
6876152Close tear duct opening
6877021Close tear system fistula
6880125Dilate tear duct opening
6881025Probe nasolacrimal duct
6881125Probe nasolacrimal duct
6881557Probe nasolacrimal duct
6881625Probe nasolacrimal duct w/ balloon
6884025Explore/irrigate tear ducts
68850140Injection for tear sac x-ray
68899199Tear duct system surgery, unlisted
6900024Drain external ear lesion
6900524Drain external ear lesion
6902024Drain outer ear canal lesion
69100129Biopsy of external ear
69105129Biopsy of external ear canal
6911024Remove external ear, partial
6912055Removal of external ear
6914020Remove ear canal lesion(s)
6914524Remove ear canal lesion(s)
6915010Extensive ear canal surgery
6915545Extensive ear/neck surgery
69200100Clear outer ear canal
6920555Clear outer ear canal
6921099Remove impacted ear wax uni
69220106Clean out mastoid cavity
6922257Clean out mastoid cavity
69300207Revise external ear
6931024Rebuild outer ear canal
6932050Rebuild outer ear canal
69399198Outer ear surgery procedure, unlisted
69400104Inflate middle ear canalend-dated 12/31/2014
69401104Inflate middle ear canalend-dated 12/31/2014
6940520Catheterize middle ear canalend-dated 12/31/2014
6942025Incision of eardrum
6942125Incision of eardrum
69424131Remove ventilating tube
6943325Create eardrum opening
6943625Create eardrum opening
6944025Exploration of middle ear
6945052Eardrum revision
6950521Remove mastoid structures
6951121Extensive mastoid surgery
6953021Extensive mastoid surgery
6953517Remove part of temporal bone
6954025Remove ear lesion
6955052Remove ear lesion
6955252Remove ear lesion
6955446Remove ear lesion
6960121Mastoid surgery revision
6960221Mastoid surgery revision
6960321Mastoid surgery revision
6960425Mastoid surgery revision
6960521Mastoid surgery revision
6961025Repair of eardrum
6962025Repair of eardrum
6963125Repair eardrum structures
6963257Rebuild eardrum structures
6963357Rebuild eardrum structures
6963525Repair eardrum structures
6963652Rebuild eardrum structures
6963752Rebuild eardrum structures
6964125Revise middle ear & mastoid
6964225Revise middle ear & mastoid
6964325Revise middle ear & mastoid
6964425Revise middle ear & mastoid
6964525Revise middle ear & mastoid
6964652Revise middle ear & mastoid
6965025Release middle ear bone
6966025Revise middle ear bone
6966152Revise middle ear bone
6966257Revise middle ear bone
6966652Repair middle ear structures
6966752Repair middle ear structures
6967021Remove mastoid air cells
6967657Remove middle ear nerve
6970025Close mastoid fistula
69710270Implant/replace hearing aid
6971121Remove/repair hearing aid
6971425Implant temple bone w/stimul
6971557Temple bne implnt w/stimulat
6971725Temple bone implant revision
6971857Revise temple bone implant
697209Release facial nerve
6972529Release facial nerve
6974052Repair facial nerve
6974552Repair facial nerve
69799199Middle ear surgery procedure, unlisted
6980121Incise inner ear
6980521Explore inner ear
6980657Explore inner ear
6982052Establish inner ear window
6984052Revise inner ear window
6990525Remove inner ear
6991052Remove inner ear & mastoid
6991540Incise inner ear nerve
6993052Implant cochlear device
69949199Inner ear surgery procedure, unlisted
6995046Incise inner ear nerve
6995546Release facial nerve
6996015Release inner ear canal
6997046Remove inner ear lesion
69979199Temporal bone surgery, unlisted
69990230Microsurgery add-on
70010219Contrast x-ray of brain
70015219Contrast x-ray of brain
70015TC219Contrast x-ray of brain
7001526219Contrast x-ray of brain
70030220X-ray eye for foreign body
70030TC220X-ray eye for foreign body
7003026220X-ray eye for foreign body
70100219X-ray exam of jaw
70100TC219X-ray exam of jaw
7010026219X-ray exam of jaw
70110219X-ray exam of jaw
70110TC219X-ray exam of jaw
7011026219X-ray exam of jaw
70120197X-ray exam of mastoids
70120TC197X-ray exam of mastoids
7012026197X-ray exam of mastoids
70130220X-ray exam of mastoids
70130TC220X-ray exam of mastoids
7013026220X-ray exam of mastoids
70134219X-ray exam of middle ear
70134TC219X-ray exam of middle ear
7013426219X-ray exam of middle ear
70140219X-ray exam of facial bones
70140TC219X-ray exam of facial bones
7014026219X-ray exam of facial bones
70150219X-ray exam of facial bones
70150TC219X-ray exam of facial bones
7015026219X-ray exam of facial bones
70160219X-ray exam of nasal bones
70160TC219X-ray exam of nasal bones
7016026219X-ray exam of nasal bones
70170219X-ray exam of tear duct
70170TC219X-ray exam of tear duct
7017026219X-ray exam of tear duct
70190220X-ray exam of eye sockets
70190TC220X-ray exam of eye sockets
7019026220X-ray exam of eye sockets
70200219X-ray exam of eye sockets
70200TC219X-ray exam of eye sockets
7020026219X-ray exam of eye sockets
70210219X-ray exam of sinuses
70210TC219X-ray exam of sinuses
7021026219X-ray exam of sinuses
70220219X-ray exam of sinuses
70220TC219X-ray exam of sinuses
7022026219X-ray exam of sinuses
70240219X-ray exam, pituitary saddle
70240TC219X-ray exam, pituitary saddle
7024026219X-ray exam, pituitary saddle
70250219X-ray exam of skull
70250TC219X-ray exam of skull
7025026219X-ray exam of skull
70260195X-ray exam of skull
70260TC195X-ray exam of skull
7026026195X-ray exam of skull
70300195X-ray exam of teeth
70300TC195X-ray exam of teeth
7030026195X-ray exam of teeth
70310195X-ray exam of teeth
70310TC195X-ray exam of teeth
7031026195X-ray exam of teeth
70320219Full mouth x-ray of teeth
70320TC219Full mouth x-ray of teeth
7032026219Full mouth x-ray of teeth
70328195X-ray exam of jaw joint
70328TC195X-ray exam of jaw joint
7032826195X-ray exam of jaw joint
70330218X-ray exam of jaw joints
70330TC218X-ray exam of jaw joints
7033026218X-ray exam of jaw joints
70332220X-ray exam of jaw joint
70332TC220X-ray exam of jaw joint
7033226220X-ray exam of jaw joint
70336172Magnetic image, jaw joint
70336TC171Magnetic image, jaw joint
7033626172Magnetic image, jaw joint
70350219X-ray head for orthodontia
70350TC219X-ray head for orthodontia
7035026219X-ray head for orthodontia
70355195Panoramic x-ray of jaws
70355TC195Panoramic x-ray of jaws
7035526195Panoramic x-ray of jaws
70360219X-ray exam of neck
70360TC219X-ray exam of neck
7036026219X-ray exam of neck
70370219Throat x-ray & fluoroscopy
70370TC219Throat x-ray & fluoroscopy
7037026219Throat x-ray & fluoroscopy
70371151Speech evaluation, complex
70371TC153Speech evaluation, complex
7037126151Speech evaluation, complex
70373219Contrast x-ray of larynx
70373TC219Contrast x-ray of larynx
7037326219Contrast x-ray of larynx
70380219X-ray exam of salivary gland
70380TC219X-ray exam of salivary gland
7038026219X-ray exam of salivary gland
70390219X-ray exam of salivary duct
70390TC219X-ray exam of salivary duct
7039026219X-ray exam of salivary duct
70450151Ct head/brain w/o dye
70450TC149Ct head/brain w/o dye
7045026151Ct head/brain w/o dye
70460151Ct head/brain w/dye
70460TC149Ct head/brain w/dye
7046026151Ct head/brain w/dye
70470151Ct head/brain w/o&w dye
70470TC149Ct head/brain w/o&w dye
7047026151Ct head/brain w/o&w dye
70480151Ct orbit/ear/fossa w/o dye
70480TC149Ct orbit/ear/fossa w/o dye
7048026151Ct orbit/ear/fossa w/o dye
70481151Ct orbit/ear/fossa w/dye
70481TC149Ct orbit/ear/fossa w/dye
7048126151Ct orbit/ear/fossa w/dye
70482151Ct orbit/ear/fossa w/o&w dye
70482TC149Ct orbit/ear/fossa w/o&w dye
7048226151Ct orbit/ear/fossa w/o&w dye
70486151Ct maxillofacial w/o dye
70486TC149Ct maxillofacial w/o dye
7048626151Ct maxillofacial w/o dye
70487151Ct maxillofacial w/dye
70487TC149Ct maxillofacial w/dye
7048726151Ct maxillofacial w/dye
70488151Ct maxillofacial w/o&w dye
70488TC149Ct maxillofacial w/o&w dye
7048826151Ct maxillofacial w/o&w dye
70490151Ct soft tissue neck w/o dye
70490TC149Ct soft tissue neck w/o dye
7049026151Ct soft tissue neck w/o dye
70491151Ct soft tissue neck w/dye
70491TC149Ct soft tissue neck w/dye
7049126151Ct soft tissue neck w/dye
70492151Ct sft tsue nck w/o & w/dye
70492TC149Ct sft tsue nck w/o & w/dye
7049226151Ct sft tsue nck w/o & w/dye
70496151Ct angiography, head
70496TC149Ct angiography, head
7049626151Ct angiography, head
70498151Ct angiography, neck
70498TC149Ct angiography, neck
7049826151Ct angiography, neck
70540151Mri orbit/face/neck w/o dye
70540TC149Mri orbit/face/neck w/o dye
7054026151Mri orbit/face/neck w/o dye
70542151Mri orbit/face/neck w/dye
70542TC149Mri orbit/face/neck w/dye
7054226151Mri orbit/face/neck w/dye
70543168Mri orbt/fac/nck w/o&w dye
70543TC166Mri orbt/fac/nck w/o&w dye
7054326168Mri orbt/fac/nck w/o&w dye
70544151Mr angiography head w/o dye
70544TC149Mr angiography head w/o dye
7054426151Mr angiography head w/o dye
70545151Mr angiography head w/dye
70545TC149Mr angiography head w/dye
7054526151Mr angiography head w/dye
70546151Mr angiograph head w/o&w dye
70546TC149Mr angiograph head w/o&w dye
7054626151Mr angiograph head w/o&w dye
70547151Mr angiography neck w/o dye
70547TC149Mr angiography neck w/o dye
7054726151Mr angiography neck w/o dye
70548151Mr angiography neck w/dye
70548TC149Mr angiography neck w/dye
7054826151Mr angiography neck w/dye
70549168Mr angiograph neck w/o&w dye
70549TC166Mr angiograph neck w/o&w dye
7054926168Mr angiograph neck w/o&w dye
70551151Mri brain w/o dye
70551TC149Mri brain w/o dye
7055126151Mri brain w/o dye
70552151Mri brain w/dye
70552TC149Mri brain w/dye
7055226151Mri brain w/dye
70553168Mri brain w/o&w dye
70553TC166Mri brain w/o&w dye
7055326168Mri brain w/o&w dye
70554157Fmri brain by tech
70554TC156Fmri brain by tech
7055426157Fmri brain by tech
70555157Fmri brain by phys/psych
70555TC158Fmri brain by phys/psych
7055526157Fmri brain by phys/psych
70557151Mri brain w/o dye
70557TC153Mri brain w/o dye
7055726151Mri brain w/o dye
70558151Mri brain w/ dye
70558TC153Mri brain w/ dye
7055826151Mri brain w/ dye
70559151Mri brain w/o & w/ dye
70559TC153Mri brain w/o & w/ dye
7055926151Mri brain w/o & w/ dye
71010195Chest x-ray
71010TC195Chest x-ray
7101026195Chest x-ray
71015195Chest x-ray
71015TC195Chest x-ray
7101526195Chest x-ray
71020195Chest x-ray
71020TC195Chest x-ray
7102026195Chest x-ray
71021195Chest x-ray
71021TC195Chest x-ray
7102126195Chest x-ray
71022195Chest x-ray
71022TC195Chest x-ray
7102226195Chest x-ray
71023195Chest x-ray and fluoroscopy
71023TC195Chest x-ray and fluoroscopy
7102326195Chest x-ray and fluoroscopy
71030195Chest x-ray
71030TC195Chest x-ray
7103026195Chest x-ray
71034195Chest x-ray and fluoroscopy
71034TC195Chest x-ray and fluoroscopy
7103426195Chest x-ray and fluoroscopy
71035195Chest x-ray
71035TC195Chest x-ray
7103526195Chest x-ray
71100195X-ray exam of ribs
71100TC195X-ray exam of ribs
7110026195X-ray exam of ribs
71101219X-ray exam of ribs/chest
71101TC219X-ray exam of ribs/chest
7110126219X-ray exam of ribs/chest
71110194X-ray exam of ribs
71110TC194X-ray exam of ribs
7111026194X-ray exam of ribs
71111218X-ray exam of ribs/ chest
71111TC218X-ray exam of ribs/ chest
7111126218X-ray exam of ribs/ chest
71120219X-ray exam of breastbone
71120TC219X-ray exam of breastbone
7112026219X-ray exam of breastbone
71130219X-ray exam of breastbone
71130TC219X-ray exam of breastbone
7113026219X-ray exam of breastbone
71250151Ct thorax w/o dye
71250TC149Ct thorax w/o dye
7125026151Ct thorax w/o dye
71260151Ct thorax w/dye
71260TC149Ct thorax w/dye
7126026151Ct thorax w/dye
71270151Ct thorax w/o&w dye
71270TC149Ct thorax w/o&w dye
7127026151Ct thorax w/o&w dye
71275151Ct angiography, chest
71275TC149Ct angiography, chest
7127526151Ct angiography, chest
71550151Mri chest w/o dye
71550TC149Mri chest w/o dye
7155026151Mri chest w/o dye
71551151Mri chest w/dye
71551TC149Mri chest w/dye
7155126151Mri chest w/dye
71552168Mri chest w/o&w dye
71552TC166Mri chest w/o&w dye
7155226168Mri chest w/o&w dye
71555151Mra, chest w or w/o dye
71555TC149Mra, chest w or w/o dye
7155526151Mra, chest w or w/o dye
72010219X-ray exam of spine
72010TC219X-ray exam of spine
7201026219X-ray exam of spine
72020195X-ray exam of spine
72020TC195X-ray exam of spine
7202026195X-ray exam of spine
72040195X-ray exam neck spine 2-3 vw
72040TC195X-ray exam neck spine 2-3 vw
7204026195X-ray exam neck spine 2-3 vw
72050195X-ray exam of neck spine
72050TC195X-ray exam of neck spine
7205026195X-ray exam of neck spine
72052195X-ray exam of neck spine
72052TC195X-ray exam of neck spine
7205226195X-ray exam of neck spine
72069195X-ray exam of trunk spine
72069TC195X-ray exam of trunk spine
7206926195X-ray exam of trunk spine
72070195X-ray exam of thoracic spine
72070TC195X-ray exam of thoracic spine
7207026195X-ray exam of thoracic spine
72072195X-ray exam of thoracic spine
72072TC195X-ray exam of thoracic spine
7207226195X-ray exam of thoracic spine
72074195X-ray exam of thoracic spine
72074TC195X-ray exam of thoracic spine
7207426195X-ray exam of thoracic spine
72080195X-ray exam of trunk spine
72080TC195X-ray exam of trunk spine
7208026195X-ray exam of trunk spine
72090195X-ray exam of trunk spine
72090TC195X-ray exam of trunk spine
7209026195X-ray exam of trunk spine
72100195X-ray exam of lower spine
72100TC195X-ray exam of lower spine
7210026195X-ray exam of lower spine
72110195X-ray exam of lower spine
72110TC195X-ray exam of lower spine
7211026195X-ray exam of lower spine
72114195X-ray exam of lower spine
72114TC195X-ray exam of lower spine
7211426195X-ray exam of lower spine
72120195X-ray exam of lower spine
72120TC195X-ray exam of lower spine
7212026195X-ray exam of lower spine
72125151Ct neck spine w/o dye
72125TC149Ct neck spine w/o dye
7212526151Ct neck spine w/o dye
72126151Ct neck spine w/dye
72126TC149Ct neck spine w/dye
7212626151Ct neck spine w/dye
72127151Ct neck spine w/o&w dye
72127TC149Ct neck spine w/o&w dye
7212726151Ct neck spine w/o&w dye
72128151Ct chest spine w/o dye
72128TC149Ct chest spine w/o dye
7212826151Ct chest spine w/o dye
72129151Ct chest spine w/dye
72129TC149Ct chest spine w/dye
7212926151Ct chest spine w/dye
72130151Ct chest spine w/o&w dye
72130TC149Ct chest spine w/o&w dye
7213026151Ct chest spine w/o&w dye
72131151Ct lumbar spine w/o dye
72131TC149Ct lumbar spine w/o dye
7213126151Ct lumbar spine w/o dye
72132151Ct lumbar spine w/dye
72132TC149Ct lumbar spine w/dye
7213226151Ct lumbar spine w/dye
72133151Ct lumbar spine w/o&w dye
72133TC149Ct lumbar spine w/o&w dye
7213326151Ct lumbar spine w/o&w dye
72141168Mri neck spine w/o dye
72141TC166Mri neck spine w/o dye
7214126168Mri neck spine w/o dye
72142151Mri neck spine w/dye
72142TC149Mri neck spine w/dye
7214226151Mri neck spine w/dye
72146168Mri chest spine w/o dye
72146TC166Mri chest spine w/o dye
7214626168Mri chest spine w/o dye
72147151Mri chest spine w/dye
72147TC149Mri chest spine w/dye
7214726151Mri chest spine w/dye
72148168Mri lumbar spine w/o dye
72148TC166Mri lumbar spine w/o dye
7214826168Mri lumbar spine w/o dye
72149168Mri lumbar spine w/dye
72149TC166Mri lumbar spine w/dye
7214926168Mri lumbar spine w/dye
72156168Mri neck spine w/o&w dye
72156TC166Mri neck spine w/o&w dye
7215626168Mri neck spine w/o&w dye
72157168Mri chest spine w/o&w dye
72157TC166Mri chest spine w/o&w dye
7215726168Mri chest spine w/o&w dye
72158168Mri lumbar spine w/o&w dye
72158TC166Mri lumbar spine w/o&w dye
7215826168Mri lumbar spine w/o&w dye
72159277Mr angio spine w/o&w dye
72159TC278Mr angio spine w/o&w dye
7215926277Mr angio spine w/o&w dye
72170195X-ray exam of pelvis
72170TC195X-ray exam of pelvis
7217026195X-ray exam of pelvis
72190219X-ray exam of pelvis
72190TC219X-ray exam of pelvis
7219026219X-ray exam of pelvis
72191151Ct angiograph pelv w/o&w dye
72191TC149Ct angiograph pelv w/o&w dye
7219126151Ct angiograph pelv w/o&w dye
72192151Ct pelvis w/o dye
72192TC149Ct pelvis w/o dye
7219226151Ct pelvis w/o dye
72193151Ct pelvis w/dye
72193TC149Ct pelvis w/dye
7219326151Ct pelvis w/dye
72194151Ct pelvis w/o&w dye
72194TC149Ct pelvis w/o&w dye
7219426151Ct pelvis w/o&w dye
72195151Mri pelvis w/o dye
72195TC149Mri pelvis w/o dye
7219526151Mri pelvis w/o dye
72196151Mri pelvis w/dye
72196TC149Mri pelvis w/dye
7219626151Mri pelvis w/dye
72197168Mri pelvis w/o & w dye
72197TC166Mri pelvis w/o & w dye
7219726168Mri pelvis w/o & w dye
72198151Mra, pelvis w/o&w dye
72198TC149Mra, pelvis w/o&w dye
7219826151Mra, pelvis w/o&w dye
72200195X-ray exam sacroiliac joints
72200TC195X-ray exam sacroiliac joints
7220026195X-ray exam sacroiliac joints
72202195X-ray exam sacroiliac joints
72202TC195X-ray exam sacroiliac joints
7220226195X-ray exam sacroiliac joints
72220195X-ray exam of tailbone
72220TC195X-ray exam of tailbone
7222026195X-ray exam of tailbone
72240195Contrast x-ray of neck spine
72240TC195Contrast x-ray of neck spine
7224026195Contrast x-ray of neck spine
72255195Contrast x-ray, thorax spine
72255TC195Contrast x-ray, thorax spine
7225526195Contrast x-ray, thorax spine
72265195Contrast x-ray, lower spine
72265TC195Contrast x-ray, lower spine
7226526195Contrast x-ray, lower spine
72270219Contrast x-ray of spine
72270TC219Contrast x-ray of spine
7227026219Contrast x-ray of spine
72285195X-ray c/t spine disk
72285TC195X-ray c/t spine disk
7228526195X-ray c/t spine disk
72291168Perq vertebroplasty, fluorend-dated 12/31/2014
72291TC170Perq vertebroplasty, fluorend-dated 12/31/2014
7229126168Perq vertebroplasty, fluorend-dated 12/31/2014
72292168Perq vertebroplasty, ctend-dated 12/31/2014
72292TC170Perq vertebroplasty, ctend-dated 12/31/2014
7229226168Perq vertebroplasty, ctend-dated 12/31/2014
72295195X-ray of lower spine disk
72295TC195X-ray of lower spine disk
7229526195X-ray of lower spine disk
73000197X-ray exam of collar bone
73000TC197X-ray exam of collar bone
7300026197X-ray exam of collar bone
73010197X-ray exam of shoulder blade
73010TC197X-ray exam of shoulder blade
7301026197X-ray exam of shoulder blade
73020197X-ray exam of shoulder
73020TC197X-ray exam of shoulder
7302026197X-ray exam of shoulder
73030197X-ray exam of shoulder
73030TC197X-ray exam of shoulder
7303026197X-ray exam of shoulder
73040197Contrast x-ray of shoulder
73040TC197Contrast x-ray of shoulder
7304026197Contrast x-ray of shoulder
73050194X-ray exam of shoulders
73050TC194X-ray exam of shoulders
7305026194X-ray exam of shoulders
73060197X-ray exam of humerus
73060TC197X-ray exam of humerus
7306026197X-ray exam of humerus
73070197X-ray exam of elbow
73070TC197X-ray exam of elbow
7307026197X-ray exam of elbow
73080197X-ray exam of elbow
73080TC197X-ray exam of elbow
7308026197X-ray exam of elbow
73085197Contrast x-ray of elbow
73085TC197Contrast x-ray of elbow
7308526197Contrast x-ray of elbow
73090197X-ray exam of forearm
73090TC197X-ray exam of forearm
7309026197X-ray exam of forearm
73100197X-ray exam of wrist
73100TC197X-ray exam of wrist
7310026197X-ray exam of wrist
73110197X-ray exam of wrist
73110TC197X-ray exam of wrist
7311026197X-ray exam of wrist
73115197Contrast x-ray of wrist
73115TC197Contrast x-ray of wrist
7311526197Contrast x-ray of wrist
73120197X-ray exam of hand
73120TC197X-ray exam of hand
7312026197X-ray exam of hand
73130197X-ray exam of hand
73130TC197X-ray exam of hand
7313026197X-ray exam of hand
73140197X-ray exam of finger(s)
73140TC197X-ray exam of finger(s)
7314026197X-ray exam of finger(s)
73200157Ct upper extremity w/o dye
73200TC156Ct upper extremity w/o dye
7320026157Ct upper extremity w/o dye
73201157Ct upper extremity w/dye
73201TC156Ct upper extremity w/dye
7320126157Ct upper extremity w/dye
73202157Ct uppr extremity w/o&w dye
73202TC156Ct uppr extremity w/o&w dye
7320226157Ct uppr extremity w/o&w dye
73206151Ct angio upr extrm w/o&w dye
73206TC149Ct angio upr extrm w/o&w dye
7320626151Ct angio upr extrm w/o&w dye
73218157Mri upper extremity w/o dye
73218TC156Mri upper extremity w/o dye
7321826157Mri upper extremity w/o dye
73219157Mri upper extremity w/dye
73219TC156Mri upper extremity w/dye
7321926157Mri upper extremity w/dye
73220157Mri uppr extremity w/o&w dye
73220TC156Mri uppr extremity w/o&w dye
7322026157Mri uppr extremity w/o&w dye
73221157Mri joint upr extrem w/o dye
73221TC156Mri joint upr extrem w/o dye
7322126157Mri joint upr extrem w/o dye
73222157Mri joint upr extrem w/ dye
73222TC156Mri joint upr extrem w/ dye
7322226157Mri joint upr extrem w/ dye
73223157Mri joint upr extr w/o&w dye
73223TC156Mri joint upr extr w/o&w dye
7322326157Mri joint upr extr w/o&w dye
73225277Mr angio upr extr w/o&w dye
73225TC278Mr angio upr extr w/o&w dye
7322526277Mr angio upr extr w/o&w dye
73500195X-ray exam of hip
73500TC195X-ray exam of hip
7350026195X-ray exam of hip
73510195X-ray exam of hip
73510TC195X-ray exam of hip
7351026195X-ray exam of hip
73520194X-ray exam of hips
73520TC194X-ray exam of hips
7352026194X-ray exam of hips
73525197Contrast x-ray of hip
73525TC197Contrast x-ray of hip
7352526197Contrast x-ray of hip
73530197X-ray exam of hip
73530TC197X-ray exam of hip
7353026197X-ray exam of hip
73540195X-ray exam of pelvis & hips
73540TC195X-ray exam of pelvis & hips
7354026195X-ray exam of pelvis & hips
73550197X-ray exam of thigh
73550TC197X-ray exam of thigh
7355026197X-ray exam of thigh
73560197X-ray exam of knee, 1 or 2
73560TC197X-ray exam of knee, 1 or 2
7356026197X-ray exam of knee, 1 or 2
73562197X-ray exam of knee, 3
73562TC197X-ray exam of knee, 3
7356226197X-ray exam of knee, 3
73564197X-ray exam, knee, 4 or more
73564TC197X-ray exam, knee, 4 or more
7356426197X-ray exam, knee, 4 or more
73565194X-ray exam of knees
73565TC194X-ray exam of knees
7356526194X-ray exam of knees
73580197Contrast x-ray of knee joint
73580TC197Contrast x-ray of knee joint
7358026197Contrast x-ray of knee joint
73590197X-ray exam of lower leg
73590TC197X-ray exam of lower leg
7359026197X-ray exam of lower leg
73600197X-ray exam of ankle
73600TC197X-ray exam of ankle
7360026197X-ray exam of ankle
73610197X-ray exam of ankle
73610TC197X-ray exam of ankle
7361026197X-ray exam of ankle
73615197Contrast x-ray of ankle
73615TC197Contrast x-ray of ankle
7361526197Contrast x-ray of ankle
73620197X-ray exam of foot
73620TC197X-ray exam of foot
7362026197X-ray exam of foot
73630197X-ray exam of foot
73630TC197X-ray exam of foot
7363026197X-ray exam of foot
73650197X-ray exam of heel
73650TC197X-ray exam of heel
7365026197X-ray exam of heel
73660197X-ray exam of toe(s)
73660TC197X-ray exam of toe(s)
7366026197X-ray exam of toe(s)
73700157Ct lower extremity w/o dye
73700TC156Ct lower extremity w/o dye
7370026157Ct lower extremity w/o dye
73701157Ct lower extremity w/dye
73701TC156Ct lower extremity w/dye
7370126157Ct lower extremity w/dye
73702157Ct lwr extremity w/o&w dye
73702TC156Ct lwr extremity w/o&w dye
7370226157Ct lwr extremity w/o&w dye
73706157Ct angio lwr extr w/o&w dye
73706TC156Ct angio lwr extr w/o&w dye
7370626157Ct angio lwr extr w/o&w dye
73718157Mri lower extremity w/o dye
73718TC156Mri lower extremity w/o dye
7371826157Mri lower extremity w/o dye
73719157Mri lower extremity w/dye
73719TC156Mri lower extremity w/dye
7371926157Mri lower extremity w/dye
73720157Mri lwr extremity w/o&w dye
73720TC156Mri lwr extremity w/o&w dye
7372026157Mri lwr extremity w/o&w dye
73721157Mri joint of lwr extre w/o d
73721TC156Mri joint of lwr extre w/o d
7372126157Mri joint of lwr extre w/o d
73722157Mri joint of lwr extr w/dye
73722TC156Mri joint of lwr extr w/dye
7372226157Mri joint of lwr extr w/dye
73723157Mri joint lwr extr w/o&w dye
73723TC156Mri joint lwr extr w/o&w dye
7372326157Mri joint lwr extr w/o&w dye
73725157Mra, lwr ext w or w/o dye
73725TC156Mra, lwr ext w or w/o dye
7372526157Mra, lwr ext w or w/o dye
74000195X-ray exam of abdomen
74000TC195X-ray exam of abdomen
7400026195X-ray exam of abdomen
74010195X-ray exam of abdomen
74010TC195X-ray exam of abdomen
7401026195X-ray exam of abdomen
74020195X-ray exam of abdomen
74020TC195X-ray exam of abdomen
7402026195X-ray exam of abdomen
74022195X-ray exam series, abdomen
74022TC195X-ray exam series, abdomen
7402226195X-ray exam series, abdomen
74150151Ct abdomen w/o dye
74150TC149Ct abdomen w/o dye
7415026151Ct abdomen w/o dye
74160151Ct abdomen w/dye
74160TC149Ct abdomen w/dye
7416026151Ct abdomen w/dye
74170151Ct abdomen w/o&w dye
74170TC149Ct abdomen w/o&w dye
7417026151Ct abdomen w/o&w dye
74174151Ct angio abd&pelv w/o&w/dye
74174TC149Ct angio abd&pelv w/o&w/dye
7417426151Ct angio abd&pelv w/o&w/dye
74175151Ct angio abdom w/o&w dye
74175TC149Ct angio abdom w/o&w dye
7417526151Ct angio abdom w/o&w dye
74176151Ct abd & pelvis w/o contrast
74176TC149Ct abd & pelvis w/o contrast
7417626151Ct abd & pelvis w/o contrast
74177151Ct abd & pelv w/contrast
74177TC149Ct abd & pelv w/contrast
7417726151Ct abd & pelv w/contrast
74178151Ct anio abd & pelv 1 + regns
74178TC149Ct anio abd & pelv 1 + regns
7417826151Ct anio abd & pelv 1 + regns
74181151Mri abdomen w/o dye
74181TC149Mri abdomen w/o dye
7418126151Mri abdomen w/o dye
74182151Mri abdomen w/dye
74182TC149Mri abdomen w/dye
7418226151Mri abdomen w/dye
74183168Mri abdomen w/o&w dye
74183TC166Mri abdomen w/o&w dye
7418326168Mri abdomen w/o&w dye
74185151Mra, abdom w or w/o dy
74185TC149Mra, abdom w or w/o dy
7418526151Mra, abdom w or w/o dy
74190219X-ray exam of peritoneum
74190TC219X-ray exam of peritoneum
7419026219X-ray exam of peritoneum
74210195Contrst x-ray exam of throat
74210TC195Contrst x-ray exam of throat
7421026195Contrst x-ray exam of throat
74220219Contrast x-ray, esophagus
74220TC219Contrast x-ray, esophagus
7422026219Contrast x-ray, esophagus
74230219Cine/video x-ray, throat/eso
74230TC219Cine/video x-ray, throat/eso
7423026219Cine/video x-ray, throat/eso
74235219Remove esophagus obstruction
74235TC219Remove esophagus obstruction
7423526219Remove esophagus obstruction
74240195X-ray exam, upper gi tract
74240TC195X-ray exam, upper gi tract
7424026195X-ray exam, upper gi tract
74241219X-ray exam, upper gi tract
74241TC219X-ray exam, upper gi tract
7424126219X-ray exam, upper gi tract
74245195X-ray exam, upper gi tract
74245TC195X-ray exam, upper gi tract
7424526195X-ray exam, upper gi tract
74246195Contrst x-ray uppr gi tract
74246TC195Contrst x-ray uppr gi tract
7424626195Contrst x-ray uppr gi tract
74247219Contrst x-ray uppr gi tract
