Sample Development Letter (DME, Oxygen Therapy Equipment and/or Oxygen Medical Supplies)





Claimant: (or Auth Rep/Provider) Case ID:

Street Address                     Accepted Condition(s):

City, State, Zip


Dear [Enter Claimant or Auth Rep]:


I am writing to you concerning your benefits under the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act (EEOICPA).  We have received a request for authorization for the [rental/purchase] of a [Enter type of DME, Oxygen Therapy Equipment and/or Oxygen Medical Supplies requested].  In order to properly evaluate and respond to this request, we need additional information from you.


Please provide our office with the following information:


(Request only that information that is necessary to process the claim.  Feel free to modify the following, if necessary.)


o   Prescription from your treating physician (should include diagnosis code(s) for the condition for which the item(s) is being prescribed).


o   Letter of Medical Necessity or other medical documentation (describe the general information a LMN is to provide. 


o   Claimant information such as name, case file number, date of birth, and telephone number.


o   Provider or vendor information such as name, provider address, ACS provider number, Tax ID number, national provider identification number, telephone number, and fax number.


o   Treating physician contact information such as name, address, telephone number, and fax number.


o   DME information such as diagnosis code, HCPCS/CPT, modifier, quantity, purchase price, rental price, total cost, begin date, end date, and duration of use.


o   Diagnostic testing that supports the physician’s reasons for prescribing oxygen therapy DME or oxygen medical supplies, and identifies clear, objective pulmonary deficits including results from an arterial blood gas (ABG) and/or resting/exercise spirometry test, and/or nocturnal oximetry studies.  The results are to identify the conditions under which the test(s)/studies were performed; (i.e.; during exercise, at rest, or during sleep).  The test(s) are to be performed by a qualified medical professional, and originate from a qualified source such as a laboratory, diagnostic testing facility, hospital, physician’s office or clinic.


Note that add-ons and/or upgrades to Oxygen Therapy Equipment and/or Oxygen Medical Supplies will be considered for approval if evidence substantiates a medical need for the enhancement.  However, add-ons and/or upgrades to Oxygen Therapy Equipment and/or Oxygen Medical Supplies are not covered when they are intended primarily for the claimant’s convenience and do not significantly enhance functionality.


You have 30 calendar days to provide the additional information.  Your lack of response or submission of insufficient evidence will result in a denial of the request.


In the interest of expediting the approval of your request for [Enter type of DME, Oxygen Therapy Equipment and/or Oxygen Medical Supplies], please fax the requested information to the DEEOIC Bill Processing Agent at (800) 882-6147, within 30 days, or contact me if you have questions regarding this request. 



Thank you for your assistance. 





[Enter POC CE Name and Signature]

[Enter POC CE Telephone and Fax Numbers]


cc:  [Enter as appropriate]