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Chapter 3-0100 Introduction


     Table of Contents. . . . . . .    i    01/10     10-07

  1  Purpose and Scope. . . . . . .    1    01/10     10-07

  2  Structure of Part 3. . . . . .    1    01/10     10-07

  3  Reference Materials. . . . . .    1    01/10     10-07


1.   Purpose and Scope.  Part 3 describes the policies and procedures related to the financial aspects of claims under the EEOICPA.  Topics include bills for medical care and ancillary medical expenses; tort offset; state workers’ compensation coordination; compensation for beneficiaries in disability and death cases; verifying continued entitlement to benefits; and overpayments.


Claims staff and fiscal officers are jointly involved in fiscal actions, and a medical bill processing agent is responsible for processing all medical bills. 


2.   Structure of Part 3


a.   Medical Bills.  PM 3-0200 addresses medical bill processing in general, while PM 3-0300 addresses entitlement to and payment for ancillary medical services. 


b.   Payments and Offsets.  PM 3-0400 discusses lawsuits and the effects of recovery from them on payments of benefits under EEOICPA, while PM 3-0500 addresses state workers’ compensation benefits and the effect of their receipt on EEOICPA benefits.


PM 3-0600 discusses payment of compensation, to include exception processing of payments to terminal claimants; while PM 3-0700 describes the requirements for verifying continued entitlement to medical benefits. 


c.   Overpayments.  PM 3-0800 provides an overview of the overpayment process and describes the actions taken when an overpayment is identified.  PM 3-0900 addresses the debt collection process. 


3.   Reference Materials.  A list of references available to staff is shown in EEOICPA PM 2-0100.