74247TC219Contrst x-ray uppr gi tract
7424726219Contrst x-ray uppr gi tract
74249219Contrst x-ray uppr gi tract
74249TC219Contrst x-ray uppr gi tract
7424926219Contrst x-ray uppr gi tract
74250195X-ray exam of small bowel
74250TC195X-ray exam of small bowel
7425026195X-ray exam of small bowel
74251219X-ray exam of small bowel
74251TC219X-ray exam of small bowel
7425126219X-ray exam of small bowel
74260219X-ray exam of small bowel
74260TC219X-ray exam of small bowel
7426026219X-ray exam of small bowel
74261168CT colonography, w/o dye
74261TC170CT colonography, w/o dye
7426126168CT colonography, w/o dye
74262168CT colonography, w/ dye
74262TC170CT colonography, w/ dye
7426226168CT colonography, w/ dye
74263277CT colonography, screening
74263TC278CT colonography, screening
7426326277CT colonography, screening
74270219Contrast x-ray exam of colon
74270TC219Contrast x-ray exam of colon
7427026219Contrast x-ray exam of colon
74280219Contrast x-ray exam of colon
74280TC219Contrast x-ray exam of colon
7428026219Contrast x-ray exam of colon
74283195Contrast x-ray exam of colon
74283TC195Contrast x-ray exam of colon
7428326195Contrast x-ray exam of colon
74290195Contrast x-ray, gallbladder
74290TC195Contrast x-ray, gallbladder
7429026195Contrast x-ray, gallbladder
74291195Contrast x-rays, gallbladderend-dated 12/31/2014
74291TC195Contrast x-rays, gallbladderend-dated 12/31/2014
7429126195Contrast x-rays, gallbladderend-dated 12/31/2014
74300195X-ray bile ducts/pancreas
74300TC195X-ray bile ducts/pancreas
7430026195X-ray bile ducts/pancreas
74301232X-rays at surgery add-on
74301TC232X-rays at surgery add-on
7430126232X-rays at surgery add-on
74305195X-ray bile ducts/pancreas
74305TC195X-ray bile ducts/pancreas
7430526195X-ray bile ducts/pancreas
74320195Contrast x-ray of bile ducts
74320TC195Contrast x-ray of bile ducts
7432026195Contrast x-ray of bile ducts
74327219X-ray bile stone removal
74327TC219X-ray bile stone removal
7432726219X-ray bile stone removal
74328219Xray bile duct endoscopy
74328TC219Xray bile duct endoscopy
7432826219Xray bile duct endoscopy
74329195X-ray for pancreas endoscopy
74329TC195X-ray for pancreas endoscopy
7432926195X-ray for pancreas endoscopy
74330219X-ray bile/panc endoscopy
74330TC219X-ray bile/panc endoscopy
7433026219X-ray bile/panc endoscopy
74340219X-ray guide for GI tube
74340TC219X-ray guide for GI tube
7434026219X-ray guide for GI tube
74355219X-ray guide, intestinal tube
74355TC219X-ray guide, intestinal tube
7435526219X-ray guide, intestinal tube
74360219X-ray guide, GI dilation
74360TC219X-ray guide, GI dilation
7436026219X-ray guide, GI dilation
74363219X-ray, bile duct dilation
74363TC219X-ray, bile duct dilation
7436326219X-ray, bile duct dilation
74400195Contrst x-ray, urinary tract
74400TC195Contrst x-ray, urinary tract
7440026195Contrst x-ray, urinary tract
74410195Contrst x-ray, urinary tract
74410TC195Contrst x-ray, urinary tract
7441026195Contrst x-ray, urinary tract
74415195Contrst x-ray, urinary tract
74415TC195Contrst x-ray, urinary tract
7441526195Contrst x-ray, urinary tract
74420195Contrst x-ray, urinary tract
74420TC195Contrst x-ray, urinary tract
7442026195Contrst x-ray, urinary tract
74425195Contrst x-ray, urinary tract
74425TC195Contrst x-ray, urinary tract
7442526195Contrst x-ray, urinary tract
74430219Contrast x-ray, bladder
74430TC219Contrast x-ray, bladder
7443026219Contrast x-ray, bladder
74440219X-ray, male genital tract
74440TC219X-ray, male genital tract
7444026219X-ray, male genital tract
74445219X-ray exam of penis
74445TC219X-ray exam of penis
7444526219X-ray exam of penis
74450195X-ray, urethra/bladder
74450TC195X-ray, urethra/bladder
7445026195X-ray, urethra/bladder
74455195X-ray, urethra/bladder
74455TC195X-ray, urethra/bladder
7445526195X-ray, urethra/bladder
74470219X-ray exam of kidney lesion
74470TC219X-ray exam of kidney lesion
7447026219X-ray exam of kidney lesion
74475195X-ray control, cath insert
74475TC195X-ray control, cath insert
7447526195X-ray control, cath insert
74480195X-ray control, cath insert
74480TC195X-ray control, cath insert
7448026195X-ray control, cath insert
74485195X-ray guide, GU dilation
74485TC195X-ray guide, GU dilation
7448526195X-ray guide, GU dilation
74710219X-ray measurement of pelvis
74710TC219X-ray measurement of pelvis
7471026219X-ray measurement of pelvis
74740195X-ray, female genital tract
74740TC195X-ray, female genital tract
7474026195X-ray, female genital tract
74742219X-ray, fallopian tube
74742TC219X-ray, fallopian tube
7474226219X-ray, fallopian tube
74775219X-ray exam of perineum
74775TC219X-ray exam of perineum
7477526219X-ray exam of perineum
75557172Cardiac MRI for morph
75557TC166Cardiac MRI for morph
7555726168Cardiac MRI for morph
75559168Cardiac MRI w/ stress img
75559TC166Cardiac MRI w/ stress img
7555926168Cardiac MRI w/ stress img
75561168Cardiac MRI for morph w/ dye
75561TC166Cardiac MRI for morph w/ dye
7556126168Cardiac MRI for morph w/ dye
75563168Card MRI w/stress img & dye
75563TC166Card MRI w/stress img & dye
7556326168Card MRI w/stress img & dye
75565249Card MRI vel flw map, add-on
75565TC249Card MRI vel flw map, add-on
7556526249Card MRI vel flw map, add-on
75571151CT HRT w/o dye w/CA test
75571TC153CT HRT w/o dye w/CA test
7557126151CT HRT w/o dye w/CA test
75572151CT HRT w/3D image
75572TC153CT HRT w/3D image
7557226151CT HRT w/3D image
75573168CT HRT W/3D image, congenital
75573TC170CT HRT W/3D image, congenital
7557326168CT HRT W/3D image, congenital
75574151CT angio HRT w/3D image
75574TC153CT angio HRT w/3D image
7557426151CT angio HRT w/3D image
75600195Contrast x-ray exam of aorta
75600TC195Contrast x-ray exam of aorta
7560026195Contrast x-ray exam of aorta
75605195Contrast x-ray exam of aorta
75605TC195Contrast x-ray exam of aorta
7560526195Contrast x-ray exam of aorta
75625195Contrast x-ray exam of aorta
75625TC195Contrast x-ray exam of aorta
7562526195Contrast x-ray exam of aorta
75630195X-ray aorta, leg arteries
75630TC195X-ray aorta, leg arteries
7563026195X-ray aorta, leg arteries
75635151Ct angio abdominal arteries
75635TC149Ct angio abdominal arteries
7563526151Ct angio abdominal arteries
75658195Artery x-rays, arm
75658TC195Artery x-rays, arm
7565826195Artery x-rays, arm
75705195Artery x-rays, spine
75705TC195Artery x-rays, spine
7570526195Artery x-rays, spine
75710195Artery x-rays, arm/leg
75710TC195Artery x-rays, arm/leg
7571026195Artery x-rays, arm/leg
75716194Artery x-rays, arms/legs
75716TC194Artery x-rays, arms/legs
7571626194Artery x-rays, arms/legs
75726195Artery x-rays, abdomen
75726TC195Artery x-rays, abdomen
7572626195Artery x-rays, abdomen
75731195Artery x-rays, adrenal gland
75731TC195Artery x-rays, adrenal gland
7573126195Artery x-rays, adrenal gland
75733194Artery x-rays, adrenals
75733TC194Artery x-rays, adrenals
7573326194Artery x-rays, adrenals
75736195Artery x-rays, pelvis
75736TC195Artery x-rays, pelvis
7573626195Artery x-rays, pelvis
75741195Artery x-rays, lung
75741TC195Artery x-rays, lung
7574126195Artery x-rays, lung
75743194Artery x-rays, lungs
75743TC194Artery x-rays, lungs
7574326194Artery x-rays, lungs
75746195Artery x-rays, lung
75746TC195Artery x-rays, lung
7574626195Artery x-rays, lung
75756195Artery x-rays, chest
75756TC195Artery x-rays, chest
7575626195Artery x-rays, chest
75774232Artery x-ray, each vessel
75774TC232Artery x-ray, each vessel
7577426232Artery x-ray, each vessel
75791195AV dialysis shunt imaging
75791TC153AV dialysis shunt imaging
7579126151AV dialysis shunt imaging
75801195Lymph vessel x-ray, arm/leg
75801TC195Lymph vessel x-ray, arm/leg
7580126195Lymph vessel x-ray, arm/leg
75803218Lymph vessel x-ray,arms/legs
75803TC218Lymph vessel x-ray,arms/legs
7580326218Lymph vessel x-ray,arms/legs
75805195Lymph vessel x-ray, trunk
75805TC195Lymph vessel x-ray, trunk
7580526195Lymph vessel x-ray, trunk
75807218Lymph vessel x-ray, trunk
75807TC218Lymph vessel x-ray, trunk
7580726218Lymph vessel x-ray, trunk
75809219Nonvascular shunt, x-ray
75809TC219Nonvascular shunt, x-ray
7580926219Nonvascular shunt, x-ray
75810195Vein x-ray, spleen/liver
75810TC195Vein x-ray, spleen/liver
7581026195Vein x-ray, spleen/liver
75820195Vein x-ray, arm/leg
75820TC195Vein x-ray, arm/leg
7582026195Vein x-ray, arm/leg
75822194Vein x-ray, arms/legs
75822TC194Vein x-ray, arms/legs
7582226194Vein x-ray, arms/legs
75825195Vein x-ray, trunk
75825TC195Vein x-ray, trunk
7582526195Vein x-ray, trunk
75827195Vein x-ray, chest
75827TC195Vein x-ray, chest
7582726195Vein x-ray, chest
75831195Vein x-ray, kidney
75831TC195Vein x-ray, kidney
7583126195Vein x-ray, kidney
75833194Vein x-ray, kidneys
75833TC194Vein x-ray, kidneys
7583326194Vein x-ray, kidneys
75840195Vein x-ray, adrenal gland
75840TC195Vein x-ray, adrenal gland
7584026195Vein x-ray, adrenal gland
75842194Vein x-ray, adrenal glands
75842TC194Vein x-ray, adrenal glands
7584226194Vein x-ray, adrenal glands
75860195Vein x-ray, neck
75860TC195Vein x-ray, neck
7586026195Vein x-ray, neck
75870195Vein x-ray, skull
75870TC195Vein x-ray, skull
7587026195Vein x-ray, skull
75872195Vein x-ray, skull
75872TC195Vein x-ray, skull
7587226195Vein x-ray, skull
75880195Vein x-ray, eye socket
75880TC195Vein x-ray, eye socket
7588026195Vein x-ray, eye socket
75885195Vein x-ray, liver
75885TC195Vein x-ray, liver
7588526195Vein x-ray, liver
75887195Vein x-ray, liver
75887TC195Vein x-ray, liver
7588726195Vein x-ray, liver
75889195Vein x-ray, liver
75889TC195Vein x-ray, liver
7588926195Vein x-ray, liver
75891195Vein x-ray, liver
75891TC195Vein x-ray, liver
7589126195Vein x-ray, liver
75893195Venous sampling by catheter
75893TC195Venous sampling by catheter
7589326195Venous sampling by catheter
75894195X-rays, transcath therapy
75894TC195X-rays, transcath therapy
7589426195X-rays, transcath therapy
75896195X-rays, transcath therapy
75896TC195X-rays, transcath therapy
7589626195X-rays, transcath therapy
75898195Follow-up angiography
75898TC195Follow-up angiography
7589826195Follow-up angiography
75901168Remove cva device obstruct
75901TC170Remove cva device obstruct
7590126168Remove cva device obstruct
75902168Remove cva lumen obstruct
75902TC170Remove cva lumen obstruct
7590226168Remove cva lumen obstruct
75945168Intravascular us
75945TC170Intravascular us
7594526168Intravascular us
75946249Intravascular us add-on
75946TC249Intravascular us add-on
7594626249Intravascular us add-on
75952151Endovasc repair abdom aorta
75952TC153Endovasc repair abdom aorta
7595226151Endovasc repair abdom aorta
75953168Abdom aneurysm endovas rpr
75953TC170Abdom aneurysm endovas rpr
7595326168Abdom aneurysm endovas rpr
75954168Iliac aneurysm endovas rpr
75954TC170Iliac aneurysm endovas rpr
7595426168Iliac aneurysm endovas rpr
75956195Xray, endovasc thor ao repr
75956TC195Xray, endovasc thor ao repr
7595626195Xray, endovasc thor ao repr
75957195Xray, endovasc thor ao repr
75957TC195Xray, endovasc thor ao repr
7595726195Xray, endovasc thor ao repr
75958219Xray, place prox ext thor ao
75958TC219Xray, place prox ext thor ao
7595826219Xray, place prox ext thor ao
75959195Xray, place dist ext thor ao
75959TC195Xray, place dist ext thor ao
7595926195Xray, place dist ext thor ao
75960195Transcath iv stent rs&I end-dated 12/31/2013
75962151Repair arterial blockage
75962TC153Repair arterial blockage
7596226151Repair arterial blockage
75964249Repair artery blockage, each
75964TC249Repair artery blockage, each
7596426249Repair artery blockage, each
75966151Repair arterial blockage
75966TC153Repair arterial blockage
7596626151Repair arterial blockage
75968249Repair artery blockage, each
75968TC249Repair artery blockage, each
7596826249Repair artery blockage, each
75970168Vascular biopsy
75970TC170Vascular biopsy
7597026168Vascular biopsy
75978168Repair venous blockage
75978TC170Repair venous blockage
7597826168Repair venous blockage
75980195Contrast xray exam bile duct
75980TC195Contrast xray exam bile duct
7598026195Contrast xray exam bile duct
75982195Contrast xray exam bile duct
75982TC195Contrast xray exam bile duct
7598226195Contrast xray exam bile duct
75984195Xray control catheter change
75984TC195Xray control catheter change
7598426195Xray control catheter change
75989195Abscess drainage under x-ray
75989TC195Abscess drainage under x-ray
7598926195Abscess drainage under x-ray
76000151Fluoroscope examination
76000TC153Fluoroscope examination
7600026151Fluoroscope examination
76001151Fluoroscope exam, extensive
76001TC153Fluoroscope exam, extensive
7600126151Fluoroscope exam, extensive
76080195X-ray exam of fistula
76080TC195X-ray exam of fistula
7608026195X-ray exam of fistula
76098219X-ray exam, breast specimen
76098TC219X-ray exam, breast specimen
7609826219X-ray exam, breast specimen
76100195X-ray exam of body section
76100TC195X-ray exam of body section
7610026195X-ray exam of body section
76101195Complex body section x-ray
76101TC195Complex body section x-ray
7610126195Complex body section x-ray
76102218Complex body section x-rays
76102TC218Complex body section x-rays
7610226218Complex body section x-rays
76120195Cine/video x-rays
76120TC195Cine/video x-rays
7612026195Cine/video x-rays
76125232Cine/ video x-rays add-on
76125TC232Cine/ video x-rays add-on
7612526232Cine/ video x-rays add-on
76140290X-ray consultation
763761953d render w/o postprocess
76376TC1953d render w/o postprocess
76376261953d render w/o postprocess
763771953d rendering w/postprocess
76377TC1953d rendering w/postprocess
76377261953d rendering w/postprocess
76380195CAT scan follow-up study
76380TC195CAT scan follow-up study
7638026195CAT scan follow-up study
76390277Mr spectroscopy
76390TC278Mr spectroscopy
7639026277Mr spectroscopy
76506151Echo exam of head
76506TC153Echo exam of head
7650626151Echo exam of head
76510172Ophth us, b scan & quant a
76510TC173Ophth us, b scan & quant a
7651026172Ophth us, b scan & quant a
76511157Ophth us, quant a only
76511TC158Ophth us, quant a only
7651126157Ophth us, quant a only
76512157Ophth us, b scan w/ or w/out quant a
76512TC158Ophth us, b scan w/ or w/out quant a
7651226157Ophth us, b scan w/ or w/out quant a
76513157Echo exam of eye, water bath
76513TC158Echo exam of eye, water bath
7651326157Echo exam of eye, water bath
76514167Echo exam of eye, thickness
76514TC169Echo exam of eye, thickness
7651426167Echo exam of eye, thickness
76516150Echo exam of eye
76516TC152Echo exam of eye
7651626150Echo exam of eye
76519150Echo exam of eye
76519TC152Echo exam of eye
7651926157Echo exam of eye
76529157Echo exam of eye
76529TC158Echo exam of eye
7652926157Echo exam of eye
76536151Us exam of head and neck
76536TC153Us exam of head and neck
7653626151Us exam of head and neck
76604151Us exam, chest, b-scan
76604TC149Us exam, chest, b-scan
7660426151Us exam, chest, b-scan
76641150Ultrasound breast complete
76641TC152Ultrasound breast complete
7664126150Ultrasound breast complete
76642150Ultrasound breat limited
76642TC152Ultrasound breat limited
7664226150Ultrasound breat limited
76645150Us exam, breast(s)end-dated 12/31/2014
76645TC152Us exam, breast(s)end-dated 12/31/2014
7664526150Us exam, breast(s)end-dated 12/31/2014
76700151Us exam, abdom, complete
76700TC149Us exam, abdom, complete
7670026151Us exam, abdom, complete
76705151Us exam, abdom, limited
76705TC149Us exam, abdom, limited
7670526151Us exam, abdom, limited
76770151Us exam abdo back wall, comp
76770TC149Us exam abdo back wall, comp
7677026151Us exam abdo back wall, comp
76775151Us exam abdo back wall, lim
76775TC149Us exam abdo back wall, lim
7677526151Us exam abdo back wall, lim
76776168Us exam k transpl w/doppler
76776TC166Us exam k transpl w/doppler
7677626168Us exam k transpl w/doppler
76800151Us exam, spinal canal
76800TC153Us exam, spinal canal
7680026151Us exam, spinal canal
76801151Ob us < 14 wks, single fetus
76801TC153Ob us < 14 wks, single fetus
7680126151Ob us < 14 wks, single fetus
76802249Ob us < 14 wks, addl fetus
76802TC249Ob us < 14 wks, addl fetus
7680226249Ob us < 14 wks, addl fetus
76805151Us exam, pg uterus, compl
76805TC153Us exam, pg uterus, compl
7680526151Us exam, pg uterus, compl
76810232Us exam, pg uterus, mult
76810TC232Us exam, pg uterus, mult
7681026232Us exam, pg uterus, mult
76811168Ob us, detailed, sngl fetus
76811TC170Ob us, detailed, sngl fetus
7681126168Ob us, detailed, sngl fetus
76812249Ob us, detailed, addl fetus
76812TC249Ob us, detailed, addl fetus
7681226249Ob us, detailed, addl fetus
76813168Ob us nuchal meas, 1 gest
76813TC170Ob us nuchal meas, 1 gest
7681326168Ob us nuchal meas, 1 gest
76814249Ob us nuchal meas, add-on
76814TC249Ob us nuchal meas, add-on
7681426249Ob us nuchal meas, add-on
76815151Us exam, pg uterus limit
76815TC153Us exam, pg uterus limit
7681526151Us exam, pg uterus limit
76816151Us exam pg uterus repeat
76816TC153Us exam pg uterus repeat
7681626151Us exam pg uterus repeat
76817168Transvaginal us, obstetric
76817TC170Transvaginal us, obstetric
7681726168Transvaginal us, obstetric
76818151Fetal biophy profile w/nst
76818TC153Fetal biophy profile w/nst
7681826151Fetal biophy profile w/nst
76819151Fetal biophys profil w/o nst
76819TC153Fetal biophys profil w/o nst
7681926151Fetal biophys profil w/o nst
76820168Umbilical artery echo
76820TC170Umbilical artery echo
7682026168Umbilical artery echo
76821168Middle cerebral artery echo
76821TC170Middle cerebral artery echo
7682126168Middle cerebral artery echo
76825151Echo exam of fetal heart
76825TC153Echo exam of fetal heart
7682526151Echo exam of fetal heart
76826151Echo exam of fetal heart
76826TC153Echo exam of fetal heart
7682626151Echo exam of fetal heart
76827151Echo exam of fetal heart
76827TC153Echo exam of fetal heart
7682726151Echo exam of fetal heart
76828151Echo exam of fetal heart
76828TC153Echo exam of fetal heart
7682826151Echo exam of fetal heart
76830151Us exam, transvaginal
76830TC153Us exam, transvaginal
7683026151Us exam, transvaginal
76831151Echo exam, uterus
76831TC149Echo exam, uterus
7683126151Echo exam, uterus
76856151Us exam, pelvic, complete
76856TC149Us exam, pelvic, complete
7685626151Us exam, pelvic, complete
76857195Us exam, pelvic, limited
76857TC193Us exam, pelvic, limited
7685726195Us exam, pelvic, limited
76870151Us exam, scrotum
76870TC149Us exam, scrotum
7687026151Us exam, scrotum
76872151Echo exam, transrectal
76872TC153Echo exam, transrectal
7687226151Echo exam, transrectal
76873273Echograp trans r, pros study
76873TC274Echograp trans r, pros study
7687326273Echograp trans r, pros study
76881157Us xtr non-vasc complete
76881TC156Us xtr non-vasc complete
7688126157Us xtr non-vasc complete
76882157Us xtr non-vasc lmtd
76882TC156Us xtr non-vasc lmtd
7688226157Us xtr non-vasc lmtd
76930151Echo guide, cardiocentesis
76930TC153Echo guide, cardiocentesis
7693026151Echo guide, cardiocentesis
76932151Echo guide for heart biopsy
76932TC153Echo guide for heart biopsy
7693226151Echo guide for heart biopsy
76936151Echo guide for artery repair
76936TC153Echo guide for artery repair
7693626151Echo guide for artery repair
76937232Us guide, vascular access
76937TC232Us guide, vascular access
7693726232Us guide, vascular access
76940151Us guide, tissue ablation
76940TC153Us guide, tissue ablation
7694026151Us guide, tissue ablation
76941151Echo guide for transfusion
76941TC153Echo guide for transfusion
7694126151Echo guide for transfusion
76942195Echo guide for biopsy
76942TC195Echo guide for biopsy
7694226195Echo guide for biopsy
76945151Echo guide, villus sampling
76945TC153Echo guide, villus sampling
7694526151Echo guide, villus sampling
76946151Echo guide for amniocentesis
76946TC153Echo guide for amniocentesis
7694626151Echo guide for amniocentesis
76950151Echo guidance radiotherapyend-dated 12/31/2014
76950TC153Echo guidance radiotherapyend-dated 12/31/2014
7695026151Echo guidance radiotherapyend-dated 12/31/2014
76965151Echo guidance radiotherapy
76965TC153Echo guidance radiotherapy
7696526151Echo guidance radiotherapy
76970195Ultrasound exam follow-up
76970TC195Ultrasound exam follow-up
7697026195Ultrasound exam follow-up
76975151GI endoscopic ultrasound
76975TC153GI endoscopic ultrasound
7697526151GI endoscopic ultrasound
76977151Us bone density measure
76977TC153Us bone density measure
7697726151Us bone density measure
76998195Us guide, intraop
76998TC195Us guide, intraop
7699826195Us guide, intraop
77001232Fluoroguide for vein device
77001TC232Fluoroguide for vein device
7700126232Fluoroguide for vein device
77002195Needle localization by xray
77002TC195Needle localization by xray
7700226195Needle localization by xray
77003282Fluoroguide for spine inject
77003TC282Fluoroguide for spine inject
7700326282Fluoroguide for spine inject
77061168Breast tomosynthesis uni
77061TC170Breast tomosynthesis uni
7706126168Breast tomosynthesis uni
77062168Breast tomosynthesis bl
77062TC170Breast tomosynthesis bl
7706226168Breast tomosynthesis bl
77063168Breast tomosynthesis bl
77063TC170Breast tomosynthesis bl
7706326168Breast tomosynthesis bl
77085168DXA bone density study
77085TC170DXA bone density study
7708526168DXA bone density study
77086168Fracture assessment via DXA
77086TC170Fracture assessment via DXA
7708626168Fracture assessment via DXA
77011151Ct scan for localization
77011TC153Ct scan for localization
7701126151Ct scan for localization
77012151Ct scan for needle biopsy
77012TC153Ct scan for needle biopsy
7701226151Ct scan for needle biopsy
77013151Ct guide for tissue ablation
77013TC153Ct guide for tissue ablation
7701326151Ct guide for tissue ablation
77014151Ct scan for therapy guide
77014TC153Ct scan for therapy guide
7701426151Ct scan for therapy guide
77021151Mr guidance for needle place
77021TC153Mr guidance for needle place
7702126151Mr guidance for needle place
77022151Mri for tissue ablation
77022TC153Mri for tissue ablation
7702226151Mri for tissue ablation
77031168Stereotact guide for brst bxend-dated 12/31/2013
77032168Guidance for needle breastend-dated 12/31/2013
77051249Computer dx mammogram add-on
77051TC249Computer dx mammogram add-on
7705126249Computer dx mammogram add-on
77052249Comp screen mammogram add-on
77052TC249Comp screen mammogram add-on
7705226249Comp screen mammogram add-on
77053195X-ray of mammary duct
77053TC195X-ray of mammary duct
7705326195X-ray of mammary duct
77054219X-ray of mammary ducts
77054TC219X-ray of mammary ducts
7705426219X-ray of mammary ducts
77055168Mammogram, one breast
77055TC170Mammogram, one breast
7705526168Mammogram, one breast
77056168Mammogram, both breasts
77056TC170Mammogram, both breasts
7705626168Mammogram, both breasts
77057167Mammogram, screening
77057TC169Mammogram, screening
7705726167Mammogram, screening
77058151Mri, one breast
77058TC149Mri, one breast
7705826151Mri, one breast
77059168Mri, both breasts
77059TC166Mri, both breasts
7705926167Mri, both breasts
77071220X-ray stress view
77072219X-rays for bone age
77072TC219X-rays for bone age
7707226219X-rays for bone age
77073219X-rays, bone length studies
77073TC219X-rays, bone length studies
7707326219X-rays, bone length studies
77074219X-rays, bone survey, limited
77074TC219X-rays, bone survey, limited
7707426219X-rays, bone survey, limited
77075219X-rays, bone survey complete
77075TC219X-rays, bone survey complete
7707526219X-rays, bone survey complete
77077168Joint survey, single view
77077TC170Joint survey, single view
7707726168Joint survey, single view
77078168Ct bone density, axial
77078TC170Ct bone density, axial
7707826168Ct bone density, axial
77080168Dxa bone density, axial
77080TC170Dxa bone density, axial
7708026168Dxa bone density, axial
77081168Dxa bone density/peripheral
77081TC170Dxa bone density/peripheral
7708126168Dxa bone density/peripheral
77082168Dxa bone density, vert fxend-dated 12/31/2014
77082TC170Dxa bone density, vert fxend-dated 12/31/2014
7708226168Dxa bone density, vert fxend-dated 12/31/2014
77084168Magnetic image, bone marrow
77084TC170Magnetic image, bone marrow
7708426168Magnetic image, bone marrow
77261195Radiation therapy planning
77262195Radiation therapy planning
77263195Radiation therapy planning
77280168Set radiation therapy field
77280TC170Set radiation therapy field
7728026168Set radiation therapy field
77285168Set radiation therapy field
77285TC170Set radiation therapy field
7728526168Set radiation therapy field
77290168Set radiation therapy field
77290TC170Set radiation therapy field
7729026168Set radiation therapy field
77293168Respirator motion mgmt simul
77293TC168Respirator motion mgmt simul
7729326168Respirator motion mgmt simul
772951683-d radiotherapy plan
77295TC1703-d radiotherapy plan
77295261683-d radiotherapy plan
77300151Radiation therapy dose plan
77300TC153Radiation therapy dose plan
7730026151Radiation therapy dose plan
77301168Radioltherapy dos plan, imrt
77301TC170Radioltherapy dos plan, imrt
7730126168Radioltherapy dos plan, imrt
77305151Radiation therapy dose planend-dated 12/31/2014
77305TC153Radiation therapy dose planend-dated 12/31/2014
7730526151Radiation therapy dose planend-dated 12/31/2014
77306151Telethx isodose plan simple
77306TC153Telethx isodose plan simple
7730626151Telethx isodose plan simple
77307151Telethx isodose plan cplx
77307TC153Telethx isodose plan cplx
7730726151Telethx isodose plan cplx
77310151Radiation therapy dose planend-dated 12/31/2014
77310TC153Radiation therapy dose planend-dated 12/31/2014
7731026151Radiation therapy dose planend-dated 12/31/2014
77315151Radiation therapy dose planend-dated 12/31/2014
77315TC153Radiation therapy dose planend-dated 12/31/2014
7731526151Radiation therapy dose planend-dated 12/31/2014
77316151Brachytx isodose plan simple
77316TC153Brachytx isodose plan simple
7731626151Brachytx isodose plan simple
77317151Brachytx isodose intermed
77317TC153Brachytx isodose intermed
7731726151Brachytx isodose intermed
77318151Brachytx isodose complex
77318TC153Brachytx isodose complex
7731826151Brachytx isodose complex
77321151Radiation therapy port plan
77321TC153Radiation therapy port plan
7732126151Radiation therapy port plan
77326151Radiation therapy dose planend-dated 12/31/2014
