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Office of Workers' Compensation Programs
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Office of Workers' Compensation Programs (OWCP)

Division of Federal Employees' Compensation (DFEC)

A Word About Chargeback Codes and Agency Addresses

In our software system, chargeback codes not only serve a fiscal function, they also generate an agency mailing address for individual OWCP cases. Therefore, whenever your agency’s Human Resources/Injury Compensation offices move, please inform OWCP AND your your agency's workers' compensation coordinator of your new address. Please also identify ALL chargeback codes (six digits) affected by the change. Keeping this information current with OWCP should insure that you receive important OWCP mail in a timely manner.

Our National Office is in regular contact with agency workers' compensation coordinators to keep this database current. In some agencies, notably Department of Defense, all address changes must be reported through the national workers' compensation coordinator before our National Office will correct the database.

Sometimes the address has not changed, but the name of the Injury Compensation Specialist (ICS) has. Quite often, the new ICS has a different telephone number than the previous one. The claims examiners and the nurse case managers appreciate accurate names and telephone numbers for employer contacts.

With personnel changes, you may call me at (415) 241-3363 to report the change. Alternatively, you may fax the information to me at (415) 241-3301. Again, the key to successfully updating our database is to identify all chargeback codes the change affects.

If you spot errors in your chargeback reports, you may call me or fax changes to me. I recommend a telephone call if you are not sure that the case really belongs to your agency. I recommend a fax if you have a lengthy list of corrections and you know the new chargeback codes.

Together we can improve customer service in this important area of communication between our respective offices.

Barbara Kennedy
OWCP Technical Advisor
San Francisco District 13
Dec 8, 2006