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Office of Workers' Compensation Programs
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Office of Workers' Compensation Programs (OWCP)

Division of Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation (DLHWC)

Defense Base Act Case Summary by Employer


The OWCP Defense Base Act Case Summary Reports (DBA Case Summaries) are compiled from data maintained by the Department of Labor, Office of Workers' Compensation Programs (OWCP), Division of Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation (DLHWC) in the administration of the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act and its extensions. These reports do not constitute the complete or official casualty statistics of civilian contractor injuries and deaths. They are offered as general information to the public who may be interested in the scope of civilian government contracting overseas.

The data below reflects the number of cases created under the DBA for the time period specified, sorted by Nation.

The columns show the different Case Types: NLT ( no lost time), LTO (lost time 3 days or less), LT4 (lost time 4 days or more), DEA (death), COP (salary continuation), OTH (other or unknown). For more information about this report, click here.


DBA CUMULATIVE REPORT BY EMPLOYER (09/01/2001 - 03/31/2020)









Service Employees International, Inc. 19269 3055 12455 147   702 35628
DynCorp International 6833 268 3329 115     10548
EG&G Technical Service 5122 135 211     28 5500
Triple Canopy 1804 182 2141 41     4174
Fluor Federal Global Projects 1416 132 2470 74     4093
CSA, Ltd. 1058 758 1036 20   27 2899
L-3 Communications 2115 161 474       2758
Dyncorp Technical Services 1033 179 1004 65   31 2312
Fluor Federal Global Projects, Inc. 985 22 1122 9     2138
Prime Projects International 1680 74 276 42   10 2082
Mission Essential Personnel, LLC 792 16 1195 63     2066
SOC LLC 487 18 1190       1701
SOC-SMG, INC 470 128 981 30     1611
Mantech International Corp. 912 35 641       1591
Supreme Group 171 103 749 295     1318
Global Linguist Solutions 397 54 798 26     1275
Constellis Group / Triple Canopy Inc. 334 38 870       1248
Blackwater Security Consulting 576 31 597 29     1239
Vectrus Systems Corporation 398 75 674 18     1165
Fluor ConOps Limited 314 7 809       1130
Pacific Architects & Engineers 483 68 471 12     1037
AECOM 454 25 526 10     1016
L3Harris Technologies, Inc. 778 57 180       1016
Kulak Construction Company 744 18 70 34     867
Aegis Defense Service 132 24 609 36     802
L-3 Communications Corporation 355 82 344     11 797
ITT Corporation, Systems Division 267 57 457 11     793
L-3 Communications - Titan Corporation 181 39 390 169   13 792
AECOM / GSS LTD 381 29 308 17     735
Dyncorp International 507 17 155       683
Gulf Catering Company 532 33 78       653
Compass Security 61 29 378 159     627
Constellis Group Inc. 367 13 244       624
KBR Government Operations 210 22 367 13     617
Exelis Systems Corp. 261 33 312       612
Sallyport Global Services 262 38 281 25     606
IAP Worldwide Services 250 26 305 15     597
Mission Essential Personnel 275 7 300       583
ACADEMI 207 8 346       567
Titan Corporation 44 62 254 154   17 531
Reed Inc. 194 19 261 38     513
EOD Technology, Inc. 75 38 350 39     507
IPBD PVT. LTD. 376 37 62 21     499
Wackenhut International Inc. 365 10 117       497
Omni Air International, Inc. 338 11 136       485
Aegis Defense Services, LLC 86 23 356       467
AAR Airlift 266 10 163       444
Serka Group International 326 16 78     8 431
Worldwide Language Resources, Inc. 220 7 195 9     431
L-3 Harris Technologies, Inc. 121 31 270 7     429
URS Corporation 247 21 135     7 414
AEGIS, Mission Essential Personnel 68 8 279 54     409
Science Applications International 114 25 258       403
Constellis Holdings (Prev. ACADEMI) 226   167       400
CACI International, Inc. 254 18 116       394
ITT Federal Services Intl Corp 40 25 297     20 385
Serka International, LLC/ITT Internation 312 11 52       378
Computer Sciences Corp. 94 21 259       377
World Airways, Inc. 246 10 106       363
Lockheed Martin 177 8 164       351
L-3 Communications - MPRI 161 13 162 10     346
Daoud & Partners 274 16 34 17     344
TekStar, Inc. 48 20 256       324
Global Strategies Group 83 13 199 27     322
KBR, LLC 42   273       321
San Juan Construction Inc. 250   64       320
American K-9 Detection Service 192   99       294
ITT Industries, Inc. 58 21 192     11 285
Kwajalein Range Service, LLC 159   119       283
Lockheed Martin Technical Op 124   147 7     283
Kwajalein Range Services, LLC 78 19 168       270
Janus Global Operations 68 7 144 49     268
Pacific Achitects & Engineers Inc 176 12 80       268
Engility 152 8 104       266
Constellis/Triple Canopy 155 28 74       257
PWC Logistics 14   173 61     257
Northrop Grumman 95 19 135       253
ArmorGroup International Limited 8   171 64     250
L-3 Communications - TLOTS1 90 9 106 32     239
General Dynamics 104 12 118       237
Aerotek, Inc. 111 15 107       234
CHS Middle East, LLC 189   38       231
Vectrus Systems Corporation (formerly Ex 91 10 122       224
SOS International LLC 60   148 7     222
Pacific Architects and Engineers 128 9 76       216
AAR Airlift Group 118 9 84       214
Force Protection Inc. 65 25 119       210
MPRI, Inc. 90 8 104       209
Chugach Management Services, Inc. 130 11 67       208
Pacific Architects & Engineers (PAE Grou 119 8 80       208
General Dynamics Land Systems 87 9 110       206
XE Services 44 15 139       204
DAI 52 14 120 12     198
Honeywell Technology Solutions 86 13 91       192
WorldWide Language Resources 111 9 72       192
Almco Limited 170   13       190
Kellogg Brown & Root Services, Inc. 26   153       189
Tamimi Global Company 103 14 65       189
Flight Service International 99 17 71       187
Global Sourcing Solutions 124   55       185
Chugach Management Services Inc 153   27       182
Lockheed Martin Missiles&Fire Control 103 8 70       181
VSE Corporation 55 23 100       179
CACI-Athena, Inc. 107 8 63       178
BL Harbert International, LLC 62 11 95 7     176
Renaissance Services SAOG 113 12 50       176
Najlaa International Catering Services 132 18 23       174
ANHAM FZCO 60 9 86 16     171
Academi Training Center 64   106       170
Contrack International, Inc. 36 16 108 10     170
Vertex Aerospace LLC 85 48 32       168
Inglett and Stubbs, LLC 117   47       166
Sallyport Global 77   80       160
Hart GMSSCO LTD.     86 64     154
General Atomics Aeronautical Systems 83   61       148
Chugach Support Services 86   57       146
MVM, Inc. 27   113       146
Ecolog International 88   47       144
Automotive Management Services     123 8     143
Leidos 69   67       141
ManTech Corp. 78   63       141
Ronco Consulting 21 9 95 15     140
USA Environmental, Inc. 55   78       137
Nasa Ltd. Co. 98   29       136
Wolf Creek Federal Services 62 26 47       135
American K-9 Detection Services 73   54       131
Contellis Holdings LLC 74   57       131
J.A. Jones Construction Co.     128       131
Corporatebank Financial Services, Inc.     66 58     130
Sierra Nevada Corp. 84   40       128
EG&G Tech Service/Lear Siegler Services 26 7 90       127
Chemonics International Inc 34 18 58 14     126
Engility (MPRI) 77   42       124
General Dynamics Information Technology 65 9 48       124
Inglett & Stubbs, LLC 54   62       120
Vinnell Corporation 26 25 55 12     119
General Dynamics Information Technology, 64   50       118
Honeywell Technology Solutions, Inc.(Int 47 8 58       115
Brown & Root Services 62   48       114
Raytheon Technical Services Company 36   68       113
Oshkosh Truck Corp. 16 36 59       112
BAE Systems, Inc. 28   73       107
Raytheon (RSES) 19 10 74       105
Advantage Federal Resourcing 61   37       103
Remote Project Services Group 86   16       103
Constellis Group, Inc. / Triple Canopy I 61   39       102
Computer Sciences Raytheon 32 16 52       100
Washington Group International 7   64 20   7 100
Defense Support Services/PEKO 56   30     8 98
Acadami Holdings Inc. 33   59       97
ASFA International Construction Industry 77   11       97
E2E Supply Chain c/o Maersk Line 46   28 20     96
Valiant Integrated Services 32   55       95
Raytheon Company 31   56       94
First Kuwaiti Trading & Contracting, WLL 34   42 10     91
International Oil Trading Company     61 29     91
Ecolog 47   39       90
Khudairi Trading and Contracting Company 81           89
REEP, Inc. 34   48       89
Armor Group North America 27   57       88
Raytheon Services Co. 28   56       88
Sierra Nevada Corporation 62   22       88
Worldwide Language Resources 47   37       87
Coastal International Security 27 9 47       86
Tetra Tech, Inc. 16   53 11     85
Columbia Helicopters 47   34       83
Lear Siegler Mgmt Service Co. 38   36       83
M1 Support Services 51   29       83
Lockheed Martin Corporation 36   40       82
Management Systems International 24   55       82
Ranger Land Systems, Inc. 26   48       81
Battlespace Flight Services, LLC 38   36       80
DRS Technologies 38   40       79
Olive Group 15   51 10     79
Vinnell Arabia 8 10 57       76
IDS Operations 68           73
Torres AES 16   50       73
IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. 31   39       72
AAI Corporation 41   25       70
Erinys Iraq     51 10     70
Sabre International Security   7 55       70
Counterpart International Inc. 7   62       69
Ahdaas Construction Company     35 33     68
Dynamic Aviation Group, Inc. 48   19       68
SAIC 25   39       68
SOC-LLC 25   39       67
Six3 Intelligence Solutions, Inc. 39   24       66
Teng & Associates, Inc. 38   26       66
Janus Global Operations LLC 27   36       65
Parsons Corp. 11   40 7     65
Toifor 39 8 15       64
FedSys, Inc. 22   35       63
Global Integrated Security Inc. 20   43       63
PAE Holdings Risk Management Office 37   20       63
SOC-SMG, Inc. 20   43       63
Louis Berger International, Inc 24   28 7     62
Americana K9 Detection Security 43   18       61
International Management Services, Inc. 8   31 22     61
ManTech International Corporation 28   32       61
BAE Systems 22   31       60
Internews Network, Inc. 11   46       60
J. A. Jones Management Service     56       60
Leonie Industries 29   23 7     60
USIS 16 8 36       60
Engility Corporation 27   30       59
EODT     57       59
Ready & Responsible Security Inc.     54       59
Cadini Group, Inc 51           58
Arecibo Observatory 25   27       57
National Maintence Ser.c/o Clements Worl     48 7     57
USI 7   43       57
The Boeing Company 27   26       56
Northrop Grumman Corporation 20   30       55
SOS International 12   43       55
The Aim Group 19   17 18     55
Aegis Defensive Services     48       54
Chugach Kwajalein Range Services, LLC 7   34     7 54
Employer Pending 26   21       54
Evergreen International Aviation 30   22       54
Exelis System Corp. 23   30       54
Omni Air International Inc. 36   17       54
Cornell University 8   41       53
Dragados 18 9 26       53
Saudi Catering and Contracting 48           53
Shea Atika Languages 12   32 9     53
Aleut Global Solution, LLC 21   30       52
Garda World 21   24       52
Development Alternatives, Inc. 11   21 17     51
Engility Corp. 25   26       51
PAE Holdings 30   16       51
XE Company 7   42       50
Aerotek 23   25       49
B.L. Harbert International 25   20       49
IKON Group 21 11 17       49
CACI, Inc. 47           48
ABM Goverment Services 12   34       47
Deco 17   26       47
DYNCORP 29   18       47
North American Airlines 19   24       47
American International Contractors, Inc. 13   28       46
Environmental Chemical Corp. 11   31       46
The Sandi Group     19 25     46
XPG Programs 34   12       46
Acclaim Technical Services 9   35       45
G4S Global Risks Ltd.     37       45
Constellis Group 24   19       44
Constellis Holdings LLC 20   20       44
Engility (Formerly MPRI, Inc.) 20   24       44
Kaseman Corp 15   27       44
Omni Air International 33   11       44
Pacific Architects and Engineers (PAE) 27   13       44
RSE 7 7 15     13 44
Sallyport Global Holdings 20   21       44
San Juan Construction, Inc 35   8       44
CAV International Inc.     34       43
Construcciones Jose Carro, S.E. 17   24       43
El-Hoss Engineering & Transport Co. WLL.     37       43
Flour ConOps Limited 16   26       43
McNeil Technologies 9   33       43
Olgoonik Management Services 29   12       43
Sistema Universitario Ana G. Mendez- UME 21   19       43
General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, In 27   13       42
New Century, Ltd. 16   23       42
CACI, International, Inc. 15   25       41
Edinburgh International     24 11     41
Relyant 13   20       41
Vectrus/Exelis Systems Corp. 12   28       41
AECOM/URS 20   20       40
Cochise Consultancy Inc.     27 8     40
International Relief and Development 10   20 9     40
Midwest Air Traffic Control Service, Inc 12   25       40
Textron Systems 21   16       40
The Shaw Group     22 15     40
Yuksel-Reysas Joint Venture 35           40
Al- Naseem Company For General Trading     18 21     39
Amerifa Construction Company       34     39
Civilian Police International 21   18       39
Pacific Architects & Engineers, Inc 20   17       39
Piril Insaat Construction and Computing 20   16       39
CWU, Inc 20   14       38
Ideal Innovations, Inc. 15   20       38
Mantech International 25   11       38
Xator Corporation 9   26       38
Mason Technologies, Inc.     36       37
National Contracting Company, Ltd. 31           37
Navmar Applied Sciences Corp. 16   21       37
Torres Advanced Enterprise Solutions 7   28       37
Caddell Construction     28       36
Chugach Government Services 19   13       36
Deco Security Services, Inc. 11   24       36
Future Services General Contracting & Tr 28   7       36
Raytheon Range Systems Engineering     22     8 36
SENTEL Corporation     28       36
CADG Engineering 20   10       35
CGI Federal 17   15       35
Greystone Ltd. 15   19       35
Lockheed Missiles & Space Co. 23   11       35
OSSI-Safenet     24 9     35
SOS International Ltd. 13   22       35
Supreme Food Service     15 11     35
AKAL Security 8 11 15       34
American K-9 Detection Services, Inc. 16   18       34
Arkel International LLC     27       34
Blue Hackle, Ltd.     21 10     34
Centene Corporation 10   24       34
Global Operational Support FZE 14   20       34
ITT Mission Systems 22   12       34
PD- Systems 18   15       34
RTI International 11   14       34
Sallyport 13   19       34
BL Harbert International 19   13       33
Blackwater Security Consulting/XE     29       33
CACI, Inc. - Federal 19   13       33
Chemonics International Inc. 17   12       33
Columbia Helicopters Inc. 17   14       33
Liberty Global Logistics     12 15     33
Afognak Native Corporation 19   10       32
Calnet, Inc. 8   20       32
Eurest Support Services 25           32
Heston Kuwait Trading Company, WLL 29           32
Stanley Associates Inc.     21       32
AC First, LLC 9   21       31
Eagle Support Services     24       31
ISS Afghanistan     13 11     31
Omni Air International Inc 20   8       31
The Bridge Company 22           31
Versar/Human Resources Center     18 8     31
Agility Logistics c/o Maersk 12   14       30
Aln-Khudairi Trading and Contracting Com 22           30
Bank of America, N.A. 8 7 15       30
Chugach Federal Solutions Inc. (CFSI) 20   8       30
FCEC UI Projects JV     14 9     30
Kulak Insaat TIC. A.S. 19   7       30
United Service Organization 14   15       30
World Wide Language Resources 11   19       30
Army Central Insurance Fund 17   11       29
Central Asia Development Group (CADG) 23           29
Columbia Helicopters, Inc 19   10       29
ITT Corporation     26       29
L3-C3 ISR 22           29
Raaziq International Pvt, Ltd c/o Maersk 10   12       29
SOC, LLC 13   15       29
USTC/Blackwater Lodge & Training 17   11       29
ACC Holding, Inc. 17   9       28
AMEC Earth & Environmental     21       28
Central Texas College 13   13       28
Chugach Development Corporation     22       28
R4 Incorporated 11   16       28
Telford Aviation 14   14       28
Worldwide Languages 10   15       28
Berry Aviation, Inc 14   12       27
GardaWorld/Kroll Gov. Services 9   8 9     27
International Development Solutions 12   15       27
Lockheed Martin Missiles & Fire Control 19   7       27
Patriot Group International 9   14       27
Pax Mondial     16 7     27
SOS Interpreting, Inc.     19       27
Aegis, LLC     24       26
Asia Security Group     14 11     26
Avenge, Inc. 7   13       26
CSMI 9   17       26
Innovative Logistrics, LLC     17       26
KGL Transport     22       26
Soltek Pacific     25       26
Torres Advanced Int. Solutions 7   18       26
Action Service Corp     25       25
AHDAAS     10 15     25
Anham LLS     10       25
Canadian Helicopters, LTD. 13   10       25
Datapath, Inc. 7   15       25
Fluor Federal Global Projects, Inc 12   12       25
Global Strategies Group (Global Integrat     20       25
Leonie 13   12       25
Saqib Cargo International c/o Maersk     14 9     25
Textron 10   13       25
Airscan Pacific, Inc. 15   7       24
Al Sabah Company 19           24
Ali Mohammed Ali Company 23           24
DECO Security 10   12       24
EP Investments LLC     17 7     24
Linc Government Services, LLC fka BMAR & 15           24
New Century 13   11       24
Olgoonik Global Security 11   13       24
San Juan Construction, Inc. 14   8       24
Yuksel Insaat A.S. 11   7       24
Alutiiq 10   13       23
Alutiiq, LLC 13   8       23
Coastal International Security, Inc 7   14       23
ECC International     14 8     23
Fedsys, Inc. 8   12       23
GardaWorld Federal Services     19       23
Global Integrated Secuirty(USA), Inc. 7   16       23
International Development Solutions. IDS 15   8       23
National Democratic Institute 21           23
PAE Holdings-Risk Management Office 12   8       23
Powercooling & Controls, Inc. 15   8       23
QinetiQ North America - Westar Aerospace 17           23
Raytheon Aerospace Co. 9 9         23
Sabre     21       23
Thermal Dynamics International Inc. 13   9       23
Trace Systems, Inc 11   10       23
U.S. Logistics, Inc.     19       23
A. Khudain Trad & Contracting Company 20           22
Al-Morrell Development     13       22
AMSEC LLC 7   11       22
ANHAM Joint Venture     10 7     22
CGI Federal, Inc. 13   9       22
Custer Battles, LLC     14       22
ESS Support Services Worldwide 12   9       22
G4S Government Solutions, Inc 11   10       22
LSI, Inc 14           22
Mesopotamia Co. 15           22
Pacific Architects and Engineering 13   8       22
PAE Risk Management Office 11   7       22
Presidential Airways and Blackwater USA 13           22
Vega Co. 19           22
AECOM/AC First/GSS 12   9       21
APL Limited     11 10     21