77326TC153Radiation therapy dose planend-dated 12/31/2014
7732626151Radiation therapy dose planend-dated 12/31/2014
77327151Radiation therapy dose planend-dated 12/31/2014
77327TC153Radiation therapy dose planend-dated 12/31/2014
7732726151Radiation therapy dose planend-dated 12/31/2014
77328151Radiation therapy dose planend-dated 12/31/2014
77328TC153Radiation therapy dose planend-dated 12/31/2014
7732826151Radiation therapy dose planend-dated 12/31/2014
77331151Special radiation dosimetry
77331TC153Special radiation dosimetry
7733126151Special radiation dosimetry
77332151Radiation treatment aid(s)
77332TC153Radiation treatment aid(s)
7733226151Radiation treatment aid(s)
77333151Radiation treatment aid(s)
77333TC153Radiation treatment aid(s)
7733326151Radiation treatment aid(s)
77334151Radiation treatment aid(s)
77334TC153Radiation treatment aid(s)
7733426151Radiation treatment aid(s)
77336195Radiation physics consult
77338168Design MLC device for IMRT
77338TC170Design MLC device for IMRT
7733826168Design MLC device for IMRT
77370195Radiation physics consult
77371151Srs, multisource
77372151Srs, linear based
77373151Sbrt delivery
77385151Intsty modul rad tx dlvr smpl
77386151Intsty modul rad tx dlvr cplx
77387151Guidance for radioj tx dlvr
77401151Radiation treatment delivery
77402151Radiation treatment delivery
77403151Radiation treatment deliveryend-dated 12/31/2014
77404151Radiation treatment deliveryend-dated 12/31/2014
77406151Radiation treatment deliveryend-dated 12/31/2014
77407151Radiation treatment delivery
77408151Radiation treatment deliveryend-dated 12/31/2014
77409151Radiation treatment deliveryend-dated 12/31/2014
77411151Radiation treatment deliveryend-dated 12/31/2014
77412151Radiation treatment delivery
77413151Radiation treatment deliveryend-dated 12/31/2014
77414151Radiation treatment deliveryend-dated 12/31/2014
77416151Radiation treatment deliveryend-dated 12/31/2014
77417219Radiology port film(s)
77418151Radiation tx delivery, imrtend-dated 12/31/2014
77421168Stereoscopic x-ray guidanceend-dated 12/31/2014
77421TC170Stereoscopic x-ray guidanceend-dated 12/31/2014
7742126168Stereoscopic x-ray guidanceend-dated 12/31/2014
77422151Neutron beam tx, simple
77423151Neutron beam tx, complex
77424168Io rad tx delivery by x-ray
77425168Io rad tx deliver by elctrns
77427273Radiation tx management, x5
77431151Radiation therapy management
77432151Stereotactic radiation trmt
77435151Sbrt management
77469151Io radiation tx management
77470151Special radiation treatment
77470TC153Special radiation treatment
7747026151Special radiation treatment
77520195Proton trmt, simple w/o comp
77522195Proton trmt, simple w/comp
77523195Proton trmt, intermediate
77525219Proton treatment, complex
77600151Hyperthermia treatment
77600TC153Hyperthermia treatment
7760026151Hyperthermia treatment
77605151Hyperthermia treatment
77605TC153Hyperthermia treatment
7760526151Hyperthermia treatment
77610151Hyperthermia treatment
77610TC153Hyperthermia treatment
7761026151Hyperthermia treatment
77615151Hyperthermia treatment
77615TC153Hyperthermia treatment
7761526151Hyperthermia treatment
77620151Hyperthermia treatment
77620TC153Hyperthermia treatment
7762026151Hyperthermia treatment
77750151Infuse radioactive materials
77750TC153Infuse radioactive materials
7775026151Infuse radioactive materials
77761151Apply intrcav radiat simple
77761TC153Apply intrcav radiat simple
7776126151Apply intrcav radiat simple
77762151Apply intrcav radiat interm
77762TC153Apply intrcav radiat interm
7776226151Apply intrcav radiat interm
77763151Apply intrcav radiat compl
77763TC153Apply intrcav radiat compl
7776326151Apply intrcav radiat compl
77776151Apply interstit radiat simpl
77776TC153Apply interstit radiat simpl
7777626141Apply interstit radiat simpl
77777151Apply interstit radiat inter
77777TC153Apply interstit radiat inter
7777726141Apply interstit radiat inter
77778168Apply iterstit radiat compl
77778TC170Apply iterstit radiat compl
7777826159Apply iterstit radiat compl
77785195Hdr brachytx, 1 channel
77785TC195Hdr brachytx, 1 channel
7778526195Hdr brachytx, 1 channel
77786195Hdr brachytx, 2-12 channel
77786TC195Hdr brachytx, 2-12 channel
7778626195Hdr brachytx, 2-12 channel
77787195Hdr brachytx over 12 chan
77787TC195Hdr brachytx over 12 chan
7778726195Hdr brachytx over 12 chan
77789114Apply surface radiation
77789TC115Apply surface radiation
7778926114Apply surface radiation
77790195Radiation handling
77790TC195Radiation handling
7779026195Radiation handling
77799219Radium/radioisotope therapy, unlisted
77799219Radium/radioisotope therapy, unlisted
77799219Radium/radioisotope therapy, unlisted
78012168Thyroid uptake measurement
78012TC168Thyroid uptake measurement
7801226168Thyroid uptake measurement
78013168Thyroid imaging w/blood flow
78013TC168Thyroid imaging w/blood flow
7801326168Thyroid imaging w/blood flow
78014168Thyroid imaging w/blood flow
78014TC168Thyroid imaging w/blood flow
7801426168Thyroid imaging w/blood flow
78015151Thyroid met imaging
78015TC153Thyroid met imaging
7801526151Thyroid met imaging
78016168Thyroid met imaging/studies
78016TC170Thyroid met imaging/studies
7801626168Thyroid met imaging/studies
78018168Thyroid met imaging, body
78018TC170Thyroid met imaging, body
7801826168Thyroid met imaging, body
78020249Thyroid met uptake
78020TC249Thyroid met uptake
7802026249Thyroid met uptake
78070168Parathyroid nuclear imaging
78070TC170Parathyroid nuclear imaging
7807026168Parathyroid nuclear imaging
78071168Parathyrd planar w/wo subtrj
78071TC168Parathyrd planar w/wo subtrj
7807126168Parathyrd planar w/wo subtrj
78072168Parathyrd planar w/spect&CT
78072TC168Parathyrd planar w/spect&CT
7807226168Parathyrd planar w/spect&CT
78075168Adrenal nuclear imaging
78075TC170Adrenal nuclear imaging
7807526168Adrenal nuclear imaging
78102151Bone marrow imaging, ltd
78102TC153Bone marrow imaging, ltd
7810226151Bone marrow imaging, ltd
78103151Bone marrow imaging, mult
78103TC153Bone marrow imaging, mult
7810326151Bone marrow imaging, mult
78104168Bone marrow imaging, body
78104TC170Bone marrow imaging, body
7810426168Bone marrow imaging, body
78110195Plasma volume, single
78110TC195Plasma volume, single
7811026195Plasma volume, single
78111219Plasma volume, multiple
78111TC219Plasma volume, multiple
7811126219Plasma volume, multiple
78120195Red cell mass, single
78120TC195Red cell mass, single
7812026195Red cell mass, single
78121219Red cell mass, multiple
78121TC219Red cell mass, multiple
7812126219Red cell mass, multiple
78122219Blood volume
78122TC219Blood volume
7812226219Blood volume
78130195Red cell survival study
78130TC195Red cell survival study
7813026195Red cell survival study
78135219Red cell survival kinetics
78135TC219Red cell survival kinetics
7813526219Red cell survival kinetics
78140195Red cell sequestration
78140TC195Red cell sequestration
7814026195Red cell sequestration
78185151Spleen imaging
78185TC153Spleen imaging
7818526151Spleen imaging
78190219Platelet survival, kinetics
78190TC219Platelet survival, kinetics
7819026219Platelet survival, kinetics
78191195Platelet survival
78191TC195Platelet survival
7819126195Platelet survival
78195151Lymph system imaging
78195TC153Lymph system imaging
7819526151Lymph system imaging
78201151Liver imaging
78201TC153Liver imaging
7820126151Liver imaging
78202151Liver imaging with flow
78202TC153Liver imaging with flow
7820226151Liver imaging with flow
78205151Liver imaging (3D)
78205TC153Liver imaging (3D)
7820526151Liver imaging (3D)
78206168Liver image (3d) w/flow
78206TC170Liver image (3d) w/flow
7820626168Liver image (3d) w/flow
78215151Liver and spleen imaging
78215TC153Liver and spleen imaging
7821526151Liver and spleen imaging
78216168Liver & spleen image/flow
78216TC170Liver & spleen image/flow
7821626168Liver & spleen image/flow
78226151Hepatobiliary system imaging
78226TC149Hepatobiliary system imaging
7822626151Hepatobiliary system imaging
78227168Hepatobil syst image w/drug
78227TC149Hepatobil syst image w/drug
7822726168Hepatobil syst image w/drug
78230151Salivary gland imaging
78230TC153Salivary gland imaging
7823026151Salivary gland imaging
78231168Serial salivary imaging
78231TC170Serial salivary imaging
7823126168Serial salivary imaging
78232168Salivary gland function exam
78232TC170Salivary gland function exam
7823226168Salivary gland function exam
78258168Esophageal motility study
78258TC170Esophageal motility study
7825826168Esophageal motility study
78261168Gastric mucosa imaging
78261TC170Gastric mucosa imaging
7826126168Gastric mucosa imaging
78262168Gastroesophageal reflux exam
78262TC170Gastroesophageal reflux exam
7826226168Gastroesophageal reflux exam
78264168Gastric emptying study
78264TC170Gastric emptying study
7826426168Gastric emptying study
78267282Breath tst attain/anal c-14
78268290Breath test analysis, c-14
78270151Vit B-12 absorption exam
78270TC153Vit B-12 absorption exam
7827026151Vit B-12 absorption exam
78271151Vit B-12 absorp exam, IF
78271TC153Vit B-12 absorp exam, IF
7827126151Vit B-12 absorp exam, IF
78272168Vit B-12 absorp, combined
78272TC170Vit B-12 absorp, combined
7827226168Vit B-12 absorp, combined
78278168Acute GI blood loss imaging
78278TC170Acute GI blood loss imaging
7827826168Acute GI blood loss imaging
78282168GI protein loss exam
78282TC170GI protein loss exam
7828226168GI protein loss exam
78290168Meckel’s divert exam
78290TC170Meckel’s divert exam
7829026168Meckel’s divert exam
78291168Leveen/shunt patency exam
78291TC170Leveen/shunt patency exam
7829126168Leveen/shunt patency exam
78300151Bone imaging, limited area
78300TC153Bone imaging, limited area
7830026151Bone imaging, limited area
78305151Bone imaging, multiple areas
78305TC153Bone imaging, multiple areas
7830526151Bone imaging, multiple areas
78306151Bone imaging, whole body
78306TC153Bone imaging, whole body
7830626151Bone imaging, whole body
78315151Bone imaging, 3 phase
78315TC153Bone imaging, 3 phase
7831526151Bone imaging, 3 phase
78320168Bone imaging (3D)
78320TC170Bone imaging (3D)
7832026168Bone imaging (3D)
78350277Bone mineral, single photon
78350TC278Bone mineral, single photon
7835026277Bone mineral, single photon
78351277Bone mineral, dual photon
78414168Non-imaging heart function
78414TC170Non-imaging heart function
7841426168Non-imaging heart function
78428168Cardiac shunt imaging
78428TC170Cardiac shunt imaging
7842826168Cardiac shunt imaging
78445151Vascular flow imaging
78445TC153Vascular flow imaging
7844526151Vascular flow imaging
78451168HT muscle image spect, single
78451TC170HT muscle image spect, single
7845126168HT muscle image spect, single
78452168HT muscle image spect, mult
78452TC170HT muscle image spect, mult
7845226168HT muscle image spect, mult
78453168HT muscle image, planar, single
78453TC170HT muscle image, planar, single
7845326168HT muscle image, planar, single
78454168HT muscle image, planar, mult
78454TC170HT muscle image, planar, mult
7845426168HT muscle image, planar, mult
78456277Acute venous thrombus image
78456TC278Acute venous thrombus image
7845626277Acute venous thrombus image
78457151Venous thrombosis imaging
78457TC153Venous thrombosis imaging
7845726151Venous thrombosis imaging
78458167Ven thrombosis images, bilat
78458TC169Ven thrombosis images, bilat
7845826167Ven thrombosis images, bilat
78459168Heart muscle imaging (PET)
78459TC170Heart muscle imaging (PET)
7845926168Heart muscle imaging (PET)
78466168Heart infarct image
78466TC170Heart infarct image
7846626168Heart infarct image
78468151Heart infarct image (ef)
78468TC153Heart infarct image (ef)
7846826151Heart infarct image (ef)
78469168Heart infarct image (3D)
78469TC170Heart infarct image (3D)
7846926168Heart infarct image (3D)
78472168Gated heart, planar, single
78472TC170Gated heart, planar, single
7847226168Gated heart, planar, single
78473168Gated heart, multiple
78473TC170Gated heart, multiple
7847326168Gated heart, multiple
78481168Heart first pass, single
78481TC170Heart first pass, single
7848126168Heart first pass, single
78483168Heart first pass, multiple
78483TC170Heart first pass, multiple
7848326168Heart first pass, multiple
78491168Heart image (pet), single
78491TC170Heart image (pet), single
7849126168Heart image (pet), single
78492168Heart image (pet), multiple
78492TC170Heart image (pet), multiple
7849226168Heart image (pet), multiple
78494168Heart image, spect
78494TC170Heart image, spect
7849426168Heart image, spect
78496249Heart first pass add-on
78496TC249Heart first pass add-on
7849626249Heart first pass add-on
78499219Cardiovascular nuclear exam, unlisted
78499TC219Cardiovascular nuclear exam, unlisted
7849926219Cardiovascular nuclear exam, unlisted
78579151Lung ventilation imaging
78579TC153Lung ventilation imaging
7857926151Lung ventilation imaging
78580151Lung perfusion imaging
78580TC153Lung perfusion imaging
7858026151Lung perfusion imaging
78582151Lung ventilat&perfus imaging
78582TC153Lung ventilat&perfus imaging
7858226151Lung ventilat&perfus imaging
78597151Lung perfusion differential
78597TC153Lung perfusion differential
7859726151Lung perfusion differential
78598151Lung perf&ventilat diferentl
78598153Lung perf&ventilat diferentl
78598151Lung perf&ventilat diferentl
78599219Respiratory nuclear exam, unlisted
78599TC219Respiratory nuclear exam, unlisted
7859926219Respiratory nuclear exam, unlisted
78600151Brain imaging, ltd static
78600TC153Brain imaging, ltd static
7860026151Brain imaging, ltd static
78601151Brain imaging, ltd w/ flow
78601TC153Brain imaging, ltd w/ flow
7860126151Brain imaging, ltd w/ flow
78605151Brain imaging, complete
78605TC153Brain imaging, complete
7860526151Brain imaging, complete
78606151Brain imaging, compl w/flow
78606TC153Brain imaging, compl w/flow
7860626151Brain imaging, compl w/flow
78607168Brain imaging (3D)
78607TC170Brain imaging (3D)
7860726168Brain imaging (3D)
78608168Brain imaging (PET)
78608TC170Brain imaging (PET)
7860826168Brain imaging (PET)
78609277Brain imaging (PET)
78609TC278Brain imaging (PET)
7860926277Brain imaging (PET)
78610151Brain flow imaging only
78610TC153Brain flow imaging only
7861026151Brain flow imaging only
78630168Cerebrospinal fluid scan
78630TC170Cerebrospinal fluid scan
7863026168Cerebrospinal fluid scan
78635168CSF ventriculography
78635TC170CSF ventriculography
7863526168CSF ventriculography
78645168CSF shunt evaluation
78645TC170CSF shunt evaluation
7864526168CSF shunt evaluation
78647168Cerebrospinal fluid scan
78647TC170Cerebrospinal fluid scan
7864726168Cerebrospinal fluid scan
78650168CSF leakage imaging
78650TC170CSF leakage imaging
7865026168CSF leakage imaging
78660168Nuclear exam of tear flow
78660TC170Nuclear exam of tear flow
7866026168Nuclear exam of tear flow
78699219Nervous system nuclear exam, unlisted
78699TC219Nervous system nuclear exam, unlisted
7869926219Nervous system nuclear exam, unlisted
78700151Kidney imaging, static
78700TC153Kidney imaging, static
7870026151Kidney imaging, static
78701151Kidney imaging with flow
78701TC153Kidney imaging with flow
7870126151Kidney imaging with flow
78707151Kidney flow/function image
78707TC153Kidney flow/function image
7870726151Kidney flow/function image
78708151Kidney flow/function image
78708TC153Kidney flow/function image
7870826151Kidney flow/function image
78709168Kidney flow/function image
78709TC170Kidney flow/function image
7870926168Kidney flow/function image
78710168Kidney imaging (3D)
78710TC170Kidney imaging (3D)
7871026168Kidney imaging (3D)
78725151Kidney function study
78725TC153Kidney function study
7872526151Kidney function study
78730249Urinary bladder retention
78730TC249Urinary bladder retention
7873026249Urinary bladder retention
78740168Ureteral reflux study
78740TC170Ureteral reflux study
7874026168Ureteral reflux study
78761168Testicular imaging/flow
78761TC170Testicular imaging/flow
7876126168Testicular imaging/flow
78799219Genitourinary nuclear exam, unlisted
78799TC219Genitourinary nuclear exam, unlisted
7879926219Genitourinary nuclear exam, unlisted
78800151Tumor imaging, limited area
78800TC153Tumor imaging, limited area
7880026151Tumor imaging, limited area
78801151Tumor imaging, mult areas
78801TC153Tumor imaging, mult areas
7880126151Tumor imaging, mult areas
78802147Tumor imaging, whole body
78802TC148Tumor imaging, whole body
7880226147Tumor imaging, whole body
78803164Tumor imaging (3D)
78803TC165Tumor imaging (3D)
7880326164Tumor imaging (3D)
78804168Tumor imaging, whole body
78804TC170Tumor imaging, whole body
7880426168Tumor imaging, whole body
78805151Abscess imaging, ltd area
78805TC153Abscess imaging, ltd area
7880526151Abscess imaging, ltd area
78806164Abscess imaging, whole body
78806TC165Abscess imaging, whole body
7880626164Abscess imaging, whole body
78807164Nuclear localization/abscess
78807TC165Nuclear localization/abscess
7880726164Nuclear localization/abscess
78808219Iv inj ra drug dx study
78811168Tumor imaging (pet), limited
78811TC170Tumor imaging (pet), limited
7881126168Tumor imaging (pet), limited
78812168Tumor image (pet)/skul-thigh
78812TC170Tumor image (pet)/skul-thigh
7881226168Tumor image (pet)/skul-thigh
78813168Tumor image (pet) full body
78813TC170Tumor image (pet) full body
7881326168Tumor image (pet) full body
78814168Tumor image pet/ct, limited
78814TC170Tumor image pet/ct, limited
7881426168Tumor image pet/ct, limited
78815168Tumorimage pet/ct skul-thigh
78815TC170Tumorimage pet/ct skul-thigh
7881526168Tumorimage pet/ct skul-thigh
78816168Tumor image pet/ct full body
78816TC170Tumor image pet/ct full body
7881626168Tumor image pet/ct full body
78999219Nuclear diagnostic exam, unlisted
78999TC219Nuclear diagnostic exam, unlisted
7899926219Nuclear diagnostic exam, unlisted
79005219Nuclear rx, oral admin
79005TC219Nuclear rx, oral admin
7900526219Nuclear rx, oral admin
79101195Nuclear rx, iv admin
79101TC195Nuclear rx, iv admin
7910126195Nuclear rx, iv admin
79200219Intracavitary nuclear trmt
79200TC219Intracavitary nuclear trmt
7920026219Intracavitary nuclear trmt
79300219Interstitial nuclear therapy
79300TC219Interstitial nuclear therapy
7930026219Interstitial nuclear therapy
79403219Hematopoetic nuclear therapy
79403TC219Hematopoetic nuclear therapy
7940326219Hematopoetic nuclear therapy
79440219Nuclear joint therapy
79440TC219Nuclear joint therapy
7944026219Nuclear joint therapy
79445219Nuclear rx, intra-arterial
79445TC219Nuclear rx, intra-arterial
7944526219Nuclear rx, intra-arterial
80047282Metabolic panel ionized ca
80047QW282Metabolic panel ionized ca
80048290Basic metabolic panel
80048QW290Basic metabolic panel
80050290General health panel
80051282Electrolyte panel
80051QW282Electrolyte panel
80053290Comprehen metabolic panel
80053QW290Comprehen metabolic panel
80055290Obstetric panel
80061290Lipid panel
80061QW290Lipid panel
80069290Renal function panel
80069QW290Renal function panel
80074290Acute hepatitis panel
80076282Hepatic function panel
80100290Drug screen, qualitate/multiend-dated 12/31/2014
80101282Drug screen, singleend-dated 12/31/2014
80101QW282Drug screen, singleend-dated 12/31/2014
80102290Drug confirmationend-dated 12/31/2014
80103290Drug analysis, tissue prepend-dated 12/31/2014
80104290Drug scrn 1+ class nonchromoend-dated 12/31/2014
80150290Assay of amikacin
80152290Assay of amitriptylineend-dated 12/31/2014
80154290Assay of benzodiazepinesend-dated 12/31/2014
80155290Drug screen quant caffeine
80156290Assay, carbamazepine, total
80157290Assay, carbamazepine, free
80158290Assay of cyclosporine
80159290Drug screen quant clozapine
80160290Assay of desipramineend-dated 12/31/2014
80162290Assay of digoxin
80163290Assay of digoxin free
80164290Assay, dipropylacetic acid
80165290Dipropylacetic acid free
80166290Assay of doxepinend-dated 12/31/2014
80168290Assay of ethosuximide
80169290Drug screen quant everolimus
80170290Assay of gentamicin
80171290Drug screen quant gabapentin
80172290Assay of goldend-dated 12/31/2014
80173290Assay of haloperidol
80174290Assay of imipramineend-dated 12/31/2014
80175290Drug screen quan lamotrigine
80176290Assay of lidocaine
80177290Drug scrn quan levetiracetam
80178290Assay of lithium
80178QW290Assay of lithium
80180290Drug scrn quan mycophenolate
80182290Assay of nortriptylineend-dated 12/31/2014
80183290Drug scrn quant oxcarbazepin
80184290Assay of phenobarbital
80185290Assay of phenytoin, total
80186290Assay of phenytoin, free
80188290Assay of primidone
80190282Assay of procainamide
80192290Assay of procainamide
80194290Assay of quinidine
80195290Assay of sirolimus
80196290Assay of salicylateend-dated 12/31/2014
80197290Assay of tacrolimus
80198290Assay of theophylline
80199290Drug screen quant tiagabine
80200290Assay of tobramycin
80201290Assay of topiramate
80202290Assay of vancomycin
80203290Drug screen quant zonisamide
80299290Quantitative assay, drug
80300290Drug screen non tlc devices
80301290Drug screen class list A
80302290Drug screen prsmpty 1 class
80303290Drug screen one/mult class
80304290Drug screen one/mult class
80320290Drug screen quantal cohols
80321290Alcohols biomarkers 1 or 2
80322290Alcohols biomarkers 3/more
80323290Alkaloids nos
80324290Drug screen amphetamines 1/2
80325290Amphetamine 3 or 4
80326290Amphetamine 5 or more
80327290Anabolic steriod 1 or 2
80328290Anabolic steriod 3 or more
80329290Analgesics non-opiod 1 or 3
80330290Analgesics non-opiod 3-5
80331290Analgesics non-opiod 6/more
80332290Antidepressants class 1 or 2
80333290Antidepressants class 3-5
80334290Antidepressants class 6/more
80335290Antidepressants tricyclic 1/2
80336290Antidepressants tricyclic 3-5
80337290Tricyclic & cyclicals 6/more
80338290Antidepressant not specified
80339290Antiepileptics nos 1-3
80340290Antiepileptics nos 4-6
80341290Antiepileptics nos 7/more
80342290Antipsychotics nos 1-3
80343290Antipsychotics nos 4-6
80344290Antipsychotics nos 7/more
80345290Drug screening barbiturates
80346290Benzodiazepines 1-12
80347290Benzodiazepines 13 or more
80348290Drug screening buprenorphine
80349290Cannabinoids natural
80350290Cannabinoids synthetic 1-3
80351290Cannabinoids synthetic 4-6
80352290Cannabinoids synthetic 7/more
80353290Drug screening cocaine
80354290Drug screening fentanyl
80355290Gabapentin non-blood
80356290Heroin metabolite
80357290Ketamine and Norketamine
80358290Drug screening methadone
80361290Opiates 1 or more
80362290Opioids & opiate analogs 1/2
80363290Opiods & opiate analogs 3/4
80364290Opioid & opiate analog 5/more
80365290Drug screening oxycodone
80366290Drug screening pregabalin
80367290Drug screening propoxyphene
80368290Sedative hypnotics
80369290Skeletal muscle relaxant 1/2
80370290Skel musc relaxant 3 or more
80371290Stimulants synthetic
80372290Drug screening tapentadol
80373290Drug screening tramadol
80374290Stereiosomer analysis
80375290Drug/substance nos 1-3
80376290Drug/substance nos 4-6
80377290Drug/substance nos 7/more
80400290Acth stimulation panel
80402290Acth stimulation panel
80406290Acth stimulation panel
80408290Aldosterone suppression eval
80410290Calcitonin stimul panel
80412290CRH stimulation panel
80414290Testosterone response
80415290Estradiol response panel
80416290Renin stimulation panel
80417290Renin stimulation panel
80418290Pituitary evaluation panel
80420290Dexamethasone panel
80422290Glucagon tolerance panel
80424290Glucagon tolerance panel
80426290Gonadotropin hormone panel
80428290Growth hormone panel
80430290Growth hormone panel
80432290Insulin suppression panel
80434290Insulin tolerance panel
80435290Insulin tolerance panel
80436290Metyrapone panel
80438290TRH stimulation panel
80439290TRH stimulation panel
80440290TRH stimulation panelend-dated 12/31/2014
80500266Lab pathology consultation
80502266Lab pathology consultation
81000281Urinalysis, nonauto w/scope
81001286Urinalysis, auto w/scope
81002281Urinalysis nonauto w/o scope
81003281Urinalysis, auto, w/o scope
81003QW281Urinalysis, auto, w/o scope
81007290Urine screen for bacteria
81007QW290Urine screen for bacteria
81015282Microscopic exam of urine
81020290Urinalysis, glass test
81025286Urine pregnancy test
81050281Urinalysis, volume measure
81099290Urinalysis test procedure, unlisted
81161290DMD dup/delet analysis
81200290ASPA gene
81205290Bckdhb gene
81206290Bcr/abl1 gene major bp
81207290Bcr/abl1 gene minor bp
81208290Bcr/abl1 gene other bp
81209290Blm gene
81210290Braf gene
81211290Brca1&2 seq & com dup/del
81212290Brca1&2 185&5385&6174 var
81213290Brca1&2 uncom dup/del var
81214290Brca1 full seq & com dup/del
81215290Brca1 gene known fam variant
81216290Brca2 gene full sequence
81217290Brca2 gene known fam variant
81220290Cftr gene com variants
81221290Cftr gene known fam variants
81222290Cftr gene dup/delet variants
81223290Cftr gene full sequence
81224290Cftr gene intron poly T
81225290CYP2C19 gene com variants
81226290CYP2D6 gene com variants
81227290CYP2C9 gene com variants
81228290Cytogen micrarray copy nmbr
81229290Cytogen M array copy no&snp
81240290F2 gene
81241290F5 gene
81242290FANCC gene
81243290FMR1 gene detection
81244290FMR1 gene characterization
81245290FLT3 gene
81246290FLT3 gene analysis
81250290G6PC gene
81251290GBA gene
81255290HEXA gene
81256290HFE gene
81257290HBA1/HBA2 gene
81260290IKBKAP gene
81261290IGH gene rearrange amp meth
81262290IGH gene rearrang dir probe
81263290IGH vari regional mutation
81264290IGK rearrangeabn clonal pop
81265290STR markers specimen anal
81266290STR markers spec anal addl
81267290Chimerism anal no cell selec
81268290Chimerism anal w/cell select
81270290JAK2 gene
81275290KRAS gene
81280290Long qt synd gene full seq
81281290Long qt synd known fam var
81282290Long qt syn gene dup/dlt var
81287290Mgmt gene methylation anal
81288290MLH1 gene
81290290MCOLN1 gene
81291290MTHFR gene
81292290MLH1 gene full seq
81293290MLH1 gene known variants
81294290MLH1 gene dup/delete variant
81295290MSH2 gene full seq
81296290MSH2 gene known variants
81297290MSH2 gene dup/delete variant
81298290MSH6 gene full seq
81299290MSH6 gene known variants
81300290MSH6 gene dup/delete variant
