Y-12 Plant Locations involving Uranium Enrichment Operations


Associated Operations

Buildings Involved

Accepted Operation Dates

Calutron [Electromagnetic] Uranium Enrichment


9731† (Pilot Plant)


Alpha buildings



Beta Buildings





Feed Preparation and Product Processing


[Chemical processing of uranium into chemical forms to be fed into calutrons]



9202, 9203, 9206, 9212


9733-3,4 - [Chemical control analysis]†





Uranium Recovery and Recycling


[Mechanical (physical) and chemical processes used to recover and recycle uranium, such as scraping or vacuuming uranium off the inside walls of the calutron]


9202, 9203, 9206, 9212


[9206 was the main U recovery and recycle facility residual U found on equipment, scrap metal and on solid surface.† 9206 housed sanding, grinding, chemistry, and incinerator operations]

1945-1947 (only)


(entire period is 1945-1951 and


Uranium Salvage Operations


[Involved recovery of uranium from materials not considered production equipment, such as liquid and solid waste materials from maintenance/cleanup activities.† May include mechanical scraping and brushing, nitric acid washing, and distillations and recovery of uranium compounds from incidental items]


9206, 9207, 9211


1945-1947 (only)


(entire period is 1945-1951)