Avenge Inc.     12       21
Centerra Parsons Pacific LLC     17       21
Chenega Corporation     15       21
CHF International     8 7     21
Construction Outfitters International 7   14       21
Erickson Incorporated / Erickson Helicop 10   11       21
ERSM (Guernsey) Limited     13       21
Five Rivers Services, LLC 7   12       21
General Atomics 15           21
International Development Solutions LLC 7   14       21
ITT Exelis 7   12       21
SOC-SMG LLC     18       21
Strategic Security Solutions Internation     14       21
United Infrastructure Projects     8 13     21
Automation Precision Technology     20       20
CSRA 10   9       20
Engineering Solutions & Products 8   11       20
Fox Construction     18       20
IAP Worlwide Services 10   8       20
Lockheed Martin IS&GS 12   8       20
Metag-Yenigun     12       20
Michael Baker International     13       20
Osen-Hunter Group 9   11       20
Protection Strategies, Inc. 7   12       20
Readiness Management 8   11       20
Rockwell Collins Inc. 11   8       20
Afghan Fleet and Group Sevices     9 8     19
AirScan, Inc.     15       19
Al Najjar & Al Rashid General Trading Co 16           19
All Native Inc.     12       19
Burhan Security Services       14     19
Constellis Holdings, Kuwait Emb. 10   9       19
DataPath, Inc. 9   9       19
H.B. Zachry Co.     16       19
Kuwait Pearls Catering Company 14           19
Linc Government Services 11   7       19
Mahaweel Trading Agencies Company LTD 11           19
Mantech Telecommunications 11   8       19
National Air Cargo Middle East     9       19
Northern Rain Company Ltd.     13       19
Nortrop Grumman/Litton 10   8       19
PD Systems Inc. 13           19
Road and Roof Construction Company     11 8     19
Sterling Medical 15           19
Tulaz General Trade & Contracting Co. 19           19
V.T. Milcom, Inc     9       19
BL Harbert International LLC     13       18
Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc. 12           18
BRTRC     14       18
DECO, Inc 10           18
DynCorp             18
FEDSYS, Inc.     11       18
Four Horsemen International     12       18
General Dynamics Corp 9   9       18
General Dynamics Corporation 8   7       18
Green Group Global LLC     13       18
Harris Corporation 9   8       18
Kabul Balkh Safety & Security Organ       13     18
Kay And Associates Inc.     14       18
L-3 (aka C3ISR) 9           18
L-3 Communications C3IRS 10           18
M-1 Support Services 13           18
Pinto International, Inc.     8       18
Serco     12       18
SM Consulting     17       18
Tariq Alghanim Ltd. 10           18
Torres Enterprise Solutions     15       18
AcademiTraining Center     13       17
Al Dhahir Group     10       17
American K-9 Detection Services, LLC 11           17
Creative Associates     9       17
DRS Technical Services Inc. 9   8       17
Entire Builders Engineering c/o Prime Pr     11       17
GardaWorld Govt Services     15       17
L-3 Communications/MPRI 9           17
Lakeshore Engineering Services, Inc.     8       17
Lear Siegler, Inc.             17
Lockeed Martin - ISGS 7   9       17
PAE Holdings Corparation     11       17
Sediqi Security Servises (SSS)       11     17
STS International, Inc. 8   9       17
United Airlines     12       17
US Investigations Services     7       17
Weston Solutions, Inc.     11       17
Ardan Energy Services DMCC     10       16
ARNIC, Inc.     11       16
Blackhawk Management Corp.     14       16
Chugach-Alaska Development Corp.     9       16
COI, Inc. 7   8       16
Computer Sciences Corporation     10       16
Dimensions International, Inc.     13       16
EMW, Inc.     8       16
Exp Federal Inc. 9           16
Karel Electric Construction Co. 14           16
Lockheed Martin, Missiles & Fire Control 9           16
Najran Contracting Company     11       16
New Century US 10           16
Northrop Grumman Information Systems 9           16
Raytheon Technical Services Company, LLC 7   9       16
Rockwell Collins, Inc.     8       16
Scientific Research Corporation     13       16
Serco Inc. 7   8       16
Ser-Ka Construction Group     10       16
AAl Corp. 12           15
Arma Global Corporation 10           15
Bear Defense Services 7           15
Booz-Allen & Hamilton, S.A. 7           15
Brigada Security Services 8           15
Constellis 12           15
Exp Federal     9       15
Hapag-Lloyd     10       15
Heritage Services, Inc.     14       15
M.C. Dean, Inc. 10           15
Maytag Aircraft, Inc.     10       15
Raytheon Intl Support Co.     9       15
Salarzia Security Service Company     8 7     15
San Juan Construction/Hawthorne Power Sy 11           15
Service Employers Intl c/o Kellogg,Brown     10       15
SOS International, LLC     11       15
Spectre Group International 10           15
Trinity Tech Group     13       15
VT Group 8           15
Alutiiq Global Solutions     12       14
Chroo Company     10       14
Chugach Alaska Corporation 9           14
Control Risks Group     11       14
CSS Global, Inc.     10       14
Deco Security     8       14
DHL Danzas Air & Ocean - Jordan     13       14
DRS Technologies, Inc. 10           14
Dynamic Aviation 11           14
EOIR Technologies, Inc.     11       14
Erickson Aviation, Inc.     8       14
ESP, Inc. 7   7       14
Garda World Government Services     9       14
Global Communities             14
Greenway Enterprises, Inc. 7   7       14
Harding Security Associates, Inc. 7   7       14
ILEX Systems 11           14
Intelligent Software Solutions 10           14
Islamabad Mianwali Goods Transport c/o M     8       14
Jassim Transport & Stevedoring Co. W.L.L       7     14
L-3 Communications- Integration Division 12           14
Lockheed Corporation 8           14
MAG-DS 7           14
Mission 1st Group, Inc.     10       14
MoveOne FZE     9       14
National Air Cargo & Subsidiaries       8     14
VT Milcom     11       14
ABM Government Services LLC 8           13
Advanced Engineering Associates Internat 7           13
Allcom Global     7       13
Atlas Air, Inc             13
Cartage Ibticar Joint Ventures       8     13
Chugach 11           13
Chugach Support Services, Inc.             13
D & S Consultants, Inc     8       13
Defense Base Services, Inc.     8       13
Global Aero Logistics Inc. 7           13
Higher education Institute of Karwan     7       13
Honeywell International     8       13
KEC International LTD     10       13
Kuwait Dynamics Limited (KDL)     8       13
L-3 Communications/ILEX     7       13
MHN Govt Services - Health Net     8       13
Oasis International Waters DBA Al- Morre     10       13
Olgoonik Logistics/KBR     9       13
Osen-Hunter     9       13
Torres, AES     12       13
Tribalco, LLC     7       13
USmax Corporation 7           13
Valiant Integrtaed Services             13
Vectrus Systems Corp-f/k/a Exelis System             13
Zachry - Caddell (Joint Venture)     9       13
77 Construction Contracting & Trading Co     9       12
AAI/Engineering Support, Inc.     7       12
Academi, LLC     9       12
Advanced C4 Solutions     7       12
Afghan Builders Consortium       9     12
Akal Security Inc. 9           12
Akfen Insaat Turizm Ticaret A.S.             12
AMSEC Corporation     8       12
ARD, Inc.     9       12
Army & Airforce Exchange Serv. 7           12
A-T Solutions Inc.     8       12
Boeing Services Co.     9       12
Cargo Security Management International             12
CCE Specialties, LLC     10       12
Centurum             12
Combat Support Associates     9       12
Comprehensive Health Services 8           12
Deco, Inc.             12
Diligence Iraq       9     12
Dover Technical Services FZ LLC     10       12
Eastern Maintenance & Service, Inc.     12       12
EG&G/Lear Siegler Services, Inc     9       12
Francisco Levy Hijo, Inc.     12       12
Gilbane Federal       7     12
Halliburton Services     11       12
IDS International     7       12
Kalama Services             12
Leidos Holdings Inc. 7           12
Martin Marietta Services, Inc.     12       12
Pinto International Inc     8       12
Raytheon     8       12
San Juan Construction             12
Shield Security Services     8       12
United Lobby Contracting Co     12       12
Waterlink Pakistan (PVT) Ltd       8     12
ABT Associates     8       11
Academi, LLC Its Affiliates& Subsidiarie     8       11
Academy for Educational Devlmnt             11
ACDIA/VOCA     9       11
AFOGNAK Native Corporation 8           11
ARINC             11
Burns & Roe Services Corp     10       11
CACI Inc. - Federal             11
Chocktaw Global Staffing             11
Colejon, Corp     11       11
Dorce Prefabricated Buildings and Constr 8           11
DRS Technical Services     9       11
Envistacom, LLC 8           11
Erickson Helicopter, Inc             11
Flight Services International     7       11
G4S Secure Solutions USA     10       11
GHG Corporation             11
Global Integrated Security     10       11
Global Integrated Security, Inc.     7       11
Global Logistics Services             11
Gruppo Cadini SRL 11           11
J & J Maintenanace, Inc.     10       11
Jacobs Technology, Inc.     7       11
Keyw Corporation             11
Maersk/Sealand             11
Man Tech Security Technology             11
MHN Government Services Inc     7       11
Nour USA, Ltd.             11
Osen- Hunter Group     9       11
PAE Government Services     7       11
Qaimaddin Safi Construction Company     11       11
Range Generation Next LLC             11
Reed Inc     8       11
Reed, Inc.     8       11
Serco Group, Inc.             11
Service Credit Union             11
Shahwali Security Co.       8     11
Systems Products & Solutions     8       11
T.J. Fig, Inc.             11
Taylors International             11
Textron Marine Systems             11
The Osen-Hunter Group, LLC 7           11
Titan Corp.     9       11
Trace Systems Inc.     7       11
Trailboss Enterprises, Inc.     7       11
Wackenhut Services LLC     8       11
Washington Demilitarization Co     10       11
AC First             10
AC First LLC             10
Acclaim Technical Service     8       10
Afognak Native Corp             10
Aircraft Charter Solutions, Inc       10     10
Al Jiburi Construction Company             10
Bearing Point, Inc.             10
Boeing Services International             10
Booz Allen Hamilton Inc 10           10
Brown & Root, Inc.     9       10
Caddell Construction Co.     8       10
CGI Federal             10
Checchi & Company Consulting, Inc     7       10
Comprehensive Health Servuces             10
Datapath             10
Electronic On-Ramp Inc     9       10
Emr, Inc             10
Erinys International     9       10
First Iraqi Contracting     7       10
Fluor Daniel Corp.             10
Global Integrated Security (USA)     10       10
Global Strategies Group(USA)     9       10
Health Net             10
International Development Solutions, LLC             10
ITSI Gilbane 8           10
JB Management, Inc. 8           10
Joz Group W.L.L 9           10
Kaseman Corp.             10
King Aerospace     8       10
L-3 Communications/SY Coleman             10
Lockheed Martin Technical Op.             10
LSI 8           10
Maersk Equipment Service Co.             10
MAG Aerospace             10
Magnum Medical Overseas             10
Management Technologies, Inc. 8           10
MHN Government Services     9       10
Miracle Systems LLC             10
NEK Advance Securities Group             10
OMNI Air International, Inc.             10
Pinto International     7       10
PMA Services 7           10
Raytheon Demilitarization Corp.             10
SAIC-Science Applications Int. Corp     7       10
Six3 Intelligence Solutions, Inc             10
SSI Services, Inc.     8       10
Standart Agriculture Services Company     9       10
Sterling Global Operations, Inc     10       10
The Osen-Hunter Group LLC     8       10
Titan Corporation/L-3 Comm.             10
Veritiss, LLC     7       10
Yang Enterprises, Inc             10
ABM Government Services             9
AC First/AECOM             9
Akal Security, Inc 8           9
Al Fayhaa Precast Company       9     9
Almada Transport 8           9
Alsalam Aircraft Co. Ltd.     7       9
Andrews Federal Credit Union             9
Bagram             9
Black Veatch Speacial Projects Group             9
Brevard Achievement Center, Inc.             9
Chenega Corp.             9
Chenega Federal Systems             9
Chugach Federal Solutions 7           9
Commuter Air Technology             9
Computer Science Corporation             9
Contracting Consulting Engineering LLC     8       9
Dashi Sanat Company 7           9
DECO             9
DSCI             9
ESS Support Services             9
Fermin Gonzalez, Inc.     8       9
Fluor Constructors International, Inc.             9
FSPL C/O Maersk             9
General Electric Co.     8       9
Honeywell Technology Solutions Inc. 7           9
Intecon             9
Jorge Scientific Corporation             9
K2 Solutions             9
Lear Siegler Services, Inc.             9
Leonardo DRS 7           9
Lucent Technologies             9
Management Sciences for Health             9
Millbrook Painting Services Ltd     7       9
National Democratic Institute for Intl A             9
NCI Information Systems             9
Neany Inc.             9
O.E.S Inc             9
Olgoonik Logistics, LLC             9
Pacific Architects & Engineers, Inc.             9
Pacific Architects&Engineers             9
Pro-Built Construction Firm             9
Quality Servicel International     8       9
Raytheon Co.             9
Rehal International Transportation W.L.L             9
Sadat Business Group       8     9
Sodexo Inc       7     9
Spectrum Worldwide FZ LLC             9
STS Technical Services             9
TCS Translations     9       9
Threat Management Group             9
Ultra Electronic Advanced Tactical Syste 7           9
Unity LSS     7       9
Vohne Liche Kennels     8       9
Worldwide Language Resources, Inc             9
AAR Brown International             8
Academi             8
Air America, Inc.             8
American Systems Corporation             8
ANHAM Al Kuwait WLL for food Products             8
ANSO/MCSG             8
Artek Construction             8
A-T Solutions             8
ATAC Services 7           8
Carro & Carro Enterprises, Inc.             8
CH2M Hill Companies, Ltd.             8
Crucible, Inc.             8
D & S Consultants, Inc.             8
Damac Services & Trading Co. LLC             8
Defense Support Services LLC             8
DSG Bulgaria LTD             8
Emerging Markets Group             8
EMW Inc.             8
Fadak Contract Company             8
Genett Group, Inc.             8
Ground Works, Inc.     7       8
IAP World Services             8
IFES             8
Inglett&Stubbs international             8
Innovative Technical Solution             8
Iraqi Establishment     7       8
K2 Solutions, Inc             8
Kay and Associates, Inc     7       8
L-3 Communications Titan Corp., Unidyne             8
L-3 Communications/Vertex Aerospace             8
Lear Siegler Inc./EG&G Tech Service     8       8
Lockheed Martin Mission Services             8
Metag Insaat Ticaret A.S.             8
NCL Logistics             8
NEK Advanced Securities Group             8
New Century Consulting Ltd             8
Poya Group Co. Ltd             8
Radiance Tech             8
Research Triangle Institute     7       8
SAIC AMSEC             8
Saudi Arabian Trading and Construction C             8
SEII C/O KBR             8
Sentel Corporation             8
Shaqul Company 8           8
TCMP Health Services             8
The Boing Company             8
U.S. Investigations Services     7       8
U.S. Protection and Investigations, LLC             8
United Service Organizations, Inc.             8
USI-REEP             8
WHECO Corporation             8
Zapata Engineering             8
A & A Waste Management, Inc.     7       7
AAL USA, Inc.     7       7
AECOM/GSS Ltd.             7
Afognak Native Corp.             7
Al Mays Group             7
Alliance Project Services             7
Allied Technology Group, Inc.             7
AllWorld Language Consultants     7       7
Alutiiq Security & Technology             7
American Red Cross             7
AMSEC, LLC             7
Anham Al Kuwait Wll For Food Products             7
ARMA Global             7
ASMACS General Trading Company             7
ATA Airlines             7
Atlas Air Worldwide             7
Avenge Inc             7
Axxeum, Inc             7
Blueforce LLC             7
Bravura             7
Bravura Information Technology Systems             7
Central Asia Development Group, Inc.             7
CH2M Hill             7
Chugach Federal Solutions, Inc             7
Coastal International Security (Heritage             7
Cochise Consultancy, Inc.             7
Construction Helicopters Inc             7
Cooperative Housing Foundation             7
Cubic Corporation             7
DAV-Force, Inc.             7
Education Development Center             7
EMW, Inc             7
Falcon Group             7
Foulger- Pratt Contracting, LLC             7
Insight Consulting Group             7
JS Intl Inc             7
L-3 National Security Solutions             7
Liberty Maritime Corporation             7
Lockheed Support Systems     7       7
Logistics 2020             7
Louis Berger International Inc.             7
M & E Techncal Services, LLC             7
M7 Aerospace LP             7
MACTEC Engineering & Consulting, Inc.             7
Maersk             7
MHN Govt Services-Health Net             7
Mine-Tech International             7
Nan, Inc             7
Pernix Construction LLC             7
PKL Services, Inc.             7
Prime Tech International, Inc             7
PULAU Corporation             7
QinetiQ N.A.             7
Radiance Technologies             7
Range Generation Next, LLC             7
Relyant Solutions, LLC             7
Salient Federal Solutions             7
Science Application Intl             7
Science Applications International(SAIC)             7
Social Impact, Inc             7
TEAM Integrated Engineering, Inc.             7
Technica, LLC             7
Tetra Tech             7
The Logistics Company             7
Tsay Professional Services             7
United Europe Construction             7
United Service Organizations             7
University Research Corp             7
UNKNOWN EMPLOYER             7
Us Investigation Services/ The Smith Gro             7
US Training Center     7       7
W.G. Yates & Son Construction             7
Wackenhut Services             7
Wartsila Defense, Inc.             7
Westar Aerospace & Defense Group             7
ACADEMI Holdings, LLC its Affiliates & S              
ACCL International              
Adel S. Abdul Nabi Co.              