81301290Microsatellite instability
81302290MECP2 gene full seq
81303290MECP2 gene known variant
81304290MECP2 gene dup/delet variant
81310290NPM1 gene
81313290PCA3/KLK3 antigen
81315290Pml/raralpha com breakpoints
81316290Pml/raralpha 1 breakpoint
81317290PMS2 gene full seq analysis
81318290PMS2 known familial variants
81319290PMS2 gene dup/delet variants
81330290SMPD1 gene common variants
81331290SNRPN/UBE3A gene
81332290SERPINA1 gene
81340290TRB@ gene rearrange amplify
81341290TRB@ gene rearrange dirprobe
81342290TRG gene rearrangement anal
81350290UGT1A1 gene
81355290VKORC1 gene
81370290HLA I & II typing lr
81371290HLA I & II type verify lr
81372290HLA I typing complete lr
81373290HLA I typing 1 locus lr
81374290HLA I typing 1 antigen lr
81375290HLA II typing ag equiv lr
81376290HLA II typing 1 locus lr
81377290HLA II type 1 ag equiv lr
81378290HLA I & II typing hr
81379290HLA I typing complete hr
81380290HLA I typing 1 locus hr
81381290HLA I typing 1 allele hr
81382290HLA II typing 1 loc hr
81383290HLA II typing 1 allele hr
81400290Mopath procedure level 1
81401290Mopath procedure level 2
81402290Mopath procedure level 3
81403290Mopath procedure level 4
81404290Mopath procedure level 5
81405290Mopath procedure level 6
81406290Mopath procedure level 7
81407290Mopath procedure level 8
81408290Mopath procedure level 9
81410290Aortic dysfunction/dilation
81411290Aortic dysfunction/dilation
81415290Exome sequence analysis
81416290Exome sequence analysis
81417290Exome re-evaluation
81420290Fetal chrmoml aneuploidy
81425290Genome sequence analysis
81426290Genome sequence analysis
81427290Genome re-evaluation
81430290Hearing loss sequence analysis
81431290Hearing loss dup/del analysis
81435290Hereditary colon cancer
81436290Hereditary colon ca snyd
81440290Mitochondrial gene
81445290Targeted genomic seq analys
81450290Targeted genomic seq analys
81455290Targeted genomic seq analys
81460290Whole mitochondrial genome
81465290Whole mitochondrial genome
81470290X-linked intellectual dblt
81471290X-linked intellectual dblt
81504290Oncology tissue of origin
81507290Fetal aneuploidy trisom risk
81519290Oncology breast mrna
82000290Assay of blood acetaldehydeend-dated 12/31/2014
82003290Assay of acetaminophenend-dated 12/31/2014
82009290Test for acetone/ketones
82010290Acetone assay
82010QW290Acetone assay
82013282Acetylcholinesterase assay
82016282Acylcarnitines, qual
82017290Acylcarnitines, quant
82024282Assay of acth
82030290Assay of adp & amp
82040282Assay of serum albumin
82040QW282Assay of serum albumin
82042290Assay of urine albumin
82042QW290Assay of urine albumin
82043290Microalbumin, quantitative
82043QW290Microalbumin, quantitative
82044290Microalbumin, semiquant
82044QW290Microalbumin, semiquant
82045290Albumin, ischemia modified
82055290Assay of ethanolend-dated 12/31/2014
82055QW290Assay of ethanolend-dated 12/31/2014
82075290Assay of breath ethanol
82085290Assay of aldolase
82088282Assay of aldosterone
82101290Assay of urine alkaloidsend-dated 12/31/2014
82103290Alpha-1-antitrypsin, total
82104290Alpha-1-antitrypsin, pheno
82105290Alpha-fetoprotein, serum
82106290Alpha-fetoprotein, amniotic
82107290Alpha-fetoprotein l3
82108290Assay of aluminum
82120290Amines, vaginal fluid qual
82120QW290Amines, vaginal fluid qual
82127282Amino acid, single qual
82128282Amino acids, mult qual
82131282Amino acids, single quant
82135290Assay, aminolevulinic acid
82136290Amino acids, quant, 2-5
82139290Amino acids, quan, 6 or more
82140290Assay of ammonia
82143290Amniotic fluid scanend-dated 12/31/2014
82145290Assay of amphetamines
82150290Assay of amylase
82150QW290Assay of amylase
82154290Androstanediol glucuronide
82157290Assay of androstenedione
82160290Assay of androsterone
82163290Assay of angiotensin II
82164290Angiotensin I enzyme test
82172290Assay of apolipoprotein
82175290Assay of arsenic
82180290Assay of ascorbic acid
82190290Atomic absorption
82205282Assay of barbituratesend-dated 12/31/2014
82232290Assay of beta-2 protein
82239290Bile acids, total
82240290Bile acids, cholylglycine
82247282Bilirubin, total
82247QW282Bilirubin, total
82248282Bilirubin, direct
82252290Fecal bilirubin test
82261290Assay of biotinidase
82270290Test for blood, feces
82271290Occult blood, feces, single
82271QW290Occult blood, feces, single
82272282Blood occult peroxidase
82274290Assay test for blood, fecal
82274QW290Assay test for blood, fecal
82286290Assay of bradykinin
82300290Assay of cadmium
82306290Assay of vitamin D
82308282Assay of calcitonin
82310282Assay of calcium
82310QW282Assay of calcium
82330282Assay of calcium
82330QW282Assay of calcium
82331290Calcium infusion test
82340290Assay of calcium in urine
82355290Calculus analysis, qual
82360290Calculus assay, quant
82365290Calculus spectroscopy
82370290X-ray assay, calculus
82373290Assay, c-d transfer measure
82374282Assay, blood carbon dioxide
82374QW282Assay, blood carbon dioxide
82375290Assay, blood carbon monoxide
82376290Test for carbon monoxide
82378290Carcinoembryonic antigen
82379290Assay of carnitine
82380290Assay of carotene
82382290Assay, urine catecholamines
82383290Assay, blood catecholamines
82384282Assay, three catecholamines
82387290Assay of cathepsin-d
82390290Assay of ceruloplasmin
82397290Chemiluminescent assay
82415290Assay of chloramphenicol
82435282Assay of blood chloride
82435QW282Assay of blood chloride
82436290Assay of urine chloride
82438290Assay, other fluid chlorides
82441290Test for chlorohydrocarbons
82465290Assay, bld/serum cholesterol
82465QW290Assay, bld/serum cholesterol
82480290Assay, serum cholinesterase
82482290Assay, rbc cholinesterase
82485290Assay, chondroitin sulfate
82486282Gas/liquid chromatography
82487282Paper chromatography
82488282Paper chromatography
82489282Thin layer chromatography
82491282Chromotography, quant, sing
82492282Chromotography, quant, mult
82495290Assay of chromium
82507290Assay of citrate
82520290Assay of cocaineend-dated 12/31/2014
82523290Collagen crosslinks
82523QW290Collagen crosslinks
82525290Assay of copper
82528290Assay of corticosterone
82530282Cortisol, free
82533282Total cortisol
82540290Assay of creatine
82541290Column chromotography, qual
82542290Column chromotography, quant
82543290Column chromotograph/isotope
82544290Column chromotograph/isotope
82550290Assay of ck (cpk)
82550QW290Assay of ck (cpk)
82552290Assay of cpk in blood
82553282Creatine, MB fraction
82554290Creatine, isoforms
82565282Assay of creatinine
82565QW282Assay of creatinine
82570282Assay of urine creatinine
82570QW282Assay of urine creatinine
82575290Creatinine clearance test
82585290Assay of cryofibrinogen
82595290Assay of cryoglobulin
82600290Assay of cyanide
82607290Vitamin B-12
82608290B-12 binding capacity
82610290Cystatin C
82615290Test for urine cystines
82638290Assay of dibucaine number
82646290Assay of dihydrocodeinoneend-dated 12/31/2014
82649290Assay of dihydromorphinoneend-dated 12/31/2014
82651290Assay of dihydrotestosteroneend-dated 12/31/2014
82652290Assay of dihydroxyvitamin d
82654290Assay of dimethadioneend-dated 12/31/2014
82656290Pancreatic elastase, fecal
82657290Enzyme cell activity
82658290Enzyme cell activity, ra
82664290Electrophoretic test
82666290Assay of epiandrosteroneend-dated 12/31/2014
82668290Assay of erythropoietin
82670282Assay of estradiol
82671290Assay of estrogens
82672290Assay of estrogen
82677290Assay of estriol
82679290Assay of estrone
82679QW290Assay of estrone
82690290Assay of ethchlorvynolend-dated 12/31/2014
82693290Assay of ethylene glycol
82696290Assay of etiocholanolone
82705290Fats/lipids, feces, qual
82710290Fats/lipids, feces, quant
82715290Assay of fecal fat
82725290Assay of blood fatty acids
82726290Long chain fatty acids
82728290Assay of ferritin
82731290Assay of fetal fibronectin
82735290Assay of fluoride
82735290Assay of flurazepamend-dated 12/31/2014
82746290Blood folic acid serum
82747290Assay of folic acid, rbc
82757290Assay of semen fructose
82759290Assay of rbc galactokinase
82760290Assay of galactose
82775290Assay galactose transferase
82776290Galactose transferase test
82784290Assay of gammaglobulin igm
82785290Assay of gammaglobulin ige
82787290Igg 1, 2, 3 or 4, each
82800282Blood pH
82803282Blood gases: pH, pO2 & pCO2
82805290Blood gases W/02 saturation
82810290Blood gases, O2 sat only
82820290Hemoglobin-oxygen affinity
82930290Gastric analy w/ph ea spec
82938290Gastrin test
82941290Assay of gastrin
82943290Assay of glucagon
82945282Glucose other fluid
82946290Glucagon tolerance test
82947282Assay, glucose, blood quant
82947QW282Assay, glucose, blood quant
82948282Reagent strip/blood glucose
82950290Glucose test
82950QW290Glucose test
82951290Glucose tolerance test (GTT)
82951QW290Glucose tolerance test (GTT)
82952290GTT-added samples
82952QW290GTT-added samples
82953290Glucose-tolbutamide testend-dated 12/31/2014
82955290Assay of g6pd enzyme
82960290Test for G6PD enzyme
82962290Glucose blood test
82963290Assay of glucosidase
82965290Assay of gdh enzyme
82975290Assay of glutamineend-dated 12/31/2014
82977290Assay of GGT
82977QW290Assay of GGT
82978290Assay of glutathione
82979290Assay, rbc glutathione
82980290Assay of glutethimideend-dated 12/31/2014
82985290Glycated protein
82985QW290Glycated protein
83001282Gonadotropin (FSH)
83001QW282Gonadotropin (FSH)
83002282Gonadotropin (LH)
83002QW282Gonadotropin (LH)
83003282Assay, growth hormone (hgh)
83006290Growth stimulatino gene 2
83008290Assay of guanosineend-dated 12/31/2014
83009290H pylori (c-13), blood
83010290Assay of haptoglobin, quant
83012290Assay of haptoglobins
83013282H pylori analysis
83014282H pylori drug admin/collect
83015290Heavy metal screen
83018290Quantitative screen, metals
83020290Hemoglobin electrophoresis
8302026290Hemoglobin electrophoresis
83021290Hemoglobin chromotography
83026282Hemoglobin, copper sulfate
83030290Fetal hemoglobin, chemical
83033282Fetal hemoglobin assay, qual
83036282Glycated hemoglobin test
83036QW282Glycated hemoglobin test
83037282Glycosylated hb, home device
83037QW282Glycosylated hb, home device
83045290Blood methemoglobin test
83050290Blood methemoglobin assay
83051290Assay of plasma hemoglobin
83055290Blood sulfhemoglobin testend-dated 12/31/2014
83060290Blood sulfhemoglobin assay
83065290Assay of hemoglobin heat
83068290Hemoglobin stability screen
83069290Assay of urine hemoglobin
83070290Assay of hemosiderin, qual
83071290Assay of hemosiderin, quantend-dated 12/31/2014
83080290Assay of b hexosaminidase
83088290Assay of histamine
83090282Assay of homocystine
83150290Assay of for hva
83491290Assay of corticosteroids
83497290Assay of 5-hiaa
83498282Assay of progesterone
83499290Assay of progesterone
83500290Assay, free hydroxyproline
83505290Assay, total hydroxyproline
83516282Immunoassay, nonantibody
83518282Immunoassay, dipstick
83518QW282Immunoassay, dipstick
83519282Immunoassay, nonantibody
83520282Immunoassay, RIA
83520QW282Immunoassay, RIA
83525282Assay of insulin
83527290Assay of insulin
83528290Assay of intrinsic factor
83540290Assay of iron
83550290Iron binding test
83570290Assay of idh enzyme
83582290Assay of ketogenic steroids
83586290Assay 17- ketosteroids
83593290Fractionation, ketosteroids
83605290Assay of lactic acid
83605QW290Assay of lactic acid
83615290Lactate (LD) (LDH) enzyme
83625290Assay of ldh enzymes
83630282Lactoferrin, fecal (qual)
83631290Lactoferrin, fecal (quant)
83632290Placental lactogen
83633290Test urine for lactose
83634290Assay of urine for lactoseend-dated 12/31/2014
83655290Assay of lead
83655QW290Assay of lead
83661290L/s ratio, fetal lung
83662290Foam stability, fetal lung
83663290Fluoro polarize, fetal lung
83664290Lamellar bdy, fetal lung
83670290Assay of lap enzyme
83690290Assay of lipase
83695290Assay of lipoprotein(a)
83698290Assay lipoprotein pla2
83700290Lipopro bld, electrophoretic
83701290Lipoprotein bld, hr fraction
83704290Lipoprotein, bld, by nmr
83718290Assay of lipoprotein
83718QW290Assay of lipoprotein
83719290Assay of blood lipoprotein
83721282Assay of blood lipoprotein
83721QW282Assay of blood lipoprotein
83727290Assay of lrh hormone
83735290Assay of magnesium
83775290Assay of md enzyme
83785290Assay of manganese
83788282Mass spectrometry qual
83789282Mass spectrometry quant
83805290Assay of meprobamateend-dated 12/31/2014
83825290Assay of mercury
83835290Assay of metanephrines
83840290Assay of methadoneend-dated 12/31/2014
83857290Assay of methemalbumin
83858290Assay of methsuximideend-dated 12/31/2014
83861290Microfluid analy tears
83866290Mucopolysaccharides screenend-dated 12/31/2014
83872290Assay synovial fluid mucin
83873290Assay of csf protein
83874290Assay of myoglobin
83876290Assay, myeloperoxidase
83880290Natriuretic peptide
83880QW290Natriuretic peptide
83883290Assay, nephelometry not spec
83885290Assay of nickel
83887290Assay of nicotineend-dated 12/31/2014
83915290Assay of nucleotidase
83916290Oligoclonal bands
83918290Organic acids, total, quant
83919282Organic acids, qual, each
83921290Organic acid, single, quant
83925290Assay of opiatesend-dated 12/31/2014
83930290Assay of blood osmolality
83935290Assay of urine osmolality
83937290Assay of osteocalcin
83945290Assay of oxalate
83950290Oncorprotein, her-2/neu
83951290Oncoprotein, dcp
83970290Assay of parathormone
83986282Assay of body fluid acidity
83986QW282Assay of body fluid acidity
83987290Exhaled breath condensate
83992290Assay for phencyclidine
83993290Assay for calprotectin fecal
84022290Assay of phenothiazineend-dated 12/31/2014
84030290Assay of blood pku
84035290Assay of phenylketones
84060290Assay acid phosphatase
84061290Phosphatase, forensic exam
84066290Assay prostate phosphatase
84075282Assay alkaline phosphatase
84075QW282Assay alkaline phosphatase
84078290Assay alkaline phosphatase
84080290Assay alkaline phosphatases
84081290Amniotic fluid enzyme test
84085290Assay of rbc pg6d enzyme
84087290Assay phosphohexose enzymes
84100282Assay of phosphorus
84105290Assay of urine phosphorus
84106290Test for porphobilinogen
84110290Assay of porphobilinogen
84112290Eval amniotic fluid protein
84119290Test urine for porphyrins
84120290Assay of urine porphyrins
84126290Assay of feces porphyrinsend-dated 12/31/2014
84127290Assay of feces porphyrins
84132282Assay of serum potassium
84132QW282Assay of serum potassium
84133290Assay of urine potassium
84134290Assay of prealbumin
84135290Assay of pregnanediol
84138290Assay of pregnanetriol
84140290Assay of pregnenolone
84143282Assay of 17-hydroxypregneno
84144290Assay of progesterone
84145290Procalcitonin (PCT)
84146282Assay of prolactin
84150290Assay of prostaglandin
84152290Assay of psa, complexed
84153290Assay of psa, total
84154290Assay of psa, free
84155282Assay of protein
84156290Assay of protein, urine
84157290Assay of protein, other
84157QW290Assay of protein, other
84160290Assay of serum protein
84163290Pappa, serum
84165290Assay of serum proteins
8416526290Assay of serum proteins
84166290Protein e-phoresis/urine/csf
8416626290Protein e-phoresis/urine/csf
84181282Western blot test
8418126282Western blot test
84182290Protein, western blot test
8418226290Protein, western blot test
84202290Assay RBC protoporphyrin
84203290Test RBC protoporphyrin
84206290Assay of proinsulin
84207290Assay of vitamin b-6
84210290Assay of pyruvate
84220290Assay of pyruvate kinase
84228290Assay of quinine
84233290Assay of estrogen
84234290Assay of progesterone
84235290Assay of endocrine hormone
84238290Assay, nonendocrine receptor
84244282Assay of renin
84252290Assay of vitamin b-2
84255290Assay of selenium
84260290Assay of serotonin
84270290Assay of sex hormone globul
84275290Assay of sialic acid
84285290Assay of silica
84295282Assay of serum sodium
84295QW282Assay of serum sodium
84300290Assay of urine sodium
84302290Assay of sweat sodium
84305290Assay of somatomedin
84307290Assay of somatostatin
84315290Body fluid specific gravity
84375290Chromatogram assay, sugars
84376282Sugars, single, qual
84377282Sugars, multiple, qual
84378282Sugars single quant
84379290Sugars multiple quant
84392290Assay of urine sulfate
84402290Assay of testosterone
84403282Assay of total testosterone
84425290Assay of vitamin b-1
84430290Assay of thiocyanate
84431290Thromboxane, urine
84432290Assay of thyroglobulin
84436290Assay of total thyroxine
84437290Assay of neonatal thyroxine
84439290Assay of free thyroxine
84442290Assay of thyroid activity
84443282Assay thyroid stim hormone
84443QW282Assay thyroid stim hormone
84445290Assay of tsi
84446290Assay of vitamin e
84449290Assay of transcortin
84450282Transferase (AST) (SGOT)
84450QW282Transferase (AST) (SGOT)
84460282Alanine amino (ALT) (SGPT)
84460QW282Alanine amino (ALT) (SGPT)
84466290Assay of transferrin
84478290Assay of triglycerides
84478QW290Assay of triglycerides
84479290Assay of thyroid (t3 or t4)
84480290Assay, triiodothyronine (t3)
84481290Free assay (FT-3)
84482290Reverse assay (t3)
84484290Assay of troponin, quant
84485290Assay duodenal fluid trypsin
84488290Test feces for trypsin
84490290Assay of feces for trypsin
84510290Assay of tyrosine
84512290Assay of troponin, qual
84520282Assay of urea nitrogen
84520QW282Assay of urea nitrogen
84525290Urea nitrogen semi-quant
84540290Assay of urine/urea-n
84545290Urea-N clearance test
84550290Assay of blood/uric acid
84550QW290Assay of blood/uric acid
84560290Assay of urine/uric acid
84577290Assay of feces/urobilinogen
84578290Test urine urobilinogen
84580290Assay of urine urobilinogen
84583282Assay of urine urobilinogen
84585290Assay of urine vma
84586290Assay of vip
84588290Assay of vasopressin
84590290Assay of vitamin a
84591282Assay of nos vitamin
84597290Assay of vitamin k
84600290Assay of volatiles
84620290Xylose tolerance test
84630290Assay of zinc
84681282Assay of c-peptide
84702290Chorionic gonadotropin test
84703290Chorionic gonadotropin assay
84703QW290Chorionic gonadotropin assay
84704290HCG, free betachain test
84830290Ovulation tests
84999290Clinical chemistry test, unlisted
85002290Bleeding time test
85004282Automated diff wbc count
85007290Differential WBC count
85008290Nondifferential WBC count
85009290Differential WBC count
85025290Automated hemogram
85027282Automated hemogram
85032290Manual cell count, each
85041282Red blood cell (RBC) count
85044290Reticulocyte count
85045290Reticulocyte count
85046290Reticyte/hgb concentrate
85048282White blood cell (WBC) count
85049282Automated platelet count
85055290Reticulated platelet assay
85060270Blood smear interpretation
85097266Bone marrow interpretation
85130290Chromogenic substrate assay
85170290Blood clot retraction
85175290Blood clot lysis time
85210290Blood clot factor II test
85220290Blood clot factor V test
85230290Blood clot factor VII test
85240290Blood clot factor VIII test
85244290Blood clot factor VIII test
85245290Blood clot factor VIII test
85246290Blood clot factor VIII test
85247290Blood clot factor VIII test
85250290Blood clot factor IX test
85260290Blood clot factor X test
85270290Blood clot factor XI test
85280290Blood clot factor XII test
85290290Blood clot factor XIII test
85291290Blood clot factor XIII test
85292290Blood clot factor assay
85293290Blood clot factor assay
85300290Antithrombin III test
85301290Antithrombin III test
85302290Blood clot inhibitor antigen
85303290Blood clot inhibitor test
85305290Blood clot inhibitor assay
85306290Blood clot inhibitor test
85307290Assay activated protein c
85335290Factor inhibitor test
85345290Coagulation time
85347290Coagulation time
85348290Coagulation time
85360290Euglobulin lysis
85362290Fibrin degradation products
85366290Fibrinogen test
85370290Fibrinogen test
85378282Fibrin degradation, semiquant
85379282Fibrin degradation, quant
85380290Fibrin degradation, vte
85390290Fibrinolysins screen
8539026290Fibrinolysins screen
85396290Clotting assay, whole blood
85397290Clotting funct activity
85400290Fibrinolytic plasmin
85410290Fibrinolytic antiplasmin
85415290Fibrinolytic plasminogen
85420290Fibrinolytic plasminogen
85421290Fibrinolytic plasminogen
85441290Heinz bodies, direct
85445290Heinz bodies, induced
85460290Hemoglobin, fetal
85461290Hemoglobin, fetal
85520290Heparin assay
85530290Heparin-protamine tolerance
85536282Iron stain peripheral blood
85540290Wbc alkaline phosphatase
85547290RBC mechanical fragility
85555282RBC osmotic fragility
85557290RBC osmotic fragility
85576290Blood platelet aggregation
8557626290Blood platelet aggregation
85576QW290Blood platelet aggregation
85597290Platelet neutralization
85598290Hexagnal phosph pltlt neutrl
85610290Prothrombin time
85610QW290Prothrombin time
85611290Prothrombin test
85612290Viper venom prothrombin time
85613290Russell viper venom, diluted
85635290Reptilase test
85651282Rbc sed rate, nonautomated
85652290Rbc sed rate, automated
85660290RBC sickle cell test
85670290Thrombin time, plasma
85675290Thrombin time, titer
85705290Thromboplastin inhibition
85730290Thromboplastin time, partial
85732290Thromboplastin time, partial
85810290Blood viscosity examination
85999290Hematology procedure, unlisted
85999TC290Hematology procedure, unlisted
8599926290Hematology procedure, unlisted
86000290Agglutinins, febrile
86001290Allergen specific igg
86003290Allergen specific IgE
86005282Allergen specific IgE
86021290WBC antibody identification
86022290Platelet antibodies
86023290Immunoglobulin assay
86038290Antinuclear antibodies
86039290Antinuclear antibodies (ANA)
86060290Antistreptolysin o, titer
86063282Antistreptolysin o, screen
86077219Physician blood bank service
86078219Physician blood bank service
86079219Physician blood bank service
86140290C-reactive protein
86141290C-reactive protein, hs
86146290Glycoprotein antibody
86147290Cardiolipin antibody
86148290Phospholipid antibody
86152274Cell enumeration & ID
8615300Cell enumeration phys interp
86155290Chemotaxis assay
86156282Cold agglutinin, screen
86157290Cold agglutinin, titer
86160290Complement, antigen
86161290Complement/function activity
86162290Complement, total (CH50)
86171290Complement fixation, each
86200290Ccp antibody
86215290Deoxyribonuclease, antibody
86225290DNA antibody
86226290DNA antibody, single strand
86235290Nuclear antigen antibody
86243290Fc receptor
86255290Fluorescent antibody, screen
8625526290Fluorescent antibody, screen
86256290Fluorescent antibody, titer
8625626290Fluorescent antibody, titer
86277290Growth hormone antibody
86280290Hemagglutination inhibition
86294282Immunoassay, tumor qual
86294QW282Immunoassay, tumor qual
86300290Immunoassay, tumor ca 15-3
86301290Immunoassay, tumor ca 19-9
86304290Immunoassay, tumor, ca 125
86305290Human epididymis protein 4
86308290Heterophile antibodies
86308QW290Heterophile antibodies
86309290Heterophile antibodies
86310290Heterophile antibodies
86316282Immunoassay, tumor other
86317290Immunoassay,infectious agent
86318282Immunoassay,infectious agent
86318QW282Immunoassay,infectious agent
86320290Serum immunoelectrophoresis
8632026290Serum immunoelectrophoresis
86325290Other immunoelectrophoresis
8632526290Other immunoelectrophoresis
86327290Immunoelectrophoresis assay
8632726290Immunoelectrophoresis assay
86331282Immunodiffusion ouchterlony
86332290Immune complex assay
86334290Immunofixation procedure
8633426290Immunofixation procedure
86335290Immunfix e-phorsis/urine/csf
8633526290Immunfix e-phorsis/urine/csf
86336290Inhibin A
86337290Insulin antibodies
86340290Intrinsic factor antibody
86341290Islet cell antibody
86343290Leukocyte histamine release
86344290Leukocyte phagocytosis
86352290Cell function assay w/stim
86353290Lymphocyte transformation
86355282B cells, total count
86356282Mononuclear cell antigen
86357282Nk cells, total count
86359282T cells, total count
86360282T cell, absolute count/ratio
86361282T cell, absolute count
86367282Stem cells, total count
86376290Microsomal antibody
86378290Migration inhibitory factor
86382290Neutralization test, viral
86384290Nitroblue tetrazolium dye
86386190Nuclear matrix protein 22
86403290Particle agglutination test
86406290Particle agglutination test
86430290Rheumatoid factor test
86431290Rheumatoid factor, quant
86480290Tb test, cell immun measure
86481290Tb ag response t-cell susp
86485270Skin test, candida
86486270Skin test, nos antigen
86490270Coccidioidomycosis skin test
86510270Histoplasmosis skin test
86580270TB intradermal test
86590290Streptokinase, antibody
86592290Blood serology, qualitative
86593290Blood serology, quantitative
86602290Antinomyces antibody
86603290Adenovirus antibody
86606290Aspergillus antibody
86609290Bacterium antibody
86611290Bartonella antibody
86612290Blastomyces antibody
86615290Bordetella antibody
86617290Lyme disease antibody
86618290Lyme disease antibody
86618QW290Lyme disease antibody
86619290Borrelia antibody
86622290Brucella antibody
86625290Campylobacter antibody
86628290Candida antibody
86631290Chlamydia antibody
86632290Chlamydia igm antibody
86635290Coccidioides antibody
86638290Q fever antibody
86641290Cryptococcus antibody
86644290CMV antibody
86645290CMV antibody, IgM
86648290Diphtheria antibody
86651290Encephalitis antibody
86652290Encephalitis antibody
86653290Encephalitis antibody
86654290Encephalitis antibody
86658290Enterovirus antibody
86663290Epstein-barr antibody
86664290Epstein-barr antibody
86665290Epstein-barr antibody
86666290Ehrlichia antibody
86668290Francisella tularensis
86671290Fungus antibody
86674290Giardia lamblia antibody
86677290Helicobacter pylori
86682290Helminth antibody
86684290Hemophilus influenza
86687290Htlv-i antibody
86688290Htlv-ii antibody
86689290HTLV/HIV confirmatory test
86692290Hepatitis, delta agent
86694290Herpes simplex test
86695290Herpes simplex test
86696290Herpes simplex type 2
86703290HIV-1/HIV-2 single result
86703QW290HIV-1/HIV-2 single result
86704290Hep b core antibody, total
86705290Hep b core antibody, igm
86706290Hep b surface antibody
86707290Hep be antibody
86708290Hep a antibody, total
86709290Hep a antibody, igm
86710290Influenza virus antibody
86711274John Cunningham antibody
86713290Legionella antibody
86717290Leishmania antibody
