ECMS Case Location Codes


3-Character codes that identify physical location of case file jacket


CAA-CAP   Claims unit A,          stations A thru P

CBA-CBP   Claims unit B,          stations A thru P

CCA-CCP   Claims unit C,          stations A thru P

CDA-CDP   Claims unit D,          stations A thru P

CEA-CEP   Claims unit E,          stations A thru P

CFA-CFP   Claims unit F,          stations A thru P

CGA-CGP   Claims unit G,          stations A thru P

CHA-CHP   Claims unit H,          stations A thru P

CIA-CIP   Claims unit I,          stations A thru P


FCA-FCZ   FAC FAB Cleveland,      stations A thru Z 

FDA-FDZ   FAD FAB Denver,         stations A thru Z

FJA-FJZ   FAJ FAB Jacksonville,   stations A thru Z

FSA-FSZ   FAS FAB Seattle,        stations A thru Z


FNA-FNZ   FAB National,           stations A thru Z

FN0-FN8   FAB National,           stations 0 thru 8

FN9       FAB National,           Hdqtrs Payment Processing

FA1-FA4   FAB National,           CE2 Unit


XOC       Transferred Out by Cleveland

XOD       Transferred Out by Denver

XOJ       Transferred Out by Jacksonville

XOS       Transferred Out by Seattle

XOF       Transferred Out by FAB

XON       Transferred Out by NAT


XIC       Transferred In by Cleveland

XID       Transferred In by Denver

XIJ       Transferred In by Jacksonville

XIS       Transferred In by Seattle

XIF       Transferred In by FAB

XIN       Transferred In by NAT


F01-F09   FISCAL Location 1 thru 9

DD-DDO    District Director’s Offices

DMO       District Management Officer

OPS       Chief of Operations Office

OP1-OP12  Customer Service Reps/Technical Assistants/Contract Staff 1 thru 12

TW1-TW4   Technical Writer 1 thru 4

CPY       Copying Case File

FIL       FILE Room