Advantage SCI              
Aeromet, Inc.              
Afgham Resource Group Security              
Agility Logistics              
Akima, LLC              
Al Seqir Express Cargo Ltd              
Allcom Global Serivices Inc.              
Allegis Group, Inc.              
AMEC Civil              
American K9 Detection Services              
American Renovation Const. Co.              
American University Of Afghanistan              
Apollo Federal Services              
APPTIS, Inc.              
Aratrans Kuwait              
Bluelaw International              
Boeing Company              
Bravura Information Technology Systems,              
Butler International              
C.O.I, INC.              
Can-Am Protection Group, Inc.              
Canine Associates International              
Cape Environmental              
Carge Security Management International              
Centurum Inc.              
Charter Trading Corporation              
Chomonics International              
Compass Group              
Compass Group USA              
Construction Helicopter Incorporated              
CSC Applied Techologies LLC              
CSM Solutions, Inc              
Dunia Technique Company              
DynCorp Internation FZ LLC              
Eagle Global Logistics              
EOIR Technologies Inc.              
FEDITC, LLC              
Garda World Federal Services              
Gilbane Building Company              
Harbe Bureau              
Internews Network              
ISR Group, Inc.              
ITT Vectrus              
Jorge Science Corp              
KBR, Inc.              
Knik Construction              
Lear Siegler Services Inc.              
Leidos Inc.              
Macro Companies, Inc              
ManTech Sensor Technologies Inc.              
Midwest Research Institute              
Nana Regional Corporation              
NEK Advanced Security Group              
OT Training Solutions, Inc              
PAE Government Services, Inc.              
PAE Holdings - Risk Management              
Patriot Group International, Inc.              
PKMM, Inc              
Polar Field Services              
Primal Innovation              
Radian, Inc.              
Rapiscan Systems, Inc.              
RCA Corporation              
Red Bobtail Transportation (RBT)              
Ronco Consulting Corp.              
RPSG, LLC              
Sabre International              
Sediqi Radio Technology Comp              
Service Federal Credit Union              
Shee Atika Languages              
Sotera Defense Solutions, Inc              
SRA International, Inc              
SRA International, INc.              
SRI International              
Telecommunication System, Inc.              
The OGara Group              
The Osen Hunter Group, LLC              
The Steele Foundation              
Thomas Computer Solutions, LLC              
TMH Medical Services, LLC              
Trinity Technology Group              
TXM Defense              
Universal Solutions International, Inc              
University of Maryland              
University Research Co, LLC              
URS Corporation/EG&G/LSI              
URS, Inc.              
Vallent Integrated Services              
Vencore, Inc.              
Vertex Aerospace              
Vertical de Aviacion              
Vista International Operations              
Wamar Technologies, LLC              
Worldwide Network              
4M Research, Inc.              
ABC International Group              
Adtech Systems, Inc.              
Advanced Design Corporation              
AECOM/GSS, Ltd              
Afghanistan Miscellaneous Support Servic              
Air Cargo Carriers, Inc.              
Al Badrani Co.              
AllCom Global Services              
Alutiq Global Solutions              
American International Contractors              
Anham USA              
Anteon Corporation              
ASRC Constructors, Inc.              
Assessment and Training Solutions              
Atlas Air, Inc.              
Bechtel Corporation              
Berry Aviation              
Blackwater Security Consulting Co.              
Brown & Root Saudi, Ltd              
Calnet, Inc              
Cargo Security Management              
CDA Solutions, Inc              
CGI Federal/Stanley Associates              
Chemonics International              
Choctaw Archiving Enterprise              
CHSi Middle East LLC              
COI Inc.              
Columbia Helicopters, Inc.              
Compass Systems, Inc              
Constructora Guzman S.A              
Danzas Air & Ocean - Jordan              
Dav-Force, Inc.              
Del VAlle Group              
Deloitte Consulting, LLP              
Desbuild, Inc.              
Diamond Global Company              
Emar-E-Sarey Constrution Comp              
EMTA, Insaat A.S              
Engineering & Professional Service, Inc.              
Erickson Air Crane Inc.              
Erickson, Inc              
Fcec Uiprojects Jv              
FedSys, Inc              
Flour ConOps              
FLUOR Corporation              
Future Technologies, Inc.              
G4S International Employment              
Garda Federal              
GE Government Services              
Global Dimensions              
Global Dimensions, LLC              
GW Consulting Inc. DBA GardaWorld              
Health Net, Inc              
Hill International              
IAP Worldwide              
Inglett & Stubbs International              
Innovative Logistics, LLC              
International Development Solutions/ACAD              
International Republican Institute              
ITT - CS Charleston              
ITT Industries, Inc.              
ITT Excellis              
Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc.              
Johnson Control- Readness Management              
Kabora Security Company              
KBRWyle Technology Solutions LLC              
King Aerospace Inc.              
KXs International LLC              
L-3 C3 ISR              
L-3 MPRI              
Lockheed Martin Corp              
Louis Berger Services              
Man Tech Telecommunication & Information              
ManTech (MSS)              
Marafie Kuwaitia Commercial Co.              
MHN Goverment Services              
Michael Baker Corp.              
Mid Atlantic Professionals, Inc              
Mid Atlantic Professionals, Inc.              
Montage, Inc.              
MTC Technologies              
Mutual Telecom Services              
NCC New Century Corp              
Neany, Inc.              
New Dunia Telecom              
Northrop Grumman Mission Systems              
Northrop Grumman Technology Serv.              
Omini Air International, Inc.              
Orion Construction, Inc.              
Orion Management, LLC              
Padco, Inc.              
PAE Holding Risk Management              
Parsons Corporation              
Patriot Group International, Inc              
Pbi2 Pte Ltd              
PD Systems              
People Ready              
Perini International Corp.              
Perini Management Services, Inc.              
Pernix Group, Inc              
Praetorian Standard, Inc.              
Presidential Airways Inc.              
Pro-Telligent, LLC              
Raytheon Service Co.              
RDR Inc.              
Readiness Management Support              
Research Triangle International              
Rohn Products              
Salient Federa Solutions              
Scientific Research Corp.              
Serco, Inc.              
Shea Atika Languages, LLC              
Shee-Atika Languages LLC              
Stanley Baker Hill, LLC              
State Corps Limited              
STS International, Inc              
Taos Industries              
Tapestry Solutions              
Technologists, Inc              
TolTest Inc.              
Tundra Strategies              
United Airlines, Inc.              
URS Federal Services              
VHB Global, Inc              
World Airways              
Aadel Rokay Construction Company              
AAR Airlift Group.              
ACADEMI Holdings LLC              
Academi Holdings, LLC              
ACC Holding Inc.              
ACET, Inc.              
Advanced Global Construction              
AECOM NSP              
AEGIS GLOBAL              
AeroVironment, Inc.              
Afghan First Transit Group              
Afghan Shobab Construction Company              
Agence Generale de Services              
Akai Security, Inc.              
Al Yem Al-Handaysa for Construction              
Alfaris Alawal Contracting              
All World Language Consultants              
Allcom Global Services              
Alutiiq-Fluor Constructors, LLC              
Alutiq Global              
American Iraqi Solutions Group              
American Systems Engineering Corp.              
Applied Integrated Technologies              
Arden Consulting              
Argentech Solutions Inc              
Arma Global Corp.              
Army & Air Force Exchange Service              
ATAC Services LLC              
ATAC Services LLC/Engility Corp.              
Aztec Construction & Mechanical Inc.              
Bacik Group LLC.              
BAE System Ship Repair Inc.              
Baker/Mo Project Services Inc              
Batoor Sesign and Construction              
Billings & Cronn Co.              
Bird Electric Inc              
BLP International              
British Iraqi Construction Group              
Brown & Root/SEII              
C3I8R Services              
C3PO International Limited              
Camber Corporation              
CH2M Hill International, Inc.              
Chenega Technology Services Corporation              
Coastal International Security, Inc.              
Compass Group North America              
Construction Helicopters, Inc              
Crisis Response Company              
Crisis Response Company, LLC              
Crown Agents Consultancy, Inc.              
CTU Services              
Cubic Applications, Inc.              
CWU Inc.              
DAI Development Alternatives, Inc              
Dalo Construction Corp.              
Danubia Global, Inc.              
Deloitte Touce LLP              
Delta 9 International              
Democracy International, Inc              
Dick Corporation              
Downrange Operations and Training, LLC              
Downrange Operations and Training, LLC.              
DynCorp International Free Zone LLC              
East Aviation              
Eatern Maintenance Services              
Electronic On Ramp/ABM              
EPS Corporation              
Erickson Air-Crane/Evergreen Helicopter              
FPS International Company              
G4S Parsons Pacific Llc              
G4S Security Services Inc              
GCI, Inc.              
General Dynamics Armament and Technical              
Group 4 Falck Security Support Services              
GW MEdical Faculty Associates              
Haqiq Construction And Enginnering Compa              
Harbert International, Inc.              
Hart Security Holding, Ltd              
Honeywell Inc.              
Huntington Ingalls Industries              
Imperatis Corp.              
Insitu, Inc.              
Insperity c/o Universal Solutions              
Institute for Defense Analyses              
Intecon LLC              
Integrated Systems              
Intercombi Transport & Logistics              
International Foundation for Electoral S              
Invizion Inc.              
IT Shows, Inc.              
ITT Federal Service Intl., Corp.,              
ITT Systems Corporation              
J. Crowder Corp.              
Janusian Security Risk Mgmt.              
Johnson Controls World Services,Inc              
K & G Construction              
Kainaat Construction Logistic and Tradin              
Kalmar RT Center, LLC              
Kay and Associates, Inc.              
King Aerospace, Inc              
Kwajalein Services, Inc. (Dyncorp) (KRS)              
L3 C3 ISR Services              
L-3 Communications, Communication System              
L-3 Unidyne              
LINC Government Services              
Lockheed Martin Corp.              
Lockheed Martin Technical Op              
Logistics 2020, Inc.              
Louis Berger Services, Inc.              
Lynden Air Cargo              
MAG DS Corp              
MC Dean              
Merlin Global Services              
Michael Stapleton Assoc.              
MIDMAC Contracting Company WLL              
Morrison International Construction              
Multi Country Security Group/ANSO              
NANA Reginal Corporation              
National Oilwell/Varco              
Navistar Defense, LLC              
NCI Information Systems, Inc              
New Century Consulting              
New Frointier Innovations LLC              
Nooran Construction Company              
Northrop Grumman/Litton              
NVE, Inc              
O Gara Training Services              
OSI Systems, Inc. (Rapiscan Systems)              
OT Training Solutions              
Overseas Administrative Services              
Overseas Administrative Svcs.              
Overseas Strategic Consultants, LTD              
Ozgen Elektrik Ltd.              
PAE Applied Technologies, LLC              
PAE Holdings Corp.              
Palladium Consulting, LLC              
PAR Government Systems              
PD Systems, Inc.              
Perini Corporation              
Planate Management Group              
Polar Field Service Inc              
Praemittias Group              
Proactive Communications              
Prolog Solutions Middle East              
Pulau Electronics Corp.              
Qatar International Trading Co. W.L.L.              
R4, Inc              
Radio Reconnaisaance Technologies Inc.              
Raytheon Co. (UE & C - Sterns Roger              
Raytheon Intelligence and Info              
Raytheon Korean Support Co.              
Raytheon Network Centric Sys              
Raytheon Services System              
Red Sea Engineers and Constructors              
REEP, Inc. (Operational Support and Serv              
Rio Construction Corp.              
RPP Enterprises, LLC              
S. Al Malweya Company for General Contra              
Sana Afghan Construction Company              
Saudi Group              
Science Applications Intl              
Serco Aviation              
Siemens Government Technologies, Inc              
Skybridge Tactical              
Splice Company Inc.              
Sterling Global operations, Inc              
Sterling Global Operations, Inc.              
Strategic Analysis, Inc.              
Supreme Global Service              
Swiftships Inc              
Symbion Power LLC              
TASC, Inc.              
Team Integrated Engineering, Inc.              
TeleCommunication Systems              
TeleCommunications Systems (TCS)              
Teng & Associates              
Textron Marine and Land Systems              
The AIM Group              
The Buffalo Group              
The Buffalo Group, LLC              
The GW Medical Faculty Associates              
The Logistics Company, Inc.              
The National Co. for Mech. & Elect. Work              
Tiger Swan Inc.              
Torres Advanced Enterprise Solutions LLC              
Torres Advanced Enterprise Solutions, LL              
U.S. Training Center              
Unisys Corp.              
US Investigations Services, LLC              
US.International Development Consortium,              
USI Contracts              
UTC Aerospace System (Goodrich Corp)              
UXB International, Inc.              
Versar International Assistance Projects              
Versar, Inc.              
