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Office of Workers' Compensation Programs
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Office of Workers' Compensation Programs (OWCP)

Division of Federal Employees' Compensation (DFEC)

COP Worksheet


Note: Different rules apply for the U.S. Postal Service. USPS personnel should contact their injury compensation office/headquarters for the appropriate form.


  1. Traumatic injury with DOI of 1/4/99 or later.
  2. Notice of Injury was filed within 30 days of injury.
  3. Maximum COP payable in any case is 45 days total.


  1. Date of Traumatic Injury (DOI)

    = ______________________

  2. 45 calendar days from DOI

    = ______________________

  3. 1st day of time loss. If administrative leave was used on DOI, use DOI as 1st day of time loss. Time loss may be the result of medical treatment or disability.

    = ______________________

  4. 1st Return to work after initial period of time loss. If Admin. Leave was used on DOI, this date = DOI date.

    = ______________________

  5. 45 calendar days from Date D.

    = _______________________

To establish entitlement to COP

  1. Is Date C before Date B?
      YES: COP payable
      NO: No COP payable.

To determine if time lost should be charged to COP

1st disability period:

  1. Did period of time loss occur before point B?
      YES: COP payable for up to 45 days of initial period of disability.
      NO: COP not payable for any period.

Period of time loss after 1st Return to work.

  1. Is date of time loss between Points D and E?
      YES: COP payable.
      NO: Go to next question.
  2. Has disability been continuous since Date E?
      YES: COP payable if total COP days do not exceed 45.
      NO: NO COP entitlement for that date(s).


FEC Bulletin 99-06
20 CFR 10.205- 10.224