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Office of Workers' Compensation Programs
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Division of Federal Employees' Compensation (DFEC)

FY 2009 3rd Quarter CA-7 Submission Timeliness Report for Judicial Branch

CA-7: FY 2006 Performance; FY 2009 Target; 3rd Quarter FY 2009 Claims Received and Timeliness; Cumulative FY 2009 Timeliness with Comparison to FY2009 Target

Judicial Branch

FY2006 Timeliness

FY2009 Target

3rd Qtr Claims

3rd Qtr Timeliness

FY2009 Cumulative Timeliness

Cumulative Timeliness vs FY2009 Target

Court of Veterans Appeals




No Claims

No Claims


Federal Judiciary







  • Department-level performance comprises all relevant agencies and bureaus, including those broken out separately by name.

  • The timeliness percentage indicates the number of CA-7 forms submitted to DOL within 7 calendar days (5 work days) of submission to supervisor compared to all CA-7 forms submitted during the quarter.

  • FY2006 timeliness is not available if individual performance was not reported in that fiscal year.

  • Cumulative timeliness is not available if no claims were filed during FY2009.

  • Cumulative comparison is calculated as follows: [(All FY2009 timely claims / All FY2009 claims) - FY2009 Target] / FY2009 Target

  • Cumulative comparison is not possible if FY2009 Target or cumulative timeliness is not available.