Vohne Liche Kennels Canine Security LLC              
Vykin Corporation              
W.G. Yates & Sons Construction              
Winrock Intl Inst for Agr Develmnt              
22nd Century Technologies Inc.              
3D Research Corporation              
A&L Underground, Inc.              
AAR Corporation              
AAR Integrated Technologies              
Aditya Birla Minacs Compass              
Advanced Global Conctruction, Inc.              
Advanced Roofing Inc              
Advantage Resourcing              
Advantage SCI, LLC              
Ahtna Government Services              
Aims International Gen. Trd. Cont. Co.              
AISS Atemp (Afghan Integrated Support Se              
Aitec USA              
Al Barih for General Contracting              
Al Huda Company for Contracting              
Al Hurea              
Al Morrell Development              
AL PROEM              
Al-Baqier Company              
ALC-Allworld Language Consultants              
Allied Research Technology, Inc.              
Allworld Language Consultants, Inc.              
Altayf Al-Abaid Company, AAAE              
Alutiiq Technical Services              
AMEC Foster Wheeler Envirinment              
Americam International Security Corp.              
American International Security Corp.              
Aon Fire Protection Engineering Corporat              
Applied Intergrated Technologies              
ARAO Co.              
Archer Daniels Midland              
Ardan Consulting              
ARMA Global Corporation              
Armorgroup North America              
ArmorGroup North America, Inc              
Arrow Security & Training LLC              
Asia Logistics Co              
Askar Security Services              
Assessment And Training Solutions Consul              
Atlas Advisors, LLC              
AUSGAR Technologies              
Aziz Hashami Construction Company              
B.L. Harbert International, LLC              
BAE Systems Hawaii Shipyards              
BAE Systems Inc              
BAE Systems Norfolk              
BAE Systems Norfolk Ship Repair              
BAE Systems Ship Repair Inc.              
Bbns Mutual Telecom              
Binazeer Construction Company              
Bizzell Corporation              
Black Box Network Services              
Black Veatch Special Projects Group              
Blackwater USA              
Blue Hackle Group / North America              
Bosh Global Services              
Bravura Information Technology              
Brown & Root              
Brown and Root International, Inc.              
Brown International              
C4 Planning Solutions              
CACI-WGI, Inc.              
Caddell Construction, LLC              
Cadence International              
CCE Middle East Inc              
CCE Services International LLC              
CDM Smith              
Center for International Private Enterpr              
Certified Construction              
CGH Fire Safety              
Chugach Industries, Inc.              
CIAO, Ltd.              
COI, Inc              
Compass Systems              
Computer Science Raytheon              
Construcciones J.F.M., Inc.              
Construction Management of Florida              
Copeland Logistics Services And Supply              
CorporateBank Financial Services/The San              
Covenant Homeland Security Solutions              
Creative Associates International              
Creative Managment Tech. Inc.              
Critical Mission Support Services              
Cubic Corp.              
D & C Professionals              
D&S Consultants, Inc              
Dana Petroleum              
Danish Construction Co              
Dataline, Inc.              
DBR Engineering              
Delta Vector USA              
Development Alternatives Inc.              
DOCOL Construction and Rehabilitation              
Ducom, Inc              
Echostorm Inc. & Echostorm Worldwide              
Edifice LLC              
Elbit Systems of America              
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, In              
Employment Agency of Djibouti (EAD)              
Empresas Sabaer              
EOD Technology              
Eurpac Service, Inc.              
Expo Aviation              
Farah Company              
Flight Services International, LLC              
Fluor Corporation              
Foulger-Pratt Contracting LLC              
Four Horseman International              
Framaco-Epik-Metis, J.V.              
Framco International              
G. Dijla Company              
G4S Risk Management Limited              
Gabriel Accardi              
GCI Inc              
GE International              
General Dynamics C-4 Systems              
General Dynamics Information T              
Global Intregrated Security (USA) Inc.              
GlobalMed International Medical Solution              
Glotech, Inc.              
Grand Array              
Grasso Corporation              
Green Beans Coffee              
Green Dream Group              
Green House Group( Supreme Logistics c/o              
Greenway Enterprises              
Greystone SRL              
Gryphon Airlines              
Guarantee Electric Contracting              
GW Medical Faculty Associates              
Haecco ( Halim Amin engineering & Constr              
Harbert International              
Harbi Noori Bureau for Constrution              
Hawker Beechcraft Inc.              
HJF Medical Research International Inc              
Ideal Innovations, Inc              
Information Systems Solutions, Inc.              
Infrasafe Holding Inc              
Integrater Systems              
International Business&Technical Consult              
International City Management Assn              
International Relief & Development              
ISR Group, Inc              
ISS-Safenet Afghanistan              
ITT Industries              
Jacob Sverdrup              
Jamal Aziz Construction              
Janus Security Iraq Ltd.              
JB Management Inc.              
JPI Worldwide, Inc.              
Kabul Heart of Asia Construction Company              
Kaseman, LLC              
Keyw Corp.              
L-3 Communications / Vertex Aerospace              
L-3 Communications Unidyne              
L3 Harris Technologies, Inc.              
L-3 Mission Integration              
Linc/ABM Goverment Services, LLC              
Lind International              
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics              
Lockheed Martin Gyrocam Technical Servic              
Lockheed Martin-ISGS              
Lockheed Space Operations Co.              
Logistic Services International              
Logistic Services International Inc              
Logistics Support Inc.              
LPI Technical Services              
LSI, Inc.              
Manwar Transportation and Logistic Co. L              
Marathon Electrical Contractors              
Markon Solutions              
Marsh USA, Inc.              
Marshall Communications              
MBO Partners              
McLane Advanced Technologies              
Milcom Systems Corp              
Military Community Youth Ministries              
Millennium Corporation              
Mitre Corp.              
Monaco Enterprices, Inc              
MT Holdings, Corp.              
MT Holdings, Inc.              
National Construction Company (NCC)              
National Land Construction Company              
NCI Information Systems, Inc.              
NHA, Inc.              
Northrop Grumman Corp.              
NVE Inc.              
O.E.S, Inc              
Oberon Associates              
Obor Digital              
Occam Solutions              
OES, Inc              
OIFNET Inc.              
Omran Consulting Construction & Engineer              
Orca International Management, LLC              
OT Training Solutions Inc.              
Palladium Group              
PDS Technical Services, Inc.              
Pika International Inc.              
Polar Field Services Inc              
Prime Afghanistan Engineering & Construc              
Progressive Network Solutions              
Project Solutions SA              
PSS/East Inc.              
Public Health Institute              
Quantum Research              
Quantum Research Int.              
Raytheon Corp.              
Raytheon Middle East Systems, Co.              
Raytheon Services Nevada              
Raytheon Technical Services Company LLC              
Red River Army Depot              
Redondo Construction Corp.              
Reep, Inc. (OSS)              
REEP, Inc. (OSS)              
Reep, Inc. dba OSS              
RM ASIA (HK) LTD              
Ruchman and Associates Inc.              
S&K Technologies              
Sally Port Global Holdings              
Sameer Baharak Company, LTD              
Seba Company              
Selpa Construction              
Serco Inc              
SGI Global              
Shaw Environmental And Infrastructure In              
Shee Atika Languages, LLC              
Shee Atika, Inc              
SkiBridge Tactical              
SkyBridge Tactical              
SM Consulting, Inc.              
Special Markets, Inc.              
Steel City Security Solutions              
Strategic Defense Solutions              
Strategic Solutions Unlimited              
STS Aviation Group              
STS International              
STS International Inc.              
SWZ Engineering and Construction              
TCOM, LLP              
Tec- General Contractor              
Textron Inc.              
The Aerospace Corporation              
The Atlantic Group              
The Henry M Jackson Fundation for the Ad              
The Walt Disney Company              
The Wexford Group, Intl              
Todd Kates              
Trans Atlantic Contracting Co.              
Tulu Noor Group              
U X B International Inc.              
U.S. Investigations Service              
U.S. Protection & Investigation, LLC              
Unisys Corporation              
United Airlines, Inc              
United Service Orgenizations, Inc.              
United Services Organizations, Inc.              
Unity Resource Group              
University of Oklahoma Board of Regents              
USA Environmental              
V.T. Group              
V.T. Milcom              
Valbin Corporation              
Vinnell Brown & Root              
Vinnell Corp              
Vista Defense Technologies              
VSE Corporation/BAV Division              
Wackenhut Fire Services              
Wamar International              
Washington Group, Inc.              
Weeks Marine, Inc.              
West Construction              
Willbros Middle East, Inc.              
World Technical Services, Inc.              
Worley Parsons              
XO Tech              
101 Global Solutions LTD              
4 Logistics              
AASKI Technology              
Accent Controls Inc.              
ACE International              
Acet, Inc              
AC-First LLC              
ACS Company              
Adams Communication & Engineering              
Adams Communication & Engineering Techol              
Advantage Resourcing America              
Advantor Systems Corp.              
Aegis n/k/a Garda World international              
Aegis Intl Development, Inc              
Aevex Aerospace              
Afghan First Supply              
Afghan Greenfield Demining (AGD)              
Afghan Maiwand Security Services              
AIGS, Inc              
Aim Group, Inc              
Air Base Constructors              
Air Force Insurance Fund              
AirScan Inc.              
Akima Technical Solutions              
Al Amana Security              
Al Ehsan Construction Co. (JV3)              
Al Jazeera Towers Company              
Al Mashriq Company              
Al Morrell Development, Oasis Intt Water              
Al Rawaad Company              
Al Sadarah Engineering, LLC              
Al Saraf Company              
Al Sawari for General Contracting              
Al-Aftan Companies Group              
Alaska Barge & Transport, Inc.              
Alion Science & Tech.              
All NAtive Inc              
All Native Services              
All World Language Consultants, Inc.              
Allen Vanguard International              
Allied Telesis              
AllWorld Language Consultants, Inc.              
Al-Morrell Development/Oasis Internation              
Al-Mosawi Group, Ltd.              
Alog Corporation              
ALOG Corporation              
AM General LLC              
AM Pro Protective Agency Inc.              
Americable International Japan, Inc.              
American Systems Engineering Corp              
AMSEC Corp.              
Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions LLC              
Apollo Inc.              
Applied Technical Systems, Inc.              
APRO International              
APS-ARTI, LLC              
Archimedes Global              
Armor Group Iraq              
Armorgrop North American, Inc.              
Array Information Technology, Inc.              
Astoria Global Company              
A-T Solution              
AT Solutions Inc.              
ATA GSS, Ltd              
ATA Holdings Corp.              
Atac Services lLLC(Engility Corp)              
A-Team Security/ APG Holdings              
Atlantic Commtech              
Atlantic Group              
Atlas Advisors              
Atlas Advisors LLC              
Atlas Sahil Construction Company              
Autobuses De Puerto Rico              
Avenge, Inc              
Avtel Services, Inc.              
BAE Systems Martitime Engineering & Serv              
BAE Systems Southeast Ship Repair              
Bahar Kabul Building Material & Construt              
Basir Helmand Constrution Company              
Battelle Memorial Institute              
Bead Defense Services LLC              
Bear Defense Services LLC              
Bechtel National              
Bechtel Nevada Corporation              
Belka Corp LLC              
Bendix Field Engineering Corp.              
Berry Bros General Constractors              
Bertling Gulf Logistics Ltd./Waterlink P              
BH Defense              
Billings and Cronn Co.              
BKM Global Enterprises, LLC              
Blackbird Technologies              
Boeing (Insitu)              
Bokso Monoi Environmental, Inc.              
Bo-Mac Marine              
Booz Allen Hamilton              
Borton, LC              
Boswell Engineering              
Bowhead Information Technology Service,              
Bryan 77 Construction JV              
BSA Systems              
BTEC Turbines              
Burns & Roe Inc              
Butler Service Group              
BYA, Inc.              
C.G Enterprises              
Caddell Construction Co, LLC              
Cadence Internatrional              
California Pacific Food Distributor              
Calliburn - Sallyport Global Holdings -              
Cameron International Corporation              
Cape Enviromental Management, Inc.              
Capitol Construction Co.              
Capitol Technology Services              
Card Industries              
CastleForce Consultancy, LTD              
Centra Technology              
CGH Global Emergency              
CGN Engineering Corp              
CH2M Hill Inc              
CH2M Hill Inc.              
Chcago Bridge & Iron              
Chenega Management              
Chenega Security Protection Services              
Chenega-Blackwater Solutions Japan              
Cherokee Nation Industries              
Chinn Ridge Construction              
CLI Solutions              
COI Enterprise Inc.              
Colejon Corporation              
Comase, Inc.              
Commonwealth Trading Partners, Inc.              
Commuter Air Technolgy              
Compass, Inc.              
Concentric Project Controlers              
Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC              
Constellis/Olive Group              
Construction Helicopters inc              
Constructora Celta, Inc.              
Container Maintenance Corp.              
Continental Airlines              
Cooper Industries, LTD              
Counterpart International              
Creative Associates International, Inc.              
Critical Solutions International              
CSC Benefits              
CSRA, LLC              
Cubic Applications Inc.              
Cummins Mid-South              
CWU, Inc.              
Cyberspace Solutions, LLC              
D3M LLC              
Danos & Curole Marine Contr.              
Data Solutions & technology              
Data Solutions &Technology Inc.              
DataPath Inc.              
DCS Corp.              
De La Hoz Builders Inc.              
Defense Support Services, LLC              
Dept of Air Force              
DFS Government Services, LLC              
DFS Logistics LLC              
DFS Middle East (The Diplomat Group)              
Discovery Communications              
DJB Contracting, Inc              
Dover Global Management              
DRS Technical Services, Inc              
DRS Technical Services, Inc.              
Drs Technologies              
Duncan Aviation              
DynCorp Security Services              
DynCorp Technical Services              
Dynetics, Inc.              
E.M.W. Inc.              
East Silk Route Logistics              
ECC International, LLC              
Eclat Construction Co.              
ECS Federal Inc              
EDO Corp.              
EGL/Reef Al Wasat              
Ekmal Al-Masira Co. for Construction              
Ekohs, Inc.              
Electronic Data Systems              
ELTA Limited              
Emergence Group Advisors, LLC              
Engineered Support Systems, Inc.              
Engineering Associates              
Engineering Services Group              
Engineering Solutions & Products, LLC              
Enviro-Management & Research              
Environmental Chemical Corp              
EOIR Technologies              
Epsilon, Inc              
Espial Service, Inc.              
Eurest Compass Company              
Evergreen International Airlines              
Exelis Inc              
FAF Developments LLC              
FedSys Inc.              
FINCA - Afganistan              
Flight Test Aviation Inc.              
Fluor Intercontinental/Strategic SSI              
Force Protection              
Force Protection, Inc.              
Framaco International              
Framaco International Inc              
Frank Electric Services Inc.              
Fulcra Worldwide LLC              
Fusco Corporation              
Futron Inc.              
G4S Global Risk, Ltd.              
G4S Government Solutions              
G4S Madagascar              
Gardaworld International Protective Serv              
GardaWorld Intl. Protective Servs.              
Garry Struthers Associates, Inc.              
GBX Consultants, Inc.              
General Anatomics Systems              
General Atomics-Systems Integration              
General Dynamics Satcom Technologies              
General Transport Company              
Genesis international Mgmt Group              
Genesis VII Inc.              
Genric, Ltd              
George G. Sharp, Inc.              
Getronics Government Solutions              
GHS Service Solutions Ltd              
Global A First Flagship Company              
Global Asset Technologies              
Global Freight Systems Co. W.L.L.              
Global Shared Services              
Globecomm Services Maryland              
Globecomm Systems Inc.              
Golden Relief Resources LLC              
Government Support Services              
Greystone International              
Guarantee Electrical Contracting LLC              
Gulf Supplies and Commercial Services              
GW Consulting Inc.              
GW Premier America              
Gyrocam Technical Systems              
H B Zachary Marine Inc              
Harbert Construction Co.              
Hawker Beechcraft, Inc              
HDR, Inc.              
Health Net, Inc.              
Heart Utilities of Jax, Inc              
Heavy Lift 6              
HEB International Logistics              
Hemayat Brothers Demining Company              
Henry M Jackson Foundation              
Hensel Phelps International              
Heyamat Brothers Demining Co.              
Highland Althujaz Co. Ltd              
Holland Company              
Holmes & Narver              
Honeywell International, Inc.              
Honeywell Technology Solutions, Inc.              
Houston Associates, Inc.              
Houston Fearless 76,Inc.              
Hue Technology, Inc              
Huen Electronic Waukegan Inc              
IFES International Foundation for Electo              
ILEX A Division of L-3 Communications              
Inland Construction & Engineering Inc              
Inspectorate America              
Intelligent Software Solutions, Inc.              
