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Chapter 1-0100 Introduction 


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  1  Purpose and Scope . . . . . . . .     04/16     16-03

  2  Responsibilities. . . . . . . . .     04/16     16-03

  3  Energy Compensation System (ECS).     04/16     16-03


1.   Purpose and Scope.  This part of the Federal EEOICPA Procedure Manual (PM) addresses the processing and movement of mail and case files within the Division of Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation (DEEOIC) and the handling of documentation within the District Office (DO), the Secondary Claims Examiner (CE2) Unit, the Final Adjudication Branch (FAB), and the National Office (NO).  Topics included in this part relate to processing mail, case creation, case maintenance, and transfers and loans. This involves both traditional paper case files, hybrid case files (part paper, part electronic), and fully imaged case files.  It also discusses how to create case files, maintain case files, and assign docket numbers to case files referred to FAB.  


2.   Responsibilities.  Effective handling of mail and files is a responsibility for all DEEOIC staff.


a.  Central Mail Room (CMR).  The CMR is a centralized mail processing facility operated by contractor staff who are responsible for scanning and creating an electronic image of incoming hardcopy documentation.  Once the CMR staff has imaged a paper document, he or she classifies the document based on a list of pre-chosen “index” categories.  The CMR staff person then uploads the document in to the Office of Workers’ Compensation Program (OWCP) Imaging System (OIS) and assigns it to the associated case file record. 


b.  Mail and File (M&F) Staff.  M&F Staff are responsible for maintaining paper case files located at the DO and FAB. They are also responsible for assisting with the physical movement of case files within the DO or FAB, including taking receipt of incoming files or transferring files to other district or FAB offices.


c.  Claims Examiners (CE), CE2, FAB Representatives, and NO Representatives.  The CE, CE2, FAB Representative, and NO Representative are responsible for claims adjudication activities relevant to cases filed under the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act (EEOICPA). CE, CE2, FAB, and NO staff access physical case file documentation, or electronic records maintained in OIS, to perform duties relating to claim decision-making. Responsibilities also include claim record keeping, such as location and status change updates, in the Energy Compensation System (ECS). Moreover, staff assigned to case files are responsible for screening unreviewed mail in OIS and for bronzing (uploading electronic images into OIS) documents generated or received by DEEOIC staff during claims adjudication.


3.   Energy Compensation System (ECS).  The work of staff related to mail and file is tied closely to ECS functionality in tracking cases, managing case status and record keeping. Specific instructions for using ECS are set forth in user guidance available to staff.