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Office of Workers' Compensation Programs
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Division of Coal Mine Workers' Compensation (DCMWC)

BLBA Bulletins

BL 15-06

BLBA Bulletin 15-06, Requests for Extensions of Time to Submit Evidence Following Issuance of Schedule for Submission of Additional Evidence (SSAE)

BL 15-05

BLBA Bulletin 15-05, Procedures for Maintaining the Division of Coal Mine Workers' Compensation's (DCMWC) List of Providers Authorized to Perform Department of Labor (DOL)-Sponsored Complete Pulmonary Evaluations

BL 15-04

BLBA Bulletin 15-04, Trust Fund Liability for Claims Associated with the now liquidated insurer, Kentucky Coal Producers Self-Insurance Fund (KCP)

BL 15-03

BLBA Bulletin 15-03, DOL Litigation Document Retention Policy

BL 15-02

BLBA Bulletin 15-02, National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) Improvement Amendments Act of 2007 (NIAA).

BL 15-01

BLBA Bulletin 15-01, Calculating Interest on RO Attorney Fees

BL 14-12

BLBA Bulletin 14-12, Reinstatement of Interim Benefits in Certain Claims

BL 14-11

BLBA Bulletin 14-11, Digital X-ray Rule - Date Applicability

BL 14-10

BLBA Bulletin 14-10, Spot Audits of Proposed Decision and Orders

BL 14-09

BLBA Bulletin 14-09, Weighing Chest X-ray Evidence that Includes a Negative Reading by Dr. Paul Wheeler

BL 14-08

BLBA Bulletin 14-08, Digital X-rays

BL 14-07

No Bulletin Released

BL 14-06

No Bulletin Released

BL 14-05

BLBA Bulletin 14-05, Creating Stronger PDO's in Living Miner Cases Where the 15-Year Presumption May Apply

BL 14-04

No Bulletin Released

BL 14-03

BLBA Bulletin 14-03, Voluntary settlement of International Industries' federal black lung liability

BL 14-02

BLBA Bulletin 14-02, Trust Fund Conversions: Travelers Casualty and Surety Company Inc.

BL 12-08

BLBA Bulletin 12-08, Extensions of Time Following Issuance of Schedule for Submission of Additional Evidence (SSAE)

BL 12-07

BLBA Bulletin 12-07, Trust Fund Liability for Claims Associated with Expired Surety Bond issued by Frontier Insurance Company

BL 12-05

BLBA Bulletin 12-05, Social Security Administration (SSA) Revision of the Form SSA 581 (Authorization to Obtain Earnings Data from the Social Security Administration)

BL 12-02

BLBA Bulletin 12-02, Increase of Mileage Limit on Treatment Travel

BL 12-01

BLBA Bulletin 12-01, Authorization to Obtain Earnings Data from the Social Security
Administration using Form SSA 581

BL 11-02

BLBA Bulletin 11-02, Direct Express Financial Update Procedures

BL 11-01

BLBA Bulletin 11-01, Trust Fund Conversions: Frontier Insurance Company Bond for Zeigler/Old Ben

BL 10-08

BLBA Bulletin 10-08, Automatic Entitlement of Eligible Survivors in Claims with Previous Denials

BL 10-04

BLBA Bulletin 10-04, Limitations on Compelling CT Scans

BL 10-01

BLBA Bulletin 10-01, Reporting Problems with Diagnostic Providers

BL 09-02

BLBA Bulletin 09-02, Suspension of Attorney C. Patrick Carrick's License to Practice Law in the State of West Virginia

BL 09-01

BLBA Bulletin 09-01, Liability for Attorney Fees in Overpayment Cases

BL 84-03

BLBA Bulletin 84-03, Implementation of Lockbox Time System Procedures