Intermark, Inc              
International Execuitive Services              
International Management Services, Inc              
International Relief Development              
International Rescue Committee              
Intl Development Professionals, Inc.              
Invizion, Inc.              
IP Network Solutions, Inc              
Iraqia Protection Company              
IRD Mechanalysis              
Ironclad Security Inc.              
Ironclad Security, Inc.              
Islands Mechanical Contractor, Inc              
ITT Base Service, Inc              
ITT Corporation Division              
ITT Federal Electric Corp.              
ITT Felec Services              
ITT Inc              
Jackson Smith Cinstruction, LLC              
James P. Norbal              
Jason Ashby              
Jaxon Engineering & Maintenance              
Jeffrey Gurwitch              
Jet Aviation              
Jet Professionals              
JGR Ecological              
John Crazel              
John Snow, Inc.              
JS International Inc              
JS International Inc.              
K2 Solutions, Inc.              
Kalitta Air, LLC              
Kay & Associates Inc              
KBRwyle Techonology Solutions Inc.              
KBY International Construction Co.              
Keyw Corparation              
KEYW Corporation              
Kinder Morgan Inc              
Kinder Morgan, Inc              
KMS Solutions, LLC              
Kroll Security International              
Kwajalein Services Inc.              
L3 Communications - Titan Corporation              
L-3 Communications / Unidyne              
L-3 Communications/TMSDO1              
L-3 Global Security & Eng.              
L3 Technologies, Inc.              
La Playa of Virginia              
Laguna Construction              
Laiba Corp.              
Lakeshore Tlotest Corporation              
Lanmark Technology, Inc              
Laulima Government Solutions              
Lear Siegler              
Leidos Innovations Corporation              
Linxx Global Solutions, Inc.              
LM MFC - Simulation Training & Support              
LM Simulation, Training and Support              
LMI Government Consulting.              
LNO Incorporated              
Lockheed Martin, Global Training and Log              
Lockheed Technical Operations Co.              
Logistics Solutions Group, Inc.              
Logistics Systems              
Logistics Systems, Inc.              
Loockeed Martin -ISGS              
Lora Company              
M & E Technical Services              
Macfadden & Associates              
Maersk Line Limited              
MAG AERO              
Mag Aerospage              
MAG Aerospece              
Mag DS Corp              
Magnum Medical Overseas, J.V.              
Maher Terminals Inc              
Making Cents Intl              
Manpower Group Public Sector, Inc              
Markon, Inc              
Marshall Communications Corp.              
Massman Construction Co.              
McDan Shipping Company Limited              
McNiel Technologies, Inc.              
Mega Power Corp.              
Meltech Corp              
Meltech Corp Inc.              
Metis Solutions Inc.              
Metis Solutions, LLC              
Michael Baker Global Services              
Mid Alantic Professionals, Inc.              
Midwest Air Traffic Control Services              
Military Professional Resources Inc              
Milli Afghan Goods Transport c/o Maersk              
Miran Village Company              
Mission 1st Group, Inc              
Mission Support Services              
Modern Technology Solutions, Inc              
Momentum Aerospace              
Momentum Aviation Group              
Moreno Group, LLC              
Morganti National, Inc.              
Morris Shea Bridge Company, Inc.              
Mubarrad Transport              
Muscogee Nation Business Enterprise              
Mutual Telecom Service, Inc              
Mutual Telecom Services, Inc.              
MVM Inc.              
Naikane Afghan              
Nakheel Risk Management Company              
NANA Regional Corp/TKC Communication              
Nassar Group Intl, (NGI) Afghanistan              
Nathan Associates, Inc.              
National Steel Erectors Corp.              
Nations Bank              
Native Hawaiian Veterans,LLC              
Naval Military Personnel Command              
Navigator-Carerich Group              
Navmar Applied Sciences              
Navmar Applied Sciences corporation              
NCC INC              
NCC, Ltd.              
Nexant, Inc.              
NHA Inc.              
Noorzai Transport c/o Raaziq Intl c/o Ma              
Northrop Corp              
Northwest Airlines              
NOT ASSIGNED              
Oak Grove Technologies, LLC              
OGara Training & Services LLC.              
Olgoonik Logistics              
Olive Group (Constellis)              
Olive Group North America, LLC              
OMNI Air International Inc              
Oneida Total Integrated Enterprises              
Operational Support & Services              
OT Training Solutions, LLC              
Overseas Security And Strategic Informat              
Pacific Architects and Engineers, Inc.              
Pacific Northern Environment              
PacOrd, Inc.              
Page Communicatioons Engineers, Inc              
Palau Corporation              
Par Technologies              
Par Technology Corporation              
Parson Corporation              
Parsons E&C              
Paysa LTD STI              
PBMS Distribution Center              
Pentad Corporation              
Pernix Group Company              
Pernix Kaseman Joint Venture              
Phalanx Group International              
Pinkerton Goverment Services              
Pinnacle Security and Technology Service              
PKL Services              
Planit Group, LLC              
Praevius Group              
Precon Marine, Inc.              
Premier Professional Systems              
Price Consulting Inc.              
Project Resources Inc.              
Protection Service Inc              
PSIC- Sarl/ Greystone              
Purcell P&C, LLC              
Q.E.D Systems Inc              
Q.E.D. Systems, Inc.              
Quick Services LLC              
Quiet Professionals LLC              
Raali Trading & General Contractiing Com              
Radiance Technology              
Radio Reconnaissance Technologies, Inc              
Rahimullah & Rafiullah Constrution Compa              
Rand Corporation              
Rapiscan Systems, Inc. (OIS Systems)              
Ratheon Australia              
Raytheon Aerospace Company              
Raytheon Demilitarization Corp              
Raytheon Internation Risco              
Raytheon Korean Support Company              
Raytheon Network Centric SYS              
Raytheon Range Systems              
Raytheon Technical Assistance Co.              
RCI Environmental Inc.              
Remotely Piloted Solutions              
Remotely Piloted Solutions LLC              
Remotely Piloted Solutions, LLC              
Revival Construction and Supplies              
Ridgeline International              
Ridgeline International, Inc              
RIK, Ltd.              
Rizzani de Eccher (USA) Inc              
Rizzani de Eccher USA, Inc.              
Ronco/Mesopetemia Securities              
Rosta Construction              
RSEA Engineering Corporation              
Ryan International Airlines              
S & K Technologies              
S. S. & Sons Co.              
Sabre/Sentinel Inteernational              
Safe Cargo c/o Maersk              
Safenet Security Services              
SAI Joint Venture              
SAIC (Leidos Holdings Inc)              
Salar Shekib Radio Communication              
Salient Federal Solutions, Inc.              
SBIG Logistics & Technical Services, Inc              
Science Applications International Corpo              
Sean Palmisano              
Security Application Systems Internation              
Servcor, LLC              
SGI Global, LLC              
SGT, Inc.              
Shaw Group, Inc.              
Signal Solutions, Inc (affiliated of Gen              
Silk Route Kabul, Ltd              
Six3 Advanced Systems, Inc              
SKE Support Services              
Social Impact              
Sodexho Alliance              
SOL, Inc.              
Southwest Research Institute              
Spectre Group Intl. LLC              
Spectrum Electrial Services              
Spectrum Solutions              
Spensieri Painting              
SRA International Inc.              
SRA International, Inc.              
Stanley Consultants, Inc.              
Sterling Medical Associates              
Stratascorp Technologies              
Strategic Intelligence Group              
Streamline Defense              
Suagm- Arecibo Observatory-Umet              
Supre Site Services AG c/o Supreme Group              
Systems Products and Solutions, Inc              
Systems, Products and Solutions              
SYTEX, Inc.              
Tactical Workforce Solutions, Inc.              
Tate Incorporated              
Tatitlek Support Services, Inc.              
TCPNS, Inc.              
TDX Global LLc              
Technical Diagnostic Services, Inc.              
Techno-Sciences Inc.              
Tecnico Corporation              
Tekontrol, Inc.              
Texas Gulf Global Trading & Contractiing              
Textron Aviation Beechcraft Defense Co              
Textron International-Afghanistan              
Textron Marine & Land Systems              
THB Clowes              
The Buffalo Group LLC              
The Electronic On-Ramp Inc (EOR)              
The Electronic On-Ramp, Inc              
The Experts Inc              
The Geo Group, Inc.              
The Louis Berger Group              
The Manoff Group, Inc              
The Mitchell Group, Inc.              
The Shadduck Company              
The Shaw Group (aka McDermott, Int.)              
The Telford Group              
The Wexford Group, Intl"              
Tics Construction Corp.              
Tierra Inc              
Tigerswan, Inc              
Tilson Technology Management              
Torres Security              
Total Safety US Inc              
Trinity Technology              
Tropitech, Inc.              
U.S Army Corps of Engineers              
U.S. Coast Guard NAF Activities              
Ultra Services              
United Industrial Corporation              
Universal Security              
Universal Security, LLC              
Universities Space Research Association,              
University Of Maryland College Asia              
Urban Institute              
URS/EG&G Tech/LSI, Inc.              
US International Development Consortium              
USA Environmental, Inc              
USC International, Inc.              
USI ESIS Contracts              
USIDC Inc              
Vegas Queen Logistic              
Verizon Federal Network Services              
Verizon Federal NetworkServices              
Vertex Aerospace Services Corp.              
Vertex Aerospace, LLC              
VetPride Services Inc              
Vigilantes, Inc.              
Vital Link              
Vojin Marjanovich              
VSE CORPORATION              
VxL Enterprises, LLC              
Wackenhut Services, LLC              
WADI SAWA Company              
Water Tight Security Co.              
Wavefront Technologies              
Weston Solutions, Inc              
Wiser Company, LLC              
Wittenberg Weiner Consulting LLC              
Worldwide Security Services              
XO Tech, LLC              
Yong Enterprises, Inc              
Yuksel Metag Tepe Yenigun Zafer JV              
Zachry - Parsons              
Zachry Constructions Corp.              
Zafer Taahut Insaat Ve Ticaret A S              
Zakai Limited              
Zeiders Enterprise              
Zurmat Construction Company              
1st Choice Modular Installation              
4D Security Solutions              
4M Research              
77 Insaat A.S.              
A & L Underground              
A & L Underground, Inc.              
A.G. Blair Shipyard              
A.G. Ship Maintenance Corp              
AACS Consulting              
AAR Air              
AAR Corp              
Abaxx Associates LLC              
ABB Susa, Inc.              
Abdul Ahad Khadim Construction Company              
Abdul Rahman Al-Ghanim & George H. Lee J              
Abdullah c/o FSPL c/o Maersk              
ABM Industries              
Abraxas Corp.              
Abt Associates              
Academ;y for Educational Development              
Access Systems, Inc.              
ACDI VOCA              
Acoutec Contractors              
Action Cleaning Corporation              
Actionline Sytex, Inc.              
ActionNet, Inc.              
Adams Communication And Engineering Tech              
Adams Communications              
Adams Communications & Engineering Techj              
Adana Express              
Adecco Inc              
Administaff, Inc.              
Adv. Electrical Installation              
Advanced C4 Solution              
Advanced C4 Solutions Inc.              
Advanced Electrical Installations Inc.              
Advanced Electronics Co.              
Advanced Engineering Associates Intl, In              
Advanced Future Group International              
Advanced Instrumentation & Ele              
Advanced Technology Inc.              
Advantor Systems Corp              
AECOM / GSS Ltd.              
AECOM Special Mission Services              
AECOM Technology International              
AEGIS (London)              
AEPCO, Inc.              
Aerospace Corporation              
Afgah Construction Companies Umrbeall (A              
Afghan Barez HR Services              
Afghan Development And Construction Comp              
Afghan Fleet and Group Services              
Afghan Imperial Constrution Company              
Afghan National Army              
Afghan Wireless Communication Company (A              
AFH Fuel Services, LLC              
Aftab Sadat Road and Construction              
AGD Demining Team              
Aggreko United              
Aghasahib Construction & Logistic Com              
Agility DGS              
Agland Investment Services, Inc.              
AGM Group Engineering Corp              
Agusta Aerospace Service S.A.              
Ahmad Waly Construction              
Ahtna Goverment Services              
AIC International, Inc.              
Air Force Central Insurance Fund              
Air Force Central Welfare Fund              
Air Scan Inc              
Aker Philadelphia Shipyard              
Akima LLC              
Akmal Al Masera              
Al Arabyia Company              
Al Banneen Company              
Al Barih Contracting Co.              
Al Bashear Company              
Al Bilal              
Al Hamra Kuwait Co.              
Al Jidara              
Al Marashdy Co.              
Al Mawada Trading & Construction Co.              
Al Musairie National General Trading & C              
Al Mustafa Company              
Al Nasrawi Company              
Al Noor Contracting Company              
Al Rajaa Company              
Al Salam Aircraft Co. Ltd.              
Al Seqir Express Cargo Ltd.              
Al Shanashel Company              
Al Souhail Group              
Al Tasami Company              
Al Tijan Contracting Company              
Al Waha Flower Co. Ltd              
Al Yakeen Engineering Company              
Al Zumurod              
Alaska Abatement Corporation              
Albironi Construction and Engineering Co              
ALC, Inc.              
Alex Group Logistic Services              
Alfajer LTD              
Alfajer, LTD              
Alion Science and Tech.              
Aliron International Inc.              
Aliron International, Inc              
Alistiqama Company              
Allco Construction Inc              
Allen-Vanguard International, LLC              
Alliance Project Services, Inc              
Allied Technologies and Consulting              
Allrig inc              
Almasar For Oil Transportation              
Alsalam Aircraft Company, Ltd.              
Alster Construction Company              
Altaca-Akfen JV              
Alutiq Security              
Amec Foster Wheeler              
AMEC foster Wheeler              
Amelco International              
Ameresco, Inc.              
Americable International Japan, Inc              
American Airports Corp.              
American Bridge Co.              
American Defense Systems, Inc.              
American Hospital Services Group              
American Income Life              
American Lawn Maintenance Inc              
American Mission Hospital              
American Oceanic Coatings Cove              
American Piping &Boiler Co              
American Roofing & MEtal Co. Inc              
American Security Programs Inc              
American Security Programs, Inc.              
American Stevedoring, Inc.              
American Sugar Refining Co (Domino)              
American Sugar Refining Co of NY              
American Systems              
American United Center              
American University of Afghanistan              
American Veteran Solutions Inc.              
Amerifa Geophyte JV              
Ameritemps, Inc.              
Amin Construction and Services              
Andrew Lawrence Construction Company              
ANHAM FCZO              
Anistar Technologies              
Ankor E&P Holding Corporation              
Antarctic Logistic And Expeditions              
Antarctic Support Associates              
Antonio Espera              
AOCE, Inc              
Aon Fire Protection Engineering Corp.              
AOS, Inc.              
Apex Expert Solutions LLC              
APL(America) LLC              
APM Terminals              
Apollo Group, Inc.              
Applied Engineering Management Corporati              
APS Stevedoring, LLC              
APS-ARTI, LLC(AAJV)              
Archer Danields Midland              
Archer Daniels Midland Co.              
Arctek Engineering Solutions JLT              
Arctic Slope Regional Corporation              
Arcturus UAV              
ARD, Inc              
Areebel Engineering & Logistics              
Argen Tech Solutions              
ArgenTech Solutions              
ArgerTech Solutions              
Aria Watan Group of Companies              
ARINC Inc.              
Arizona Zooligical Society              
ARM Group, Inc.              
Arma Aviation              
Armor Holdings Aerospace Defence Trainin              
Armored Technical Solutions              
Arrow Security & Training              
Arrow Security and Training              
Artic Slope Regional Corp/lssop Provisio              
Ashville Jet              
ASI Services              
Aspen Medical              
Assessment & Training Solutions Consulti              
Assessment And Training Solutions              
Assessment and Training Solutions Consul              
Assessment Training Solutions Consulting              
Astoria Global Road & Constrution              
Asymmetric LLC              
At RMS (All Taha Recrutment&Management S              
AT&T Technologies, Inc              
Atac Services LLC              
ATAC Services LLC (Saic)              
Ataullah Amir              
ATCO Frontec Europe              
ATCO Frontec Europe Ltd.              
Athena Innovative Solutions              
Atlantia Offshore Limited              
Atlantic Coast Contracting              
Atlantic Commetech Corporation              
Atlantic CommTech Corp              
Atlantic Design Group, Inc              
Atlantic Desing Group, Inc              
Atlantic Ordnance International              
Atlas Advisor              
Atmospheric Science Technology              
ATSG Corporation              
Attayee Logistics              
Augustine Consulting              
Augustine Consulting, Inc.              
