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Office of Workers' Compensation Programs
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Division of Federal Employees' Compensation (DFEC)

ACS Web Bill Processing Portal

Agency and claimant access to the ACS Web Bill Processing Portal has been temporarily taken offline. We are sorry for the inconvenience. In the interim, employing agencies and claimants may use the following information below for additional help.


  • Bill information:
    • Employing agencies may obtain bill processing information related to their employees by calling the XEROX call center (866)-335-8319.
  • Case information:


  • Bill information:
    • Claimants may obtain medical bill processing information related to their cases by calling the XEROX call center (866)-335-8319.
  • Case information:
    • Current federal employees may access their information via the National Financial Center (NFC) Employee Personal Page link ( After logging into the Employee Page, the CQS link to access data can be found at the lower, left portion of the page. Claimants who are not serviced by NFC, or have separated from federal service and want to obtain information about their OWCP case such as case status, recent compensation payment, or status of their most recent CA7 Claim for Compensation, may do so by using OWCPs IVR phone system by calling their local district office.

OWCP Local District Office Phone Numbers


Business Phone

Business Address

Boston District Office

1 (857) 264-4600

JFK Federal Building, Room E-260

New York District Office

1 (212) 863-0800

201 Varick Street, Room 740

Philadelaphia District Office

1 (267) 687-4160

170 S. Independence Mall West

Jacksonville District Office

1 (904) 366-0100

400 West Bay Street, Room 826

Cleveland District Office

1 (216) 902-5600

1240 East Ninth Street, Room 851

Chicago District Office

1 (312) 789-2800

230 South Dearborn Street, Room 874

Kansas City District Office

1 (816) 268-3040

2300 Main Street, Suite 1090

Denver District Office

1 (303) 202-2500

One Denver Federal Center, Bldg 53

San Francisco District Office

1 (415) 241-3300

90 Seventh St. Suite 15-100 F

Seattle District Office

1 (206) 470-3100

300 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1050

Dallas District Office

1 (214) 749-2320

525 South Griffin Street, Room 100

Washington District Office

1 (202) 513-6800

800 N. Capitol Street, N.W., Room 800