86720290Leptospira antibody
86723290Listeria monocytogenes ab
86727290Lymph choriomeningitis ab
86729290Lympho venereum antibody
86732290Mucormycosis antibody
86735290Mumps antibody
86738290Mycoplasma antibody
86741290Neisseria meningitidis
86744290Nocardia antibody
86747290Parvovirus antibody
86750290Malaria antibody
86753290Protozoa antibody nos
86756290Respiratory virus antibody
86757290Rickettsia antibody
86759290Rotavirus antibody
86762290Rubella antibody
86765290Rubeola antibody
86768290Salmonella antibody
86771290Shigella antibody
86774290Tetanus antibody
86777290Toxoplasma antibody
86778290Toxoplasma antibody, igm
86780290Treponema pallidum
86784290Trichinella antibody
86787290Varicella-zoster antibody
86788290West nile virus ab, igm
86789290West nile virus antibody
86790290Virus antibody nos
86793290Yersinia antibody
86800290Thyroglobulin antibody
86803290Hepatitis c ab test
86804290Hep c ab test, confirm
86805290Lymphocytotoxicity assay
86806282Lymphocytotoxicity assay
86807290Cytotoxic antibody screening
86808290Cytotoxic antibody screening
86812282HLA typing, A, B, or C
86813290HLA typing, A, B, or C
86816282HLA typing, DR/DQ
86817290HLA typing, DR/DQ
86821290Lymphocyte culture, mixed
86822290Lymphocyte culture, primed
86825290HLA x-match, non-cytotoxic
86826290HLA x-match, non-cyt, add-on
86828274HLA class I&II antibody qual
86829274HLA class I/II antibody qual
86830274HLA class I phenotype qual
86831274HLA class II phenotype qual
86832274HLA class I high defin qual
86833274HLA class II high defin qual
86834274HLA class I semiquant panel
86835274HLA class II semiquant panel
86849290Immunology procedure
86850290RBC antibody screen
86860290RBC antibody elution
86870290RBC antibody identification
86880290Coombs test
86885290Coombs test
86886290Coombs test
86890290Autologous blood process
86891290Autologous blood, op salvage
86900290Blood typing, ABO
86901290Blood typing, Rh (D)
86902290Blood type antigen donor ea
86904290Blood typing, patient serum
86905290Blood typing, RBC antigens
86906290Blood typing, Rh phenotype
86920290Compatibility test
86921290Compatibility test
86922290Compatibility test
86923282Compatibility test, electric
86927290Plasma, fresh frozen
86930282Frozen blood prep
86931282Frozen blood thaw
86932290Frozen blood freeze/thaw
86940290Hemolysins/agglutinins, auto
86945290Blood product/irradiation
86950282Leukacyte transfusion
86960290Vol reduction of blood/prod
86965290Pooling blood platelets
86970290RBC pretreatment
86971290RBC pretreatment
86972290RBC pretreatment
86975290RBC pretreatment, serum
86976290RBC pretreatment, serum
86977290RBC pretreatment, serum
86978290RBC pretreatment, serum
86985282Split blood or products
86999290Transfusion procedure, unlisted
87001290Small animal inoculationend-dated 12/31/2014
87003290Small animal inoculation
87015282Specimen concentration
87040290Blood culture for bacteria
87045290Feces culture, bacteria
87046290Stool cultr, bacteria, each
87070282Culture, bacteria, other
87071282Culture bacteri aerobic othr
87073282Culture bacteria anaerobic
87075282Culture bacteria anaerobic
87076282Culture anaerobe ident, each
87077282Culture aerobic identify
87077QW282Culture aerobic identify
87081282Culture screen only
87084290Culture of specimen by kit
87086282Urine culture/colony count
87088282Urine bacteria culture
87101290Skin fungi culture
87102282Fungus isolation culture
87103290Blood fungus culture
87106290Fungi identification, yeast
87107290Fungi identification, mold
87110290Chlamydia culture
87116290Mycobacteria culture
87118290Mycobacteric identification
87140290Cultur type immunofluoresc
87143290Culture typing, glc/hplc
87147290Culture type, immunologic
87149282Culture type, nucleic acid
87150282DNA/RNA, amplified probe
87152290Culture type pulse field gel
87153282DNA/RNA sequencing
87158290Culture typing, added method
87164290Dark field examination
8716426290Dark field examination
87166282Dark field examination
87168290Macroscopic exam arthropod
87169290Macacroscopic exam parasite
87172290Pinworm exam
87176290Tissue homogenization, cultr
87177290Ova and parasites smears
87181290Microbe susceptible, diffuse
87184290Microbe susceptible, disk
87185290Microbe susceptible, enzyme
87186290Microbe susceptible, mic
87187290Microbe susceptible, mlc
87188290Microbe suscept, macrobroth
87190290Microbe suscept, mycobacteri
87197290Bactericidal level, serum
87205290Smear, gram stain
87206282Smear, fluorescent/acid stai
87207290Smear, special stain
8720726290Smear, special stain
87209282Smear, complex stain
87210290Smear, wet mount, saline/ink
87210QW290Smear, wet mount, saline/ink
87220290Tissue exam for fungi
87230290Assay, toxin or antitoxin
87250290Virus inoculate, eggs/animal
87252290Virus inoculation, tissue
87253282Virus inoculate tissue, addl
87254290Virus inoculation, shell via
87255290Genet virus isolate, hsv
87260282Adenovirus ag, if
87265282Pertussis ag, if
87267282Enterovirus anitbody, dfa
87269282Giardia ag, if
87270282Chlamydia trachomatis ag, if
87271282Cytomegalovirus, (DFA)
87272282Cryptosporidum/gardia ag, if
87273290Herpes simplex 2, ag, if
87274282Herpes simplex 1, ag, if
87275290Influenza b, ag, if
87276282Influenza a, ag, if
87277290Legionella micdadei, ag, if
87278282Legion pneumophilia ag, if
87279290Parainfluenza, ag, if
87280282Respiratory syncytial ag, if
87281290Pneumocystis carinii, ag, if
87283290Rubeola, ag, if
87285282Treponema pallidum, ag, if
87290282Varicella zoster, ag, if
87299282Antibody detection, nos, if
87300290Ag detection, polyval, if
87301282Adenovirus ag, eia
87305282Aspergillus ag, eia
87320282Chylmd trach ag, eia
87324282Clostridium ag, eia
87327290Cryptococcus neoform ag, eia
87328282Cryptospor ag, eia
87329282Giardia ag, eia
87332282Cytomegalovirus ag, eia
87335282E coli 0157 ag, eia
87336290Entamoeb hist dispr, ag, eia
87337290Entamoeb hist group, ag, eia
87338282Hpylori, stool, eia
87339290H pylori ag, eia
87340282Hepatitis b surface ag, eia
87341290Hepatitis b surface, ag, eia
87350282Hepatitis be ag, eia
87380282Hepatitis delta ag, eia
87385282Histoplasma capsul ag, eia
87389282HIV-1 ag w/HIV-1 & HIV-2 ab
87390282Hiv-1 ag, eia
87391282Hiv-2 ag, eia
87400290Influenza a/b, ag, eia
87420282Resp syncytial ag, eia
87425282Rotavirus ag, eia
87427290Shiga-like toxin ag, eia
87430282Strep a ag, eia
87449282Ag detect nos, eia, mult
87449QW282Ag detect nos, eia, mult
87450282Ag detect nos, eia, single
87451290Ag detect polyval, eia, mult
87470282Bartonella, dna, dir probe
87471282Bartonella, dna, amp probe
87472290Bartonella, dna, quant
87475282Lyme dis, dna, dir probe
87476282Lyme dis, dna, amp probe
87477290Lyme dis, dna, quant
87480282Candida, dna, dir probe
87481282Candida, dna, amp probe
87482290Candida, dna, quant
87485282Chylmd pneum, dna, dir probe
87486282Chylmd pneum, dna, amp probe
87487290Chylmd pneum, dna, quant
87490282Chylmd trach, dna, dir probe
87491282Chylmd trach, dna, amp probe
87492290Chylmd trach, dna, quant
87493290C. difficile, amplified probe
87495282Cytomeg, dna, dir probe
87496282Cytomeg, dna, amp probe
87497282Cytomeg, dna, quant
87498282Enterovirus probe&revrs trns
87500290Vanomycin, DNA, amp probe
87501290Influenza dna amp prob 1+
87502290Influenza dna amp probe
87503290Influenza dna amp prob addl
87505290NFCT agent detection Gl
87506290IADNA-DN/RNA probe TQ 6-11
87507290IADNA-DN/RNA probe TQ 12-25
87510282Gardner vag, dna, dir probe
87511282Gardner vag, dna, amp probe
87512290Gardner vag, dna, quant
87515282Hepatitis b, dna, dir probe
87516282Hepatitis b, dna, amp probe
87517282Hepatitis b, dna, quant
87520282Hepatitis c, rna, dir probe
87521282Hepatitis c probe&rvrs trnsc
87522282Hepatitis c revrs trnscrpj
87525282Hepatitis g, dna, dir probe
87526282Hepatitis g, dna, amp probe
87527282Hepatitis g, dna, quant
87528282Hsv, dna, dir probe
87529282Hsv, dna, amp probe
87530282Hsv, dna, quant
87531282Hhv-6, dna, dir probe
87532282Hhv-6, dna, amp probe
87533282Hhv-6, dna, quant
87534282Hiv-1, dna, dir probe
87535282Hiv-1 probe&reverse trnscrpj
87536282Hiv-1 quant&revrse trnscrpj
87537282Hiv-2, dna, dir probe
87538282Hiv-2 probe&revrse trnscripj
87539282Hiv-2 quant&revrse trnscripj
87540282Legion pneumo, dna, dir prob
87541282Legion pneumo, dna, amp prob
87542290Legion pneumo, dna, quant
87550282Mycobacteria, dna, dir probe
87551282Mycobacteria, dna, amp probe
87552290Mycobacteria, dna, quant
87555282M.tuberculo, dna, dir probe
87556282M.tuberculo, dna, amp probe
87557290M.tuberculo, dna, quant
87560282M.avium-intra, dna, dir prob
87561282M.avium-intra, dna, amp prob
87562290M.avium-intra, dna, quant
87580282M.pneumon, dna, dir probe
87581282M.pneumon, dna, amp probe
87582290M.pneumon, dna, quant
87590282N.gonorrhoeae, dna, dir prob
87591282N.gonorrhoeae, dna, amp prob
87592290N.gonorrhoeae, dna, quant
87620282Hpv, dna, dir probeend-dated 12/31/2014
87621282Hpv, dna, amp probeend-dated 12/31/2014
87622282Hpv, dna, quantend-dated 12/31/2014
87623290Hpv low-risk types
87624290Hpv high-risk types
87625290Hpv types 16 & 18 only
87631274Resp virus 3-5 targets
87632274Resp virus 6-11 targets
87633274Resp virus 12-25 targets
87640282Staph a, dna, amp probe
87641290Mr-staph, dna, amp probe
87650282Strep a, dna, dir probe
87651282Strep a, dna, amp probe
87652290Strep a, dna, quant
87653282Strep b, dna, amp probe
87660282Trichomonas vagin, dir probe
87661282Trichomonas vaginalis amplif
87797282Detect agent nos, dna, dir
87798282Detect agent nos, dna, amp
87799290Detect agent nos, dna, quant
87800290Detect agnt mult, dna, direc
87801290Detect agnt mult, dna, ampli
87802290Strep b assay w/optic
87803290Clostridium toxin a w/optic
87804290Influenza assay w/optic
87804QW290Influenza assay w/optic
87806290HIV antigen w/hiv antibodies
87807282Rsv assay w/optic
87807QW282Rsv assay w/optic
87808290Trichomonas assay w/optic
87808QW290Trichomonas assay w/optic
87809290Adenovirus assay w/optic
87810282Chylmd trach assay w/optic
87850282N. gonorrhoeae assay w/optic
87880282Strep a assay w/optic
87880QW282Strep a assay w/optic
87899282Agent nos assay w/optic
87899QW282Agent nos assay w/optic
87900282Phenotype, infect agent drug
87901290Genotype, dna, hiv reverse t
87902290Genotype, dna, hepatitis C
87903290Phenotype, dna hiv w/culture
87904290Phenotype, dna hiv w/clt add
87905290Sialidase enzyme assay
87905QW290Sialidase enzyme assay
87906290Genotype dna hiv reverse t
87999290Microbiology procedure, unlisted
88000290Autopsy (necropsy), gross
88005290Autopsy (necropsy), gross
88007290Autopsy (necropsy), gross
88020290Autopsy (necropsy), complete
88025290Autopsy (necropsy), complete
88027290Autopsy (necropsy), complete
88036290Limited autopsy
88037290Limited autopsy
88040290Forensic autopsy (necropsy)
88045290Coroner’s autopsy (necropsy)
88099290Necropsy (autopsy) procedure, unlisted
88104260Cytopathology, fluids
88104TC261Cytopathology, fluids
8810426260Cytopathology, fluids
88106260Cytopathology, fluids
88106TC261Cytopathology, fluids
8810626260Cytopathology, fluids
88108260Cytopath, concentrate tech
88108TC261Cytopath, concentrate tech
8810826260Cytopath, concentrate tech
88112260Cytopath, cell enhance tech
88112TC261Cytopath, cell enhance tech
8811226260Cytopath, cell enhance tech
88120260Cytp urne 3-5 probes ea spec
88120TC261Cytp urne 3-5 probes ea spec
8812026260Cytp urne 3-5 probes ea spec
88121260Cytp urine 3-5 probes cmptr
88121TC261Cytp urine 3-5 probes cmptr
8812126260Cytp urine 3-5 probes cmptr
88125260Forensic cytopathology
88125TC261Forensic cytopathology
8812526260Forensic cytopathology
88130282Sex chromatin identification
88140282Sex chromatin identification
88141282Cytopath, c/v, interpret
88142290Cytopath, c/v, thin layer
88143290Cytopath, c/v, thin lyr redo
88147290Cytopath, c/v, automated
88148290Cytopath, c/v, auto rescreen
88150290Cytopath, c/v, manual
88152290Cytopath, c/v, auto redo
88153290Cytopath, c/v, redo
88154290Cytopath, c/v, select
88155290Cytopath, c/v, index add-on
88160260Cytopath smear, other source
88160TC261Cytopath smear, other source
8816026260Cytopath smear, other source
88161260Cytopath smear, other source
88161TC261Cytopath smear, other source
8816126260Cytopath smear, other source
88162260Cytopath smear, other source
88162TC261Cytopath smear, other source
8816226260Cytopath smear, other source
88164290Cytopath tbs, c/v, manual
88165290Cytopath tbs, c/v, redo
88166290Cytopath tbs, c/v, auto redo
88167290Cytopath tbs, c/v, select
88172260Cytopathology eval of fna
88172TC261Cytopathology eval of fna
8817226260Cytopathology eval of fna
88173260Cytopath eval, fna, report
88173TC261Cytopath eval, fna, report
8817326260Cytopath eval, fna, report
88174290Cytopath, c/v auto, in fluid
88175290Cytopath, c/v auto fluid redo
88177260Cytp c/v auto thin lyr addl
88177TC261Cytp c/v auto thin lyr addl
8817726260Cytp c/v auto thin lyr addl
88182260Cell marker study
88182TC261Cell marker study
8818226260Cell marker study
88184266Flowcytometry/ tc, 1 marker
88185282Flowcytometry/tc, add-on
88187266Flowcytometry/read, 2-8
88188266Flowcytometry/read, 9-15
88189266Flowcytometry/read, 16 & >
88199270Cytopathology procedure, unlisted
88230290Tissue culture, lymphocyte
88233290Tissue culture, skin/biopsy
88235290Tissue culture, placenta
88237290Tissue culture, bone marrow
88239290Tissue culture, tumor
88240290Cell cryopreserve/storage
88241290Frozen cell preparation
88245282Chromosome analysis, 20-25
88248290Chromosome analysis, 50-100
88249290Chromosome analysis, 100
88261282Chromosome analysis, 5
88262282Chromosome analysis, 15-20
88263290Chromosome analysis, 45
88264290Chromosome analysis, 20-25
88267290Chromosome analys, placenta
88269290Chromosome analys, amniotic
88271282Cytogenetics, dna probe
88272282Cytogenetics, 3-5
88273282Cytogenetics, 10-30
88274282Cytogenetics, 25-99
88275282Cytogenetics, 100-300
88280290Chromosome karyotype study
88283290Chromosome banding study
88285290Chromosome count, additional
88289290Chromosome study, additional
88291270Cyto/molecular report
88299270Cytogenetic study, unlisted
88300168Surgical path, gross
88300TC170Surgical path, gross
8830026168Surgical path, gross
88302151Tissue exam by pathologist
88302TC153Tissue exam by pathologist
8830226151Tissue exam by pathologist
88304151Tissue exam by pathologist
88304TC153Tissue exam by pathologist
8830426151Tissue exam by pathologist
88305151Tissue exam by pathologist
88305TC153Tissue exam by pathologist
8830526151Tissue exam by pathologist
88307151Tissue exam by pathologist
88307TC153Tissue exam by pathologist
8830726151Tissue exam by pathologist
88309151Tissue exam by pathologist
88309TC153Tissue exam by pathologist
8830926151Tissue exam by pathologist
88311249Decalcify tissue
88311TC249Decalcify tissue
8831126249Decalcify tissue
88312195Special stains
88312TC195Special stains
8831226195Special stains
88313195Special stains
88313TC195Special stains
8831326195Special stains
88314232Histochemical stain
88314TC232Histochemical stain
8831426232Histochemical stain
88319151Enzyme histochemistry
88319TC153Enzyme histochemistry
8831926151Enzyme histochemistry
88321195Microslide consultation
88323195Microslide consultation
88323TC195Microslide consultation
8832326195Microslide consultation
88325195Comprehensive review of data
88329195Path consult introp
88331219Path consult intraop, 1 bloc
88331TC219Path consult intraop, 1 bloc
8833126219Path consult intraop, 1 bloc
88332219Path consult intraop, addl
88332TC219Path consult intraop, addl
8833226219Path consult intraop, addl
88333195Intraop cyto path consult, 1
88333TC195Intraop cyto path consult, 1
8833326195Intraop cyto path consult, 1
88334195Intraop cyto path consult, 2
88334TC195Intraop cyto path consult, 2
8833426195Intraop cyto path consult, 2
88341151Immunohisto antibody slide
88341TC153Immunohisto antibody slide
8834126151Immunohisto antibody slide
88342151Immunohisto antibody slide
88342TC153Immunohisto antibody slide
8834226151Immunohisto antibody slide
88343151Immunohisto antibod add slid
88343TC153Immunohisto antibod add slid
8834326151Immunohisto antibod add slid
88344151Immunohisto antibody slide
88344TC153Immunohisto antibody slide
8834426151Immunohisto antibody slide
88346151Immunofluorescent study
88346TC153Immunofluorescent study
8834626151Immunofluorescent study
88347151Immunofluorescent study
88347TC153Immunofluorescent study
8834726151Immunofluorescent study
88348151Electron microscopy
88348TC153Electron microscopy
8834826151Electron microscopy
88349151Scanning electron microscopyend-dated 12/31/2014
88349TC153Scanning electron microscopyend-dated 12/31/2014
8834926151Scanning electron microscopyend-dated 12/31/2014
88355151Analysis, skeletal muscle
88355TC153Analysis, skeletal muscle
8835526151Analysis, skeletal muscle
88356151Analysis, nerve
88356TC153Analysis, nerve
8835626151Analysis, nerve
88358151Analysis, tumor
88358TC153Analysis, tumor
8835826151Analysis, tumor
88360151Tumor immunohistochem/manual
88360TC153Tumor immunohistochem/manual
8836026151Tumor immunohistochem/manual
88361151Immunohistochemistry, tumor
88361TC153Immunohistochemistry, tumor
8836126151Immunohistochemistry, tumor
88362168Nerve teasing preparations
88362TC170Nerve teasing preparations
8836226168Nerve teasing preparations
88363170Xm archive tissue molec anal
88364151Immunohisto antibody slide
88364TC153Immunohisto antibody slide
8836426151Immunohisto antibody slide
88365151Tissue hybridization
88365TC153Tissue hybridization
8836526151Tissue hybridization
88366151Insitu hybridizatino (FISH)
88366TC153Insitu hybridizatino (FISH)
8836626151Insitu hybridizatino (FISH)
88367151Insitu hybridization, auto
88367TC153Insitu hybridization, auto
8836726151Insitu hybridization, auto
88368151Insitu hybridization, manual
88368TC153Insitu hybridization, manual
8836826151Insitu hybridization, manual
88369151Insitu hybridization (FISH)
88369TC153Insitu hybridization (FISH)
8836926151Insitu hybridization (FISH)
88371273Protein, western blot tissue
8837126151Protein, western blot tissue
88372273Protein analysis w/probe
8837226151Protein analysis w/probe
88373273M/phmtrc alys ishquant/semiq
88373TC153M/phmtrc alys ishquant/semiq
8837326151M/phmtrc alys ishquant/semiq
88374273M/phmtrc alys ishquant/semiq
88374TC153M/phmtrc alys ishquant/semiq
8837426151M/phmtrc alys ishquant/semiq
88375274Optical endomicroscpy interp
88377273M/phmtrc alys ishquant/semiq
88377TC153M/phmtrc alys ishquant/semiq
8837726151M/phmtrc alys ishquant/semiq
88381151Microdissection, manual
88381TC153Microdissection, manual
8838126151Microdissection, manual
88387168Tiss exam molecular study
88387TC170Tiss exam molecular study
8838726168Tiss exam molecular study
88388232Tiss exam molecular study, add-on
88388TC232Tiss exam molecular study, add-on
8838826232Tiss exam molecular study, add-on
88399219Surgical pathology procedure, unlisted
88399TC219Surgical pathology procedure, unlisted
8839926219Surgical pathology procedure, unlisted
88720290Bilirubin total transcut
88738290HGB, wuant transcutaneous
88740290Transcutaneous carboxyhb
88741290Transcutaneous methb
89049219Chct for mal hyperthermia
89050282Body fluid cell count
89051290Body fluid cell count
89055290Leukocyte count, fecal
89060282Exam synovial fluid crystals
8906026195Exam synovial fluid crystals
89125290Specimen fat stain
89160290Exam feces for meat fibers
89190290Nasal smear for eosinophils
89220219Sputum specimen collection
89230219Collect sweat for test
89240219Pathology lab procedure
89257282Sperm identification
89260290Sperm isolation, simple
89261290Sperm isolation, complex
89264290Identify sperm tissue
89300290Semen analysis
89300QW290Semen analysis
89310290Semen analysis
89320290Semen analysis
89321282Semen analysis
89321QW282Semen analysis
89322290Semen analysis, strict criteria
89325290Sperm antibody test
89330290Evaluation, cervical mucus
89331290Retrograde ejeculation analysis
89337290Cryopreservation oocyte(s)
90281290Human ig, im
90283290Human ig, iv
90284290Human ig, sc
90287290Botulinum antitoxin
90288290Botulism ig, iv
90291290Cmv ig, iv
90296290Diphtheria antitoxin
90371290Hep b ig, im, 1ml
90375290Rabies ig, im/sc, 150IU
90376290Rabies ig, heat treated, 150IU
90378290Rsv ig, im, 50mg
90384290Rh ig, full-dose, im
90385282Rh ig, minidose, im, 50mcg
90386290Rh ig, iv
90389290Tetanus ig, im
90393290Vaccina ig, im
90396290Varicella-zoster ig, im, 125 units
90399290Immune globulin, unlisted
90460269Im admin 1st/only component
90471269Immunization admin
90472286Immunization admin, each add
90473269Immune admin oral/nasal
90474286Immune admin oral/nasal addl
90476290Adenovirus vaccine, type 4
90477290Adenovirus vaccine, type 7
90581290Anthrax vaccine, sc
90585290Bcg vaccine, percut, 50mg
90586290Bcg vaccine, intravesical, 1ea
90632290Hep a vaccine, adult im, 1ml
90636290Hep a/hep b vacc, adult im
90645290Hib vaccine, hboc, im, 1ea
90646290Hib vaccine, prp-d, im
90647290Hib vaccine, prp-omp, im, 0.5ml
90648290Hib vaccine, prp-t, im,0.5ml
90653271Flu vaccine adjuvant im
90654290Flu vaccine no preserv id
90656290Flu vaccine no preserv 3 & >, 0.5ml
90658290Flu vaccine, >3 yrs, im, 0.50ml
90660290Flu vaccine, nasal
90661290Flu vaccine, cell culture, prsv free, im
90662290Flu vaccine, prsv free, inc antig, im
90665290Lyme disease vaccine, im
90670290Pneumo conj vacc, 13 val, im
90672271Flu vaccine 4 valent nasal
90673290Flu vacc riv3 no preserv
90675290Rabies vaccine, im, 1ml
90676290Rabies vaccine, id
90680290Rotovirus vaccine, 3dose oral
90681290Rotovirus vaccine, 2dose oral
90686290Flu vac no prsv 4 val 3 yrs+
90688290Flu vacc 4 val 3 yrs plus im
90690290Typhoid vaccine, oral
90691290Typhoid vaccine, im, 0.5ml
90692290Typhoid vaccine, h-p, sc/id
90693290Typhoid vaccine, akd, sc
90698290Dtap-hib-ip vaccine, im
90701290Dtp vaccine, im
90703290Tetanus vaccine, im, 0.5ml
90704290Mumps vaccine, sc, 0.5ml
90705290Measles vaccine, sc, 0.5ml
90706290Rubella vaccine, sc, 0.5ml
90707290Mmr vaccine, sc, 0.5ml
90708290Measles-rubella vaccine, sc
90710290Mmrv vaccine, sc
90712290Oral poliovirus vaccine
90713290Poliovirus, ipv, sc/im, 0.5ml
90714290Td vaccine no prsrv > 7, im
90715290Tdap vaccine >7 im
90716290Chicken pox vaccine, sc, 0.5ml
90717290Yellow fever vaccine, sc, 0.5ml
90718290Td vaccine > 7, im, 0.5ml
90719290Diphtheria vaccine, im
90720290Dtp/hib vaccine, im, 0.5ml
90721290Dtap/hib vaccine, im, 1ea
90723290Dtap-hep b-ipv vaccine, im
90725290Cholera vaccine, injectable
90727290Plague vaccine, im
90732290Pneumococcal vacc 23 val im
90733290Meningococcal vaccine, sc, 0.5ml
90734290Meningococcal vaccine, im
90735290Encephalitis vaccine, sc, 1ml
90736290Zoster vaccine, sc
90738290Inactivated je vacc im
90739271Hep B vacc adult 2 dose IM
90740290Hep b vacc, ill pat 3 dose im, 40mcg
90746290Hep b vaccine, adult, im, 1ea
90747290Hep b vacc, ill pat 4 dose im, 40mcg
90748290Hep b/hib vaccine, im
90749290Vaccine toxoid
90785271Psytx complex interactive
90791271Psych diagnostic evaluation
90792271Psych diag eval w/med srvcs
90832271Psytx pt&/family 30 minutes
90833271Psytx pt&/fam w/E&M 30 min
90834271Psytx pt&/family 45 minutes
90836271Psytx pt&/fam w/E&M 45 min
90837271Psytx pt&/family 60 minutes
90838271Psytx pt&/fam w/E&M 60 min
90839271Psytx crisis initial 60 min
90840271Psytx crisis ea addl 30 min
90846279Family psytx w/o patient
90847279Family psytx w/patient
90849279Multiple family group psytx
90853279Group psychotherapy
90863271Pharmacologic mgmt w/psytx
90867271Tcranial magn stim tx plan
90868271Tcranial magn stim tx deli
90869271Tcran magn stim redetemine
90870271Electroconvulsive therapy
90875290Psychophysiological therapy
90876290Psychophysiological therapy
90882286Environmental manipulation
90885290Psy evaluation of records
90887286Consultation with family
90889290Preparation of report, psych, ins
90899290Psychiatric service/therapy, unlisted
90901271Biofeedback train, any meth
90911272Biofeedback peri/uro/rectal
90935114Hemodialysis, one evaluation
90937114Hemodialysis, repeated eval
90940282Hemodialysis access study
90945114Dialysis, one evaluation
90947114Dialysis repeated eval
90957219Esrd srv, 4 visits p mo, 12-19
90958219Esrd srv, 2-3 vsts p mo, 12-19
90959219Esrd serv, 1 visit p mo, 12-19
90960219Esrd srv, 4 visits p mo, 20+
90961219Esrd srv, 2-3 vsts p mo, 20+
90962219Esrd serv, 1 visit p mo, 20+
90965219Esrd home pt, serv p mo, 12-19
90966219Esrd home pt, serv p mo, 20+
90969219Esrd home pt serv p day, 12-19
90970219Esrd home pt serv p day, 20+
90989290Dialysis training, complete
90993290Dialysis training, incomplete
90999219Dialysis procedure, unlisted
91010138Esophagus motility study
91010TC139Esophagus motility study
9101026138Esophagus motility study
91013138Esophgl motil w/stim/perfus
91013TC139Esophgl motil w/stim/perfus
9101326138Esophgl motil w/stim/perfus
91020138Gastric motility
91020TC139Gastric motility
9102026138Gastric motility
91022138Duodenal motility study
91022TC139Duodenal motility study
9102226138Duodenal motility study
91030138Acid perfusion of esophagus
91030TC139Acid perfusion of esophagus
9103026138Acid perfusion of esophagus
91034138Gastroesophageal reflux test
91034TC139Gastroesophageal reflux test
9103426138Gastroesophageal reflux test
91035138G-esoph reflx tst w/electrod
91035TC139G-esoph reflx tst w/electrod
9103526138G-esoph reflx tst w/electrod
91037138Esoph imped function test
91037TC139Esoph imped function test
9103726138Esoph imped function test
91038138Esoph imped funct test > 1h
91038TC139Esoph imped funct test > 1h
9103826138Esoph imped funct test > 1h
91040138Esoph balloon distension tst
91040TC139Esoph balloon distension tst
9104026138Esoph balloon distension tst
91065138Breath hydrogen/methane test
91065TC139Breath hydrogen/methane test
9106526138Breath hydrogen/methane test
91110168Gi tract capsule endoscopy
91110TC170Gi tract capsule endoscopy
9111026168Gi tract capsule endoscopy
91111168Esophageal capsule endoscopy
91111TC170Esophageal capsule endoscopy
9111126168Esophageal capsule endoscopy
91117114Colon motility 6 hr study
91120168Rectal sensation test