Aurora LLC.              
Ausgar Technologies, Inc              
Ausgar Technologies, Inc.              
AUSGAR Technologies, Inc.              
Autec Range Service              
Auto Link Atal Afghan Construction              
Avatar World Link              
Avening Management and Technical Service              
Awhig Professional Training, LLC              
Axseum Solution, LLC              
Axxeum Inc.              
Azizy Aria Construction And Road Buildi              
B & A Marine Co Inc              
B & D Marine & Ind. Boilers, Inc.              
B&B Electrical & Utility Contractors, In              
B&R Sandblasting and Coating              
B3H Corporation              
Babylan Gates              
Bacik Group LLC              
Badawa Company              
Bae Systems Holdings              
BAE Systems North America              
BAE Systems Technology Solutions & Servi              
Baker James              
Bakhtar Parwan Transport              
Balck Hall Aerospace              
Balckwater (Constellis)              
Bank of America              
Barbaricum, LLC              
Barents/Bearing Point              
Barling Bay, LLC              
Battell Memorial Institute              
Baum Romstedt Technology Research              
Bay Associates LLC,              
Bay Diesel Corporation              
Baylor College Of Medicine              
Beacfcraft Holdings LLC              
Beacon Occupational Heatlth&Safety Servi              
Bear Defense Service, LLC              
Bear Defense Services, LLC              
Beechcraft Defense Company              
Beechcrsft Defense Company              
Bell Helicopter International, Inc.              
Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.              
Beltsville Industries Group Inc              
Bering Sea Environmental              
Berke Uluslararas Tas. Otom. San. Tic. L              
Berry Aviation, Inc.              
Bertling Gulf Logistics LTD              
Bird Electric              
Bixal Solution Inc.              
BJS, LLC.              
BKM Global Corporation              
BL Harber International              
Black & Veatch              
Black Box Corperation              
Black Hall Aerospace              
Blackbird Technologies, Inc              
Blackhawk Management Corporation              
Blackwater (Academi)              
Blackwater Security              
Blastco Pacific Inc              
Blocker International              
Blue Force Inc              
Blue Hackle Security Company              
Blue Light              
Blue Light LLC              
Blue Light, LLC              
Blue Marine Services              
BlueForce Inc              
BMC Logistic Support Services              
Boart Longyear              
Boeing Company Intersate Program              
Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.              
Bosch Global Services              
BOSH Global Services              
Bossman Construction Co.              
Botvinis Security, Inc.              
Brandon OLeary              
Bravura information Technology Systems              
Bredero Price Co., Inc.              
Brid Electric              
bridge Company              
Brown International Corp.              
Bryan E. Wallace              
BSI Inspectorate              
BTS Software Solutions              
Builders International Group, LLC (BIG)              
Bull & Bear Assocites              
Burns & Roe Services Corp.              
Butler International, Inc.              
Butler Services Group ,Inc.              
C & C Technologies Inc              
C&N Universe, In              
C&S Services, Inc              
C.A Jones              
C2 Essentials Inc              
C2 Essentials, Inc (Valorous, Inc)              
C4 Planning Solutions, LLC              
CA Advanced, Inc.              
Cabras Marine Corp.              
Caci International              
CACI International              
CACI International Inc.              
Caddell Construction Co. (DE), LLC              
Caddell Construction Company              
Cadell Construction Co. Inc.              
CAE USA              
Caesars Entertainment              
Cagla Group Electrical Construction Indu              
Caldwell Cable Ventures, Inc.              
Calhoun International              
Calibre Systems, Inc.              
Caliburn International              
CAlifornia Army National Guard              
Camber COrporation              
Camber Corporations              
Camber Corporaton              
Cambridge Communication Systems, Inc.              
Cambridge International Systems, Inc              
Camris International              
CAMRIS International, Inc              
CAN USA, Inc.              
Candian Helicopters LTD              
Cap Sante International, Inc.              
Cape Design Enginering Co.              
CAPE Environmental Management, Inc.              
Cape Fox              
Capital Consulting Services              
Carana Corporation              
Cardinal Culinary Services              
Cardno Emerging Markets              
Cargill Grain Company              
Caribbean Project Management              
Caribou Thunder, LLC (DBA CTL Resources)              
Carisco Inc.              
Castalia Systems LLC              
Castle Force Consultancy              
Cato Inc.              
CCE Specialitiess, LLC              
CCSI Wake Project              
CDM, Inc.              
Celeris Systems, Inc.              
Celerity IT, LLC              
Celestar Corp.              
Center for Cultural and Technical              
Centerra Group, LLC              
Centerra Parsons Pacific, LLC              
Centra Technology, Inc.              
CENTRA Technology, Inc.              
Central Asia Development Group              
Centurum Information Technology              
Centurum, Inc              
CGH Global              
Charles Arthur Williams              
Charles Burns              
Charter Trading Corp              
Charter Trading Corp.              
Checchi and Company Consulting              
Chechi &Co Consulting Inc              
Chenega Operations Services, LLC              
Cherokee Information Services, Inc.              
Cherokee National Business              
Chicksaw Nation Industries / Corporate H              
Choctaw Management Services Enterprises              
CHSi Middle East              
Chugach Federal Services, Inc              
Chugach McKinley, Inc.              
Chugach World Services Inc              
Chugach World Services, Inc.              
Ciano International Services              
CID Services Intl Inc.              
Cinteot Inc.              
Civilian Police International(CPI)              
Claro KC              
Clarus Fluid Intellgence              
Clarus Fluid Intelligence              
Clayton Consultants, Inc.              
Clear Path International              
CLI Usa, Inc.              
CLI USA, Inc.              
Client Network Services, Inc              
CLP Skilled Trade Solutions              
Coastal Security              
Cochise Consultancy, Inc              
Coherent Systems International              
Collins Radio Company              
COLSA Corp              
Combat Support Associates Ltd.              
Combined Joint Psychological Task Force              
Comete Engineering              
Comforce Corporation              
Community Bank              
Companion Security Group              
Companion Security Group, LLC              
Compass ISS              
Comprehensive Health Services ME, LLC              
Comprehensive Health Services, Inc.              
Computer Generated Solution              
Comtech / TCS              
Comtech TCS              
Conceptual MindWorks, Inc.              
Concurrent Technologies Corp              
Concurrent Technologies Corp (CTC)              
Conductor Installation Servies Inc.              
Con-Fab Services, Inc              
Connexus Corporation              
Consoldated Resource Imaging              
Consolidated Resource Imaging              
Constellis National Security Division, L              
Consultants Goverment Industry              
Continental Tide Defense Systems, Inc.              
Contrack Watts              
Contract Professionals              
Contracting Consulting Engineering, LLC              
Contruction Helicopter, Inc.              
Convenant Homeland Security Solutions              
Cooperative Housing Foundation / Global              
Core International, Inc.              
Corimec Italiana S.P.A.              
Corman Marine Construction              
COS/LA Guam              
CRC Drilling & Blasting, Inc              
Creative Corrections, LLC              
CREC Group, LLC              
Crescent Security Group              
Crewestone Technologies, Inc              
Critical Incident Solutions, LLC              
Crowley Liner Services              
Crowley Maritime Corp.              
Crystal Clear Technologies, Inc              
CSG Solutions              
CSM Solutions Inc              
CSMI Cargo Security Management Int              
CSMI, LLC              
CSR Computer Sciences Raytheon              
CSX Transportation              
CTI Resource Management Services              
CTL Resources              
CTS Global, Inc.              
CTS Hardline, LLC              
CTSC, LLC              
CTS-Hardline, LLC              
Cubic Applications, Inc              
Cubic/Nek Services              
Cummins Middle East FZE              
Custer Battles              
Custer Battles LLC              
CWTS Cubic Applications Inc              
Cyberspace Solutions, LLC.              
Cygnus Aerospace Inc.              
Cygnus Aerospace, Inc.              
D - Jerusalem Company              
D&M Enterprises of the Treasure              
D&S Consultants, Inc.              
D. Anderson              
D3M, LLC              
DAAR Engineering, Inc.              
Daewoo E. & C., Co. Ltd.              
Dana Transport              
Daniel T. Heinz              
Daniel T.Heinz              
Dar Al-Handash Consultants              
Datapath Inc.              
DataPath, Inc              
Davis Strategic Innovations, Inc              
Davut Company              
Dawson Federal Inc.              
Dawson Solutions, LLC              
DCK Workd Wide Holding Inc.              
DCK Worldwide              
DCK Worldwide Holding, Inc              
DCS corporation              
DCS Corporation              
Deco Security Services              
Deep Dea Logistics Company              
Defence Finance & Accounting              
Defense Acquisition Support Services, LL              
Defense Base Services Inc              
Delaware River Basin Commission              
Delaware River Stevedores, Inc              
Deloitte Consulting LLP              
Deloitte LLP Services/USAID              
Delphinus Engineering, Inc.              
Delta Mechanical              
Demining Team No.4              
Democracy International              
DePaul University              
Dependable Diesel Services Company              
Dept of the Army              
Derrell F Hutchison              
Desbuild Incorporated              
Development Alternatives              
Development And Training Services              
Development Associates              
Dewberry Engineers              
DHL International              
Diagnostic Microbiology Development Prog              
Diamond Offshore Drilling, Inc.              
Digital Ibiz              
Diplomatic Club              
Directorate of Public Works              
Diversified Technical Services, Inc.              
Dixie Portland Flour Mills              
DJB Contracting Inc              
DLSS Corporation              
DocuPro, Inc              
Doss Aviation, Inc.              
Dpi Holding, Llc and Subsidiaries              
DRC Emergency Services              
Drop Test, Inc.              
DRS Electronics Systems, Inc.              
DRS Global Solutions              
DRS RSTA              
DRS Tem              
DSI General Contractors              
DUCOM Incorporated              
DUCOM, Inc              
Duff Electronic Corporation              
Dunubia Global              
DuVal Solutions LL              
Dyar Company              
Dyn Marine Services              
Dyn Marine Srevices              
Dynamic Industries, Inc.              
E F Fox & Associates              
E.K. Fox & Associates, Ltd.              
E.K. Fox and Associates              
Eagan McAllister Associates, Inc.              
Eagle Group International, Inc.              
Eagle Support Services Corp.              
Eagle Systems, A Columbia Group Co.              
Eastern Shipbuilding              
Eastern Solutions              
EC Company              
ECC Water & Power LLC              
ECODIT Llc              
Ecolab Inc.              
ECRC CCC Jv              
ECS FEderal              
ECS Federal, Inc.              
Edison Chouest Offshore              
EDO Corporation              
Efe Project International Shipping, Inc.              
Egan McAllister Associates Inc.              
EHW Constructors, A Joint Venture              
El- Hoss Engineering & Transport Co. W.L              
El Mutmayzum Refrigerated Transportation              
Elaf Company              
Elbit Systems of America (M7)              
Electronic On Ramp              
Electronic On-Ramp, INC              
Electronic Systems              
Ellis World Alliance Corp.              
Emergence Group Advisors LLC              
Emerging Technologies Group, USA              
Emerifa Geophyte JV              
EMR, Inc.              
Energy Transfer Equity              
Engineered Support System              
Engineering Enviromental MNG              
Engineering Support Personnel, Inc              
ENGlobal Corp              
Enhanced Performance&Solutions LLC              
Enviro Management & Research, Inc              
Enviro Management &Research              
Environet Inc. LLC              
EOD Technology, Inc              
EOIR Technologies, Inc              
EOR Security              
ERC, Inc.              
Erickson Transport              
ERSM Ltd              
Espial Services, Inc.              
Est Electrical Contractors And Engineers              
Estes Express Lines              
Evenge Inc.              
Everest Technology Solutions, Inc.              
Evergreen Helicopter              
Evergreen International              
EW Solutions Ltd              
Exelis Inc.              
Exp Federal Inc              
Exploration Logistics              
Exploration Resources Internatl              
Exponent, inc              
F3EA, Inc              
Facilities Development Corp.              
Facilities Service Group, Inc.              
Facility Site Contractors              
Fairchild Industries              
Falcon Security              
Family Health International              
Faqir Taqmim Constrution (FTC)              
Farrell Lines, Inc.              
Fast Movers Logistic Solutions              
Faziullah Construction & Engeneering Com              
FC Staffing, Inc              
Feka Insaat Sanayii Ve Ticaret A.S.              
Fendy Jalalabad              
FHI 360              
FHI Development 360, LLC              
FiberTek Inc.              
Field Maintenance & Repair              
Fields Fire Protection, Inc              
Firdos al Khalid              
Fire & Emergency Services Roosevelt Road              
First Asia Constrution              
First Division Consulting, Inc              
First Marine Corp.              
Fisk Electric Co.              
FLAG International, LLC              
Flatiron Construction              
Flatter, Inc              
Flexicrew Staffing Inc.              
Flight International, Inc.              
Flight Landata Inc.              
Flight Servicers International              
Flights Services International              
Flightworks, Inc              
FLIR Systems, Inc.              
Flour Corporation              
Fluor Maintenance, Inc.              
Force Protection Industries Inc              
Foreign Casualty - TMH Medical              
Forum Energy Technologies OJS Subsea              
Foulger-Pratt Contracting Co..              
Foulger-Pratt, LLC              
FRDA, LLC              
FRDA, LLC.              
Frederick Ward Associates, Inc              
Froehling & Robertson, Inc              
Frontier Medical              
FSI Worldwide              
FSS Alutiiq JV              
FTS International, LLC              
Futron Incorp.              
Future Technologies, Inc              
G & A Outsourcing Inc.              
G.R.G. Engineering Inc              
G4S Risk Management, Ltd.              
Gan Corporation              
GAP Solutions, Inc.              
Garda International Services              
GardaWorld International Protective Svc              
Garry Struthers Associates              
Gazal Logistics              
GC Valiant              
GCC Services              
GD Arabia, Ltd.              
GE Energy Oil&Gas              
GE Internation              
GE Ion Track              
General Atomics Systems, Inc              
General Dynamics Advanced Information Sy              
General Dynamics Land Sys, Force Protect              
General Dynamics Land System              
General Maintenance & Labor, Inc.              
General Trade & Contracting/GlobalMed In              
Generation Refrigeration              
Geodesick, Inc              
Geodis Shipping & Trucks c/o Maersk              
George Washington University              
Gilbane/Gilbane Federal              
Gilford Corporation              
Gillies Anthony Michael              
Glasstra Aluminum Inc.              
Gleason Research Associates              
Global Market Link              
Global Associates              
Global Aviation Holding, Inc.              
Global Aviation Holdings, Inc              
Global Aviation Holdings, Inc.              
Global C2 Integration Technologies              
Global Eagle              
Global Fire&Safety, Inc              
Global GP LLC              
Global Group              
Global Integrated Security (USA), Inc.              
Global Language Translation Inc.              
Global Legion Solutions/Capros              
Global Logistics Providers c/o Maersk              
Global Rescue LLC              
Global Resource Solutions              
Global Response Staff              
Global Security & Engineering Solutions              
Global Staffing Solutions              
Global Strategies Group              
Global Training Academy              
Globe Wireless              
Globecomm Systems              
Goldbelt Frontier              
Goldbelt Hawk              
Golder Associates Inc.              
Good Knight Security Services              
Goodrich ISR              
Goodrich ISR Systems              
Gould & Associates Global Services, Inc.              
Gov Source Inc              
GPC A Joint Venture              
Grant Thornton LLP              
Green Group Global LLc              
Greenway Enterprises Inc.              
Greenway Enterprises, Inc              
Greer Roofing              
Greeway Enterprises, Inc              
Greystone Environmental Consultants              
Gryphon Technologies              
Guard Force International              
Guardian Moving and Storage Co, Inc.              
Gulf Coast Refreigeration              
Gulf Communications International              
Gulf Copper Dry Dock & Rig Repair              
Gulf County Shipbuilding              
Gulf Link Logistics              
Gulf Suppies & Commercial Services              
GW consulting Inc              
GW Consulting, Inc. D/B/A Gardaworld              
GW Contractors              
Haidar Amir Qasin              
Haji Dastagerzai Construction Company              
Hal Jones Contractor, Inc.              
Halcyon Group International              
Halim Amin Engeneering Constrution Compa              
Halliburton Energy Services              
Halliburton Overseas Unlimited              
Hamid Chardiwal Construction Company(HCC              
Hanjin Intermodal America, Inc              
Harding Security Associates(HSA)              
Hardline Installation, Inc.              
Harirud Technologies              
Harley Marine Services, Inc.              
Harris Corp              
Harris and Saad Construction              
Hart Security Ltd.              
Hart Security, Ltd.              
Hasen Global, LLC              
HBA Construction              
Healy Tibbitts Construction Co.              
