Dear Claimant Name:


The Final Adjudication Branch of the Division of Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation (DEEOIC) has received and docketed your letter dated ________, objecting to the recommended decision of the district office dated _________. Your request for a hearing has been noted and a hearing will be scheduled.


Please be advised that your notification of the time, date and location of your hearing will be mailed at least 30 days prior to the date set for your hearing. The hearing will be conducted within a reasonable distance from your home at a government building or DEEOIC Resource Center. The hearing may be conducted with a FAB hearing representative in the hearing room or at another location via video teleconferencing. The hearing may also be held via telephone. At the hearing, you will be provided the opportunity to present your objections to the recommended decision, along with any additional evidence you would like to present. This testimony will be made under oath and transcribed by a court reporter for inclusion in your case file. If there is more than one claimant involved in this case, each is allowed to participate in the hearing. You may designate an attorney or other individual to be present and to represent you at the hearing. You are not, however, required to have a representative present at the hearing.


If you prefer, you may have a hearing by telephone instead of in person. You should request that in writing as soon as possible so we can make appropriate arrangements. You may send that request by fax to (xxx) xxx-xxxx ATTN: Hearings Unit. Any additional correspondence should be directed to:


U.S. Department of Labor, EEOICP

Attn: Final Adjudication Branch

PO Box xxxx

City, State ZIP


Thank you for your cooperation.




Hearing Representative