91120TC170Rectal sensation test
9112026168Rectal sensation test
91122114Anal pressure record
91122TC115Anal pressure record
9112226114Anal pressure record
91133168Electrogastrography w/test
91133TC170Electrogastrography w/test
9113326168Electrogastrography w/test
91200219HPV vaccine non valent im
91200TC219HPV vaccine non valent im
9120026219HPV vaccine non valent im
91299219Gastroenterology procedure, unlisted
91299TC219Gastroenterology procedure, unlisted
9129926219Gastroenterology procedure, unlisted
9200278Eye exam, new patient
9200478Eye exam, new patient
9201278Eye exam established pat
9201478Eye exam & treatment
92018195New eye exam & treatment
92019195Eye exam & treatment
92020194Special eye evaluation
92025151Corneal topography
92025TC153Corneal topography
9202526151Corneal topography
92060167Special eye evaluation
92060TC169Special eye evaluation
9206026167Special eye evaluation
92065167Orthoptic/pleoptic training
92065TC169Orthoptic/pleoptic training
9206526167Orthoptic/pleoptic training
92071195Contact lens fitting for tx
92072195Fit contac lens for managmnt
92081167Visual field examination(s)
92081TC169Visual field examination(s)
9208126167Visual field examination(s)
92082167Visual field examination(s)
92082TC169Visual field examination(s)
9208226167Visual field examination(s)
92083167Visual field examination(s)
92083TC169Visual field examination(s)
9208326167Visual field examination(s)
92100194Serial tonometry exam(s)
92132172Cmptr ophth dx img ant segmt
92132TC173Cmptr ophth dx img ant segmt
9213226172Cmptr ophth dx img ant segmt
92133172Cmptr ophth img optic nerve
92133TC173Cmptr ophth img optic nerve
9213326172Cmptr ophth img optic nerve
92134172Cptr ophth dx img post segmt
92134TC173Cptr ophth dx img post segmt
9213426172Cptr ophth dx img post segmt
92136167Ophthalmic biometry
92136TC169Ophthalmic biometry
9213626172Ophthalmic biometry
92140194Glaucoma provocative tests
92145194Liver elastography
92145TC194Liver elastography
9214526194Liver elastography
92225220Special eye exam, initial
92226220Special eye exam, subsequent
92227150Remote dx retinal imaging
92228150Remote retinal imaging mgmt
92228TC152Remote retinal imaging mgmt
9222826150Remote retinal imaging mgmt
92230197Eye exam with photos
92235172Eye exam with photos
92235TC173Eye exam with photos
9223526172Eye exam with photos
92240172Icg angiography
92240TC173Icg angiography
9224026172Icg angiography
92250150Eye exam with photos
92250TC152Eye exam with photos
9225026150Eye exam with photos
92265150Eye muscle evaluation
92265TC152Eye muscle evaluation
9226526150Eye muscle evaluation
92283167Color vision examination
92283TC169Color vision examination
9228326167Color vision examination
92284167Dark adaptation eye exam
92284TC169Dark adaptation eye exam
9228426167Dark adaptation eye exam
92285167Eye photography
92285TC169Eye photography
9228526167Eye photography
92286167Internal eye photography
92286TC169Internal eye photography
9228626167Internal eye photography
92287167Internal eye photography
92310290Contact lens fitting
92311219Contact lens fitting
92312218Contact lens fitting
92313219Contact lens fitting
92314290Prescription of contact lens
92315219Prescription of contact lens
92316218Prescription of contact lens
92317219Prescription of contact lens
92325195Modification of contact lens
92326219Replacement of contact lens
92340290Fitting of spectacles
92341290Fitting of spectacles
92342290Fitting of spectacles
92352290Special spectacles fitting
92353290Special spectacles fitting
92354290Special spectacles fitting
92355290Special spectacles fitting
92358290Eye prosthesis service
92370290Repair & adjust spectacles
92371290Repair & adjust spectacles
92499219Eye service or procedure, unlisted
92499TC219Eye service or procedure, unlisted
9249926219Eye service or procedure, unlisted
92502114Ear and throat examination
92504195Ear microscopy examination
92506195Speech/hearing evaluation end-dated 12/31/2013
92507195Speech/hearing therapy
92508195Speech/hearing therapy
92512195Nasal function studies
92516195Facial nerve function test
92520195Laryngeal function studies
92521195Evaluation of speech fluency
92522195Evaluate speech production
92523195Speech sound lang comprehen
92524195Behavral qualit analys voice
92526195Oral function therapy
92540151Basic vestibular evaluation
92540TC153Basic vestibular evaluation
9254026151Basic vestibular evaluation
92541151Spontaneous nystagmus test
92541TC153Spontaneous nystagmus test
9254126151Spontaneous nystagmus test
92542151Positional nystagmus test
92542TC153Positional nystagmus test
9254226151Positional nystagmus test
92543151Caloric vestibular test
92543TC153Caloric vestibular test
9254326151Caloric vestibular test
92544151Optokinetic nystagmus test
92544TC153Optokinetic nystagmus test
9254426151Optokinetic nystagmus test
92545151Oscillating tracking test
92545TC153Oscillating tracking test
9254526151Oscillating tracking test
92546151Sinusoidal rotational test
92546TC153Sinusoidal rotational test
9254626151Sinusoidal rotational test
92547249Use of vertical electrodes
92550194Tympanometry & refles thresh
92551286Pure tone hearing test, air
92552189Pure tone audiometry, air
92553194Audiometry, air & bone
92555194Speech threshold audiometry
92556194Speech audiometry, complete
92557194Comprehensive hearing test
92558150Evoked auditory test qual
92561194Bekesy audiometry, diagnosis
92562194Loudness balance test
92563194Tone decay hearing test
92564194Sisi hearing test
92565194Stenger test, pure tone
92568194Acoustic reflex testing
92570194Acoustic immittance testing
92571194Filtered speech hearing test
92572194Staggered spondaic word test
92575194Sensorineural acuity test
92576194Synthetic sentence test
92577194Stenger test, speech
92579194Visual audiometry (vra)
92582194Conditioning play audiometry
92583194Select picture audiometry
92585150Auditor evoke potent, compre
92585TC152Auditor evoke potent, compre
9258526150Auditor evoke potent, compre
92586194Auditor evoke potent, limit
92587150Evoked auditory test limited
92587TC152Evoked auditory test limited
9258726150Evoked auditory test limited
92588150Evoked auditory tst complete
92588TC152Evoked auditory tst complete
9258826150Evoked auditory tst complete
92590290Hearing aid exam, one ear
92591290Hearing aid exam, both ears
92592290Hearing aid check, one ear
92593290Hearing aid check, both ears
92594290Electro hearng aid test, one
92595290Electro hearng aid tst, both
92596194Ear protector evaluation
92597219Oral speech device eval
92603219Cochlear implant f/up exam, >7yr
92604195Reprogram cochlear implant 7 >
92607219Ex for speech device rx, 1hr
92608249Ex for speech device rx addl
92609195Use of speech device service
92610195Evaluate swallowing function
92611195Motion fluoroscopy/swallow
92612219Endoscopy swallow tst (fees)
92613219Endoscopy swallow tst (fees)
92614219Laryngoscopic sensory test
92615219Eval laryngoscopy sense tst
92616219Fees w/laryngeal sense test
92617219Interprt fees/laryngeal test
92618249Ex for nonspeech dev rx add
92620194Auditory function, 60 min
92621232Auditory function, + 15 min
92625218Tinnitus assessment
92626194Eval aud rehab status
92627249Eval aud status rehab add-on
92630290Aud rehab pre-ling hear loss
92633290Aud rehab postling hear loss
92640218Aud brainstem implant programg
92700219Ent procedure/service
92920113Prq cardiac angioplast 1 art
92921232Prq cardiac angio addl art
92924113Prq card angio/athrect 1 art
92925232Prq card angio/athrect addl
92928137Prq card stent w/angio 1 vsl
92929232Prq card stent w/angio addl
92933137Prq card stent/ath/angio
92934232Prq card stent/ath/angio
92937137Prq revasc byp graft 1 vsl
92938232Prq revasc byp graft addl
92941113Prq card revasc mi 1 vsl
92943113Prq card revasc chronic 1vsl
92944232Prq card revasc chronic addl
92950190Heart/lung resuscitation cpr
92953114Temporary external pacing
92960114Cardioversion electric, ext
92961271Cardioversion, electric, int
92970114Cardioassist, internal
92971114Cardioassist, external
92973249Percut coronary thrombectomy
92974249Cath place, cardio brachytx
92975113Dissolve clot, heart vessel
92977219Dissolve clot, heart vessel
92978249Intravasc us, heart add-on
92978TC249Intravasc us, heart add-on
9297826249Intravasc us, heart add-on
92979249Intravasc us, heart add-on
92979TC249Intravasc us, heart add-on
9297926249Intravasc us, heart add-on
9298630Revision of aortic valve
9298730Revision of mitral valve
9299061Revision of pulmonary valve
9299261Revision of heart chamber
9299361Revision of heart chamber
92997137Pul art balloon repr, percut
92998249Pul art balloon repr, percut
93000195Electrocardiogram, complete
93005190Electrocardiogram, tracing
93010195Electrocardiogram report
93015195Cardiovascular stress test
93016195Cardiovascular stress test
93017195Cardiovascular stress test
93018195Cardiovascular stress test
93024168Cardiac drug stress test
93024TC170Cardiac drug stress test
9302426168Cardiac drug stress test
93025168Microvolt t-wave assess
93025TC170Microvolt t-wave assess
9302526168Microvolt t-wave assess
93040195Rhythm ECG with report
93041195Rhythm ECG, tracing
93042195Rhythm ECG, report
93224195ECG monitor/report, 24 hrs
93225195ECG monitor/record, 24 hrs
93226195ECG monitor/report, 24 hrs
93227195ECG monitor/review, 24 hrs
93228195Remote 30 day ecg rev/report
93229195Remote 30 day ecg tech supp
93260195Corneal hysteresis deter
93260TC153Corneal hysteresis deter
9326026151Corneal hysteresis deter
93261195Prgmg dev eval impltbl sys
93261TC153Prgmg dev eval impltbl sys
9326126151Prgmg dev eval impltbl sys
93268195ECG record/review
93270195ECG recording
93271195Ecg/monitoring and analysis
93272195Ecg/review, interpret only
93279151Pm device progr eval, sngl
93279TC153Pm device progr eval, sngl
9327926151Pm device progr eval, sngl
93280151Pm device progr eval, dual
93280TC153Pm device progr eval, dual
9328026151Pm device progr eval, dual
93281151Pm device progr eval, multi
93281TC153Pm device progr eval, multi
9328126151Pm device progr eval, multi
93282151Icd device prog eval, 1 sngl
93282TC153Icd device prog eval, 1 sngl
9328226151Icd device prog eval, 1 sngl
93283151Icd device progr eval, dual
93283TC153Icd device progr eval, dual
9328326151Icd device progr eval, dual
93284151Icd device progr eval, mult
93284TC153Icd device progr eval, mult
9328426151Icd device progr eval, mult
93285151Ilr device eval progr
93285TC153Ilr device eval progr
9328526151Ilr device eval progr
93286151Pre-op pm device eval
93286TC153Pre-op pm device eval
9328626151Pre-op pm device eval
93287151Pre-op icd device eval
93287TC153Pre-op icd device eval
9328726151Pre-op icd device eval
93288151Pm device eval in person
93288TC153Pm device eval in person
9328826151Pm device eval in person
93289151Icd device interrogate
93289TC153Icd device interrogate
9328926151Icd device interrogate
93290151Icm device eval
93290TC153Icm device eval
9329026151Icm device eval
93291151Ilr device interrogate
93291TC153Ilr device interrogate
9329126151Ilr device interrogate
93292151Wcd device interrogate
93292TC153Wcd device interrogate
9329226151Wcd device interrogate
93293151Pm phone r-strip device eval
93293TC153Pm phone r-strip device eval
9329326151Pm phone r-strip device eval
93294195Pm device interrogate remote
93295195Icd device interrogat remote
93296195Pm/icd remote tech serv
93297195Icm device interrogat remote
93298195Ilr device interrogat remote
93299195Icm/ilr remote tech serv
93303151Echo transthoracic
93303TC153Echo transthoracic
9330326151Echo transthoracic
93304151Echo transthoracic
93304TC153Echo transthoracic
9330426151Echo transthoracic
93306151Tte w/doppler, complete
93306TC153Tte w/doppler, complete
9330626151Tte w/doppler, complete
93307151Echo exam of heart
93307TC153Echo exam of heart
9330726151Echo exam of heart
93308151Echo exam of heart
93308TC153Echo exam of heart
9330826151Echo exam of heart
93312151Echo transesophageal
93312TC153Echo transesophageal
9331226151Echo transesophageal
93313195Echo transesophageal
93314151Echo transesophageal
93314TC153Echo transesophageal
9331426151Echo transesophageal
93315151Echo transesophageal
93315TC153Echo transesophageal
9331526151Echo transesophageal
93316195Echo transesophageal
93317151Echo transesophageal
93317TC153Echo transesophageal
9331726151Echo transesophageal
93318151Echo transesophageal intraop
93318TC153Echo transesophageal intraop
9331826151Echo transesophageal intraop
93320232Doppler echo exam, heart
93320TC232Doppler echo exam, heart
9332026232Doppler echo exam, heart
93321232Doppler echo exam, heart
93321TC232Doppler echo exam, heart
9332126232Doppler echo exam, heart
93325232Doppler color flow add-on
93325TC232Doppler color flow add-on
9332526232Doppler color flow add-on
93350168Echo transthoracic
93350TC170Echo transthoracic
9335026168Echo transthoracic
93351195Stress tte complete
93351TC195Stress tte complete
9335126195Stress tte complete
93352249Admin ecg contrast agent
93355249Interrogate subq defib
93451268Right heart cath
93451TC268Right heart cath
9345126268Right heart cath
93452268Left hrt caht w/ventrclgrphy
93452TC268Left hrt caht w/ventrclgrphy
9345226268Left hrt caht w/ventrclgrphy
93453268R&l hrt cath w/ventriclgrphy
93453TC268R&l hrt cath w/ventriclgrphy
9345326268R&l hrt cath w/ventriclgrphy
93454268Coronary artery angio S&I
93454TC268Coronary artery angio S&I
9345426268Coronary artery angio S&I
93455268Coronary art/grft anion S&L
93455TC268Coronary art/grft anion S&L
9345526268Coronary art/grft anion S&L
93456268R hrt coronary arthery angio
93456TC268R hrt coronary arthery angio
9345626268R hrt coronary arthery angio
93457268R hrt art/grft angio
93457TC268R hrt art/grft angio
9345726268R hrt art/grft angio
93458268L hrt artery/ventricle angio
93458TC268L hrt artery/ventricle angio
9345826268L hrt artery/ventricle angio
93459268L hrt art/grft angio
93459TC268L hrt art/grft angio
9345926268L hrt art/grft angio
93460268R&L hrt art/ventricle angio
93460TC268R&L hrt art/ventricle angio
9346026268R&L hrt art/ventricle angio
93461268R&L hrt art/ventricle angio
93461TC268R&L hrt art/ventricle angio
9346126268R&L hrt art/ventricle angio
93462150L hrt cath trnsptl puncture
93463150Drug admin & hemodynmic meas
93464268Exercise w/hemodynamic meas
93464TC268Exercise w/hemodynamic meas
9346426268Exercise w/hemodynamic meas
93503114Insert/place heart catheter
93505113Biopsy of heart lining
93505TC115Biopsy of heart lining
9350526113Biopsy of heart lining
93530113Rt heart cath, congenital
93530TC115Rt heart cath, congenital
9353026113Rt heart cath, congenital
93531113R & l heart cath, congenital
93531TC115R & l heart cath, congenital
9353126113R & l heart cath, congenital
93532113R & l heart cath, congenital
93532TC115R & l heart cath, congenital
9353226113R & l heart cath, congenital
93533113R & l heart cath, congenital
93533TC115R & l heart cath, congenital
9353326113R & l heart cath, congenital
93561114Cardiac output measurement
93561TC115Cardiac output measurement
9356126114Cardiac output measurement
93562114Card output measure subsq
93562TC115Card output measure subsq
9356226114Card output measure subsq
93563160Inject congenital card cath
93564160Inject hrt congntl art/grft
93565160Inject L ventr/atrial angio
93566160Inject R ventr/atrial angio
93567160Inject suprvlv aortography
93568160Inject pulm art hrt cath
93571249Heart flow reserve measure
93571TC249Heart flow reserve measure
9357126249Heart flow reserve measure
93572249Heart flow reserve measure
93572TC249Heart flow reserve measure
9357226249Heart flow reserve measure
93580113Transcath closure of asd
93581113Transcath closure of vsd
93582113Perq transcath closure pda
93583113Perq transcath septal reduxn
93600114Bundle of His recording
93600TC115Bundle of His recording
9360026114Bundle of His recording
93602114Intra-atrial recording
93602TC115Intra-atrial recording
9360226114Intra-atrial recording
93603114Right ventricular recording
93603TC115Right ventricular recording
9360326114Right ventricular recording
93609249Map tachycardia, add-on
93609TC249Map tachycardia, add-on
9360926249Map tachycardia, add-on
93610114Intra-atrial pacing
93610TC115Intra-atrial pacing
9361026114Intra-atrial pacing
93612114Intraventricular pacing
93612TC115Intraventricular pacing
9361226114Intraventricular pacing
93613249Electrophys map, 3d, add-on
93615138Esophageal recording
93615TC139Esophageal recording
9361526138Esophageal recording
93616138Esophageal recording
93616TC139Esophageal recording
9361626138Esophageal recording
93618114Heart rhythm pacing
93618TC115Heart rhythm pacing
9361826114Heart rhythm pacing
93619137Electrophysiology evaluation
93619TC139Electrophysiology evaluation
9361926137Electrophysiology evaluation
93620137Electrophysiology evaluation
93620TC139Electrophysiology evaluation
9362026137Electrophysiology evaluation
93621249Electrophysiology evaluation
93621TC249Electrophysiology evaluation
9362126249Electrophysiology evaluation
93622249Electrophysiology evaluation
93622TC249Electrophysiology evaluation
9362226249Electrophysiology evaluation
93623249Stimulation, pacing heart
93623TC249Stimulation, pacing heart
9362326249Stimulation, pacing heart
93624113Electrophysiologic study
93624TC115Electrophysiologic study
9362426113Electrophysiologic study
93631138Heart pacing, mapping
93631TC139Heart pacing, mapping
9363126138Heart pacing, mapping
93640137Evaluation heart device
93640TC139Evaluation heart device
9364026137Evaluation heart device
93641137Electrophysiology evaluation
93641TC139Electrophysiology evaluation
9364126137Electrophysiology evaluation
93642137Electrophysiology evaluation
93642TC139Electrophysiology evaluation
9364226137Electrophysiology evaluation
93644137Echo transesophageal (tee)
93644TC139Echo transesophageal (tee)
9364426137Echo transesophageal (tee)
93650137Ablate heart dysrhythm focus
93653137Ep & ablate supravent arrhyt
93654137Ep & ab;ate vemtroc tachy
93655137Ablate arrhythmia add on
93656137Tx atrial fib pulm vein isol
93657137Tx l/r atrial fib addl
93660137Tilt table evaluation
93660TC139Tilt table evaluation
9366026137Tilt table evaluation
93662232Intracardiac ecg (ice)
93662TC232Intracardiac ecg (ice)
9366226232Intracardiac ecg (ice)
93668290Peripheral vascular rehab, per session
93701168Bioimpedance, thoracic
93702168Electrophysiology evaluation
93724138Analyze pacemaker system
93724TC139Analyze pacemaker system
9372426138Analyze pacemaker system
93740277Temperature gradient studies
93745151Set-up cardiovert-defibrill
93745TC153Set-up cardiovert-defibrill
9374526151Set-up cardiovert-defibrill
93750195Interrogation vad, in person
93770277Measure venous pressure
93784219Ambulatory BP monitoring
93786219Ambulatory BP recording
93788219Ambulatory BP analysis
93790219Review/report BP recording
93797114Cardiac rehab
93798138Cardiac rehab/monitor
93799219Cardiovascular procedure, unlisted
93799TC219Cardiovascular procedure, unlisted
9379926219Cardiovascular procedure, unlisted
93880167Extracranial study
93880TC169Extracranial study
9388026167Extracranial study
93882168Extracranial study
93882TC170Extracranial study
9388226168Extracranial study
93886168Intracranial study
93886TC170Intracranial study
9388626168Intracranial study
93888151Intracranial study
93888TC153Intracranial study
9388826151Intracranial study
93890168Tcd, vasoreactivity study
93890TC170Tcd, vasoreactivity study
9389026168Tcd, vasoreactivity study
93892151Tcd, emboli detect w/o inj
93892TC153Tcd, emboli detect w/o inj
9389226151Tcd, emboli detect w/o inj
93893168Tcd, emboli detect w/inj
93893TC170Tcd, emboli detect w/inj
9389326168Tcd, emboli detect w/inj
93895168Bis xtracell fluid analysis
93895TC170Bis xtracell fluid analysis
9389526168Bis xtracell fluid analysis
93922150Extremity study
93922TC152Extremity study
9392226150Extremity study
93923150Extremity study
93923TC152Extremity study
9392326150Extremity study
93924150Extremity study
93924TC152Extremity study
9392426150Extremity study
93925150Lower extremity study
93925TC152Lower extremity study
9392526150Lower extremity study
93926151Lower extremity study
93926TC153Lower extremity study
9392626151Lower extremity study
93930150Upper extremity study
93930TC152Upper extremity study
9393026150Upper extremity study
93931151Upper extremity study
93931TC153Upper extremity study
9393126151Upper extremity study
93965150Extremity study
93965TC152Extremity study
9396526150Extremity study
93970150Extremity study
93970TC152Extremity study
9397026150Extremity study
93971151Extremity study
93971TC153Extremity study
9397126151Extremity study
93975151Vascular study
93975TC153Vascular study
9397526151Vascular study
93976151Vascular study
93976TC153Vascular study
9397626151Vascular study
93978151Vascular study
93978TC153Vascular study
9397826151Vascular study
93979151Vascular study
93979TC153Vascular study
9397926151Vascular study
93980151Penile vascular study
93980TC153Penile vascular study
9398026151Penile vascular study
93981151Penile vascular study
93981TC153Penile vascular study
9398126151Penile vascular study
93982195Aneurysm pressure sens study
93990151Doppler flow testing
93990TC153Doppler flow testing
9399026151Doppler flow testing
93998195Noninvas vasc dx study proc
94002195Vent mgmt inpat, init day
94003195Vent mgmt inpat, subq day
94004195Vent mgmt nf per day
94005290Home vent mgmt supervision
94010151Breathing capacity test
94010TC153Breathing capacity test
9401026151Breathing capacity test
94014219Patient recorded spirometry
94015195Patient recorded spirometry
94016195Review patient spirometry
94060151Evaluation of wheezing
94060TC153Evaluation of wheezing
9406026151Evaluation of wheezing
94070168Evaluation of wheezing
94070TC170Evaluation of wheezing
9407026168Evaluation of wheezing
94150277Vital capacity test
94150TC278Vital capacity test
9415026277Vital capacity test
94200151Lung function test (MBC/MVV)
94200TC153Lung function test (MBC/MVV)
9420026151Lung function test (MBC/MVV)
94250151Expired gas collection
94250TC153Expired gas collection
9425026151Expired gas collection
94375151Respiratory flow volume loop
94375TC153Respiratory flow volume loop
9437526151Respiratory flow volume loop
94400168CO2 breathing response curve
94400TC170CO2 breathing response curve
9440026168CO2 breathing response curve
94450168Hypoxia response curve
94450TC170Hypoxia response curve
9445026168Hypoxia response curve
94452151Hast w/report
94452TC153Hast w/report
9445226151Hast w/report
94453168Hast w/oxygen titrate
94453TC170Hast w/oxygen titrate
9445326168Hast w/oxygen titrate
94610195Surfactant admin thru tube
94620151Pulmonary stress test/simple
94620TC153Pulmonary stress test/simple
9462026151Pulmonary stress test/simple
94621168Pulm stress test/complex
94621TC170Pulm stress test/complex
9462126168Pulm stress test/complex
94640195Airway inhalation treatment
94642219Aerosol inhalation treatment
94644190Cbt, 1st hour
94645249Cbt, each addl hour
94660195Pos airway pressure, CPAP
94662195Neg press ventilation, cnp
94664195Aerosol or vapor inhalations
94667216Chest wall manipulation
94668216Chest wall manipulation
94669216Mechanical chest wall oscill
94680151Exhaled air analysis, o2
94680TC153Exhaled air analysis, o2
9468026151Exhaled air analysis, o2
94681151Exhaled air analysis, o2/co2
94681TC153Exhaled air analysis, o2/co2
9468126151Exhaled air analysis, o2/co2
94690151Exhaled air analysis
94690TC153Exhaled air analysis
9469026151Exhaled air analysis
94726151Pulm funct tst plethysmograp
94726TC153Pulm funct tst plethysmograp
9472626151Pulm funct tst plethysmograp
94727151Pulm function test by gas
94727TC153Pulm function test by gas
9472726151Pulm function test by gas
94728151Pulm funct test oscillometry
94728TC153Pulm funct test oscillometry
9472826151Pulm funct test oscillometry
94729151C02/membrane diffuse capacity
94729TC153C02/membrane diffuse capacity
9472926151C02/membrane diffuse capacity
94750151Pulmonary compliance study
94750TC153Pulmonary compliance study
9475026151Pulmonary compliance study
94760219Measure blood oxygen level
94761219Measure blood oxygen level
94762195Measure blood oxygen level
94770151Exhaled carbon dioxide test
94799219Pulmonary service/procedure, unlisted
94799TC219Pulmonary service/procedure, unlisted
9479926219Pulmonary service/procedure, unlisted
95004216Allergy skin tests
95012219Exhaled nitric oxide meas
95017190Perq & icut allg test venoms
95018190Perq&ic allg test drugs/biol
95024190Allergy skin tests
95027190Skin end point titration
95028190Allergy skin tests
95044216Allergy patch tests
95052216Photo patch test
95056216Photosensitivity tests
95060190Eye allergy tests
95065216Nose allergy test
95070190Bronchial allergy tests
95071216Bronchial allergy tests
95076216Ingest challenge ini 120 min
95079216Ingest challenge addl 60 min
95115216Immunotherapy, one injection
95117216Immunotherapy injections
95120286Immunotherapy, one injection
95125286Immunotherapy, many antigens
95130286Immunotherapy, insect venom
95131286Immunotherapy, insect venoms
95132286Immunotherapy, insect venoms
95133286Immunotherapy, insect venoms
95134286Immunotherapy, insect venoms
95144195Antigen therapy services
95145195Antigen therapy services
95146195Antigen therapy services
95147195Antigen therapy services
95148195Antigen therapy services
95149219Antigen therapy services
95165219Antigen therapy services
95170219Antigen therapy services
95180219Rapid desensitization
95199219Allergy immunology services, unlisted
95250219Glucose monitoring, cont
95251219Gluc monitor, cont, phys i&r
95800190Slp stdy unattended
95800TC190Slp stdy unattended
9580026190Slp stdy unattended
95801190Slp stdy unatnd w/anal
95801TC190Slp stdy unatnd w/anal
9580126190Slp stdy unatnd w/anal
95803168Actigraphy testing
95803TC170Actigraphy testing
9580326168Actigraphy testing
95805145Multiple sleep latency test
95805TC146Multiple sleep latency test
9580526145Multiple sleep latency test
95806190Sleep study, unattended
95806TC190Sleep study, unattended
9580626190Sleep study, unattended
95807145Sleep study, attended