Heart Utilities of Jax              
Heartland Alliance              
HEB International              
Hekmat Afghanbistan Construction Company              
Hemat Helmandwal Constrution Company              
Henry Alexander Wirts              
Henry M. Jackson Foundation              
Herc Products, Inc.              
Heritage Services              
HF Group, Inc.              
Highground Services, Inc.              
Highland Alhujaz Co., Ltd              
Hilcorp Energy Company              
History Ground Solutions LLC              
Hitt Construction Co.              
HKA Enterprises              
Hodges Erectors, Inc              
Holcim US , Inc              
Holmes & Narver Inc              
Holmes & Narver, Inc.              
Home Engineering              
Homeland Security              
Homeland Security Solutions, Inc.              
Honeywell Technologies Solutions              
Honeywell Technology Solutions, Inc              
Horne Brothers, Inc.              
Host Nation Perspectives Southwest Asia              
Host Nations Perspectives, South West As              
HRJ International              
HRJ International, Inc.              
HSA inc, A Six 3 Systems Company              
HSA Inc., A Six 3 Systems Co.              
Huellas Oil Field Equipment Services              
Hughes Arabia Limited              
Hughes Network Systems LLC              
Hun n Group              
Huntington Ingall Industries Communicati              
Hyperion, Inc.              
Icarus, Inc. AS              
ICE, Inc - Intelligence, Communication &              
ICF International              
ICF International, Inc              
ICF International, Inc.              
ICI International Consultants, Inc.              
iComPort Co.              
ICS Nett Inc.              
IDS International Government              
IEA, Inc.              
II Corps Consultants, Inc.              
IMIS, LLC              
Impact Resources, Inc dba IR Technologie              
IMTS, LLC              
IMTS. LLC              
Indigen Armor, Inc.              
Industrial Coating Contr. Inc.              
Industrial Divers Corp.              
Industrial Mechanical Contractors              
Industrial Recovery Systems              
Infinite Services & Solutions              
Infinity Systems Engineering              
Infinity Systems Engineering, LLC              
Infinity Technology              
Information Systems Support              
Informatoin Systems Laboratories              
infrasafe Helding Inc              
Infrastructure Construction Company              
Inglett & Stubbs, International              
Inglett and Stubbs International              
Inglett&Stubbs International              
Innovative Professional Solutions, Inc              
INS Systems              
Insight Global Inc              
Insitu Inc              
Insitu, Inc              
Insperity PEO Services LP/Administaff              
Insperity, Inc./SecureInfo              
Integral Consulting Services Inc              
Integrated Construction Services, Inc.              
Integrated Defense Tech.              
Integrated Resource Technologies, Inc.              
Integrated Systems Improvement Services,              
Integrated Video Solutions, LLC              
Integration Innovation              
Integrity Business Solutions, Inc.(iBS)              
Intelitrac Inc.              
Intelligence Communications Eng              
Intelligent Waves LLC              
Intelligent Waves, LLC              
IntellTrac, Inc              
Interactive Research & Development              
Intercon Federal Systems Corp.              
Intergrated Defence Support, Inc.              
Intergrated Systems Improvement Services              
Intermach (Subcontractor to Washington M              
International Charter Inc Of              
International City (CMA)              
International Construcyion Services, LLC              
International Container Repair              
International Development Enterprises              
International Logistics Solutions              
International Logistics Systems, Inc.              
International Management Systems              
International Medical Corps              
International Prepardness Associate INC              
International Preparedness Associates, I              
International Resources Group              
International Security & Defense Managem              
International Security Group              
International Selective Service              
International Shipping Co              
International Ventures Inc              
Internews Nerwork Inc              
Intl Business & Tech Consult              
Intl Foundation For Electoral Systm              
Iomax USA, Inc.              
IPA Energy Consulting              
IPG Solutions LLC              
Iqarius Holding Limited              
Iraq Middle Market Development Foundatio              
IRRA Construction Company              
ISIS, Inc.              
Islands Mechanical Contractor              
ITA, Inc.              
ITT Continental Banking Co.              
ITT Gilfillan, Inc.              
ITT Systems Corp              
J Crowder Corporation              
J T S I Inc.              
J.E Austin Associates, Inc              
J.S Redpath Limited              
Jacintoport International LP              
Jacksonville Sound & Communications, Inc              
Jacobs Engineering              
Jacobs Engineering Group Inc.              
Jacobs Technology              
Jacobs Trnsfer Inc              
James Eugene Hall              
Jamy Arya Constrution Company              
Janus Research Group              
Jason S. Conway              
Jay Cashman, Inc.              
Jay N. Picard              
Jayco Services, Inc              
JB Management              
JB Management, Inc              
JB Management, Inc (JBM)              
Jimmie Dennie              
JK Hill and Associates              
JMW Telecommunications, LLC              
Job-Aire Aviation Services              
John EVeret Hopkins              
John M. Hash              
John Russell              
John Wood Group, PLC              
Johns Hopkins University              
Johnson Controls World Services              
Joint Development Associates Internation              
Jones Stohosky              
Jovian Concepts, Inc              
JQ Builders And Contractors              
JRC Integrated Systems, Inc              
JS International, Inc              
JSI International              
JSI Telecom Inc              
JSL Technologies, Inc              
Juan Vazquez              
Justin Orgeron              
Kabul Balkh Safety & Security              
KADO Co. for General Contracting - Al Ma              
Kahtan Adnan Toama              
Kailash Trading Company              
Kalama Services - ES&H              
Kam Construction              
Kamal Baba Construction Company              
Kaman Helicopters              
Kasemam LLC              
Kaseman LLC              
Katmai Support Service LLC              
Kayand Associates, Inc              
Kazi Investment Group              
KBR Halliburton              
KBSS Secure Security Solutions              
KCI Technologies, Inc              
Kealey Gallagher Construction Corp.              
Kellers, Inc.              
Kforce Goverment Solutions              
Ki, LLC - VA Operations              
Kiewit Eastern Co.              
Kiewit Pacific Company              
Kim Van Co., Inc.              
Kim Van Company, Inc.              
Kinder Morgan Bulk Terminals              
Kinder Morgan, Inc.              
Kingfisher Systems, Inc              
Kira Cosntruction Management              
Kizil Lojistik Uluslararasi Tasimacilik              
KMS Solutions LLC              
Koam Engineering              
Koam Engineering Systems              
Koch & Skanska, Inc.              
Koch Corporation              
Kohaman Nawin Transportation              
Kolin Construction              
KS International              
Ksaria Corporation              
KSJ Resources LLC              
KSJ Resources LLC.              
Kullman Industries              
Kuwait Wudd              
Kwajalein Range Services              
Kwajalein Services (Dyncorp)              
Kwajalien Services, Inc.              
L.N Curtis & Sons              
L-3 Com Unidyne              
L-3 Combat Propulsion Systems              
L-3 Communcations, Linkabit              
L3 Communication Systems West              
L-3 Communications / Flight Internationa              
L-3 Communications Holdings, Inc.              
L-3 Communications/GLS              
L-3 Communications/Intergrated Systems              
L-3 MariPro, Inc.              
Labor Ready              
Lakeshore Tol Test Corporation              
Landstahl Regional Medical Center              
Laney Directional Drilling              
Lansdell Protective Agency              
LBG/BV Spec Proj Joint Venture              
Lear Siegler inc/URS Corp.              
Lear Siegler Mgmt Services, Co. Inc              
Lee Dynamics International              
Lee RMC              
Leed Corporate Services, Inc              
Legal Interpreting Services              
Lesco Logistics              
LGS Innovations, LLC              
Life Cycle Engineering              
Linc/ABM Goverment Services LLC              
Lincoln Group, LLC              
Linxx Global Services              
Linxx Global Solutions, Inc              
Lion Apparel              
LJT& Associates, Inc              
LLH Consulting, Inc.              
Lloyd Electric              
LNO, Inc              
Loadmaster Derrick & Equipment, Inc              
Lockheed Martin GTL              
Lockheed Martin Integrated Systems & Sol              
Lockheed Martin/Sytrx              
Lockton Affinity              
Logistic Solutions Group, Inc              
Logistics Management Engineering, Inc              
Logos Technologies              
Logos Technologies LLC              
London Offshore Consultants              
Long Waves Services              
Lord Electric Company Of PR              
Louis Berger              
Louis Berger International, Inc.              
Louis Berger Svc Group/CAV International              
Lous Berger Group, Inc.              
Lowell Koppert              
Loyal Source Government Services              
LPI Technical Services Company              
Lumbee Tribe Enterprises LLC              
Lynden Air Cargo, LLC              
Lynsack Consultants              
Lyon Associates, Inc.              
M & E Technical Services, LLC              
M&E Global Resources              
M&E Group Ltd              
M&E Techinical Services (METS)              
M&E Technical Services              
M. Anwar Transportation and Logistics Co              
M.C. Dean, Inc              
MacAulay Brown In              
Madison Research Corporation              
Madyen Construction Company              
Maersk, Inc.              
Mag Aerospace              
Magellam Health Services, Inc              
Magellan Health Services, Inc.              
Magellan Health, Inc              
MAgnum Cosntruction Management              
Mahir Needham Conmany              
Mammoet USA South, Inc.              
Management Concepts              
Management Solutions Consulting G              
Management Systems International, Inc              
Manila Construction Management              
Manpower, Inc.              
Manson Construction Co.              
ManTech International Corp.              
Mar Marine Services              
Marathon Electrical Contractors, Inc.              
Marine Systems Corp.              
Marine Terminal Corporation East dba Por              
Marine Tug and Barge, Inc.              
Marisco, Ltd              
Maritime Service Corporate              
Mark Mullins              
Marketing Plus              
Markon Inc.              
Martech International Inc              
Martin Resourse Management Corp              
Martinez International Corp.              
Mas Tec Inc.              
Mas Tec, Inc.              
Mayden Construction Company              
Maytag Aircraft Services              
MBEC Global LLC              
MBEC GLOBAL LLC              
McCormick Contracting Co.              
McDonnell Douglas Services              
McKean Defense Group              
McLane Adavnced Technilogies, LLC              
MCM Global S.A              
Mcmanis & Monsalve Associates              
MD Construction and Architecture Ltd              
Measutronics Corporation              
Medical Faculty Associates, INc              
MEdical Faculty Associates, Inc.              
Medmac Contracting Company Wll              
MedPro Technologies              
Memar Company              
Mercon Air Systems Corp.              
Merlin Ramco Inc.              
Merrick & Company              
Merritt Island Air & Heat              
Mesan Inc.              
Mesotech International, Inc              
Metis Solutions              
Metis Solutions LLC              
Metrica, Inc              
Metris LLC              
MG MEA              
MI Source, Inc.              
Michael Baker International Inc.              
Michael Stepleton Assoc.              
Microsoft Corporation              
Mid Atlantic Proffesionals, Inc DBA SSI              
Mid-Atlantic Professional/ISS              
Middle East Business Solutions (MEBS)              
Middle East Engineering              
MIDS, Inc              
Midwest Air Traffic Control              
Midwest ATC              
Midwest Rearch Institute              
Mil Corporation              
Mil Moscoew Helicopter Plant, JSC              
Mil-Con Electric              
Military Effective Project ans Services              
Military Professional Resource, Inc.              
Military Sealift Command              
Millenium Engineering and Integration Co              
Mine Pro              
Misener Marine, Inc              
Mitchell Jensen and Associates              
Mitchell Jessen and Associates              
Mitre Corporation              
ML Engineering              
MNM Communication              
Mobius Industries, Inc              
Modhar Q Al-Kaim Construction Group              
Modis And Sons Company/Mohamed Abdi              
Mohammad Omid Constrution Comp. (MOCC)              
Morrell International              
Morrison Contractors              
Moseley Technical Services, Inc.              
Motor Services Hugo Stamp Inc.              
Motorola, Inc.              
Mount Airey Group Inc              
Move One FZE              
Move One Logistics, Inc              
MSA Security              
MT Holdings Corp.              
MTNT IT& Communications              
Munir Ayed Ahmed              
Mutual Telecom              
MVG Solutions              
MWH Global              
MZM, Inc.              
NAAFA JFK Flight Attendant              
Nabors Drilling International              
Nabors Offshore Corporation              
NAMMO Inc              
NANA Regional Corp.              
Nana Regional Corporation, Inc              
Nangwik Services, LLC              
Nangwik, LLC              
NASA Construction & Trade Inc              
NASA Services International              
Naseer Jaafer Saadiq              
National Bank of Texas, N.A.              
National Cooperative Business Associatio              
National Democratic Institute for Intern              
National Fuel Corporation              
National Response Corporation              
National Vision Inc              
Native American Environmental, LLC              
NATLASS Co.              
Naval Support Activity South Potomac              
Navid Noori Bagram Wall Constrution Co.              
Navigant International              
Navigator - CareRich Group              
Navmar Applied Sciences Corporation              
NAVMAR Applied Sciences Corporation              
Navy Federal Credit Union              
Nawshakh Global Logistics Business( NGLB              
Neal Schaffer Inc.              
Neany Inc              
Nemaco Incorporated              
Netlinks Ltd              
Netorian Limited Liability Company              
Network Designs, Inc.              
Network Of Construction And Development              
New Aria Afghan c/o Maersk              
New Asurion Corporation              
New Breed Logistics              
New World Technology              
Nextira One Federal/Black Box Net Serv              
NG Solutions LLC              
Noble Contractors              
Norcen Explorer, Inc.              
Norfolk Southern Railway Co.              
North American Techinology Logistics              
North Florida Shipyards, Inc.              
Northrop Aircraft Corporation              
Northrop Corporation              
Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems              
Northrop Grumman Corporation.              
Northrop Grumman Technical Services              
Northwest Aggregates Co              
Nour USA              
Novetta Solutions, LLC              
NVE Inc              
NVI, LLC              
O.E.S Inc.              
Oak Grove technologies, LLC              
OAM Middle East              
Oasis International Waters dba Al Morrel              
OAS-SEII Centcom              
Obor Digital, LLC              
Obsidlan Solutions Group              
Occam Solutions, Inc.              
Occu-Med, Ltd.              
Ocean Systems Engineering Corp.              
Odebrecht Construction, Inc.              
Odyssey Systems Consulting Group, LTD              
Office of Regional Affairs              
OGara Training & Services              
Oil States Internaytional Inc              
Olgoonik Development&Associated Companie              
Omega Protein, Inc.              
Omega Risk Solutions              
On The Frontier Group, Inc.              
One Federal Solutions              
Onsite Occupational Health & Safety              
Onsite Ohs, Inc              
Oregon Electric Construction/Centennial              
Oregon State University              
Orion International Technologies              
Osen Hunter Group              
Oshkosh Truck Corporation              
OSI Systems              
Osman Kaya              
Overseas Administration Services Ltd              
Overseas Military Sales Corp.              
Overseas Strategic Consulting, Ltd              
Overwatch Systems              
OWL Companies              
P.D. Systems              
P.E.P. Inc.              
P.M.S.E.C. Services              
P.W.S. International, Inc.              
PACT Inc              
Pact, Inc              
Pan Am World Services Inc.              
Pan American Development Foundation              
Pan American World Airways              
Paragon Communications              
Parks Global Solutions, LLC              
Parson Brinkerhoff Inc.              
Parson Infrastructures/Card Industries              
Parsons Construction              
Parsons Group/Iraqia Protection              
Parsons Pacific, LLC              
Parsons, Brinckerhoff Intl, Inc              
PAT Engineering Enterprises Co., WLL (PA              
Pat USA, Inc.              
Patrick Support Services              
Patriot Contract Services              
Patriot Environmental Services              
Patriot Mechanical Handling Inc.              
Patriot Performance Materials              
PAX Mondial              
Pax Mondial/Mondial Risk Mangement Compa              
PCI Strategic Management              
Pegasus Technologies, Inc              
Pelagique, LLC              
Pelatron Inc.              
Pemix Construction              
Pentagon Federal Credit Union              
People Ready Inc              
People Ready Inc/Trueblue              
People Technology and Processing              
PeopleReady Inc              
Perception IR Special Services,LLC              
Peregrine Eyes Iraq              
Perennial Contractors              
Performance Personnel, LLC              
Perini Construction Corp.              
Permanent Workers, LLC              
Pernix Group Inc              
Perrenial Contractors, LLC              
Perspecta, Inc.              
Peter Pan Seafoods, Inc.              
Petersendean Roofing & Solar Systems, In              
Photon Works Engineering LLP              
Pika International, Inc              
Pilgrims Group Limited              
Pinkerton Government Services              
Pinnacle Construction Company              
Pinnacle Solutions, Inc.              
