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Chapter 0-0400 Program Directives


     Table of Contents  . . . . . .        08/15     15-04    

  1  Purpose and Scope  . . . . . .        08/15     15-04    

  2  Directives . . . . . . . . . .        08/15     15-04    

  3  Procedure Manual . . . . . . .        08/15     15-04    

  4  Maintenance and Revision . . .        08/15     15-04    


1.   Purpose and Scope.  This chapter describes the communications and directives system used by the Division of Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation (DEEOIC).  It focuses on the structure of the Procedure Manual governing claims under the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act (EEOICPA or Act), and addresses its relationship to the Program's other written directives. 


2.   Directives.  The publications relating to the EEOICPA include both external and internal releases, as follows:


a.   External Directives.  These may consist of either legal or informational releases.


(1)  The Federal Register contains “Notices” and “Rules” pertaining to new or revised policy. 


(a) “Notices” in the Federal Register advise the public of proposed changes and invite comments on them.


(b) “Rules” in the Federal Register state the regulations adopted by the program.


(2)  Pamphlets and notices inform the public of the availability of EEOICPA benefits.


b.   Internal Directives.  There are three categories of directives; they are permanent (unless superseded), time-limited, and informational.


(1)  Permanent directives include the following:


(a) EEOICPA Procedure Manual (PM), which is updated by transmittals.


(b) Other guides, including the DOL Correspondence Guide (DLMS Handbook 1-2); the GPO Style Manual; Program Memoranda; OWCP Imaging System (OIS), and the Energy Compensation System Users Manual which provides users and operators of the ECS with guidelines for interacting with the system.


(2)  Time-limited directives are issued as Bulletins.  They may involve changes to procedures, special reports, or pilot programs.  A Bulletin is effective until it is superseded by the PM or an updated Bulletin.


(3)  Informational directives are issued as Circulars and do not require specific action.  They are used to meet the following objectives:


(a) To announce personnel changes, upcoming events or activities, or other items of informational value;


(b) To call attention to standing instructions or performance standards that may require compliance or improvement;


(c) To announce proposed plans or anticipated program changes; or


(d) To inform District Offices (DOs) of the activities and interests of the National Office. 


3.   Procedure Manual.  The EEOICPA PM is accessible to all interested parties within and outside of the DEEOIC.


a.   Part 0, Overview.  This part provides an introduction to the EEOICPA, the program that administers it, and the directives issued to implement it.  This section also provides employees with general information about program operations and the organizational structure of OWCP.


b.   Part 1, Mail and Files.  This part addresses the jurisdiction over cases and the movement of mail and case files within the DO.  It also discusses how to create, maintain, transfer and retire case files.


c.   Part 2, Claims.  This part establishes policies, guidelines and procedures for developing, adjudicating and managing claims under the EEOICPA.


d.   Part 3, Fiscal.  This part establishes policies, guidelines and procedures for all fiscal issues.


4.   Maintenance and Revision.  EEOICPA Transmittals update the EEOICPA PM and are to be cited in the following manner:


a.   Citations to the PM.  The EEOICPA PM has four parts, as described in paragraph 3 above.  Each part consists of several chapters, which in turn are divided into paragraphs, subparagraphs, and sometimes sub-subparagraphs.  Chapters and paragraphs should be cited as follows:


Citation to a part of the PM:  Federal (EEOICPA) PM Part 1

Citation to a chapter:  Federal (EEOICPA) PM 1-100

Citation to a paragraph:  Federal (EEOICPA) PM 1-100.1

Citation to a subparagraph:  Federal (EEOICPA) PM 1-100.1a

     Citation to a sub-subparagraph:  Federal (EEOICPA) PM 1-100.1a(1)