95807TC146Sleep study, attended
9580726145Sleep study, attended
95808162Polysomnography, 1-3
95808TC163Polysomnography, 1-3
9580826162Polysomnography, 1-3
95810162Polysomnography, 4 or more
95810TC163Polysomnography, 4 or more
9581026162Polysomnography, 4 or more
95811162Polysomnography w/cpap
95811TC163Polysomnography w/cpap
9581126162Polysomnography w/cpap
95812145Electroencephalogram (EEG)
95812TC146Electroencephalogram (EEG)
9581226145Electroencephalogram (EEG)
95813145Electroencephalogram (EEG)
95813TC146Electroencephalogram (EEG)
9581326145Electroencephalogram (EEG)
95816145Electroencephalogram (EEG)
95816TC146Electroencephalogram (EEG)
9581626145Electroencephalogram (EEG)
95819145Electroencephalogram (EEG)
95819TC146Electroencephalogram (EEG)
9581926145Electroencephalogram (EEG)
95822145Sleep electroencephalogram
95822TC146Sleep electroencephalogram
9582226145Sleep electroencephalogram
95827145Night electroencephalogram
95827TC146Night electroencephalogram
9582726145Night electroencephalogram
95829151Surgery electrocorticogram
95829TC153Surgery electrocorticogram
9582926151Surgery electrocorticogram
95830219Insert electrodes for EEG
95831190Limb muscle testing, manual
95832190Hand muscle testing, manual
95833190Body muscle testing, manual
95834190Body muscle testing, manual
95851190Range of motion measurements
95852190Range of motion measurements
95857216Tensilon test
95860151Muscle test, one limb
95860TC153Muscle test, one limb
9586026151Muscle test, one limb
95861151Muscle test, two limbs
95861TC153Muscle test, two limbs
9586126151Muscle test, two limbs
95863151Muscle test, 3 limbs
95863TC153Muscle test, 3 limbs
9586326151Muscle test, 3 limbs
95864151Muscle test, 4 limbs
95864TC153Muscle test, 4 limbs
9586426151Muscle test, 4 limbs
95865150Muscle test, larynx
95865TC152Muscle test, larynx
9586526150Muscle test, larynx
95866154Muscle test, hemidiaphragm
95866TC155Muscle test, hemidiaphragm
9586626154Muscle test, hemidiaphragm
95867151Muscle test, head or neck
95867TC153Muscle test, head or neck
9586726151Muscle test, head or neck
95868150Muscle test, head or neck
95868TC152Muscle test, head or neck
9586826150Muscle test, head or neck
95869151Muscle test, thor paraspinal
95869TC153Muscle test, thor paraspinal
9586926151Muscle test, thor paraspinal
95870151Muscle test, nonparaspinal
95870TC153Muscle test, nonparaspinal
9587026151Muscle test, nonparaspinal
95872151Muscle test, one fiber
95872TC153Muscle test, one fiber
9587226151Muscle test, one fiber
95873232Guide nerv destr, elec stim
95873TC232Guide nerv destr, elec stim
9587326232Guide nerv destr, elec stim
95874232Guide nerv destr, needle emg
95874TC232Guide nerv destr, needle emg
9587426232Guide nerv destr, needle emg
95875151Limb exercise test
95875TC153Limb exercise test
9587526151Limb exercise test
95885151Musc tst done w/nerv tst lim
95885TC153Musc tst done w/nerv tst lim
9588526151Musc tst done w/nerv tst lim
95886151Musc test done w/N test comp
95886TC153Musc test done w/N test comp
9588626151Musc test done w/N test comp
95887151Musc tst done w/N tst nonext
95887TC153Musc tst done w/N tst nonext
9588726151Musc tst done w/N tst nonext
95905151Motor/sens nrve conduct test
95905TC153Motor/sens nrve conduct test
9590526151Motor/sens nrve conduct test
95907154Nvr cndj tst 1-2 studies
95907TC154Nvr cndj tst 1-2 studies
9590726154Nvr cndj tst 1-2 studies
95908154Nrv cndj tst 3-4 studies
95908TC154Nrv cndj tst 3-4 studies
9590826154Nrv cndj tst 3-4 studies
95909154Nrv cndj tst 5-6 studies
95909TC154Nrv cndj tst 5-6 studies
9590926154Nrv cndj tst 5-6 studies
95910154Nrv cndj test 7-8 studies
95910TC154Nrv cndj test 7-8 studies
9591026154Nrv cndj test 7-8 studies
95911154Nrv cndj test 9-10 studies
95911TC154Nrv cndj test 9-10 studies
9591126154Nrv cndj test 9-10 studies
95912154Nrv cndj test 11-12 studies
95912TC154Nrv cndj test 11-12 studies
9591226154Nrv cndj test 11-12 studies
95913154Nrv cndj test 13/> studies
95913TC154Nrv cndj test 13/> studies
9591326154Nrv cndj test 13/> studies
95921168Autonomic nerv function test
95921TC170Autonomic nerv function test
9592126168Autonomic nerv function test
95922151Autonomic nerv function test
95922TC153Autonomic nerv function test
9592226151Autonomic nerv function test
95923168Autonomic nerv function test
95923TC170Autonomic nerv function test
9592326168Autonomic nerv function test
95924232Ans parasymp & symp w/tilt
95924TC232Ans parasymp & symp w/tilt
9592426232Ans parasymp & symp w/tilt
95925150Somatosensory testing
95925TC152Somatosensory testing
9592526150Somatosensory testing
95926150Somatosensory testing
95926TC152Somatosensory testing
9592626150Somatosensory testing
95927151Somatosensory testing
95927TC153Somatosensory testing
9592726151Somatosensory testing
95928151C motor evoked, uppr limbs
95928TC153C motor evoked, uppr limbs
9592826151C motor evoked, uppr limbs
95929151C motor evoked, lwr limbs
95929TC153C motor evoked, lwr limbs
9592926151C motor evoked, lwr limbs
95930150Visual evoked potential test
95930TC152Visual evoked potential test
9593026150Visual evoked potential test
95933151Blink reflex test
95933TC153Blink reflex test
9593326151Blink reflex test
95937151Neuromuscular junction test
95937TC153Neuromuscular junction test
9593726151Neuromuscular junction test
95938150Somatosensory testing
95938TC152Somatosensory testing
9593826150Somatosensory testing
95939150C motor evoked upr&lwr limbs
95939TC152C motor evoked upr&lwr limbs
9593926150C motor evoked upr&lwr limbs
95940232Ionm in operating room15 min
95941232Ionm remote/>1 pt or per hr
95943168Parasymp&symp hrt rate test
95943TC168Parasymp&symp hrt rate test
9594326168Parasymp&symp hrt rate test
95950151Ambulatory eeg monitoring
95950TC153Ambulatory eeg monitoring
9595026151Ambulatory eeg monitoring
95951151EEG monitoring/videorecord
95951TC153EEG monitoring/videorecord
9595126151EEG monitoring/videorecord
95953151EEG monitoring/computer
95953TC153EEG monitoring/computer
9595326151EEG monitoring/computer
95954151EEG monitoring/giving drugs
95954TC153EEG monitoring/giving drugs
9595426151EEG monitoring/giving drugs
95955151EEG during surgery
95955TC153EEG during surgery
9595526151EEG during surgery
95956151Eeg monitoring, cable/radio
95956TC153Eeg monitoring, cable/radio
9595626151Eeg monitoring, cable/radio
95957151EEG digital analysis
95957TC153EEG digital analysis
9595726151EEG digital analysis
95958151EEG monitoring/function test
95958TC153EEG monitoring/function test
9595826151EEG monitoring/function test
95961151Electrode stimulation, brain
95961TC153Electrode stimulation, brain
9596126151Electrode stimulation, brain
95962232Electrode stim, brain add-on
95962TC232Electrode stim, brain add-on
9596226232Electrode stim, brain add-on
95965168Meg, spontaneous
95965TC170Meg, spontaneous
9596526168Meg, spontaneous
95966168Meg, evoked, single
95966TC170Meg, evoked, single
9596626168Meg, evoked, single
95967249Meg, evoked, each addl
95967TC249Meg, evoked, each addl
9596726249Meg, evoked, each addl
95970195Analyze neurostim, no prog
95971219Analyze neurostim, simple
95972219Analyze neurostim, complex
95973249Analyze neurostim, complex
95974195Cranial neurostim, complex
95975249Cranial neurostim, complex
95978219Analyze neurostim brain/1h
95979249Analyz neurostim brain addon
95980219IO analysis, gast, n-stim init
95981195IO analysis, gast, n-stim subsq
95982195IO ga n-stim subsq w/ reprog
95990195Spin/brain pump refil & main
95991195Spin/brain pump refil & main
95992290Canalith repositioning proc
95999219Neurological procedure, unlisted
96000218Motion analysis, video/3d
96001218Motion test w/ft press meas
96002218Dynamic surface emg
96003218Dynamic fine wire emg
96004218Phys review of motion tests
96020151Functional brain mapping
96020TC153Functional brain mapping
9602026151Functional brain mapping
96101195Psycho testing by psych/phys
96102188Psycho testing by technician
96103188Psycho testing admin by comp
96105187Assessment of aphasia
96110195Developmental screen
96111195Developmental test, extend
96116195Neurobehavioral status exam
96118195Neuropsych tst by psych/phys
96119188Neuropsych testing by tech
96120188Neuropsych tst admin w/comp
96125188Cognitive test by hc professional
96127188Carotid intima atheroma eval
96150186Assess hlth/behave, init
96151186Assess hlth/behave, subseq
96152186Intervene hlth/behave, indiv
96153186Intervene hlth/behave, group
96154186Interv hlth/behav, fam w/pt
96155284Interv hlth/behav fam no pt
96360195Hydration iv infusion, init
96361249Hydrate iv infusion, add-on
96365195Ther/proph/diag iv inf, init
96366249Ther/proph/diag iv inf add-on
96367249Tx/proph/dg addl seq iv inf
96368249Ther/diag concurrent inf
96369195Sc ther infusion, up to 1 hr
96370249Sc ther infusion, addl hr
96371249Sc ther infusion, reset pump
96372195Ther/proph/diag inj, sc/im
96373195Ther/proph/diag inj, ia
96374195Ther/proph/diag inj, iv push
96375232Tx/pro/dx inj new drug add-on
96376282Tx/pro/dx inj new drug add-on
96401190Chemo, anti-neopl, sq/im
96402190Chemo hormon antineopl sq/im
96405111Intralesional chemo admin
96406111Intralesional chemo admin
96409190Chemo, iv push, sngl drug
96411248Chemo, iv push, addl drug
96413190Chemo, iv infusion, 1 hr
96415248Chemo, iv infusion, addl hr
96416190Chemo prolong infuse w/pump
96417248Chemo iv infus each addl seq
96420190Chemotherapy, push technique
96422190Chemotherapy infusion method
96423231Chemo, infuse method add-on
96425190Chemotherapy infusion method
96440114Chemotherapy, intracavitary
96446114Chemotx admn prtl cavity
96450112Chemotherapy, into CNS
96521190Refil/maint, portable pump
96522195Refil/main pump/resvr syst
96523195Irrig drug delivery device
96542219Chemotherapy injection
96549219Chemotherapy, unspecified
96567219Photodynamic tx, skin
96570232Photodynamic tx, 30 min
96571232Photodynamic tx, addl 15 min
96900219Ultraviolet light therapy
96904219Whole body photography
96910219Photochemotherapy with UV-B
96912219Photochemotherapy with UV-A
96913219Photochemotherapy, UV-A or B
96920113Laser tx, skin < 250 sq cm
96921113Laser tx, skin 250-500 sq cm
96922137Laser tx, skin > 500 sq cm
96999219Dermatological procedure, unlisted
97001190Pt evaluation
97002190Pt re-evaluation
97003190Ot evaluation
97004190Ot re-evaluation
97012190Mechanical traction therapy
97014286Electric stimulation therapy
97016190Vasopneumatic device therapy
97018190Paraffin bath therapy
97022190Whirlpool therapy
97024190Diathermy treatment
97026190Infrared therapy
97028190Ultraviolet therapy
97032190Electrical stimulation
97033190Electric current therapy
97034190Contrast bath therapy
97035190Ultrasound therapy
97039216Physical therapy treatment
97110190Therapeutic exercises
97112190Neuromuscular reeducation
97113190Aquatic therapy/exercises
97116190Gait training therapy
97124190Massage therapy
97139216Physical medicine procedure
97140190Manual therapy
97150190Group therapeutic procedures
97530190Therapeutic activities
97532190Cognitive skills development
97533190Sensory integration
97535190Self care mngment training
97537190Community/work reintegration
97542190Wheelchair mngment training
97545190Work hardening, initial 2 hrs
97546231Work hardening add-on, each add'l hr
97597190Active wound care/20 cm or <
97598190Active wound care > 20 cm
97605190Neg press wound tx, < 50 cm
97606190Neg press wound tx, > 50 cm
97607190Brief emotional/behav assmt
97608190Neg press wnd tx
97610190Low frequency non-thermal us
97750190Physical performance test
97755190Assistive technology assess
97760190Orthotic mgmt and training
97761190Prosthetic training
97762190C/o for orthotic/prosth use
97799219Physical medicine procedure, nos
97802190Medical nutrition, indiv, in
97803190Med nutrition, indiv, subseq
97804190Medical nutrition, group
97810290Acupunct w/o stimul 15 min
97811290Acupunct w/o stimul addl 15m
97813290Acupunct w/stimul 15 min
97814290Acupunct w/stimul addl 15m
98925114Osteopathic manipulation
98926114Osteopathic manipulation
98927114Osteopathic manipulation
98928114Osteopathic manipulation
98929114Osteopathic manipulation
98940138Chiropractic manipulation, spinal, 1-2 reg
98941138Chiropractic manipulation, spinal, 3-4 reg
98942138Chiropractic manipulation, spinal, 5 reg
98960290Self-mgmt educ & train, 1 pt
98961290Self-mgmt educ/train, 2-4 pt
98962290Self-mgmt educ/train, 5-8 pt
98966290HC prof phone call, 5-10 min
98967290HC prof phone call, 11-20 min
98968290HC prof phone call, 21-30 min
98969290Online service by HC prof
99070290Special supplies
99071290Patient education materials
99080290Special reports or forms
99082219Unusual physician travel
99091290Collect/review data from pt
99144195Mod cs by same phys, 5 yrs +
99145232Mod cs by same phys add-on
99149195Mod cs diff phys 5 yrs +
99150232Mod cs diff phys add-on
99175219Induction of vomiting
99183219Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
99188219Hypothermia ill neonate
99190290Special pump services, ea hr
99191290Special pump services, 3/4 hr
99192290Special pump services, 1/2 hr
99199219Special service/proc/report, unlisted
9920179Office/outpatient visit new
9920279Office/outpatient visit new
9920379Office/outpatient visit new
9920479Office/outpatient visit new
9920579Office/outpatient visit new
9921171Office/outpatient visit, est
9921271Office/outpatient visit est
9921371Office/outpatient visit est
9921471Office/outpatient visit est
9921571Office/outpatient visit est
9921775Observation care discharge
9921872Initial observation care
9921972Initial observation care
9922072Initial observation care
9922172Initial hospital care
9922272Initial hospital care
9922372Initial hospital care
9922472Subsequent observation care
9922572Subsequent observation care
9922672Subsequent observation care
9923172Subsequent hospital care
9923272Subsequent hospital care
9923372Subsequent hospital care
9923475Observ/hosp same date
9923575Observ/hosp same date
9923675Observ/hosp same date
9923875Hospital discharge day
9923975Hospital discharge day
9928172Emergency dept visit
9928272Emergency dept visit
9928372Emergency dept visit
9928472Emergency dept visit
9928572Emergency dept visit
9928873Direct advanced life support
9929172Critical care, first hour
9929274Critical care, addl 30 min
99304266Nursing facility care init
99305266Nursing facility care init
99306266Nursing facility care init
99307266Nursing fac care subseq
99308266Nursing fac care subseq
99309266Nursing fac care subseq
99310266Nursing fac care subseq
99315266Nursing fac discharge day
99316266Nursing fac discharge day
99318266Annual nursing fac assessmnt
99324265Domicil/r-home visit new pat
99325265Domicil/r-home visit new pat
99326265Domicil/r-home visit new pat
99327265Domicil/r-home visit new pat
99328265Domicil/r-home visit new pat
99334265Domicil/r-home visit est pat
99335265Domicil/r-home visit est pat
99336265Domicil/r-home visit est pat
99337265Domicil/r-home visit est pat
99339290Domicil/r-home care supervis
99340290Domicil/r-home care supervis
9934179Home visit new patient
9934279Home visit new patient
9934379Home visit new patient
9934479Home visit new patient
9934579Home visit new patient
9934779Home visit est patient
9934879Home visit est patient
9934979Home visit est patient
9935079Home visit est patient
9935476Prolonged service, office
9935576Prolonged service, office
9935676Prolonged service, inpatient
9935776Prolonged service, inpatient
99358290Prolonged serv, w/o contact
99359290Prolonged serv, w/o contact
99360282Physician standby services
99363290Anticoag mgmt, init
99364290Anticoag mgmt, subseq
99366290Team conf w/ pat by HC prof
99367290Team conf w/o pat by phys
99368290Team conf w/o pat by HC prof
99374290Home health care supervision, 15-29 min
99375290Home health care supervision, 30+ min
99377290Hospice care supervision
99378290Hospice care supervision
99379290Nursing fac care supervision
99380290Nursing fac care supervision
99406266Behav chng smoking, 3-10 min
99407266Behav chng smoking, gt 10 min
99408290Audit/dast, 15-30 min
99409290Audit/dast, over 30 min
9944177Phone E/M by phys, 5-10 min
9944277Phone E/M by phys, 11-20 min
9944377Phone E/M by phys, 21-30 min
9944477Online e/m by phys/qhp
9944677Interprof phone/online 5-10
9944777Interprof phone/online 11-20
9944877Interprof phone/online 21-30
9944977Interprof phone/online 31/>
9945575Work related disability exam
99456266Disability examination
9948779Cmplx chron care w/o pt vsit
9948879Cmplx chron care w/ pt vsit end-dated 12/31/2014
9948979Complx chron care addl30 min
9949079App topical flouride varnish
9949576Trans care mgmt 14 day disch
9949676Trans care mgmt 7 day disch
9949779Chron care mgmt srvc 20 min
99498270Advncd care plan 30 min
99499270Unlisted e&m service
99500290Home visit, prenatal
99501290Home visit, postnatal
99503290Home visit, resp therapy
99504290Home visit mech ventilator
99505290Home visit, stoma care
99506290Home visit, im injection
99507290Home visit, cath maintain
99509290Home visit day life activity
99510290Home visit, sing/m/fam couns
99511290Home visit, fecal/enema mgmt
99512290Home visit, hemodialysis
99600290Home visit nos
99601290Home infusion/visit, 2 hrs
99602290Home infusion, each addtl hr
99605282Mtms by pharm, new pat, 15 min
99606282Mtms by pharm, est pat, 15 min
99607290Mtms by pharm, addl 15 min
0016T207Thermotx choroid vasc lesion
0017T207Photocoagulat macular drusen
0375T267Total disc arthrp ant appr
0376T267Insert ant segment drain int
0377T267Anoscpy inj agent for incont
0378T267Visual field assmnt rev/rprt
0379T267Vis field assmnt tech support
0380T267Comp animat ret imag series
0042T219Ct perfusion w/contrast, cbf
0051T185Implant total heart system
0052T213Replace thrc unit hrt syst
0053T213Replace implantable hrt syst
0054T230Bone srgry cmptr fluor image
0055T230Bone srgry cmptr ct/mri imag
0071T213U/s leiomyomata ablate <200
0072T213U/s leiomyomata ablate >200
0075T143Perq stent/chest vert art
0075TTC144Perq stent/chest vert art
0075T26143Perq stent/chest vert art
0076T246S&i stent/chest vert art
0076TTC246S&i stent/chest vert art
0076T26246S&i stent/chest vert art
0078T185Endovasc aort repr w/device end-dated 12/31/2013
0079T230Endovasc visc extnsn repr end-dated 12/31/2013
0080T185Endovasc aort repr rad s&Iend-dated 12/31/2013
0081T230Endovasc visc extnsn s&I end-dated 12/31/2013
0085T219Breath test heart reject
0092T246Artific disc addl cervical
0095T230Rmvl artific disc addl crvcl
0098T246Revise, cervical artif disc, ea add'l intersp
0099T177Implant corneal ring
0100T206Prosth retina receive & gen
0101T206Extracorp shockwv tx, hi energy
0102T206Extracorp shockwv tx, anesth
0103T219Holotranscobalamin, quant
0104T219At rest cardio gas rebreathe
0105T219Exerc cardio gas rebreathe
0106T219Touch quant sensory test
0107T219Vibrate quant sensory test
0108T219Cool quant sensory test
0109T219Heat quant sensory test
0110T219NOW quant sensory test
0111T219RBC membranes fatty acids
0123T177Scleral fistulization
0124T177Conjunctival drug placement end-dated 12/31/2013
0126T213Chd risk imt study
0159T232Computer breast MRI add-on
0159TTC232Computer breast MRI add-on
0159T26232Computer breast MRI add-on
0160T213Transcran mag stim planning
0161T213Transcran mag stim delivery
0163T246Lumb artif diskectomy addl
0164T246Remove lumb artif disc addl
0165T246Revise lumb artif disc addl
0169T185Place stereo cath brain
0171T213Lumbar spine proces distract
0172T246Lumbar spine proces addl
0173T246Iop monit io pressure
0174T249Cad cxr with interp
0175T195Cad cxr remote
0176T177Aqu canal dilat w/o retent
0177T206Aqu canal dilat w retent
0178T19564 Lead ECG w I&R
0179T19564 Lead ECG w tracing only
0180T19564 Lead ECG w I&R only
0181T184Corneal hysteresis
0182T151HDR elec brachytherapy
0182TTC153HDR elec brachytherapy
0182T26151HDR elec brachytherapy
0183T219Wound ultrasound end-dated 12/31/2013
0184T213Excise rectal tumor, TEMS
0185T219Comptr probability analysis end-dated 12/31/2013
0186T177Suprachoroidal drug deliveryend-dated 12/31/2013
0187T195Scan computer ophthalmid dx imag
0188T290Videoconf crit care 74 min
0189T290Videoconf crit care addl 30
0190T241Place intraoc radiation src
0191T206Insert ant segment drain int
0192T206Insert ant segment drain extend-dated 12/31/2013
0193T213Rf bladder neck microremodel
0195T185Prescrl fuse w/o instr l5/s1
0196T246Prescrl fuse w/o instr l4/l5
0197T185Intrafraction track motion
0198T213Ocular blood flow measure
0199T270Physiologic tremor record w/report
0200T213Perq sacral augmt, unilat inject, 1+ needles, uni
0201T212Perq sacral augmt, bilat inject, 2+ needles, bilat
0202T185Post vert arthrplst, lumbar, 1 level w/ flouroscop
0205T246Inirs each vessel add-on
0206T290Cptr dbs alys car elec dta
0207T185Clear eyelid gland w/heat, unilateral
0208T219Automated audiometry air
0209T219Auto audiometry air/bone
0210T219Auto audiometry sp thresh
0211T219Auto audiometry sp thresh
0212T219Comprehen auto audiometry
0213T215Us facet jt inj cerv/t 1 lev
0214T247Us facet jt inj cerv/t 2 lev
0215T247Us facet jt inj cerv/t 3 lev
0216T215Us facet jt inj ls 1 level
0217T247Us facet jt inj ls 2 level
0218T247Us facet jt inj ls 3 level
0219T213Fuse spine facet jt cerv, uni or bilateral
0220T213Fuse spine facet jt thor, uni or bilateral
0221T213Fuse spine facet jt lumbar, uni or bilateral
0222T246Fuse spine facet jt add seg
0223T213Acoustic ECG W/I&R
0224T213Acoustic ECG 1+ Analysis
0225T213Acoustic ECG Analy & Reprog
0226T213Anocopy HRA W/Spec Collect
0227T213Anooscopy HRA W/Biopsy
0228T215NJX TFRML EPRL W/US Cer/Thor
0229T247NJX TFRML EPRL W/US Cer/Thor
0230T213NJX TFRML EPRL W/US Lumb/Sac
0231T247NJX TFRML EPRL W/US Lumb/Sac
0232T213NJX Platelet Plasma
0233T213Skin Glycation Spectroscopy
0234T90Trluml perip athrc renal art
0235T90Trluml perip athrc visceral
0236T90Trluml perip athrc abd aorta
0237T90Trluml perip athrc brchiocph
0238T90Trluml perip athrc iliac art
0239T281Bioimpedance spectroscopy
0240T151Esoph motility 3D topography
0240TTC153Esoph motility 3D topography
0240T26151Esoph motility 3D topography
0241T151Esoph motility w/stim/perf
0241TTC153Esoph motility w/stim/perf
0241T26151Esoph motility w/stim/perf
0243T282Intm msr bronchodil wheeze
0243TTC282Intm msr bronchodil wheeze
0243T26282Intm msr bronchodil wheeze
0244T282Cont msr bronchodil wheeze
0244TTC282Cont msr bronchodil wheeze
0244T26282Cont msr bronchodil wheeze
0245T246Opn tx rib fx 1-2 ribs
0246T246Opn tx rib fx 3-4 ribs
0247T246Opn tx rib fx 5-6 ribs
0248T246Open tx rib fx 7/> ribs
0249T129Ligation hemorrhoid w/us
0253T206Insert aqueous drain device
0254T46Evasc rpr iliac art bifur
0255T46Evasc Rpr iliac art bifr d&i
0255TTC149Evasc Rpr iliac art bifr d&i
0255T26151Evasc Rpr iliac art bifr d&i
0262T264Impltj pulm vlv evasc appr
0263T264Im B1 mrw cel ther cmpl
0264T264Im B1 mrw cel ther xcl hrvst
0265T264Im B1 mrw cel ther hrvst onl
0266T264Implt/rpl crtd sns dev total
0267T264Implt/rpt crtd sns dev lead
0268T264Implt/rpl crtd sns dev gen
0269T264Rev/remvl crtd sns dev total
0270T264Rev/remvl crtd sns dev lead
0271T264Rev/remvl crtd sns dev gen
0272T268Interrogate crtd sns dev
0273T268Interrogate crtd sns w/pgrmg
0274T264Perq lamot/lam crv/thrc
0275T264Perq lamot/lam lumbar
0281T268LAA closure w/implant
0282T209Periph field stimul trial
0283T209Periph field stimul perm
0284T210Periph field stimul revise
0285T268Periph field stimul analys
0286T268Near IFR spectrsc of wounds
0287T268Near IFR guide of vasc site
0288T210Anoscopy w/RF delivery
0289T268Laser inc for PKP/LKP donor
0290T268Laser inc for PKP/LKP recip
0291T268Iv oct for proc init vessel
0292T268Iv oct for proc addl vessel
0293T268Ins lt atrl press monitor
0293T268Ins lt atrl press monitor
0294T268Ins lt atrl press mont addon
0295T268Ext ecg complete
0296T268Ext ecg recording
0297T268Ext ecg scan w/report
0298T268Ext ecg review and interp
0299T268Esw wound healing init wound
0300T268Esw wound healing addl wound
0301T210Mw therapy for breast tumor
0309T238Prescrl fuse w/ instr L4/L5
0310T290Motor function mapping ntms
0318T14Replace aortic valve tthorac
0319T254Insert subq defib w/eltrd
0320T254Insert subq defib electrode
0321T254Insert subq defib pls gen
0322T254Rmvl subq defib pls gen
0323T254Rmvl & replc subq pls gen
0324T254Rmvl subq defib electrode
0325T254Repos subq defib eltrd &/gen
0327T290Implt subq defib interogat
0328T290Implt subq defib sys dev evl
0329T290Mntr io press 24hrs/> uni/bi
0330T290Tear film img uni/bi w/i&r
0331T290Heart symp image plnr
0332T290Heart symp image plnr spect
0333T290Visual ep acuity screen auto
0334T213Perq stablj sacroiliac joint
0335T021Extraosseous joint stblztion
0336T063Lap ablat uterine fibroids
0337T151Endothel fxnassmnt non-invas
0338T021Trnscth renal symp denrv unl
0339T052Trnscth renal symp denrv bil
0340T096Ablate pulm tumors + extnsn
0341T150Quant pupillometry w/ rprt
0342T129Thxp apheresis w/hdl delip
0343T014Transcath mtral vlve repair
0344T014Transcath mtral vlve repair
0345T014Transcath mtral vlve repair
0346T151Ultrasound elastography
0347T124Ins bone device for rsa
0348T197Rsa spine exam
0349T197Rsa upper extr exam
0350T197Rsa lower extr exam
0351T268Intraop oct brst/node spec
0352T268Oct brst/node spec
0353T268Intraop oct breast cavity
0354T268Oct breast surg cavity i&r
0355T168GI tract capsule endoscopy
0356T205Insrt drug device for iop
0358T151Bia whole body
0359T186Behavioral id assessment
0360T186Observ behav assessment
0361T186Observ behav assess addl
0362T186Expose behav assessment
0363T186Expose behav assess addl
0364T186Behavior treatment
0365T186Behavior treatment addl
0366T186Group behavior treatment
0367T186Group behav treatment addl
0368T186Behavior treatment modified
0369T186Behav treatment modify addl
0370T186 Fam behav treatment guidance
0371T186Mult fam behav treat guide
0372T186Social skills training group
0373T186Exposure behavior treatment
0374T186Expose behav treatment addl
A0080290Noninterest escort in non er, per mi
A0090290Interest escort in non er, per mi
A0100290Nonemergency transport taxi
A0110290Nonemergency transport bus, etc.