Pinnacle Transport, Inc.              
Pipeline Services international              
PKL Services Inc              
Platform Specialty Products              
Platinum Soultions, Inc.              
Point 2 Point Global Security, Inc              
Point 2 Point Security              
Poland Field Services              
Polar Air Cargo              
Pond Security Service              
Portage, Inc              
Potomac River Group              
Power Systems &Controls, Inc              
Pragma Corporation              
Precision Aviation              
Premier Facade Solutions              
Premier Professional Systems Inc.              
Presidential Airways              
Primal Innovation LLC              
Primary Source Electric              
Primary Source Electric, LLC              
Process Technical services Inc.              
Procurement Services Associates              
Professional Mgmt & Environmental              
Professional Service Solutions              
Professional Solutions              
Professional Solutions1, LLC              
Proffesional Solutions 1, LLC              
Progeny Systems LLC              
Project resources Inc. PRI              
Project Time & Cost, LLC              
Prosis Hawaii LLC              
ProSol Associates, LLC              
Prospect Waterproofing Co.              
Prosync Technology Group              
Protection Strategien Inc              
Protection Strategies Inc.              
Protection Strategies Incorporated              
PRO-Telligent, LLC              
Provincial South Inc              
Proxy Aviation Systems, Inc.              
PRT Paktya              
Public Affairs Media Group              
Public International Law & Policy Group              
Puckett Global Services Inc              
Pulau Corp.              
Pulau Corporation              
Purcell Painting&Coatings              
Q2 Solutions              
QinetiQ North America-Westar Aerospace              
Qualis Corp.              
Quality Construction & Production, LLC              
Quality Construction Services, Inc.              
QuantiTech Inc              
Quantum Stabilizers              
Quantum Technology Services              
Quavant Networks, Inc.              
Quiet Professionals, LLC              
R&K Solutions, Inc              
R/S Electric Utility Services Corp              
R-4 Inc.              
R4 Integration, Inc              
RA International FZCO              
Radiance Technologies, Inc.              
Radio Reconnaissance Tech, Inc              
Radio Reconnaissance Technologies              
Radio-Holland USA, B.V              
Raed Al Qaisi              
Rafinery Associates of Texas Inc.              
Railhead, Inc              
Ralyant Solutions LLC              
Rana Khost Construction Company              
RAND Corporation              
Ranger Environmental              
Ranger Land Systems              
Ranj Company for General Trading and Con              
Rapiscan Systems Inc c/o OSI Systems Inc              
Rapiscan Systems, Inc              
Rapiscan Systoms, Inc              
Ratcliffe Construction              
Raytheon Aerospace Co              
Raytheon Co (UE & C)              
Raytheon Constructors Inc.              
Raytheon Engineers Constructio              
Raytheon Engineers Inc.              
Raytheon Integration Systems              
Raytheon Middle East Systems              
Raytheon Network Centric System              
Raytheon Polar Services              
Raytheon Services Nevada Co.              
Raytheon Technologies              
Razayan Logistic & Service Group              
RBC Construction Corp              
RC Professionals & Construction Services              
RCA Corp/ General Electric              
RCA Government Service              
RDR, Inc.              
Red Hook Container Terminal, LLC              
Red Sea Construction and Development              
Reed International Inc              
Reed Marine, Inc.              
Refinery Associates of Texas, Inc.              
Refrigration Industries Company              
Rekord Hake Namiotowe              
Reliable Mechanical, Inc.              
Relyant Global              
Relyant Global, LLC              
Relyt International LLC              
Remotely Piloted Solutions LLC.              
Resicum International, LLC              
Resilience Construction              
Resource Consultants, Inc.              
Resources Global Professionals              
Reyam International F.Z.E.              
Richard W. Kripinski              
RIK, Ltd              
Risk and Security Management Consulting              
RJL Enterprises, Inc              
RLM Communications, Inc              
RLM Communications, Inc.              
RMA Group (Afghanistan)              
Robert B. Mann              
Rockwell Collins              
Rockwell Collins Inc              
Rodio Swiss Boring              
Rolls Royce Corporation              
Rome Research Corporation              
Ronco Consulting Corporation              
Roots of Peace              
Rotech Subseal, LLC              
RQ Construction , LLC              
RQ Construction, LLC              
RTX Incorporated              
Safe Ports              
Safemark Systems LP              
Safway Services              
Safway Steel Products              
Salient CRGT              
SAL-Risk Group              
Sambros International Inc              
San Juan Cosntruction, Inc              
Sandi Group              
Sarnoff Corporation              
Saudi Arabian Trading and Constuction Co              
Sayed Bilal Sadath Construction Co.              
SC Companies Inc              
Scaffolding Rental              
Scandinavian Boiler Service, Inc              
Science and Engineering Services              
Science and Engineering Services, LLC              
Scripps Ventures Inc              
SDI, Inc              
Sea Coast Line Handling Company              
Sea Land Service, Inc.              
Sea Research Foundation              
Seatrax, Inc.              
Seaward Marine Services              
Seaward Services              
Seco Industries, Inc              
Secure Engineering Services              
Security Alliance, LLC              
Selrico Services, Inc.              
Sensor Technologies Inc.              
Sensor Technologies Incorporated              
Sentel Corp              
Sentel Corp.              
Servco Solutions              
Service Employerees International Inc.              
Services Employees International, Inc.              
Servicios Tecnicos del Caribe              
Sev1 Tech LLC              
S-F Logistics & Services              
SF Professional logistics and Services L              
SGT, Inc              
Shafique Royat Transport c/o Maersk              
Shahbaz Khosti Construction Company (SKC              
Shahyaar Group Construction, Logistics &              
Shaw Group / Shaw Construction              
Sheladia Associates              
Shine Systems & Technologies              
Shiptech America LLC.              
Sholb UI HAQ Construction              
Shuyler Services LLC              
Siemens Government Services              
Siemens Power Transmission and Distribut              
Sigma One Corporation              
Sikorsky Aircraft (UTC)              
Silicis Technologies Inc              
Silicis Technologies, Inc              
Six 3 Systems Inc.              
Six3 Advanced Systems Inc.              
Skanska USA Civil SE              
Sky Moon Construction Co.              
Skylink Arabia, Ltd.              
Slaydeb Const Group & Sundt Const, a joi              
SLL AG Inc.              
Smart Group Technical Services              
Smartronix, Inc.              
SMC Consulting              
Sniperhill Intarnet Services              
Societe El Kader              
Sohail Global Group              
Som Digital Association              
Sonsub International              
Sorrell Group International              
Sotera Defensa Solutions, Inc              
Soufan Engineering              
Southeastern Services Inc              
Southern Air Transport              
Southern Air, Inc              
Southern Electric Corporation              
Southern Stevedoring Co. Inc.              
Spa Road Construction Company              
Spacelink International              
Spain AFS              
Spartan Air Academy              
Spartan Construction Company              
Spartan Staffing              
Spatial Engineering Inc.              
Special Applications Group, LLC              
Special Technologies, Inc              
Spectrum Electrical Services, Inc              
Spectrum Solutions, Inc.              
Speed Eagle Logistics& Services Co              
Splice Co. Inc.              
Splice Co., Inc.              
Splice Company, Inc.              
Sprcial Operations Technology Inc              
SSA Cooper              
SSFM International, Inc.              
SSG Advisors              
SSG/CAI Cubic Applications              
Stan Ellington              
Stanley Associate/CGI Federal              
Stanley Consultants, Inc              
Stara Technlogies, Inc              
Stars and Stripes              
Staten Island Welding Service              
Steel and Pipes              
Sterling international Group,LLC              
Steven R Kritenbrink              
Stewart & Stevenson              
STG Inc.              
STG, Inc              
STG, Inc.              
Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies              
Strategic Business Systems, Inc.              
Strategic Social              
Strategic Solutions Unlimited, Inc.              
Strike Group              
Subsidium Inc              
Sub-Surface Engineering, Ltd.              
Sunryse ConStruction Services Inc.              
Sunryse Construction Services, Inc              
Superior Technical Resources              
SupplyCore Inc.              
Supreme Global Service Solutions              
Supreme Site Services AG              
Suraya Construction and Production Compa              
Sustainment Solutions, Inc              
Swiftships LLC              
Swiftships Shipbuilders, LLC              
Symbion Ozdil JV/Ozdil Energy Contract              
Syncadd Systems, Inc              
Synovision Solutions              
Syracuse Research Corp.              
System Dynamics International, Inc.              
System Studies & Simulation, Inc              
Systems Products and Solutions              
Systems Services Inc              
Sytera, LLC              
T. J. Fig, Inc.              
T.A. Consulting, Inc.              
TAC Technologies              
TAC Worldwide              
TAC Worldwide, Inc.              
Tachyon Network, Inc.              
Tactical Solutions, Inc              
Target Logistic Services              
TASM/Technology and Supply Mang.              
TATE, Incorporated              
Tatitlek Support Services              
Taylors International Service              
Taylors International Services              
Taylors International Services Inc.              
TBW Global              
TCMP Health Services, Inc              
TCom LP.              
TCOM, L.P              
TD Support Services Corp              
TDB International Ltd              
TDX Glboal LLC (Tanadgusix Corporation)              
Techmis LLC              
Technatomy Corporation              
Technical Employment Services              
Technologies, Inc.              
Technologist, Inc.              
Technologistss, Inc.              
Technology And Supply Management              
Technology and Supply Management LLC              
Technology and Supply Management, LLC              
Technology Management & Innovative Solut              
Teh Atlantic Group              
Teken Co Ltd.              
Telecommunication Systems Inc.              
Telford Aviation Services              
Telford Group              
Telophase Corporation              
Telos Corporation              
Telum Protection Corp.              
Temp Health Services              
Tenax Aerospace              
Tenax TM,LLC              
Tepe Insaat              
Texas Instruments              
Textron AVCO Lycoming              
Textron, Inc.              
The Analysis Corp. dba Sotera Defense So              
The Asia Foundation              
The Aviant Group              
The Boeing Co.              
The CFP Group, Inc.              
The Christian & Missionary Alliance              
The Christian and Missionary Alliance              
The Experts, Inc.              
The Hiller Companies, Inc.              
The Intellekt Group              
The Keyw Corporation              
The Kon Terra Group              
The Louis Berger Group, Inc.              
The Mayvin Consulting Group, Inc              
The Mechanic Group              
The Mechanic Group, Inc              
The Mill Corporation              
The Orkand Corp.              
The QED Group, LLC              
The Red gate Group, Limited              
The Regents of the University of Colorad              
The Reger Group              
The Rehancement Group              
The Second City Inc.              
The Services Group, Inc.              
The Urban Institute              
The Wexford Grp. Intl /CACI - WGI, Inc              
The Wexler Group              
Thermal Dynamics International Inc.              
THL Technology ( Sword Insurance)              
Thomas Hardwick Gailey              
Thomas J. Feeney Enterprises              
Thompson Wimmer, Inc              
Thomspon-Wimmer Inc              
Ti Day Labor              
Ticom Geomatics              
TICS Construction, Inc,              
Tidewater Staffing              
Tigris Enterprises              
Tilliver Group              
Time Magazine              
Titan Corp. (formerly SEMCOR)              
Tlingit Haida Tribal Business Corp              
TMH Hospital              
TMX, Inc              
Todd L. Lind              
Todd M Husty Do, PA              
TOGA Construction              
Tol Test              
TolTest, Inc.              
Tong Rental & Supply Incorporated              
Tony M. Warburton              
Tower Inspection, Inc.              
Trace System              
Trace Systems              
Tradesmen International Inc              
Trailboss Enterprises Inc.              
Transcendence, Inc              
Trecons, Inc.              
TRG, Inc              
Tri Star Eng.              
Tribalco LLc              
Tribalco LLC              
Trident Group              
Trident Group, Inc.              
Trison Construction Inc              
Trison Construction Inc.              
Trison-Desbuild JV              
Truland Reliatech              
T-Solutions, Inc              
Tutor Perini Corp.              
TWI (gmbh)              
Tyden Group Holdings Corp              
Tyrone S. Woods              
U. S. Logistics, Inc.              
U.S. Microwave              
UAV Communication dba Bosh Global Servic              
UIC Technical Services, LLC              
Ultisat Inc.              
Ultisat Inc. / PSI systems              
Ultisat, Inc.              
Ultra Electronics SOTech              
Unidyne Corporation              
United Engineers & Constructors              
United Industrial Corp.              
United Industries Group              
United Service Organization, Inc.              
United Service Organizations, Inc              
United Ship Service Corp.              
United States Environmental Services , L              
United States Marine, Inc.              
United Stevedoring of America              
Unity kabul Logistic & Supply Srvices              
Univac (Sperry Rand Corporation)              
Universal Consulting Services, Inc.              
Universal Fire Sprinkler Co., Inc              
Universal Project Management, Inc.              
Universal Systems & Technology, Inc.              
University Of California, Davis              
University Research Co. LLC              
Urban Associates              
URS Corp.              
URS Energy & Construction Inc.              
US Army Reserve              
US Led Coalition Forces              
US Training Center Security Consultants              
USA Federal Credit Union              
USAID SEDP              
USB International, Inc.              
USI-Garry Struthers Associates              
Ustc Holdings, LLC              
UTC Aerospace System ( Goodrich Corp)              
U-Tech Services Corporation              
Utility Lines Construction Services, LLC              
V-42, LLC              
Valcom Consulting Group.              
Valero Energy Corporation              
Valorous, Inc              
Van Du Zee, Inc.              
Van Management, Inc.              
VBH Global Inc              
Vencore, Inc              
Venesco and EMR Joint +Venture              
Veris Group              
Versar International, Inc              
Versar Intl Assistance Projects IR              
Versar, Inc              
Vertex RSI              
Vertical De Aviacion              
Vertol Systems Co., Inc.              
VESA Health Technology              
Veteran Solutions, Inc              
Viasat, Inc              
Viatech, A DSCI Company              
Vicksburg Marine UAE Ltd.              
Victor E. Gonzalesz DBA Servicios de Ind              
Vighter Medical Group LLC              
Vigilant Canine Services International              
Villa Nova Constrution Company              
Vinnell corporation              
Virginia Tech              
Visit Orlando              
Vista Star Construction              
Vital Link, Inc              
Volt Information Sciences, Inc.              
VT G roup Holdings, Inc              
VT Griffin Services, Inc.              
VT Milcom, Inc.              
V-Tech Solutions, Inc              
VW International              
VXL Limited              
W.D. Moreland Contracting              
W.G. Yates and Sons Construction              
Wackenhut Services , LLC              
Wackenhut Services Inc.              
Wahid Ullah Ahmad Zai Group Ltd              
Walashek Industrial & Marine              
Walsh Construction Co.              
Wamar Technologies              
Wara Construction Co, LLC              
Wartsila North America              
Washington International Group              
Waste Control Services              
Wattan Zazai Group              
Weapon Systems Analysis              
WEATHERFORD International, Ltd              
Weld Fit Corp              
Weldin Construction              
Welzel CDC              
West Construction Company, Inc.              
West Electric Corp.              
West Roofing Systems, Inc.              
Western Utilities              
Westward Seafoods Inc.              
WG Pitts Company              
WH Pacific              
Whitney Bradley & Brown Inc              
William Donovan              
William Rufus Sutton lll              
Williams Building Co.              
Wintara Inc./AMT Global              
Wirts Henry Alexander              
Wiser Company LLC              
WOG, LLC D/B/A Whiteoak Group              
Wolfpack Security & Logistics, LLC              
Wolverine Industries, LLC              
Womens Superior Construction Company              
World Security Initiatives              
World Vision, Inc              
Wyle Inc.              
Wyle Laboratories              
Wyle, Inc.              
Xcellent Technology Solutions, Inc.              
XL Associates, Inc.              
XLA, Inc              
XPG, LLC              
XPRTSolutions, A DSCI Company              
XRI Holdings, LLC              
XS Mechanical              
Yahya Technologies,LLC              
Yates Desuild A Joint Venture              
Yates Desuild, A Joint Venture              
YDA-AFCON JV              
Yeargin, Inc              
Yenigun Insaat .A.S.              
Yuksel Construction Company, Inc.              
Yulista Management Srevices              
Zachry Caddell Joint Venture              
Zachry-Caddell Joint Venture              
Zaiders Enterprise              
Zana Group              
Zantech IT Services, Inc.              
Zargi Construction Co              
Zelders Enterprises Inc              
Zeta Associates, Inc              
Zone Labour Agency              
Zuggys Base Camp - Edel Weiss Lodge and              
Zwakman Nabaizai Construction Co              
Grand Total: 4166 72736 8354 63402 4076 3 1094 14966