A0120290Noner transport mini-bus
A0130290Noner transport wheelch van
A0140290Nonemergency transport air
A0170290Noner transport parking fees
A0180290Noner transport lodgng recip
A0190290Noner transport meals recip
A0200290Noner transport lodgng escrt
A0210290Noner transport meals escort
A0380290BLS mileage, per mile
A0382290Basic support routine suppls
A0384290Bls defibrillation supplies
A0390290ALS mileage, per mile
A0392290Als defibrillation supplies
A0394290Als IV drug therapy supplies
A0396290Als esophageal intub suppls
A0398290Als routine disposble suppls
A0420290Ambulance waiting 1/2 hr
A0422290Ambulance 02 life sustaining
A0424290Extra ambulance attendant
A0425290Ground mileage
A0426290Als 1
A0430290Fixed wing air transport
A0431290Rotary wing air transport
A0432290PI volunteer ambulance co
A0433290ALS 2
A0434290Specialty care transport
A0435290Fixed wing air mileage
A0436290Rotary wing air mileage
A0998290Ambulance response/tx, no transport
A0999290Unlisted ambulance service
A42062901 CC sterile syringe&needle
A42072902 CC sterile syringe&needle
A42082903 CC sterile syringe&needle
A42092905+ CC sterile syringe&needle
A4210290Non needle injection device
A4211290Supp for self-adm injections
A4212290Non coring needle or stylet
A421329020+ CC syringe only
A4215290Sterile needle
A4216290Sterile water/saline, 10 ml
A4217290Sterile water/saline, 500 ml
A4217AU290Sterile water/saline, 500 ml
A4218290Sterile saline or water, metered dose dispenser, 10 ml
A4220290Infusion pump refill kit
A4221290Maint drug infus cath per wk
A4222290Infusion supplies, ext pump, per unit
A4223290Infusion supplies w/o pump
A4230290Infus insulin pump non needl
A4231290Infusion insulin pump needle
A4232290Syringe w/needle insulin 3cc
A4233290Alkalin batt for glucose mon
A4233NU290Alkalin batt for glucose mon
A4234290J-cell batt for glucose mon
A4234NU290J-cell batt for glucose mon
A4235290Lithium batt for glucose mon
A4235NU290Lithium batt for glucose mon
A4236290Silvr oxide batt glucose mon
A4236NU290Silvr oxide batt glucose mon
A4244290Alcohol or peroxide per pint
A4245290Alcohol wipes per box
A4246290Betadine/phisohex solution
A4247290Betadine/iodine swabs/wipes
A4248290Chlorhexidine antisept
A4250290Urine reagent strips/tablets
A4252290Blood ketone test or strip
A4253290Blood glucose/reagent strips
A4253NU290Blood glucose/reagent strips
A4255290Glucose monitor platforms
A4256290Calibrator solution/chips
A4257290Replace Lensshield Cartridge
A4258290Lancet device each
A4259290Lancets per box
A4280290Brst prsths adhsv attchmnt
A4290290Sacral nerve stim test lead
A4300290Cath impl vasc access portal
A4301290Implantable access syst perc
A4305290Drug delivery system >=50 ML
A4306290Drug delivery system <=5 ML
A4310290Insert tray w/o bag/cath
A4311290Catheter w/o bag 2-way latex
A4312290Cath w/o bag 2-way silicone
A4313290Catheter w/bag 3-way
A4314290Cath w/drainage 2-way latex
A4315290Cath w/drainage 2-way silcne
A4316290Cath w/drainage 3-way
A4320290Irrigation tray
A4321290Cath therapeutic irrig agent
A4322290Irrigation syringe
A4326290Male external catheter
A4327290Fem urinary collect dev cup
A4328290Fem urinary collect pouch
A4330290Stool collection pouch
A4331290Extension drainage tubing
A4332290Lubricant, ind sterile pkt, each
A4333290Urinary cath anchor device
A4334290Urinary cath leg strap
A4335290Incontinence supply, misc, ea
A4336290Urethral insert, incont supply
A4338290Indwelling catheter latex
A4340290Indwelling catheter special
A4344290Cath indw foley 2 way silicn
A4346290Cath indw foley 3 way
A4349290Male external cat, disposable
A4351290Straight tip urine catheter
A4352290Coude tip urinary catheter
A4353290Intermittent urinary cath
A4354290Cath insertion tray w/bag
A4355290Bladder irrigation tubing
A4356290Ext ureth clmp or compr dvc
A4357290Bedside drainage bag
A4358290Urinary leg or abdomen bag
A4360290Disposable ext urethral device
A4361290Ostomy face plate
A4362290Solid skin barrier
A4363290Ostomy clamp, replacement
A4366290Ostomy vent
A4367290Ostomy belt
A4368290Ostomy filter
A4369290Skin barrier liquid per oz
A4371290Skin barrier powder per oz
A4372290Skin barrier solid 4x4 equiv
A4373290Skin barrier with flange
A4375290Drainable plastic pch w fcpl
A4376290Drainable rubber pch w fcplt
A4377290Drainable plstic pch w/o fp
A4378290Drainable rubber pch w/o fp
A4379290Urinary plastic pouch w fcpl
A4380290Urinary rubber pouch w fcplt
A4381290Urinary plastic pouch w/o fp
A4382290Urinary hvy plstc pch w/o fp
A4383290Urinary rubber pouch w/o fp
A4384290Ostomy faceplt/silicone ring
A4385290Ost skn barrier sld ext wear
A4387290Ost clsd pouch w att st barr
A4388290Drainable pch w ex wear barr
A4389290Drainable pch w st wear barr
A4390290Drainable pch ex wear convex
A4391290Urinary pouch w ex wear barr
A4392290Urinary pouch w st wear barr
A4393290Urine pch w ex wear bar conv
A4394290Ostomy pouch liq deodorant
A4395290Ostomy pouch solid deodorant
A4396290Peristomal hernia supprt blt
A4397290Irrigation supply sleeve
A4398290Ostomy irrigation bag
A4399290Ostomy irrig cone/cath w brs
A4400290Ostomy irrigation set
A4402290Lubricant per ounce
A4404290Ostomy ring each
A4405290Nonpectin based ostomy paste
A4406290Pectin based ostomy paste
A4407290Ext wear ost skn barr <=4sq"
A4408290Ext wear ost skn barr >4sq"
A4409290Ost skn barr w flng <=4 sq"
A4410290Ost skn barr w flng >4sq"
A4411290Ost skn barr extnd =4sq
A4412290Ost pouch drain high output
A44132902 pc drainable ost pouch
A4414290Ostomy sknbarr w flng <=4sq"
A4415290Ostomy skn barr w flng >4sq"
A4416290Ost pch clsd w barrier/filtr
A4417290Ost pch w bar/bltinconv/fltr
A4418290Ost pch clsd w/o bar w filtr
A4419290Ost pch for bar w flange/flt
A4420290Ost pch clsd for bar w lk fl
A4421290Ostomy supply misc
A4422290Ost pouch absorbent material
A4423290Ost pch for bar w lk fl/fltr
A4424290Ost pch drain w bar & filter
A4425290Ost pch drain for barrier fl
A4426290Ost pch drain 2 piece system
A4427290Ost pch drain/barr lk flng/f
A4428290Urine ost pouch w faucet/tap
A4429290Urine ost pouch w bltinconv
A4430290Ost urine pch w b/bltin conv
A4431290Ost pch urine w barrier/tapv
A4432290Os pch urine w bar/fange/tap
A4433290Urine ost pch bar w lock fln
A4434290Ost pch urine w lock flng/ft
A44352901pc ost pch drain high utput
A4450290Non-waterproof tape
A4450AU290Non-waterproof tape
A4450AV290Non-waterproof tape
A4450AW290Non-waterproof tape
A4452290Waterproof tape
A4452AU290Waterproof tape
A4452AV290Waterproof tape
A4452AW290Waterproof tape
A4455290Adhesive remover per ounce
A4456290Adhesive remover, wipes
A4458290Reusable enema bag
A4459290Manual pump enema, reusable
A4461290Surgical dressing holder, non-reusable
A4463290Surgical dressing holder, reusable
A4465290Non-elastic extremity binder
A4466290Elastic garment covering
A4470290Gravlee jet washer
A4480290Vabra aspirator
A4481290Tracheostoma filter
A4483290Moisture exchanger
A4490290Above knee surgical stocking
A4495290Thigh length surg stocking
A4500290Below knee surgical stocking
A4510290Full length surg stocking
A4520290Incontinence garment anytype
A4554290Disposable underpads
A4555290Ca tx e-stim electr/transduc
A4557290Lead wires
A4558290Conductive paste or gel
A4559290Coupling gel or paste, per oz
A4561290Pessary rubber
A4566290Should sling/vest/abrestrain
A4575290Hyperbaric O2 chamber disps
A4580290Cast supplies (plaster)
A4590290Special casting material
A4595290TENS suppl 2 lead per month
A4600290Sleeve, inter limb comp device, repl only, ea.
A4601290Lith ion batt, non-pros use, replacement, ea.
A4602290Replace lithium battery 1.5V
A4604290Tubing with heating element
A4604NU290Tubing with heating element
A4605290Trach suction cath close sys
A4605NU290Trach suction cath close sys
A4606290Oxygen probe used w oximeter
A4608290Transtracheal oxygen cath
A4611290Heavy duty battery
A4611NU290Heavy duty battery
A4611RR290Heavy duty battery
A4611UE290Heavy duty battery
A4612290Battery cables
A4612NU290Battery cables
A4612RR290Battery cables
A4612UE290Battery cables
A4613290Battery charger
A4613NU290Battery charger
A4613RR290Battery charger
A4613UE290Battery charger
A4614290Hand-held PEFR meter
A4615290Cannula nasal
A4616290Tubing (oxygen) per foot
A4617290Mouth piece
A4618290Breathing circuits
A4618NU290Breathing circuits
A4618RR290Breathing circuits
A4618UE290Breathing circuits
A4619290Face tent
A4619NU290Face tent
A4620290Variable concentration mask
A4623290Tracheostomy inner cannula
A4624290Tracheal suction tube
A4624NU290Tracheal suction tube
A4625290Trach care kit for new trach
A4626290Tracheostomy cleaning brush
A4627290Spacer bag/reservoir
A4628290Oropharyngeal suction cath
A4628NU290Oropharyngeal suction cath
A4629290Tracheostomy care kit
A4630290Repl bat t.e.n.s. own by pt
A4630NU290Repl bat t.e.n.s. own by pt
A4633290Uvl replacement bulb
A4633NU290Uvl replacement bulb
A4634290Replacement bulb th lightbox
A4635290Underarm crutch pad
A4635NU290Underarm crutch pad
A4635RR290Underarm crutch pad
A4635UE290Underarm crutch pad
A4636290Handgrip for cane etc
A4636NU290Handgrip for cane etc
A4636RR290Handgrip for cane etc
A4636UE290Handgrip for cane etc
A4637290Repl tip cane/crutch/walker
A4637NU290Repl tip cane/crutch/walker
A4637RR290Repl tip cane/crutch/walker
A4637UE290Repl tip cane/crutch/walker
A4638290Repl batt pulse gen sys
A4638NU290Repl batt pulse gen sys
A4639290Infrared ht sys replcmnt pad
A4639NU290Infrared ht sys replcmnt pad
A4640290Alternating pressure pad
A4640NU290Alternating pressure pad
A4640RR290Alternating pressure pad
A4640UE290Alternating pressure pad
A4641290Diagnostic imaging agent
A4642290Satumomab pendetide per dose
A4648290Implantable tissue marker
A4650290Implant radiation dosimeter
A4651290Calibrated microcap tube
A4652290Microcapillary tube sealant
A4653290PD catheter anchor belt
A4657290Dialysis syringe w/wo needle
A4660290Esrd blood pressure device
A4663290Esrd blood pressure cuff
A4670290Auto blood pressure monitor
A4671290Disposable cycler set
A4672290Drainage ext line, dialysis
A4673290Ext line w easy lock connect
A4674290Chem/antisept solution, 8oz
A4680290Activated carbon filter, ea
A4690290Dialyzers, ea
A4706290Bicarbonate conc sol per gal
A4707290Bicarbonate conc pow per pac
A4708290Acetate conc sol per gallon
A4709290Acid conc sol per gallon
A4714290Treated water for dialysis
A4719290”Y set” tubing
A4720290Dialysat sol fld vol > 249cc
A4721290Dialysat sol fld vol > 999cc
A4722290Dialys sol fld vol > 1999cc
A4723290Dialys sol fld vol > 2999cc
A4724290Dialys sol fld vol > 3999cc
A4725290Dialys sol fld vol > 4999cc
A4726290Dialys sol fld vol > 5999cc
A4728290Dialysate solution, non-dex
A4730290Fistula cannulation set dial
A4736290Topical anesthetic, per gram
A4737290Inj anesthetic per 10 ml
A4740290Esrd shunt accessory
A4750290Arterial or venous tubing
A4755290Arterial and venous tubing
A4760290Standard testing solution
A4765290Dialysate concentrate
A4766290Dialysate conc sol add 10 ml
A4770290Blood testing supplies
A4771290Blood clotting time tube
A4772290Dextrostick/glucose strips
A4774290Ammonia test paper
A4802290Protamine sulfate per 50 mg
A4860290Disposable catheter caps
A4870290Plumbing/electrical work
A4911290Drain bag/bottle
A4913290Esrd supply
A4918290Venous pressure clamp
A4928290Surgical mask
A4929290Tourniquet for dialysis, ea
A4930290Sterile, gloves per pair
A4931290Reusable oral thermometer
A4932290Reusable rectal thermometer
A5051290Pouch clsd w barr attached
A5052290Clsd ostomy pouch w/o barr
A5053290Clsd ostomy pouch faceplate
A5054290Clsd ostomy pouch w/flange
A5055290Stoma cap
A50562901 pc ost pouch w filter
A50572901 pc ost pou w built-in conv
A5061290Pouch drainable w barrier at
A5062290Drnble ostomy pouch w/o barr
A5063290Drain ostomy pouch w/flange
A5071290Urinary pouch w/barrier
A5072290Urinary pouch w/o barrier
A5073290Urinary pouch on barr w/flng
A5081290Stoma plug or seal, any type
A5082290Continent stoma catheter
A5083290Stoma absorptive cover
A5093290Ostomy accessory convex inse
A5102290Bedside drain btl w/wo tube
A5105290Urinary suspensory
A5112290Urinary leg bag
A5113290Latex leg strap
A5114290Foam/fabric leg strap
A5120290Skin barrier, wipe or swab
A5120AU290Skin barrier, wipe or swab
A5120AV290Skin barrier, wipe or swab
A5121290Solid skin barrier 6x6
A5122290Solid skin barrier 8x8
A5126290Disk/foam pad +or- adhesive
A5131290Appliance cleaner
A5200290Percutaneous catheter anchor
A5500290Diab shoe for density insert
A5501290Diabetic custom molded shoe
A5503290Diabetic shoe w/roller/rockr
A5504290Diabetic shoe with wedge
A5505290Diab shoe w/metatarsal bar
A5506290Diabetic shoe w/off set heel
A5507290Modification diabetic shoe
A5508290Diabetic deluxe shoe
A5510290Compression form shoe insert
A5512290Multi den insert direct form
A5513290Multi den insert custom mold
A6000290Wound warming wound cover
A6010290Collagen based wound filler
A6011290Collagen gel/paste wound fil
A6021290Collagen dressing <=16 sq in
A6022290Collagen drsg>6<=48 sq in
A6023290Collagen dressing >48 sq in
A6024290Collagen dsg wound filler
A6025290Silicone gel sheet, each
A6154290Wound pouch each
A6196290Alginate dressing <=16 sq in
A6197290Alginate drsg >16 <=48 sq in
A6198290Alginate dressing > 48 sq in
A6199290Alginate drsg wound filler
A6203290Composite drsg <= 16 sq in
A6204290Composite drsg >16<=48 sq in
A6205290Composite drsg > 48 sq in
A6206290Contact layer <= 16 sq in
A6207290Contact layer >16<= 48 sq in
A6208290Contact layer > 48 sq in
A6209290Foam drsg <=16 sq in w/o bdr
A6210290Foam drg >16<=48 sq in w/o b
A6211290Foam drg > 48 sq in w/o brdr
A6212290Foam drg <=16 sq in w/border
A6213290Foam drg >16<=48 sq in w/bdr
A6214290Foam drg > 48 sq in w/border
A6215290Foam dressing wound filler
A6216290Non-sterile gauze<=16 sq in
A6217290Non-sterile gauze>16<=48 sq
A6218290Non-sterile gauze > 48 sq in
A6219290Gauze <= 16 sq in w/border
A6220290Gauze >16 <=48 sq in w/bordr
A6221290Gauze > 48 sq in w/border
A6222290Gauze <=16 in no w/sal w/o b
A6223290Gauze >16<=48 no w/sal w/o b
A6224290Gauze > 48 in no w/sal w/o b
A6228290Gauze <= 16 sq in water/sal
A6229290Gauze >16<=48 sq in watr/sal
A6230290Gauze > 48 sq in water/salne
A6231290Hydrogel dsg<=16 sq in
A6232290Hydrogel dsg>16<=48 sq in
A6233290Hydrogel dressing >48 sq in
A6234290Hydrocolld drg <=16 w/o bdr
A6235290Hydrocolld drg >16<=48 w/o b
A6236290Hydrocolld drg > 48 in w/o b
A6237290Hydrocolld drg <=16 in w/bdr
A6238290Hydrocolld drg >16<=48 w/bdr
A6239290Hydrocolld drg > 48 in w/bdr
A6240290Hydrocolld drg filler paste
A6241290Hydrocolloid drg filler dry
A6242290Hydrogel drg <=16 in w/o bdr
A6243290Hydrogel drg >16<=48 w/o bdr
A6244290Hydrogel drg >48 in w/o bdr
A6245290Hydrogel drg <= 16 in w/bdr
A6246290Hydrogel drg >16<=48 in w/b
A6247290Hydrogel drg > 48 sq in w/b
A6248290Hydrogel drsg gel filler
A6250290Skin seal protect moisturizr
A6251290Absorpt drg <=16 sq in w/o b
A6252290Absorpt drg >16 <=48 w/o bdr
A6253290Absorpt drg > 48 sq in w/o b
A6254290Absorpt drg <=16 sq in w/bdr
A6255290Absorpt drg >16<=48 in w/bdr
A6256290Absorpt drg > 48 sq in w/bdr
A6257290Transparent film <= 16 sq in
A6258290Transparent film >16<=48 in
A6259290Transparent film > 48 sq in
A6260290Wound cleanser any type/size
A6261290Wound filler gel/paste /oz
A6262290Wound filler dry form / gram
A6266290Impreg gauze no h20/sal/yard
A6402290Sterile gauze <= 16 sq in
A6403290Sterile gauze>16 <= 48 sq in
A6404290Sterile gauze > 48 sq in
A6407290Packing strips
A6410290Sterile eye pad
A6411290Non-sterile eye pad
A6412290Occlusive eye patch
A6441290Pad band 3"<= w <=5", /yd
A6442290Conform band n/s w<3"/yd
A6443290Conform band n/s 3" <= w <= 5", /yd
A6444290Conform band n/s w>=5", /yd
A6445290Conform band s w <3", /yd
A6446290Conform band s 3" <= w <=5", /yd
A6447290Conform band s w >=5", /yd
A6448290Lt compres band <3", /yd
A6449290Lt compres band 3" <= w <= 5", /yd
A6450290Lt compres band >=5", /yd
A6451290Mod compres band 3" <= w <= 5", /yd
A6452290High compres band 3" <= w <= 5", /yd
A6453290Self-adher band w <3"/yd
A6454290Self-adher band 3" <= w <= 5", /yd
A6455290Self-adher band >=5", /yd
A6456290Zinc paste band 3" <= w <= 5", /yd
A6457290Tubular dressing
A6501290Compres burngarment bodysuit
A6502290Compres burngarment chinstrp
A6503290Compres burngarment facehood
A6504290Cmprsburngarment glove-wrist
A6505290Cmprsburngarment glove-elbow
A6506290Cmprsburngrmnt glove-axilla
A6507290Cmprs burngarment foot-knee
A6508290Cmprs burngarment foot-thigh
A6509290Compres burn garment jacket
A6510290Compres burn garment leotard
A6511290Compres burn garment panty
A6512290Compres burn garment, noc
A6513290Compress burn mask face/neck
A6530290Compression stocking BK18-30
A6531290Compression stocking BK30-40
A6531AW290Compression stocking BK30-40